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SWTOR Game Update 5.9.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.9.1 Patch Notes. 5.9.1 will be released on May 22.



  • Double Rewards Event – Enjoy a full week of double rewards: XP, Command XP, and much more from 5/22 through 5/31.
  • Nar Shadda Nightlife – Set course for Nar Shaddaa this summer, as the Hutts open their doors for the greatest spectacle this side of the Outer Rim. The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event returns from 5/22 through 6/30.


  • Corrected an issue where the travel button would not work for players who acquired [Solo] The Nathema Conspiracy from Activity Finder.
  • Players will no longer be able to complete the “Cantina Crawl” Achievement earlier than intended.
  • Darth Hexid can now only be redeemed from Collections one time per character.
  • Dark Side Jaesa has stopped sending threatening emails to everyone in the galaxy.

Classes +Combat


  • Shadows and Assassins will no longer remain in combat after using Force Cloak if they have an active DoT on another player.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


The Nathema Conspiracy

  • It is no longer possible to skip the Experiment 636 fight by going “outside” the intended environment.
  • The ship in the opening cinematic of The Nathema Conspiracy has had its’ stealth field nerfed and will now actually appear as intended.
  • Gemini 16 will no longer flurry attack while casting Integration Beam.
  • If a player exits The Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint via the exit area button, their Companion will no longer die upon re-entering the Flashpoint.
  • A number of Nathema Conspiracy Achievements have been updated to show the amount of times their respective Objective must be completed to earn the Achievement.
  • The “Chaotic Century” Achievement can now be earned, as intended.
  • The Ancient Guardian Droid’s Decimation Protocol ability will now last 24s in each phase of the fight (up from 20s in phase 3 only, phase 1 and 2 are unchanged).
  • Corrected various typos in The Nathema Conspiracy Codex entries.
  • The Achievements; “Legacy,” “Advanced: Legacy,” and “Elite: Legacy” now advance as intended.
  • The Bonus Mission “Seeker of Fortune” will now grant rewards upon completion.
  • Corrected various issues where the wrong NPCs would appear inside the Zildrog Machine.
  • The Kolto Station in the Ancient Temple never received its Nathema flight clearance papers and has been returned to the ground where it belongs.
  • The Achievement “The Shepard of Nathema” will no longer reset.
  • The Achievement for killing Zildrog will no longer complete when Vinn Atrius is defeated. Killing Zildrog will still trigger the Achievement.
  • Corrected an issue where the console would sometimes not appear during the “Shut Down the Zildrog Console” step.
  • Interactions from The Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint will now appear in the Companions and Contacts interface.
  • Lana Beniko will now properly show Companion Customization options in Cinematics during the Nathema Conspiracy Flashpoint.
  • Completing The Nathema Conspiracy before completing Chapter 9 of Knights of the Eternal Throne will no longer block story progress.
  • Rebalanced the health of some NPCs across all three difficulties to be more consistent.
  • Saber Ward will no longer reflect bosses area of effect abilities.


  • Corrected an issue which allowed up to 16 players to participate in 8-player Operations.

Gods From the Machine

  • Players who killed IZAX during the extended period prior to Game Update 5.9 have received their missing Achievement.

Items + Economy

  • Fixed an issue where visual effects (such as weapon tunings) would turn off when changing zones.
  • The Hanging Tree decoration can no longer be placed on a wall hook.
  • Stronghold Defender weapons can now be unlocked in Collections.

Missions + NPCs

  • Corrected various issues during Chapter XI: Disavowed where the story would not progress if Koth had left the Alliance.
  • Players will now only receive one proposal interaction with Lana Beniko after the Nathema Conspiracy as intended.
  • “Communication from a Dark Lord” can once again be used, allowing access to the Darth Hexid Alliance Alert.

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64 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.9.1 Patch Notes”

Looking forward to getting those Cantina personnel decos. Also, here’s to hoping they’ve added new stuff to the Night Life event and made the Gamorean companion purchasable like they did the Rancor mount.

The event started last night which they haven’t commented on. No updates to the vendors since last year unless they go into effect after the patch tomorrow.

^^ This. BW Austin rarely update the vendors, much less the event vendors. Just look at the C.E. vendor on the promenade, Oops, wrong franchise hehe, I mean in the VIP area of the Cantina.

