SWTOR Summer Roadmap 2018

Bioware has announced the summer roadmap for 2018.

Hi everyone-

This Roadmap coincides with my first full year as the Lead Producer for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share our Summer Roadmap with you. As I’ve mentioned throughout the last year, the team’s priority will continue to be providing fun story-driven gameplay with a variety of multiplayer Star Wars™ battles while making Quality of Life improvements. We recently released Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy, which brought an end to the Traitor storyline. We hope you’ve enjoyed your interactions with Theron Shan.

We’ve met with a lot of players, influencers, press, did Livestreams, held Cantinas, received lots of emails and private messages, and reviewed the feedback on our Forums and on Social Media. As a result, we’ll be making a lot of changes based on your feedback, beginning with our PvP plans this summer. At the end of the year, we’ll introduce an exciting new storyline and multiplayer gameplay – all leading to an explosive conflict with new characters to meet and planets to explore in the new year.

Quality of Life Improvements

From our perspective, having a quality experience every time you play the game is as vital to the game as new gameplay experiences. This means we’re looking at ways to enhance our game’s systems to make it easier to add new gameplay by advancing the utility of our internal tools, improving Game Servers and augmenting tech infrastructure. We are also focusing on continuously improving gameplay features based on player suggestions to refine Galactic Command, augment the Conquest system, and improve Ranked PvP.*

Based on your feedback, we made substantial changes to Galactic Command which is now a very solid secondary gearing system. We are turning our attention to Guilds, their management tools and related competitive features. This includes the Guild Conquest system we rolled out at the end of March 2018 and we’ll continue to refine and improve them for Guilds of all sizes.

A key piece of feedback we’ve received is that more of you want to provide us with feedback prior to the release of an update. This was extremely valuable last year for both Galactic Starfighter and the Gods from the Machine Operation. The interaction between our developers and players was extensive and made a serious improvement to the quality and functionality of both. As a result, our plan is to give more players the opportunity to participate with us on our Public Test Server (PTS) in the testing of pre-release gameplay including some of the PvP changes planned this summer.

With respect to updates, here’s what we have in the works for you over the next few months:

Game Update 5.9.1 – Solo fun

As we all know, Solo: A Star Wars™ Story, hits the theaters on May 25, 2018, so we’re celebrating by bringing back the casino with our Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event and offering a variety of new Cartel Market items including a sale of Scoundrel specific items. All of this will be available starting on May 22nd for 10 days, including double XP, CXP, and GSF rewards. The Nar Shaddaa event will continue through midnight on June 30, 2018.

Also, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on the new ‘TF-4 Rampage’ Speeder by being a Premium Player on May 31, 2018. Popular on the black market, this industrial mining vehicle is the perfect vehicle for criminals (and heroes) on the run! Your new speeder will be delivered via in-game mail by June 9th.

Player versus Player

Starting with a Game Update in early July and continuing through September, we’ll provide a variety of changes for some of our most passionate players who love PvP. PVP is enjoyed by many players, so the team wanted to give this group a bit of focused development time to provide requested changes and new challenges.

Here’s the list of improvements we are planning:

PvP over the Summer:

  • Convert more, if not all, of our Warzones and Arenas to allow cross-faction grouping.
  • We’re adding a new Arena set in a compound you’ve seen before.
  • We’re developing a new Huttball Warzone set in the dangerous and dizzying heights of an industrial planet.
  • Deliver a new Stronghold with a beach-front view! Now, you ask, what does that have to do with PvP? In fact, quite a bit:
    • For the first time, we are introducing a Stronghold designed around PvP which can be tailored toward Player-driven dueling, 4v4, or even 8v8 battles! We know there’s a passionate audience of PvP players who run their own dueling tournaments within their Strongholds, so we want to support that by making some under-the-hood improvements and by tailoring the spaces to support different styles of play.
    • As with all Strongholds, you can decorate it anyway you like, but we’re also enhancing Stronghold decorations to support PvP gameplay. This means you can use decorations to hide behind, layout obstacles, which allows the owner of the Stronghold to create a huge variety of custom PvP layouts to use in battles amongst friends.
  • End of Season 9! Right now, we’re scheduling this for July and will let everyone know the rewards in late June.
  • We’re investigating ways of improving the experience of all Warzones.
  • We’re taking an in-depth look at our unranked PvP matchmaking system overall to see what kinds of improvements we can make to better ensure every match is a good one.
  • We’re also exploring giving unranked players more queue control over which Warzones and Arenas they want to play.
  • We’ll be focusing attention on exploiters, cheaters, and adjusting how Ranked Warzones complete. This will be an on-going effort, but like all of you, we want Warzones and Arenas to be fair, competitive, and fun.

Beyond September

For our Story and PvE players, you have not been forgotten and coming this Fall, along with the return of some very cool Companions, and big updates for Guilds, we’ll introduce a completely new storyline that will kick off a new set of challenges and adventures that will continue into the new year. That’s a highlight of the things you can expect to see in the coming year. Keep your eyes on Twitch, social media, and our forums as we continue to release more details around each update. Feel free to reach out with questions, as always, we’re listening and learning from you.

Thanks everyone for your continued participation with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™


Lead Game Producer

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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bioware. The only company I know willing to go through the summer putting out the least playable content in the game and thinking it will retain players. A game based off the story and bioware skips out on that till at least September putting their time on PvP content. PvP need something but thinking that will keep players through the summer months when PvP is a more hate than love thing.

It’s a WTF moment of epic proportions. It’s like bioware just lost their “F”ing minds.


if this developers can learn about EVEonline or WOW systems for the F2P people… only when they learn from these systems will the game be saved….

I give them a tip, place passes of CXP (Galactic Command)… like the extinct operations pass… and maybe the people returns…

just think with the brain PLEASE!!!

70% “things we already did”, 10% “stuff for PVPer’s” (now that you have successfully rid the game of all of them), and 20% “stuff happening next year”….

I cannot wait til that fossil Keith dies of natural causes. Should be before we see another expansion.

I wish the game was rid of the pvpers – most toxic players around (alongside the cock-head ‘nim’ raiders left over from when all the real ones left.)

well i agree with kid lee i think we are going to here bout expanison at e3. seems bf2 is being abandoned

EA is Abandoning EVERYTHING in favor of Anthem and their core sports games.
It’s just how it is with them. For decades now Ea has gobbled up smaller studios with great games and using them for a few years then kill teh studio and trash all their great games.

well i a friend who follows the gaming industry closer then I. He recently told me Anthem could be ea’s last gasp. it sure looking that way right now.

It may be BioWares last shot at keeping EA from shutting them down, but EA will continue to survive some how, you can bet on it.

yes i agree bioware last shot. but i also eea has beatdown worst what they are lettung on. but they wil survive for alittle longer.

Ignorant as hell. They increased their revenue from last year by over 300 million usd. EA is doing fantastic you clueless twat.

You and your some what ignorant friend (for someone who supposedly follows the gaming industry) do realise how much Papa EA makes from just their sport titles alone right?? And we are not including anything else, no Battlefront, no Need for speed or Sims or anything else. JUST the EA Sport titles alone would keep them afloat for a very long time. Anthem can be a massive clusterfuck, which results in the death of Bioware, and it would be barely a blip on their radar.

I have no idea what makes your friend think Papa EA is on its last legs or even approaching it. Just look at their last reported earnings from last year (a legal requirement), and have your friend come up with a cognitive explanation on how that equates to a beatdown for Papa EA.

The day I start thinking Papa EA is on the ropes, is when they are no longer buying out game companies and their EA Sport titles (Madden & FIFA especially) start having horrendous sales. Until then, Papa EA would be laughing at your notion that they are in trouble.

No way EA is going under, it has way too much money. It could burn money for 10 years and still be afloat.

As for Bioware itself being in danger of being axed by EA, I have no clue. I also don’t care for these reasons:
– The Bioware that was good and decent died its death on 9/18/2012.
– SWTOR is a Disney License. That means that even if BW dies, that EA is contractually obligated to run SWTOR. EA would likely transfer it to another studio for operation, either Broadsword, or maybe even start a studio just for it. Unless someone affiliated with SWTOR decides to sexually assault or something so heinous, I doubt Disney would kill off TOR. LucasArts may have, but that company is deader than yesterday’s fish sandwich.

Holy hell, never have I seen such a long announcement full of BULLSHIT before…. they have definitely outdone themselves. There is nothing important announced in all these paragraphs. Who the hell even cares about a fucking PvP tailored Stronghold? Seriously?

They present a Cartel Market sale on fucking Scoundrel items as an update. Seriously, this is a disgrace to this game, which used to be somewhat good in the past.

What’s sad is the saps that didn’t read it right. They’re sitting there content talking about the Night Life event getting updated with scoundrel items.

By saying it’s tied into Solo they were actually able to stretch an extra paragraph in there. Also it is a new low putting a sales pitch into the roadmap.

