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SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items for Patch 5.9.1.

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market items for Patch 5.9.1.


See previous post (upcoming items from Patch 5.9) to get a complete picture of the new items coming to Patch 5.9.1.


Freelance Hunter’s Armor Set


Sly Operator’s Armor Set


Charismatic Mandalorian’s Armor Set


Wasteland Crusader’s Armor Set



Skirmish Zeldrate


TF-4 Rampage – Activates the Wings of the Dragon, increasing movement speed and offering excellent protection against being knocked off.  Movement speed increases based on the rank of your Speeder Piloting skill. This powerful machine was constructed from the remains of Izax, the Ultimate Devourer



Gathering Darkness Lightsaber



Underworld Patrons Personnel Bundle


Cantina Performers Personnel Bundle


Mandalorian’s War Camp Decoration Bundle


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102 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items for Patch 5.9.1.”

Decent looking armour, however not in time for me to care anymore o.o/ Not after seeing that summer roadmap

not that anyone gives a shit about my opinion though cx

Well said & indeed i bet that at least 90% of the Brainwashed / Indoctrinated Half Blind Swtor Fanboys & Girls don’t care. Mostly because they’ve stuck to this old repetitive model & as long as SW name attached they drool & throw in the money. No matter how lil work Devs do for “content” or Cash in store updates. King Keith Lead Designer uses Emoji’s to make them feel happy.. Like was said earlier by someone.

You said well ^^ & sad but true :/ He often writes at least 3-5 Paragraphs too much to make his “work” feel more Important & to fool many people with the amount of inc. Content. Summer Roadmap or well if it can even be called that lolz.. Is really “something” & the way it was written.. 😀 :/ Take care o/

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Auto Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. #WaitingForSubWorthyNews #EatDirtEaware #LittleWorkToGainMaxBlingBling #EawaresEasyRidingWithBigIP

All I can make up out of that summer roadmap is that all this time they’ve been doing this:

1) make 1 new pvp arena
2) make 1 new (likely manaan-sized) stronghold
3) think of ways to make all of it look and sound enticing
4) completely ignore every single other aspect of the game

and finally:

5) think of how many bugs they can ignore and still call it a “finished” product

As for the new stronghold stuff..

“As with all Strongholds, you can decorate it anyway you like, but we’re also enhancing Stronghold decorations to support PvP gameplay. This means you can use decorations to hide behind, layout obstacles, which allows the owner of the Stronghold to create a huge variety of custom PvP layouts to use in battles amongst friends.”

Use decorations to hide behind, layout obstacles > makes it sound new but in all honesty.. like we couldn’t do that already? How stupid does he think we are?

Two armors from the Nathema FP:

“Charismatic Mandalorian”: Chela Nayss (Nautolan) wears a mirrored/recolored version

“Wasteland Crusader”: Vinn Atrius, Leader of the Order of Zildrog

Not on Chela Nayss. However, I do see a bar behind the neck on this armor’s picture here. Maybe that’s part of a jetpack?

The mandalorian helmet looks really nice. They are starting to look a lot closer in appearance to T-visor that Jango/Boba wear. Only thing it is missing is the targeting range finder on the side of the helmet. The closest Mandalorian classic T helmet you could find up until now in-game was Rohlan Dyre’s helmet. Probably going to cost a fortune. Hope there is direct sale for it.

I was lucky enough to get Rholand’s armor when it was first released. Immediately set it to unlock. Knew that helmet would look phenomenal on a lot of sets. I was actually really excited they were putting armor sets from the Knights of the old republic comic. But Lucian Draay’s was completely phoned in and we never got Demagol’s armor. Which would have looked PHENOMENAL.

Hmmm – Strange, did they say anything about bringing bronze armors back? Because the Operator set is bronze to a tee. Jedipedia even lists it as bronze.

It even reuses pieces. Excluding “Sly Operator,” the other ones listed are Gold. However, there’s a missing Silver armor (“Resourceful Renegade”).

If I remember right, doesn’t Jedipedia list it as Platnium?
it’s the one with all the green glowing bits, aye?

I see. Looks like Zash’s new armor.

I don’t see a rarity on TOR Community. What’s interesting is that Jedipedia doesn’t list any armor boxes for it, yet it’s still listed as a CM set. Maybe it’ll be a direct purchase on the CM?

It starts off alright, but it gets pretty good in the later seasons.

This set definitely resembles Embo. While your picture has some Asian influences, it’s got more of a cowboy-style hat and lacks the sleeves and lower robe.