First to “complain” so that the white knights have something to say in defense of the game.

Careful dude, Gua will come in here accusing you and this place of being Hater Haven again, and telling you to only comment if you can give encouragement to BW Austin’s constant failings or positive criticism to the pitiful content being released or recycled, only to later say that isn’t what he meant lol.

So you’re gonna call me out even before I’ve said anything now? What, you intend to use me as a punching bag of sorts from now on, while completely ignoring or dismissing what I have to say? Gonna post another gif of you “obliterating” me with your absolute truth? I don’t plan on being the instrument with which you keep your arrogance to it’s phenomenal levels, so I’m not going to take your bait again.

Lol nope. The beauty of it? I wasn’t baiting at all. After all sunshine, they were your words I was recalling. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s right, you didn’t mean it the way you wrote it, but still won’t say mea culpa. Just as amusing is how easily you “triggered” yourself that I thought that gif quite appropriate considering how you somehow baited and then took your own bait all in one post, with the obligatory blaming of me for your triggering as is standard Gua 543 instruction manual practice – Page 1, paragraph 1 if I recall lol. Don’t think I have ever seen someone be triggered by something they wrote. Awesome stuff that!!! And I can’t use you as a punching bag good sir, that job is already taken by yourself, for yourself!! 🙂

And you guessed it, WITTY GIF TIME and this time, we have a lovely gif of you and some mates walking down the street when suddenly……………..

And yes, Gua probably blamed me for him walking into that post too. 😛

Oh, so you’re trying to tell me I understood your comment wrong? That you meant it in some other way? Sounds to me like you’re contradicting yourself. And no, I won’t accept any explanation from your part because everyone knows that if one person meant one thing and another person understood something different, then that second person has the right idea on what the first person actually meant to say. No exceptions.

If you go through some of my comments in the past thread, as you’ve done a lot of times now, you’d notice that I said I don’t want you to write as according to my point of view. Of course, you dismissed that as me contradicting myself and then went on ahead and rambled how what you see it as is what I actually meant, because obviously your opinion has more weight than mine and you understand me better than myself (that was sarcasm btw, explicitly stating it because you tend to get things wrong). I mean, you’re getting all those upvotes, so how can you be wrong? It’s common knowledge that the person with the bigger support group is right. Go to any meeting of flat earthers, argue with them that the Earth isn’t flat and you’ll see it for yourself.

Oh yeah, I also did admit I started things badly, you can go in my profile and check it’s validity:

“Maybe you’re correct. Perhaps I started on the wrong foot. It’s just
that I used to come here and see actually funny comments and comments
that had sensible ideas to them. All I’ve seen in recent times is “Fuck
Bioware”, “Fuck Keith”, “Fuck Musco”. I just don’t think the situation
is that bad and that Bioware is deserving of all of that, considering
their latest actions.”

But in your usual arrogant, condescending self you ignored that. You took my opinion of what’s happening here as a demand and you rolled with it, despite me telling you a couple of times that’s it’s just an opinion and I don’t want to shape this community to fit how I see things, to which what did you respond with? Oh that’s right – “Either suck it up and accept people’s opinions, regardless if you agree or not, regardless if you agree with how it is written, OR, my original suggestion: DON’T READ THE COMMENTS FROM THE “HATER HAVEN”” to which I told you that it sounds eerily similar to “If you don’t like the game, don’t play it” which is used by actual blind fanboys. Funny how you failed to respond to that, eh?

And can you learn what triggered means? Because your responses seem more fitting for what this term actually represents than mine.

Hey ! I have something to say in defense of the game : since i’m F2P, I spare nearly 11 euros a month. Hum… that count doesn’t it ?

RL aggro and its attendant hard-enrage have been known to happen.

I’m surprised anyone still gives a flying fuck about ranked, myself, but I suppose it takes all kinds…

Whether you like it or not, ranked still has the highest skill-ceiling in this game and it has a bigger community than other parts of the game. Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean that others don’t care about it either.

It’s no coincidence that the more popular SWTOR streams are Ranked PvP streams, that’s what people want to see

Stop projecting, FFS…

Your insecurity is showing –Kindly put it back in your trousers, mate, no-one wants to look at that.