There has been a lot of PvP dueling tournaments held in strongholds lately and I guessed they wanted to cater to that. Also, Solo ranked needs some work as well as arenas. Other than that, there’s still no actual content for the game overall which is kind of sad

Am I missing something? Where’s the road map he announced in the title and the first paragraph? All I can see is some rambling about how well they’ve done in the past LOL but nothing about the future except for the announcement of a new SH which everybody already knows of and some PVP changes.

All about the new content is included here “we’ll introduce a completely new storyline that will kick off a new set of challenges and adventures that will continue into the new year”. I guess they don’t have a clue what they’re doing.

I wouldnt call 1 new map(with an area already existing, i.e – reskin of something) a reason to get overly excited if someone is a pvper. Ofc it may be the pvp house… that has always been something I’ve seen at No 1 in everyone’s wish list for swtor. Oh wait… nevermind…

The house thing I found very strange.
I’m not a pvp’er, but we have many in guild, and I’ve never heard anyone say anything about a PVP house requirement.
Hey at least you’re getting ‘some’ love, we’ve got to wait to Autumn. ;(

Me? The only time I’ve pvp-ed in this game was for the 10 or 15 matches for the dvl “event” 😛
But yeah, I guess you can say pvp ppl are getting some crumbs or maybe even half a slice of bread. But that house thing… man I can see this as the next big thing in the joke memes and etc lol

This place has really turned into hater haven. Seriously, look at yourselves. I’m not saying you should be ecstatic over any news, but come on. Give them some slack. At this point I’m wondering if you want this game to get better or you’re indirectly advocating for it’s closure.

People want it to get better but that roadmap is pathetic.
Other MMORPGS release 10 times more in patches than what SWTOR has planned for the next 4 months.
Applauding this roadmap is telling them it’s okay to continue to rip off the customers.

All they had to do was bring Malgus back Set up a new FP story on it new ops or re skin old bosses put them together call it a new ops The pvp SH could been called Malgus WZ to get ppl back… maybe but it be new content…. Hmmm

Never said you should applaud it, but at least acknowledge they are heading in the right direction and say something along the lines of “If this keeps up, I might sub”. I’m beginning to think if tomorrow Bio released information about 2 upcoming raids, 2 new warzones and the return of proper class stories, you would still say “Too little too late, X MMO gave us this last month, while Y MMO promises the same thing but with better graphics”.

I have said loads of times and will say again IF they released an ‘real’ expansion or returned to providing AAA MMORPG content on the level that was before KOTFE then I would resub and would praise them to the heavens on here.
This right direction you speak of, what is it?
They have been dripping out mediocre levels of content for 2 years now.
It took them over 1 year to make 1 operation.
The direction is irrelevant if it’s at a snails pace.

I’m not denying anything of what you say. But what do you achieve with constant negativity without even a hint of supporting them should they do something right? At the end of the day, Bio is still made up of regular guys and gals. Reverse the positions and ask yourself if you’ll have the motivation to do better if you’re constantly dismissed as incompetent, no matter what you do.

As I said in my other comments, don’t praise them for every small baby step. But it is getting better, at least from where I’m standing. And that’s worth acknowledging. Just my two cents.

If I was a regular guy at Bioware, I would probably have quit a long time ago. Or I would acknowledge that I am incompetent.

Yet you are not. You do not know what amount of work is bestowed upon a single person. It’s one thing to criticize their strategy and delivery schedule, as a whole. It’s another to claim they suck at their jobs.

If they have one or two developers running the show, then they should decrease subscription to $5 at most. That’s how much the game is worth with this amount of content, if not less. They are constantly losing players, and at this point the amount of players online is just getting smaller every single day.

What do you think is going to happen if they announce crap like that and make people even more disappointed and angry?

As I already pointed out to Eban, I agree with the removal of the subscription element from the game. I can’t say I’m noticing this constant player loss you’re speaking about, although I suspect you’re correct. Without access to the server population, we can only guess.

If there’s a person out there that gets even more disappointed and angry because of this roadmap, then that person needs to get a reality check, at least concerning this game and it’s state. It’s written in the same manner similar past dev posts were. Although I believe things are slowly getting better (emphasis on slowly), it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point that announcing big expansions out of the blue is simply not going to happen for the foreseeable future.

It is NOT written in the same manner and length as previous announcements, that’s my point. It is excessively long, and contains far less useful information about the next few months, even than previous announcements, which were also disappointing to begin with.

Same mind set can be used in reverse,
What do you achieve by praising them when they are under delivering?
Do you believe if we accept mediocre that eventually the quality and quantity will return to a level in which it should be?
Or is it more likely that if we accept this level of roadmaps and new content then more than likely thats as good as it ever will get and will never ever go back to where it was.

If EA/Bioware can get away with making money from cartel whales and the handful of subscribers that are left with only using a handful of average devs then thats what they’ll do.

I did not say praise. I said encourage, which entails that if they do better, the chance for me to sub will get higher. The fact that they are acknowledging their past mistakes and fixing some of them (the current gearing system is better than when it was launched and, IMO, better than when we had highlighted ops) is good enough for me to encourage them to continue on this path.

If you prefer demanding nothing less than a full expansion with content equal in quality and amount to RotCH, SoR or even the base game, then that’s your choice. But I know for certain that is simply not going to happen. It is a sad reality, but reality nonetheless. And I am inclined to believe you know it too.

I agree, its not going to happen so they should remove the monthly subscription.
They make their income mainly from cartel whales anyway so since the quality and quantity isn’t coming back, drop the sub.

Look you can encourage them as much as you want but I can’t do it.
They’re too incompetent at their jobs to be given any level of encouragement in my eyes.

I can agree wholeheartedly with you on removing subscription from the game. If nothing else, it will increase the population somewhat.

To each his own, I suppose. I’m not particularly happy with the amount of content being released, neither with the speed, or more accurately lack of one, with which they are introducing it. But, as I said, I’m seeing the potential for things to get better.

My big worry though is that if they drop the sub to zero then it would become pay to win like so many other free games out there.
And if people think the CM is bad now it will become a BEAST if it their only source of income.
It’s probably not worth the full current sub imho.

It is CURRENTLY not worth a full sub as it stands right now. But they have the cheek to demand full sub price for so little in return in content.

How long have you played the game? The Revan exp (which cost money to get at the time) when launched was a total mess tons of bugs and BW Austin went on winter vacation right after the launch for about a month. Nothing fixed till then People found bugs that got them gear. BW called it an exploit It was so bad they you could not even run Yavin without a glitch let alone the ops This cost then a lot of players. Since then BW Austin has shown or seems to care less what the player base wants. The only thing now you do not pay money for new content other then sub. Most the Founders as they called it are gone now and the new players are use to this crap BW Austin gives out. So you have a player base of new subs, F2P, RPers,Story line solo, that do not know or care what this should be.

I’ve played ever since the trial program started. The bugs you mentioned were indeed exploited. The very nature of exploits doesn’t allow them to be anything else but bugs. I admit, the way Bioware handled the situation – mainly taking so long to apply fixes – was wrong and unprofessional. After that to me it looked like they were trying to please a single part of the population with bigger content patches that were of interest to that respective part as opposed to taking care of everyone. It could have worked if they delivered content at a faster pace. However, I firmly believe from some time now that they are getting better. Time will tell if they will become good enough.

Why would Acknowledge that Swtor’s Eaware would be going to Right Direction now in Mid 2018 when they’re not going ? Eban says perfectly here:

“I have said loads of times and will say again IF they released an ‘real’ expansion or returned to providing AAA MMORPG content on the level that was before KOTFE then I would resub and would praise them to the heavens on here.
This right direction you speak of, what is it?
They have been dripping out mediocre levels of content for 2 years now.
It took them over 1 year to make 1 operation.
The direction is irrelevant if it’s at a snails pace”

So you’ve been around since the Trial prog. started hmm is that around 6x months after 1st launch “Not f2p crap launch” or year after. I can’t remember now.. I joined at 1st Beta Day which was around Late August 2011 if i recall. Registered to website in 2008 couple days after it was opened. Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition couple hours after it became available. Yeah was literally stalking the pagefor 2’ish days heh.

You’ve been around for so long time & still can “claim” that things are turning better now in mid 2018 after been crap for 2+ Years. No offense, but i’ll buy you eyeglasses 🙂 Take care enjoy gaming in any game you adventure in o/

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since 1st Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but got Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews

How is the game going to get any better, if it’s just staying exactly what it has been for about a year, for another 5 months? Seriously, this is the worst announcement I have seen about SWTOR, and I have seen way too many bad ones…

Really? This is the worst you’ve seen? Not the one where they basically told us they are returning RNG gearing?

I read that they’re acknowledging the fact that unranked matchmaking is shit and are going to try and fix it. I read that they’re going to possibly give me the option to not run the same warzone 5 times in a row. That stuff should have been fixed a long time ago, but I’m on the opinion that any effort in the right direction should be encouraged. I’m still going to believe it when I see it, but responding to literally anything related to this game with “That other MMO does so much better”, “This isn’t worth my sub” and so on and so forth is useless and, quite frankly, annoying.