Thanks for correcting me, Darth! The fact that this comes from a second season of Clone Wars cartoon character totally obliterates the failures of this company with one fail swoop from a cartoon that Disney (ironically) calls as the only thing that’s canon anymore.

Again, nothing brilliant, nor unique. Copying from your own ‘canon’ isn’t unique – hell they have been doing that for years in this ‘game’.

I don’t see the problem with them taking inspiration from movie era characters. Besides, the resemblance isn’t that strong. Furthermore, this set is generic enough that it just looks like a Star Wars ronin.

Embo was added before the Disney takeover. 😉

It’s an assumption, I’ll admit. Even so, it’s sort of obvious. Compare the hat shape, skirt, and accessories (armor plates/pouches) to Embo.

SWOTR is just following suit with what so many others are doing with stylizing in game fashions to align with the feudal period across Asia. It’s a pretty popular theme in gaming right now, especially RPG’s and MMO’s. To be fair ESO is bringing it with these style Motif’s.
Your assumption is that this is to replicate a character that won’t be born for about 3000 years. My theory is that they are copying a popular MMO/RPG trend that (I believe ) ESO is dominating…. Neither is substantiated officially, but EA/BW is a money making company and money talks.

I agree that it’s a trend, rather than a copy.

It doesn’t matter when Embo was born; movie era gear establishes many of the precedents for SW gear. Besides the similarities I’ve already mentioned, checked out the ribbed chest and the helmet under the hat, which incorporates a mouthpiece that resembles Embo’s. Furthermore, this armor could just be a TOR era Kyuzo (Embo’s species) armor.

The Freelance armour is meant to resemble gear worn by the Kyuzo, specifically Embo from Clone Wars.

I see similarities with the color scheme and helm shape/a few armor pieces. Even so, I think it’s inspired by Embo from The Clone Wars.

At last I don’t have to use companions in my cantina to make a diverse crowd, and I can have a band in there too.

I have a lot of free coins to use up and this looks like a decent use for them.

Cantina Performers Personnel Bundle, it looks so nice. I need it for my Nar Shaddaa stronghold

“There’s a sucker born every minute”. So far I don think there was another MMO that recycled old content as much as Swtor. Please do corretct me if I am wrong. And this game just shows me that even if you pack piece of crap in shiny box and slap well known IP on to it zombies will buy it.

Would be nice for once to have something more original than Twi’lek dancers.
How about some Chiss and human dancers?

Mirialan is appreciated.

Well there’s a mirialan dancer in the pack (or as loose deco) according to swtor.jedipedia

unless I understood you wrong and you already knew (x

ohhhh… only hope do this ideas back for the real game, for the real road map… nice armor and weapons… but the game is…..

the lightsaber have a supreme name, but i’m willing to bet two jawa’s that it’s going to be oversize all the way down to your knee caps lmao

That’s exactly why I, myself, can’t stand the new lightsabers (hilts) and their sizes – as compared to the original ones available the first couple years. Same can be said for the Rishi Assault Cannon that could give any type 1 female trooper a herniated disk…

I asked Keith to bring old lightsabers. Like 1-50 level, starter lightsabers with fat blade. He told me he let know his team. I dont like new lightabets with slim lade like we have last 2 years and dont buy them.

Oh yeah, ESO totally invented this kind of hat, it wasn’t the many cultures on the Asian continent.

I’m well aware of that, it’s simply a little too obvious that a couple months after ESO adds this set, Swtor adds their own version which is almost the exact same, minus the skirt and the face mask.

If you are going to compare real life stuff to things in game we can be here for the rest of our existence as that’s technically all a rip-off of real life armour, weapons, vehicles, events, etc.

I know you really think Bioware copied this set from ESO, but as Sadriel_Fett clearly is showing. This set is based off Embo from Star Wars. Just like so, so, so many other sets. The only similarity to the ESO set, is the hat, and even still the hat is far more similar to Embo’s hat. More than likely these outfits have been on the drawing board since before the ESO set was released. Just because they both adopt from Asian culture, does not mean they are ripping off of eachother. When you’re using inspiration from Asian culture, there will of course be similarities. But you need to have your eyes checked if you think these two sets are that similar.

After viewing it in the in-game preview I do retract the statement that they’re near identical, however the timing of adding it is just a little odd. As is the colouring. It does resemble Embo more than the Silk set from ESO, however if they wanted to go for Embo they might’ve been better off picking a colour scheme that isn’t the exact same as the ESO set

I don’t play ESO so I can only speak judging from the photo you provided, which does not show the same colors as the swtor set. However that is irrelevant considering most people use dyes anyways.
Coincidences happen, it doesn’t automatically mean there’s a conspiracy going on.

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