“Skill-ceiling” and “SW: tOR” don’t exactly go together anywhere near as much as some tryhards seem to think, by the way.

The PvP in this game was never good –it as fun, for a while, but it was never “good”, or particularly high-skill.

I really hate to be the one to break that to you, but it’s the sad, simple truth.

I’m sorry that you never excelled in ranked, every game has flaws in their ranking system. It’s always easy to make excuses like you’ve done above, but that’s fine. There has to be bad players and good players for anything to work, I guess.

I really hate to break it to you, but you seem to follow the trend of the bad player; belittle the game’s PvP system when things don’t work your way. That’s why the good players place consistently at the top and the bad players place consistently at the bottom, yet wonder why they don’t progress.

Again, with the projection?

And just who are you, how do you intend to prove it, and why should anyone care?

Obvious troll/flame-war inciter. Before I report your ass and get you banned, though:

I’ve never done ranked, and never cared to. I might have, once upon a time ago, if 8v8 ranked matches had ever gone anywhere, instead of those incompetents in Austin pulling it out from under us after lying to the community about not doing so.

The idiocy that is 4v4 death-match arena was something we all knew was going to screw the game into a constant cycle of OP FotM —> excessive nerf —> next OP FotM —> nerf into uselessness —> ad infinitum (Hell, even my beloved Mercs got their turn eventually, so at least it’s consistent).

I had quite some fun with this game’s PvP –main’ing Mercs, when they sucked– after 1.5 until well into 2.xx, when it became obvious that it had no meaning and that we were doing the same shit for the same reasons, with often the same people, match after match, day after day, just so we could do it all again with the next gear-reset, with the same bads –like you, Mr. Projector– shitting up the forums with “[XXXX] NEEDZ NURFED!!!111!” week after week after week.

If that kind of mindless treadmill and dregs-of-the-community toxicity floats your boat, then by all means go for it, but almost any match-shooter out there does this 1000x better; Regardless, I prefer a little “world” in my MMO PvP.

(For all its flaws and problems, thank God for EVE Online –15 mostly-good years this spring, btw.)

Enjoy your ban.

Don’t queue if you can’t play.

Ranked can’t be back filled. When you press the queue button, you have an obligation to the team you’re paired with to give the match your all. If you fail to accept, then the other people on your team are put at a major disadvantage.

Why should they lose because of your selfishness and you not get any repercussions?

If anything, you should lose MORE rank for declining a match than actually participating and losing.

Which is a reason why I always thought ranked should be premade-group only, where everyone queued knows that everyone else (on their own team at least) has made reasonable efforts to not have to decline –you can never know that with solo/PuGs, let alone meaningfully enforce it.
But then, we never had the PvP population to support that –Even 8v8 PuG queues is always the same people, usually, and the pops have been getting fewer and further between for a long time, now.

They do have that. It’s called group ranked and it has its own ranking system.

If you want to queue for PvP solo without worrying about rank, then queue unranked. Otherwise queue ranked and deal with the consequences of not joining the match.

Your power going out or important business coming up doesn’t excuse the issue when it’s far more likely that someone is just exploiting the queue system to win trade or something.

I know. I’m saying all ranked should be group ranked, no yolo-queue.

But then, when has win-trading not been an issue?

You don’t solo ranked because you’re too selfish to take an automatic loss when you can’t accept a queue, is basically what you’re saying.


No, I wouldn’t solo-queue unless I was absolutely sure that I could accept a queue.
Of course, more population would soften that problem, and/or make group-only ranked a realistic possibility, but we’re never going to have that population again.
(Hell, at this point, I wonder if we’re even going to have a game in a year’s time, let alone PvP of whatever tier to do in it.)

I think you misread what he said.

He said the bug was you NOT losing rating.

Meaning you’re supposed to lose rating but you currently don’t.

That’s what I meant. You DON’T lose rating if you decline a pop, so it opens the possibility to queue sync with friends and choose the matches you think you can win.

“The Bonus Mission ‘Seeker of Fortune’ will now grant rewards upon completion.”

They’re adding the missing “Dramath Holo” and “Valkorion Holo” decorations. The mission will give you a choice between the two decorations.