Yes, this is the worst I have seen. By far. I have never felt that I am being made fun of as a customer, as much as I felt after reading this. Throughout 2017 and 2018 so far, we received the fewest updates that we have ever received, with the least amount of content by FAR, and the bugs just keep accumulating on top of that. This is basically what we read:

1st paragraph: Hey guys I am doing roadmaps, so this is a roadmap. One year of roadmaps that give zero information, promising great surprises in the future, and then fail to deliver.

2nd paragraph: We heard your feedback throughout the last year, so we have updated for you in 7 months.

3rd: We cannot add content, until we try to fix for the 100th time our past failures. On one hand we are applauding ourselves for how great we are, on the other hand, we have screwed up so bad, that we need a whole year to fix it.

4th: We are awesome and we fixed Galactic Command (bullshit) and Guild Conquest (pathetic to even mention this, we are talking about 5 years old content)

5th: We already heard you and applied your concerns on GSF (where? and how many people care?) and on the new operation (what exactly did the “fix” in the new operation? It took them eighteen fucking months to release an operation.

So, five paragraphs wasted, since they don’t say ANYTHING about the future. But the joke continues.

6th: We offer old rehashed content + Cartel Market sale. Seriously, this is the most disgusting paragraph in the entire “roadmap”

7th: New speeder if you pay us. Almost equally disgusting.

8th: The only paragraph of essence, all of it about PvP. A whole lot of words for a few very minor changes.

9th: More vague and empty promises about the story content in the fall (which we very well know will happen probably in late November or even never)

Seriously, how can you not be disgusted and enraged with this roadmap?

Because you shouldn’t be surprised by such roadmaps anymore. A lot of words offering little actual information has become the norm for pretty much any dev post, and it has been so for a long time. Maybe I’ve lowered my expectations too much, maybe they never were that high to begin with.

I’m actually surprised you feel almost personally insulted by it. Acting like it’s the end of the world and that complete server shutdown is around the corner every time there’s a post is, with a risk of offending, annoying.

I’m more disappointed than anything. I want a reason to shout, shut up and take my money! But it’s just not there right now.

I understand where you’re coming from, because that’s the same process I went through. As of now I’m preferred status and I play from time to time. Yet you won’t see me on every post writing how shit Bioware is, how stupid anyone that finds reasons to pay for the game is, etc etc. I find that counter-productive and a waste of time and I simply chose to voice my opinion on the matter this time.

No, we just have to read you complaining about the so called haters and your opinions on how we should all act like you. That isn’t somehow counter-productive in your mind?? Oh wait!!! ANOTHER MIND BLOWN MOMENT!!!!

With me complaining about you complaining about the complainers (or haters as you call it), If I stick to just complaining about your comments, and no longer comment on SWTOR articles, that means I am doing things your way and you can’t bitch about my comment that is bitching about your comment, which in turn is bitching about those who are posting their thoughts on this article. DAMN!!! SOME HARDCORE INCEPTION SHIT RIGHT THERE!!!! 😀

You have to read it? No one’s forcing you at gunpoint to read my stuff, the same way no one’s forcing you to reply to every single comment I made in this thread. I also post my thoughts on the article, perhaps not in my original comment but definitely in some that followed. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion just because it’s different than yours?

Lol, I don’t mind reading what you said, despite how you trip over what you said in previous posts often, and how ignorant you are on a great many things.

Recall that I am not the one demanding comments be written a certain way like you. Further recall that I have never once said you cannot comment or how to comment. And remember that no one is forcing YOU to read at gunpoint from Hater haven either. But it is YOU who is complaining about what we all say here. So like I said a few times to you now Gua, accept what is written here, or cease being triggered by Hater haven.

WITTY GIF TIME!!!! Another visual representation of the facts being thrown back at ya. Don’t you choke now, you hear?? 😀


I don’t feel personally insulted. I feel offended because I don’t have an IQ of 17. Anyone with an IQ higher than 17 should be offended by this roadmap, if they are customers.

It’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant, asking the waiter what’s their most popular dish, and after they talk about it for 12 minutes, making it seem like it’s the most delicious plate you have ever eaten, they bring you average quality mac & cheese and charge you $37 for it.

Trust me, I am not acting like it’s the end of the world. And about server shutdown…. I WISH! That way I would save my money and I wouldn’t waste my time when I play this game (not very often anymore)

So, in essence, you’re calling anyone that finds something positive in this roadmap retarded. Which, by the way, includes me as well. Nice way of proving your point, mate. Here’s a novel thought – different people see things differently. Just because they don’t agree with you, doesn’t make them retarded/autistic/morons/*insert whatever noun you prefer*.

I also find it highly ironic that you shit on anyone that still pays for this game and then go ahead and tell me YOU still pay for it, even though apparently you neither enjoy playing it nor approve of the decisions Bioware are making.

I too, also find it ironic that you happily state:

“Here’s a novel thought – different people see things differently. Just
because they don’t agree with you, doesn’t make them
retarded/autistic/morons/*insert whatever noun you prefer*.”

while attacking people on this website for commenting in a manner they so choose.

How about adding to that pretty little speech of yours:

* free to comment – without needing to worry about little care bears trying to tell people how we should live our lives or treat this website or what we choose to say.

How about that? Or better yet, YOU FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVICE??? What an idea right??

MIND BLOWN GUA!!!! What a concept – someone that preaches advice, actually following their own.

Man, your confusion level is just off the charts, but fear not Gua, I am here to help. 🙂

Attacking? That’s rich, considering how everyone that doesn’t see Bioware for the oh-so-obvious con artists that they are, according to you of course, is an idiot.

I don’t care how you live your life. I don’t care what you write. You seem to be getting triggered over my opinion on what this community has turned into.

“I don’t care how you live your life. I don’t care what you write. You
seem to be getting triggered over my opinion on what this community has
turned into.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’ll leave this right here:

gua543 • 2 days ago

This place has really turned into hater haven. Seriously, look at yourselves. I’m not saying you should be ecstatic over any news, but come on. Give them some slack. At this point I’m wondering if you want this game to get better or you’re indirectly advocating for it’s closure.

gua543 -> Ben Gimson • 2 days ago

It becomes hating the second you call it shit for the sake of calling it something, without providing anything that could fix it or acknowledging that some of it may be good or at least not-shit.

Who is triggered? Who actually does get upset over what is written??

Oh yeah, YOU!! 🙂 Bravo on yet ANOTHER moment of senility in what you said. BRAVO!!!

Nah, I am not calling anyone retarded, it was a hyperbole so that I demonstrate how infuriating the situation with this announcements has been.

I am sorry you don’t feel offended by this “roadmap”, you really should be. It’s a show of complete disrespect to the customers, and yet there are quite a few that read that stuff and get excited.

And to answer your last statement, yes, I feel stupid for playing this game as a subscriber at this point. I already explained the reasons I am doing it. I have unsubscribed in the past, and I will probably do it in the future, as soon as my guild disbands. We have a core of 10 people that have played this game together for more than 5 years, and that’s the only thing keeping me in the game at this point. I DO enjoy playing it, but only for that reason. That doesn’t make me blind to the fact that the game is really bad at this moment. Nor to the fact that Bioware is making fun of us really. In our faces.

I’m not offended. I feel… Nothing, I guess. Maybe a bit sad, I suppose. But I’m not a customer. Not anymore, thank the Force.

Seriously: did you expect anything else? Something better? I didn’t. They are even including CM sales as PART OF NEW CONTENT. That should tell you, right then and there, what to expect from these guys. What this game will be about in the near and not-so-near future.

Nope. No surprise here. BioWare fulfilling all of my expectations.

Your right on the money unfortunately their focusing on the few fanbois/white knights left anyone with a i.q over 5 realizes what a joke this is lol smh

I am genuinely intrigued and hopeful by the news of Guild changes/new story/challenges coming Autumn/Fall and really hope they are good. It’s also VERY vague as to what they are sadly.
It’s a good bit away yet though, and in between we have a PVP revamp which I’m not into, a very old event in Nightlife, and the ‘solo’ event is just a Cartel Market ‘Event’ sadly.
So even I’m struggling to find a positive in this release in the short term.
A bit of good news though is after a good bit of tinkering, Conquest is finally beginning to feel right again, and with plenty of new challenges better than of old.
Oh and this isn’t the place for ‘slack’, try the official forums for the 😛

That is exactly how I feel. Intrigued, but not to the point of returning. Dunno, maybe in my hope for things to get better I’m looking at signs where they don’t actually exist. In the end, TOR is not my primary source of entertainment so I’ll live even if things don’t turn out as I hope.

[OP is Fred G]

No slack should be given. Star Wars is one of the world’s biggest IPs. EA is mismanaging it and those left at BWA presenting themselves as the face of SWTOR are complicit in misleading the playerbase and cheerleading mediocrity.