Source: TOR Community

Jeez that’s a lot of Nathema bugs. The only one i noticed on the play through was the ‘Shepherd’ one resetting.
However ‘Bug of the Month’ has to go to
“Dark Side Jaesa has stopped sending threatening emails to everyone in the galaxy.”
I almost spat my coffee across my PC.

I’m sorry, but that should NOT be a bug.

I think the game is reacting: since the devs don’t do much in the way of content, the game is doing it for them!

I really had a thing for DS Jaesa. She was funny. And sexy.

Let’s hope that is a feature, not a bug. Damn, if comps are developing a real persona, there may be hope for the game after all!

Lol really dude?? The Jaesa bug is the one above all??

What about:

* Corrected an issue which allowed up to 16 players to participate in 8-player Operations.

How the hell does BW Austin firstly make such a bug, but secondly, have it affect even the old Ops?? Man, that would have been funny as hell, roflstomping an 8 man op with 16 peeps.

Yeah I wish I had known about that, would have made Izax hm a hell of a lot easier.
Erm…..I mean exploits are bad man, ban them all.
*shifty eyes*

Stop whining! So what if Bioware pays me to say this? It’s a game! I just LOVE being the most cuntiest person on the forums.

lol andryah.

There are white knights

Then there are people who blindly follow

Then there are people who throw money away

Then there are people that feel their games’ devs can never do wrong

Then there’s andryah.

He is a whole new level/tier of follower. I have no words to describe the BS that he types because to this day I still can’t believe that there are people like him in this world.

“Corrected an issue which allowed up to 16 players to participate in 8-player Operations.”
So people have been farming brontes wings? palace rancor? lol gg

It’s a patch, like many patches before, since 2012. Content updates most of the time don’t have X.Y.Z.somethingsomething version numbers. They are more likely X.0 or X.Y.

The “event” where you just spam the slot machines? As if you’re some lowlife alcoholic gambler in Atlantic City? Ya, great “event”….

No, i mean rewards are interesting, and for clicking part i just use rubber thing to jam my mouse button.

What stings about this so-called Nightlife ‘Event’ is that is doesn’t reward alt toons recurringly, like the Gree ‘Event’ does when you click on the news terminal in fleet and tells you to go talk to the Gree droid on Ilum. The Nightlife ‘Event’ does not allow you to re-do that initial perk quest – either by clicking the actual news terminal or clicking the computer terminal chest laying about in the casino.

Yesterday I clicked on the Cartel Market icon. And no matter what I did, the Cartel Market windows did not appear. I also tried the shortcut. Nothing. Just wanted to check something, but let’s say I really wanted to buy something from BioWares CM shop… they didn’t let me. LOL

After 3 years I decided re-sub on may 4th to see how the game was doing, Catching up on the story has been fun, For me that has always been the best part. as far as the rest of the game Customer support went from bad to horrible, bugs are still ignored. during the server consolidation i lost many achievement’s and legacy perks. They still cant bring the servers back up on time. maybe i will try again in 2021

Oh no doubt the CSR of SWTOR are in a league of their own in uselessness and sheer incompetence, even when compared to other MMO’s who traditionally, never really have good customer service.

When we moved from the colony to Harbs, my wife and I lost the Wolf of Rishi achievement. We both logged a ticket. The CSR who answered my ticket said it could not be restored, and that I would have to do it again. My wife’s ticket, the CSR restored the title, but not before questioning whether she had it. So she sent them a “middle finger” screen shot showing her character with the title from when SOR first came out when she first completed the achievement. The CSR restored her title promptly.

So I sent a ticket referring my wife’s ticket number back to the fuckknuckles of SWTOR CSR, with a screen shot also showing my toon with the title (just in case they questioned whether i ever got the title). Their response??? IT CANNOT BE RESTORED. No If’s, No buts. This is the absolute level of retarded, lazy incompetence that is typical of those asswipes pretending to moonlight as customer service. And to think, Keith was in charge of that brain trust, before he took over the show. Says everything really.

they are pushing it back to the next day and not extending it apparently. According to fleet chat. Whats goin on at BW now a days?

Drop rate for ops gear in command crate has been significantly low in this new update :(.
Anyone else seeing this? I tried with tier 1,2,3 and 4 character. Each with at least 30 box at a time.

Reminder that courting gifts have been a known bug for over 950 days. Just let me trade them in Bioware, I’ve given up the fight.

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