And stop with the “look at yourselves” crap. As has been pointed out countless times, it takes less than 5 minutes to post here and move on with the rest of the day. If EA/BW hadn’t been delivering a sub-par product for years now while taking advantage of brand loyalty the general consensus would be much better or simply ignored.

Strong words, yet we both know you can’t prove any of them. Yes, we’ve been getting ridiculously low amounts of content in the past couple of years. Yes, mistakes that could have been avoided had Bio listened to the player base where made. However. EA are known to pursue profit first and foremost. Mismanagement doesn’t come to mind seeing that SWTOR still makes enough to not be closed.

The player base isn’t made up of children that are easily impressed by flashy colours and candy, at least that’s what common sense dictates. It’s their money, and they are free to spend it however they like. Just because it doesn’t fit with your view doesn’t mean they are being mislead.

Anything that could even remotely be considered positive is immediately dismissed here as not good enough. There comes a point where you should ask yourself why are you still keeping tabs on something if time and again you have found the changes planned for it wanting.

And we both know one doesn’t spend just 5 minutes on these forums at any given time.

You list blatant examples of mismanaging a product and then say there’s no evidence of mismanagement because youre playing the semantics game.

I don’t have to prove anything. Use the common sense you’re talking about and listen/read the words coming from Musco, Keith, Boyd, etc and compare them to what you actually see happening over the last few years. It’s right out in the open for all to see if they take off the Star Wars goggles because THAT is exactly the “flashy colors and candy” that keep a large amount of people in this game. They even come right out and say it. “This sucks but…only game with lightsabers so oh, well…” More power to them if they want to spend their money on it but that doesn’t make SWTOR immune to criticism.

This took me 2-1/2 minutes to type while on lunch, btw.

From your point of view, perhaps it is so. Without knowing how EA control their resources i.e. without having their point of view, you can’t say that for certain.

In my opinion, criticism is supposed to provide something more than “This is bad. Bye.”. Yes, I’m aware constructive criticism has been provided numerous times here. I have agreed with the majority of it. I have also seen none like it in recent times. Assuming everyone out there is still paying because of nostalgia is arrogant.

I’ll take your word on it.

It starts by King of bullshit Keith and the rest of the incompetent BW Austin idiots treating the player base with some respect and give back content to match the sub fee they expect. It begins with Keith stopping the bullshit and it starts with BW Austin treating the game with the love they TALK about having for this game (but actions say otherwise).

Take a good hard look at this road map Gua. No seriously, have a second and third re-read of this waffle by Keith. So many words, so little details. Now go ahead and take a look at all the content coming out in every mmo out there. Now go back to this road map. Look how Keith can only give VAGUE details (if at all) on what is coming out. Nothing concrete. Now look how months ago, all those other mmo’s released plenty of details on what is coming out 6 months+ in advance. And you want us to give them some slack?? Are you fucking serious??

Here, I will give you another example of how lazy and useless BW Austin have become. Let’s compare SWTOR’s 6 year anniversary with another MMO out there that is having its 6 year anniversary this month, a MMO I haven’t played in years: TERA.

I got an email yesterday promoting the content and events to celebrate TERA’s 6 year anniversary:

Fair bit of celebration and player content to enjoy, as one would expect. And some nice content to try and lure players who left for whatever reason. As one would expect an MMO to do to bring back the players.

Ok then, let’s head over to SWTOR and see how much was available for players to enjoy SWTOR being limply dragged to its 6 year anniversary:

Yup, *Checks notes*, that was ALL BW Austin could offer. This forum has not become hater haven. Seriously, why don’t YOU take a look at yourself and see how ignorant you are. It isn’t that we all have become hateful. It is simply that BW Austin struggle, or not even bother trying to give those who still play, or those who left (and some who want a reason to return), a reason to celebrate, a reason to look forward to, a reason to be proud to be playing SWTOR.

These past 3 years (and 1 year with King of bullshit Keith at the helm), has shown this game is not improving. If this is how BW Austin insists on treating this once beloved game, maybe it SHOULD be put out of its misery.

Maybe other MMOs do take care of their customers far better than EA and Bioware. I wouldn’t know, I’m not into MMOs at all. I started playing this game because it was Star Wars and because it had a single-player element to it.

To be frank, I don’t care about other MMOs. If they are so good, just go there and check this one once in a while to see if things are getting better. Repeating the same things over and over and over again, knowing that what you say has no impact on the direction of the game (and I’m sure you know that), is wasting time, no matter how little of it, at this point. There’s barely a difference between you and white knights over at the forums that would praise Bioware to the heavens for anything. And you call me ignorant.

Actually you are ignorant. You want to complain about how in your opinion, this place has become a hater haven and further compound your ignorance with:

“It becomes hating the second you call it shit for the sake of calling it
something, without providing anything that could fix it or
acknowledging that some of it may be good or at least not-shit.”

but then later admit that yes, mostly this roadmap is shit. WTF??? Do you even read your own idiocy?

So you want us to come up with solutions to justify our so called hate, but then later admit the obvious with:

“knowing that what you say has no impact on the direction of the game (and I’m sure you know that),”

So which is it? Give a solution or accept what we say here makes no difference? Man, you are not only ignorant, but confused as well.

All of us here who comment, the so called haters, are under no illusion that what we say makes a difference. But in the interest of your first point about offering solutions, Here is news for you – WE HAVE, and not just here, but officially too. One thing just about everyone agrees on for example – Getting rid of Galactic conquest, is routinely ignored by BW. I wrote quite a detailed reply when I unsubbed, and here is the kicker – having read posts on swtor itself and on here, a lot of what I said were my reasons for leaving, are the same as many, many others who went and unsubbed.

So your suggestion that we provide anything that could fix it (but then admit they do ignore us as we all know) reeks of sheer stupidity. BW Austin routinely ignore the player base (as evidenced over the past 3 years), but then claim to listen to us by adding things none of us asked or want (Cartel market opening crates UI comes to mind). That is the insulting aspect of all this. Look how King of bullshit Keith talks up Galactic Conquest and the changes they had to make to that clusterfuck of a system, while routinely ignoring or leaving out how the player base doesn’t want changes to G.C., they want it GONE!!!

And I would be more then happy to congratulate BW Austin when they do something good or offer something great to the game, but that has not happened to anything past SOR. Sorry Gua, but I am not in the business of pretending what BW Austin does is great if it isn’t, like the lemmings that kiss Keith’s ass for this mediocrity they pretend is a roadmap.

And fear not my ignorant fellow, I do play other games and do check in here every so often as you so helpfully advise we all do. After all, I do have my own little WOW – Legion server to maintain for the family and friends, and still have plenty of content in Secret World to get through, to say nothing of the ps4 games I play with the wife (HOT TIP: A WAY OUT on the ps4 is a cracker of a game for couples to play together).

And finally, as I mentioned once a few months back to some other idiot fanboi complaining about the comments section, I don’t see it written anywhere on this site that says we can only read the articles and be on our way. It has a comment section, whether people agree with me or not – i care not. But I put my opinion out there on said article and carry on with my day. So once more, unless Dulfy says otherwise about what we all feel in response to the pitiful offerings by BW Austin, or unless you yourself buy this site and make the rules, you and every other butt hurt fanboi needs to accept that this website is open for anyone to comment, whether you like what is said or not. If you don’t like it, then here is the kicker, if you think it is a haven of hate, and expect it to be so, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!!

See how easy it is?? YUP!! That easy!! 🙂

Wow, so I’m a butthurt fanboy now? There’s nothing in between, either you’re woke af and you’re aware of every trick EA and Bioware are pulling on the sheeple, or you’re a dumb deluded cunt that wastes his money. Am I getting this right?

First of all, if you’re gonna quote me, don’t cherry pick. I said that most of this roadmap is bollocks, but there’s parts of it that I find good. Maybe spend a couple more seconds reading what I write instead of calling me names, eh?

Me saying you repeating things isn’t helping was meant more as you posting witty gifs and starting every sentence with King of Bullshit Keith on every thread instead as actual constructive criticism. Also yes, I’m aware almost everyone here has at some point had something constructive to say about the decisions Bioware are making. I also pointed out in another comment I’ve seen none of it recently, hence why I used the term hater haven.

How nice of you to talk about Galactic Conquest, which has become a better additional gearing system than the one we had before. Token gearing through ops – check. Gearing through PvP – check. Gearing through doing whatever you like and getting CXP – check. I dare you to find me someone who dislikes the current state of GC and who actively plays. Because I have this funny feeling you don’t represent quite everyone that still plays the game.

By all means, feel free to write whatever you want, whenever you want. The same way I can do that too and can kindly point out that you represent the other extreme of the spectrum, even if you fail to see it. The same way fanboys are infinitely happy at any dev post, be it even a last minute maintenance announcement or patch delay, you will talk trash about literally anything they release, as you have done for some time now. No amount of name calling will change that.

Oh dear oh dear Gua. You are having serious lapses of senility here. I actually did state you admitted to thinking this road map for the most part was shit, which came only after Ben Gimson asked you whether this road map was shit or not, after preaching to us (while sitting on your high donkey) about hate (Matthew Langley, is that you as Gua???).

I didn’t cherry pick whatsoever. It was in the order YOU WROTE IT!!! Here, let me remind you of the time line of your own comments, exactly as you wrote it the first time, which I also kept to the time line:

gua543 -> Ben Gimson • 2 days ago

It becomes hating the second you call it shit for the sake of calling it
something, without providing anything that could fix it or acknowledging
that some of it may be good or at least not-shit.

Ben Gimson gua543 • 2 days ago

But it is shit?

gua543 Ben Gimson • 2 days ago

Mostly yes, but I’m on the opinion some of it is not-shit.

Hmm, it seems it is you who either needs to be reminded what you said, or you need to re-read what I wrote, as I did clearly say you thought this road map for the most part was shit. But you see, it only came AFTER you preached to us about hate, but then fall over your own logic and call this road map “something” by saying it is mostly shit. Once again, no cherry picking. Your own logic failed you, not me. But go ahead, blame me for your own fail in logic.

As for fanboi, well, another paragraph you either failed to read correctly or understand (or both). I said “You and every other butt hurt fan boi”. I did not state you are a fanboi. I did lump you with them together, because it is you and other butt hurt fanbois who cry about the comments written here. And that paragraph was about you taking issue with what is written and my suggesting if you don’t like it, don’t read the comments, as you claim this is a hater haven. So ummm yeah, don’t know how much more you need it spelt out to you here buddy. Either suck it up and accept people’s opinions, regardless if you agree or not, regardless if you agree with how it is written, OR, my original suggestion: DON’T READ THE COMMENTS FROM THE “HATER HAVEN” (using your idiotic description of the comments section).

As far as claiming I start every reply with King of bullshit Keith, yeah ummm, gonna have to call you out on that hyperbole right there. I mean, look at my comments history. Oh dear, you have to go down to the 8th last comment I typed before you find a comment that started with King of bullshit Keith. And after that comment?? Well I looked back at the 30 comments after that and could not find another comment starting with King of bullshit Keith. At the 30 mark, I thought, well, guess Gua is talking shit once again. Not every post starts with my truthful title about Keith. But sure, lie some more. But I do thank thee for thinking my gifs are witty. I was going for humorous, but whatever makes your boat float.

As far as constructive criticism, Gua, we are sooooooooooo far past that point now. If you haven’t noticed, BW Austin stopped listening to the player base 3 years ago now. To demand we give constructive criticism this late in the game, is akin to bringing a bucket of water to a raging inferno. Too little, too late. BW Austin don’t want to listen and haven’t for years, they still continue to prove they don’t want to listen, while CLAIMING they do, all the while, the continued dribs and drabs of content, as well as their statements on various things like this road map, shows that they too know we are soooooooooo far past that point you demand of us all.

Which leads me into something more funny. Your last reply, you oh so graciously give us permission to write whatever we want, whenever we want (despite your original demand we only post comments if we can give constructive criticism). Show me once, where I demanded you reply in a manner I wanted, constructing your comment in a manner I deemed suitable. Go on, I’ll wait.

What’s that?? I didn’t?? That’s right Gua. But you know who did?? YOU!! You and all the other fanbois who cannot accept this comments section, unless it is how you (& they) want it. So by all means, declare me the extreme end of whatever spectrum you want. You will find that my thoughts are mirrored by quite a few here (notice how many upvotes my comments get compared to yours for example??). So I guess we are all in the same boat in your mind. But as I have said many times before, as has been said by many others here before, when BW Austin actually does something worthy of praise, I will give due praise. But, and here is the kicker here Gua, I am not in the business of giving them slack like you, I am not in the business of encouraging them to do the job they are paid to do. The BW Austin devs should have their own encouragement already – you know, like putting food on the table for their families, paying their bills etc. This is the real world Gua. Cause and effect. If they keep pumping out shit, if they keep making idiotic changes, if they keep promising and failing to deliver, sorry, I am not going to encourage them to keep trying and failing. These are the same fools who SET THEIR OWN TIMELINE in delivering one single, solitary fucking Op (While every mmo out there gave their paying customers several in the same time frame), and STILL couldn’t keep to their own timeline. Just take that in for a moment there Gua. In any other business, BW Austin would have been fired for such incompetence, for losing so many subs, for failing to deliver to a schedule. But here we are, instead discussing the difference between people like you who want to encourage mediocrity, and people like me who shake their head at the 3 years+ running gag by BW Austin to deliver less and less content, to promise more and more, but deliver a fraction of said promise, despite all the feedback given to them on how to turn this shit around, year, after year, after fucking painful year.

And remember this, this here road map?? This is the first road map after their promised different journey. Notice this road map looks and sounds like the ones before it last year? Go ahead, encourage them to do more of the same. I am not stopping you. It is after all, that same mediocrity by BW Austin you want to help encourage after all.

And finally, I think you are out of your mind for thinking G.C. is a great gearing system. RNG as a form of gearing??? GTFO. But hey, unlike you, I accept your position and won’t demand you change it to suit my view. And I too have this funny feeling, that while you like it, there are many ACTIVE subs and even more FORMER subs who think otherwise. Go ahead and look at the forums (which you say you never read). Go ahead and look at how many people quit because of G.C. among other reasons. Now come to understand, that you my occasionally senile and ignorant fellow Dulfy poster, have no idea. Because if G.C. was so loved, this game would be in a different position then it currently finds itself.

Time for a witty gif just for you, a visual for everything I just wrote to you!! 🙂

It seems your ego is so gigantic you can’t even grasp where I’m coming from.

In the first two of your paragraphs you continue to cherry pick while claiming not to, so I’m going to spell it out clear as a day – I think most of this roadmap is the usual company “We appreciate you for being here”, “We’re always striving to be better” BS that everyone does. BUT. The parts that matter i.e. warzone changes, are good.

Your third paragraph sounds eerily similar to “If you don’t like the game, leave”. I’ll leave it to you to connect the dots.

Your fourth paragraph – you ever heard of exaggeration for the sake of representing how often, in this particular case, someone does something? I’ll try to use simpler words if you’re having trouble understanding what I meant to say.

And finally, the bread and butter of your rage filled reply. I’m sorry if you saw my original comment as a demand as to how you should behave. It was not my intent to control what gets expressed here, as I neither desire that nor realistically have a chance to do it. However, just because more people support you doesn’t make you right. If I go on a forum filled with fanboys and tell them the game isn’t quite as great as they believe (which is my honest opinion, btw) I’m going to get shot down as someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Does that mean they are correct just because there are more of them? Furthermore, you speak of the delay of the single raid Bioware promised to deliver within a year. I agree that I was disappointed in them for that. But is it not a good raid? Does it not have challenging mechanics on HM? It is definitely not that great to excuse the delay or the fact that at the end of the day, it’s still one raid. But, in your eyes, is it that badly made that you think it’s not fun to play through?

As I said before, EA are known to pursue profit first and foremost. Obviously there are enough people appreciating what Bioware does with their money so that EA isn’t shutting this game down. That is an actual fact, not the opinions you claim to be the cold, hard truth.

As to GC, I said it’s a good ADDITIONAL gearing system in it’s current state. You can gear solely through raiding, you can gear solely through PvP. You can also choose to do completely different things and hope RNG brings you what you want. I’d say that’s pretty fair, having access to min/maxed endgame gear by not actually doing any endgame content.

Now for some quick clarifications. I never claimed I don’t read the official forums. There are plenty of people there praising the stories of KotFE and KotET, as well as saying GC is a good thing.

Both our funny feelings remain impossible to prove, but common sense dictates that if you dislike something that is a fundamental part of the game (it really isn’t though, but whatever, you seem to be thinking gearing happens only with RNG crates for some reason) you play, to such a high degree as you claim, you won’t stick with that game.
As a finale, I’m going to leave this description of what triggered means and let you choose which person you represent:

Dude, did you and Aby switch accounts to confuse us? Hes making complete sense and you sound like a moronic shill contradicting yourself to try to make positive points on this garbage. Is it body snatchers? Shits crazy.

I find me and Abaddon agreeing so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe it’s because you’re so convinced Bioware are incapable of releasing anything remotely good anymore. I also don’t know why all of you think I’m contradicting myself. Perhaps I don’t express myself clearly enough so I have to explain further upon it, something which Rompe also did btw.

Ahhh Gua, when will you just admit you were in error from the very start, rather then pretend what you said at the start meant something else, now you been caught slipping in your own ignorance or blaming me for it all??

Does this:

“In the first two of your paragraphs you continue to cherry pick while
claiming not to, so I’m going to spell it out clear as a day – I think
most of this roadmap is the usual company “We appreciate you for being
here”, “We’re always striving to be better” BS that everyone does. BUT.
The parts that matter i.e. warzone changes, are good.”

Sound like what you actually started with in your OP with:

“This place has really turned into hater haven. Seriously, look at yourselves. I’m not saying you should be ecstatic over any news, but come on. Give them some slack. At this point I’m wondering if you want this game to get better or you’re indirectly advocating for it’s closure.”

or when asked what constitutes hate in your ignorance:

“It becomes hating the second you call it shit for the sake of calling it something, without providing anything that could fix it or acknowledging that some of it may be good or at least not-shit.”

or when asked if it is shit:

“Mostly yes, but I’m on the opinion some of it is not-shit.”

First you are ignorant to your own arguments (Hater Haven, comment only if you can give positive criticism, labeling this road map as “something” equals hate, but then admitting yes it is mostly shit). Then you are ignorant about what you wrote and the order you wrote it in, that you accuse me of cherry picking, despite the numerous times I showed otherwise, using your own posts and the order you post them in. And now, without a retort to come back with other then mea culpa which seems to be hard for you to accept and admit to, you accuse me of being filled with hate or “triggered”??

Really Gua?? Is that the best you got?? Because man, your best just isn’t good enough. All you got left is to accuse me of hate, and yet, look at our respective responses. How about we take a survey and see who here on this board thinks is the one ACTUALLY being triggered? You who came to this thread accusing us of hater haven and telling us how we should behave and post comments, or me, who just came his 2 cents worth of thought on this mediocrity called a roadmap and other people’s comments, never once saying how they should be commenting. Want to take me up on the challenge? Because all the hate, all the triggering, all the butt hurt and fragile ego, has been Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll on your side of the court buddy. Because once more sunshine, remember it was YOU who came in here all “Hater Haven” this, and Don’t post a comment unless you do it the Gua way that. I challenge you to show me where I am filled with hate, sound like I am filled with hate, or was triggered. Because guess what? Just because I call you out, just because I shoot your idiocy down (perhaps part of your ignorance in all this is the fact you have nothing but SWTOR to compare to, in which case, perhaps you should become more educated so you can give a better educated response??), just because I point to the many short comings of your arguments and replies (and boy were there plenty), does not maketh the hate you so desperately hope I am bathing in, just so you can go AH HA!!!! LOOK AT ROMPE HIMSELF!! All because you no longer have anything to come back with and because you cannot see your own ignorance despite the numerous times I pointed it out, and because you cannot see it is actually YOU self projecting being triggered onto me. Truth hurts. Just accept the mea culpa and go out and read up on what proper mmo’s deliver and what a REAL road map looks and sounds like, before you go demanding anything of anyone.

So yeah, you know what comes next by this point surely, Vegeta baby, take it away, IN YO FACE GUA!!!: 😛

I’m sorry for butting in, but since you do acknowledge you know nothing about, and do not care to know about other MMO’s…

Does that not make you somewhat ignorant on the matter at hand? You can’t claim to be ignorant about a subject, and then get offended when people call you… Well, ignorant…

Fine, I know enough about other MMOs to know that most of them are doing better in terms of content release and have, overall, a happier player base. Mostly because of what people write here. I still don’t feel the need to compare this one to others. I have a good time playing TOR, even if I don’t play so often anymore. I think it’s heading in the right direction with some of the announced changes. How it’s doing compared to other MMOs is irrelevant for me. If all you can say here is “X game is better than this one”, maybe you should head there. I’m not demanding you do it, but at least that’s what I would do.

Me calling Rompe ignorant didn’t refer to any of that, however. I was referring to the fact that he and the white knights are two sides of the same coin. Also, I wouldn’t use the term offended. I felt more amused than anything.

Ya know, the official forums have almost exactly the kind of sentiment and messaging between brain dead fans of Swtor that do as you do and decline to compare the product to other similarly priced products on the market, maybe you should take your own advise, get away from all us free thinkers over here in these comments, and as you say ‘maybe you should head there. I’m not demanding you do it, but at least that’s what I would do.’

What’s your point, exactly? That TOR is doing worse than other MMOs? I’m not denying that. I just don’t see how it’s relevant.

My point is if this comment section triggers you, as it definitely has here, you should follow your own advise and move on to one that doesn’t and I even gave you a suggestion as to where. Good luck finding your people.

Maybe you should take a look at what triggered actually means. I posted a handy screenshot down below.

It seems to me everyone here is possessed of the “us versus them” mentality, accepting nothing in between. Can I not believe that while TOR isn’t that great of a game in it’s current state, it’s slowly getting better?

You may, it’s just the parts where you are trying to tell people how they should feel, in what ways they may express themselves, and that they should move on to another game if they don’t agree with your nonsensical ideas where you are completely wrong.

Maybe you’re correct. Perhaps I started on the wrong foot. It’s just that I used to come here and see actually funny comments and comments that had sensible ideas to them. All I’ve seen in recent times is “Fuck Bioware”, “Fuck Keith”, “Fuck Musco”. I just don’t think the situation is that bad and that Bioware is deserving of all of that, considering their latest actions.

Im struggling on how to say ‘good for you’ without sounding sarcastic. So anyway, good… ehh… you get my point.

Well, I would never presume to tell you what to do with your free time. If you still enjoy TOR, then fine. No sarcasm implied.

And I do think you have a point. I never liked the “Us vs Them” mentality. Each person is a case, and I think both the terms “fanboi” and “hater” are unjustly employed. I only know of a few real haters of this game that come here regularly. Also, some of the labelled fanboys aren’t really fanboys. Maybe they are just people with an overall more positive outlook on things… Even if I can’t understand how loooool! But everybody is entitled to have their own opinion.

Maybe things just got off to a bad start in this thread. I’m all for a good conversation about a game I still hold very dearly close to my heart, even if I disagree with you on its current destination.

It becomes hating the second you call it shit for the sake of calling it something, without providing anything that could fix it or acknowledging that some of it may be good or at least not-shit.

Oh come on. You can do better than that.

We have EXHAUSTIVELY provided the fix for BW’s problems.



There ya go. I would provide a more thorough answer if you were new to this Forum, which you are not. You already know the drill.

Indeed that way & also we have given Content ideas accurately through the past couple years & some here even longer. They haven’t arrived into Swtor :/ Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016.

Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews #EatDirtEaware

Sometimes I think it has to do with some form of lingering hope that things will turn around. They come back, check the news, and see more of the same that drove them away from the game they enjoyed so much.

Well said ^^ 🙂 Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews #EatDirtEaware

I’d say closure would be best at this point. There won’t be another SWTOR while this is active, and this not even a star wars story any more. Wrap this shit up and let someone put out another MMO. I’d call it SWTOR 2. Pretend all the Zakuul shit never happened. Just leave as canon up to Oricon. Let the story pick up 100 years later. And FFS – NO REVAN.

Since when an announcment of mediocracy is called a “roadmap”? Other studios take a week to write down a proper roadmap because of the plenty of content it will include. Keith the janitor takes exactly 2 min to type their content and then 2 months to come up with enough sugarcoating to bring it all from 20 to 1000 words.

No one that works for bioware or ea plays the game in any sense and definitely not in a conquest guild, they have no idea what the community wants and the don’t care to.

Dearest Dulfy,

It appears you left out the ACTUAL road map from King of Bullshit Keith. All you posted from Keith was a lot of waffle and vague promises of future content with nothing to actually show for it.

*Dulfy hands me a note*

Oh THAT was the road map??? Are we sure??? How can a road map be that long but actually not say much?

Then people like Matthew Langley and all the past fanboi’s who have attacked my pointing out the truth, wonder why I call Keith the king of bullshit. This is the near perfect example of it. So much bullshitting.

Speaking of, once more, I notice all the rabid fanboi’s who visit here have gone deathly quiet over this. Maybe they are all sipping the Keith Kool Aid over on the swtor forums.

Fanboi’s, can you kindly remind me once more how this game is going great and there is so much content coming out? Because it seems Keith’s waffle roadmap says otherwise.

P.S. And what a disgrace to only offer more cartel items to sell instead of something in house to celebrate a new SW movie coming out.

I don’t post here very often but your little rant bothers the fuck out of me. You need to understand that your opinion does not equate to “truth”. Why are there so many autistic, aspergery little shitheads who constantly spew their vitriol on here? Why do so many of you ALWAYS say shit like “This is the worst _____ ever!!!” Are you this ridiculously melodramatic in real life? The game will NEVER satisfy whatever black hole you are trying to fill. If you have not realized and accepted by now that the crew running this game only has the time and resources to produce in small batches then you either need to learn patience orngo play another game, but don’t dump your shit all over Keith and his crew because they can’t magically churn up whatever the fuck you are crying for.

And why would you be more right than he? You complain about vitriol and the call people shitheads, autistic and aspergery… Dude you’re a real example of a good attitude right and I’m sure that people with actual autism and aspergers will think you’re awesome. What a douche you are.

It’s a good thing you don’t post very often.

Indeed, sir. I do speak Douche. It is the most popular language spoken on this forum and, sadly, I don’t have the time or energy right now to craft a response that is articulate, thoughtful, considerate and diplomatic. Occasionally I slip and let myself sink to a lower level. I don’t enjoy it and I am not proud of it, but since Douche is so, so frighteningly popular here I figure: when in Rome. SO, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

That’s ok. We don’t have the time or energy to take your ramblings and “LEAVE BRITNEY”, *Cough* I mean “LEAVE KEITH ALONE” pleas seriously either.

So win-win really. We don’t have to read any future fanboi bullshit from you, and you can keep pretending to be an articulate, thoughtful, considerate and diplomatic keyboard warrior defending Princess Keith’s honor, instead of the butt hurt bitch you are. YAY!

Thanks for the kind invitiation but I’m afraid I can’t sink as low as you seem to be able to. So forgive me for not using any expletives on your account.

I suppose I speak sarcasm a lot better than douche and I daresay it’s rather the more eloquent of the two. It does however require more intelligence to use, so I do understand its lack of popularity and I hope that you understand my meaning.

Nothing personal of course. I most certainly do not begrudge you your freedom of expression. Oh and before I forget, you certainly put me in my place of course. Well done indeed.

Beautiful response. Sadly the fine refinements of such a response are often wasted on the unicelular organisms that visit here.

But fear not, it has not gone completely unnoticed.

I think you should go to anger management therapy sessions. Feels to me like you’re leading by example in your rant, and you are the one with supermassive black holes.

That is one of the greatest wrestling GIFs ever, and the segment that produced it was more entertaining that anything BW have done in the last 3 years….

I read this on the official forums yesterday and I was baffled. This is a roadmap? It’s little more than nothing with some far off promises, even if you are a big PvPer. The continuation of an old event and a few PvP changes are hardly worth bothering to announce in such a grandiose fashion. So bloody disappointing.

And remember this is the start of the so called “Different journey” by BW Austin. Sounds and looks like more of the same to me.

How is the game going to get any better, if it’s just staying exactly what it has been for about a year, for another 5 months? Seriously, this is the worst announcement I have seen about SWTOR, and I have seen way too many bad ones…

Great roadmap, it helped me decide that if/when they release the next story arc around December I will look into the reviews and then decide if I will subscribe again, and that is, if the updates give me more than a couple hours of new gameplay, otherwise I will wait for the next roadmap 😛

Wrong. “At the end of the year, we’ll introduce an exciting new storyline and
multiplayer gameplay – all leading to an explosive conflict with new
characters to meet and planets to explore in the new year.”

^^This. Sounds more like what we’ve been getting with Iokath/Copero/Nathema, not an expansion.

At least his comments don’t cost us anything to read. EA on the other hand would lock that shit behind a pay wall if they had their way.

Some people complain about the game, others complain about the complainers. Congratulations…you’re a complainer.

I don’t know if there’s anyone here that feels the same, but to tell you the truth, I keep coming back to read each and every update they post about the game – and I don’t play for more than 2 years now. I don’t ‘complain’, at least not in the comments, more to my friends who I met in swtor, and the only reason to that is that even after all this time i SO SO SO WISH that it would be the game we used to play together, where I met these amazing people I call my online friends. I wish the game would measure up to their/our expectations in delivering content and things to do so we could go ‘Hey, let’s sub again!’ – but it’s kind of a let down to see news like the one above. So I hope now you understand at least part of the ‘complainers’ why they are disappointed. Have a really nice weekend! 🙂

Understood. Yeah I was doing some content and looking at the rewards and I see why certain groups get alienated in game and friends disappear. When it’s good it’s great, but the majority of the time it’s a lot of soloing for sub par rewards that being in a group would bountifully reward you for.

I complain, yes, absolutely I do.
Because, at one point in time this was the only game that I played, the only game I wanted to play. It was the only game I thought was worth my time and money.
Then BW/EA started ruining it.
First was the uber broken launch of SoR.
Second was the major bug that they let go for 6 weeks
Then was the hyper, laser like focus on Story only KotFE and KotET
Then the revamping of Ops so that all the old Ops had to be re-cleared and remastered for new gear.
Then was the attempt at making all content soloable…
The final straw for me was the bogus-ass command “progression” system.
I quit because I had started playing ESO before KotFE launched and felt that the ZOS/Bethesda developers were giving me more for my money.
I miss playing with the guild and the friends I made while playing SWTOR, but the game is a total rip off. The game content isn’t worth the cost of a subscription.
SWTOR has gone from awesome to pathetic and I come here because I hope that some day it will be awesome again.
Until then, I’m standing alongside those who are just here to watch it all burn.

I agree that some people on here complain for the sake of it and for the attention.
However I also firmly believe in the power of positive complaining.
Let me explain. 🙂
Without ‘positive complaining we would still be at Galactic Command Ver 1.0. It was VERY tough if you remember.
We would still be at New Conquest Ver 1.0. It was awful.
And many more……Bioware, for some bizarre reason, struggle to get it right 1st time.
Most importantly I believe we would still be living through – Little House on Zakuul’ ; the continuing cosy family adventures of the Outlander and his hilarious friend Valkorion.
So I believe criticism delivered in the right way can be a force of good.

We visit and give our opinions because we have a connection to the game. Isn’t this obvious? Many of us hope that things would change so that we can come back and try the game again. Rather than labeling it as complaining you should consider it as “harsh feedback”. It doesn’t matter if it’s immature or not. Some people just don’t want to take the time to be pretentious because most know that their wall of text won’t mean jack shit. I rather listen to someone talk about something rather than some idiot who just nods.

Well, as hardcore sw legends (non-canon) fan I must say will be playing Kotors and Jedi academy (I rarely ever play other mmorpgs due its fantasy theme) with mods for billionth time until another Keith’s trollmap comes out.

So the PvP Stronghold I suggested years ago finally makes it to the game. The cross faction PvP that many people have been asking for finally made it. I wonder if it’s out of necessity more than anything by now.

I will say that the new story direction sounds interesting but since 6.0 won’t be until next year I’d say I know enough for 2018.

And hey, they are recognizing the release of the Solo movie…that’s awesome and they’re celebrating it with…oh, a cartel market sale. I feel special now…

the pvp stronghold things are interesting but not sure how useful they will become. Rift has this system in that game but to be quite honest, i dont think very many people use it there. it obviously may be different in SWTOR but I personally never really see these type of things become popular IMO of course.

Well, I can’t say what they will do with it, but my original idea is to have a PvP Stronghold where the decorations are elements from warzones so you could really build your own and choose an objective type initially (huttbal, cap and hold, etc.). And with that there would be an interface where you can queue teams from within the guild or between guilds.

Part of the idea is that a lot of people are sort of afraid of PvP and this will gave them the chance to play PvP and learn in a safer environment if you will. You can take the time to practice how to fight against specific classes and how to best achieve objectives etc.

This could improve the quality of the player base which in turn could make grouped pvp in the normal queues better and more active as well.

Whether the BioWare version of this will allow for this, I don’t know. And whether it’s not too late by now is another question. However, having this in place before 6.0 comes out may be a good thing.

The truth is that 6.0, although a fair ways away still could revitalize the game at least enough to see a positive efffect again because it’s the return to the known Star Wars universe and they even mentioned explorable planets again. I can’t say that it will bring me back because I don’t know where I would stand next year but I have to at least acknowledge that with the limited amount of resources they clearly have, they are trying to do something good for the game here.

It requires a lot of patience though but maybe once Anthem is out, they can dedicate a bit more resources to SWTOR again. Who knows? In all honesty, it’s too far away for me at the moment but hey, let it happen. If the game survives till then they do something good with it, who would complain? Either you’re happy or you no longer care I would think.

I didn’t see the point of it until you mentioned non PvPers testing the waters in a less toxic environment. That is actually a great way to prepare a new generation of PvP players if they are going to focus on PvP for the summer. Well, if it’s done right of course.

When I was still playing, we had a number of people actually afraid to try PvP. This was a combination of toxicity in PvP chat but also the feeling of lacking skill and experience.

A couple of years ago these same people felt like that about Operations. So I set up a system where we made sure we had a group of mostly new people as far as Operations were concerned. I set up a gearing path and linked it to Operations and difficulty levels making sure that people were properly geared. I decided to err on the safe side and have them be a little overgeared.

The group thrived and we were starting to do NiM content by the time the group fell apart. It fell apart because of the direction of the game (5.0) and I forever will deplore how BioWare basically turned a group of new raiders off on the game and killed those efforts. But these guys and gals were becoming very decent to good raiders that could’ve beaten all raid content over time.

My point is that this experience reinforced my belief that in the right type of circumstances people can be willing to try new things and actually enjoy them and become at least decent at it if not better. That’s why I always wanted a safe way of getting people involved in PvP before they go to the actual queues with much more confidence and skill.

It took me back to my Unreal Tournament days. I bought the game, and went online and got my behind handed to me in ways that I felt extremely embarrassed about and I felt like just letting the game be. But then I found the single player tournament and I enjoyed that. It had various difficulty modes and it took a bit of doing to beat the highest level, I think it was called god mode. Once I’d beaten that and then went online I was much better prepared for playing against real players and became quite decent at it…some maps I still wasn’t that great at but on others I could kill it. So that made the game fun and I played it for years after that.

To me guilds (when they’re not a bunch of douches or elitists) are the best place to teach people new stuff and get them interested but you do need the tools. This is one of those tools that guilds can really use to boost interest in PvP because it allows people to enjoy the positive sides and to git gud before going into the real queues. And even if they don’t go to the real queues PvP will be looked upon more favourably overall.

That’s admirable. It really can be hard trying to get into PvP or Ops when starting out. PvP chat can be brutal and Ops groups will straight up deny you if you haven’t the achievements and the most top tier gear augments. And I completely agree that the right guild can be the best way to enter endgame content such as these.

I’m not much of a PvPer, being a lightning sorc in this day and age doesn’t help, but I think guilds that hold ‘sparring’ or practice PvP sessions could really help PvP get a resurgence. These strongholds could be a fantastic idea if implemented correctly and I really do hope they help boost players skill and confidence in PvP as it is a great way to get components for GEMINI gear. If this helps PvP become even a little less toxic and more enjoyable then I will give the lads at SWTOR their deserved credit.

What I find a shame is that people ostracize classes because they don’t have the dps output they want. This also means that people do not try to make the class work.

A lot of the theorycrafting and min maxing is also taken a bit too far. Take for example augments. I remember at some point the discussion between mastery and power augments and in the end the conclusion was that mastery was crap. However, the actually difference in DPS output was like 1-1.5%.

Now when you’re doing something like Ops bosses with tight enrage timers, this might make a difference but for most of the game and ops bosses the difference is not that significant. So they weren’t crap but just not quite as good.

A lot of people then just say they’re crap because that’s the general consensus but most people can’t explain it.

I think that with regards to classes there may be some content where the class balance is too big but that might just be a handful of bosses in the entire game.

So most of it is about speed rather than whether or not you can beat content. And when a game is about speedclearing it’s basically not about enjoying the content but the reward points. GC with CXP is the epitome of a farm game culture especially when they use stacking rewards on top of that. So what happens is last boss runs in the GF and not doing the entire ops. Simply because it’s not rewarding and kinda boring because they made it too easy as well. This leads to people not even learning the basics in SM.

So guilds can make different choices in spite of that. Choose fun over reward points and group content for me is mostly about the fun, the interaction between players (and I’m a rather introverted person myself lol).

I may be repeating myself but that’s why I find guild tools extremely important and this game has not been strong at that. Now what we will have to wait and see is if it’s implemented in a good way. Also if they monetize the crap out of it like with other decorations that might stifle the fun. And of course I hope that it’s a matter of better late than never instead of too little too late.

But by itself I think this is something that can be very important for PvP overall because it can increase the interest and make more people view pvp as a positive rather than a negative.

Lol at “pvp” update when you think of star wars you think large scale battles not in swtor though now you can fight in your house with no nieghborhood smh

1) Spending millions in casino for nothing (companion or not cool-lookin mount) – well thats definitely cool and new stuff
2) PvP is ruined since they made it casual without skill tree. Press 3 buttons to win bwah
3) Story – beyond september. Ok FOFF till september.

The fact that they’re only really able to give developer attention to one area of the game at a time is rather telling

new huttball map 🙂 loved huttball since launch, its my quilty pleasure now…
still more excited about avengers4 tho 😛

SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t give them any more bad ideas then they already pump out ffs. 😛

I actually find it interesting that Keith is now referring to Galactic Command as a secondary gearing system.

Personally I don’t think they can just keep adding more tiers to it because it will make it even harder for new and returning players to play catch up… and resetting it back to zero will tick off a lot of people who put a lot if time in it.

Chances are they’re just going to add another tier of augments here and there and when 6.0 finally hits the servers, chances are the whole gearing system will change again.

I will say this. Clearly we’ve had just a trickle rather than a stream of content for years now. By them delaying 6.0 this much and speaking of explorable planets, there is the off chance that 6.0 will break the trend and have more content than its predecessor.

Seeing is believing of course in this case.

if we can form cross faction groups to play pick up games of huttball in this new stronghold that would be super cool… now just put this back in time 3-4 years ago when everyone was playing so we can make teams…

They found out what STO did ages ago.

Let players make custom stuff so that the developers don’t need to, PVP stronghold style.

It always works if there are enough tools given to the players.

Still, beachfront SH, will we get swimwear? I want the Borat string one!

Just installed the game, played the new FP as prefered and uninstalled it. The next “new” content will be delivered until Fall? really? that’s too many months without nothing ( idon’t care about PVP), yawn…very very disappointing.

If they make cross faction it won’t be star wars for me anymore full time, just some random game with laser sticks and guns. It’s like mmo game based around WWII. Can you imagine Allied and Axis working together against let’s say aliens? xD Well… technically it’s possible but it could be weird af. Why they can’t do cross server que? I guess that would be much better than “cross faction”. Yea, sure let’s wreck this train faster because it’s more fun and faster. Seems even i can get better ideas than those retards.

What do they mean by “cool companions” ? Just Scourge,Kira & DS Jaesa? How about the friggin’ consular having just 2 out of five returned?

Sadly for you most people hate the consular story line and don’t care much for most of their companions, so you got the short end of the stick.

I haven’t played SWTOR probably since January 2018. And as we all saw in 2016~2017 when BioFail all of a sudden started rolling out QoL improvements I couldn’t help but notice what were they hoping to achieve? I mean the “SWTOR is dead” meme has never been deader, but srsly? Why bother with various improvements throughout the game now after 4~5 years of being comatosed. Don’t BioFail programmers know that if you continue to add new code atop of old one it’ll only worsen things. SWTOR community is pretty much dead and I mean the game has no soul left. Either you’ll see memers or masochists playing PvP. I mean it’s possible to find good people to play with but it’s rare. At least in my experience. I mostly find memers or hardcore farmers doing HM FPs for no apparent reason. Not to mention what they did to companions by turning them into some twisted/advanced form of Jade Empire/Mass Effect companions (combat-wise) where they can’t do shit ’cause you don’t have proper tools to control their behavior and their abilities now all merged, i.e. all can heal/damage/tank. Where’s fun in that? They lost their identity. I used to love running around with Doc simply because he could heal my pathetic Guardian ass but now he’s just like every other companion. Granted, we can now run with whomever we like based on their personality but if I needed that I’d go back to ME3 since all comps there are useless due to Shep’s OPness. And another thing I wanted to talk about is story. Why bother wasting money on story arcs about all those immortal empires and other nonsensical shit if they could spend all that money on End Game ffs. We’d fine if they just gave us proper companion endings not that shit with Act 3 that we all got and maybe add Act 4 solely centered around our protagonists. That’s it. And then continue adding up End Game shit with zero to no attention for PvP, ’cause that shit’s been broken from the beginning. Should’ve picked the right engine for that since net code is terrible in this game. Not to mention poor as fuck game servers. I mean, I live in European region and we don’t even have European server. The closest to Europe I think is Irish/British servers but those barely can be called Europe since its so far away from mainland you might as well call it North American server. I think that was one of the reasons they chose to close Pacific servers or whatever it was, Australia/Asia? I bet guys from those places had 200-1000ms lag on average. Even the franchise I despise, The Elder Scrolls, has much better game (TESO).
I ran out of words so THE END.

So, string us along and make tiny adjustments till the new Storyline comes out? Gives back all of our companions except for the ones WE chose to sacrifice during Eternal Empire.

SOCIAL POINTS BOOSTS. How about it? None of this 2 points or 8 points. Make it 20 points or 80 points. Despite the number of FPs I do ,I have yet to get to level 10, I want the titles and Dancing Party.

I haven’t played this game since the beginning of 2017 and I don’t regret it a bit. My personal opinion about it, that it should have gone with dignity, but instead the developer pushed it further into its own grave. It was once a great game and MMORPG with an amazing story, but this days are long gone nowadays and it is just a husk of it former self. It will be probably torn apart be the release of Battle for Azeroth and in 2019 the release of the WoW Classic servers. In my view even WoW has with Legion a better storyline than swtor had in the recent years. Of course WoW has an big advantage over any other game on the MMORPG market and remains the untouched titan, which can’t be pushed from its golden throne. Although I have to add it had once quite the challenge to claim that throne. There are the reasons of Addons that help the players on many different occasion. The most famous is DBM supporting the playerbase in various raids and guiding them safely to any dungeons. So what I’m saying is that SW: TOR needs to change its way or it will die a slow and painful death.

Since your only insulting and don’t come up with argument to prove me wrong. I think I have proven my point here, until you find a good argument and by good argument which is against my point and not just insults. I hope for you that you can do so.

I don’t agree with what Simarilion says either (apart from his last sentence), but he explains his ideas in a well laid out analysis, however to respond in this way is just shocking, even for internet standards.
Poor show Chris.

warzone faction mergers????!!! Are player number really that low? The more I look into coming back to this game that I loved the deader it looks sorry. I know comments like this don’t help with that, but there you go

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