GW2 Gemstore Update–Elonian Elementalist Outfit

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Elonian Elementalist Outfit today for 700 gems.


Elonian Elementalist Outfit (700 gems)

Dye Pattern
















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Images taken from that_shaman’s mining post.

Choya Harvesting Tool – [&CrwfAAA=]


Sunspear Glider – [&AgH9VQEA]


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32 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Elonian Elementalist Outfit”

There’s been a few outfits where female Asura have the female version. Looks like female Charr got the short end of the stick though. XD

I just wondered about that…Usually Asura and Charr unisex…now I REALLY wonder how that looks on a female Charr……uh for science obviously.

In other news – I am no fan of skinny/skimpy stuff but as a throwback to GW1…..well if not for the stupid ripcords on both sides attached for the glider……

It’s been a while since I liked outfit that much and even more time has passed since I bought it on it’s first day in the store. Very nice outfit, more GW1 vibes, looking at the armors it looks like they used GW1 female elementalist sunspear armor as a inspiration, for males they made something new. Few things I wish would be different:
-let use hide the floaty things.. whatever you call it.
-different dye for floaty things and chest piece, unfortunately they are connected.
Still, a very nice outfit and a first one in a while that I bought without thinking twice.

If anyone know me you’ll see me usually talking shit about the outfit design but this? This is acceptable. I like that touch of eastern Asian celestial goddess wardrobe style mixed with their own theme. For the guys it would’ve looked better if they had pants on. Cabbage-head looks badass. For the ladies would been nicer if they had an open diamond shape hole at the color bone area to emphasis their form around that area.

For this special occasion I will be a patron. Can’t wait to mix and match the colors.

I think they didn’t put pants on to satisfy those who want their male characters to be skimpily dressed, but the one-sleeved midriff ‘jacket’ and loincloth just don’t go together imo. Female version is very well done though.

Hopefully they put somethingout for those who want ordinary tops and light armour pants next.

lol we have different definitions of skimpy. For me skimpy is..BnS, Tera, and BDO. GW2 is not applicable to that word haha

You could remove ALL armor from your character in GW2 and still have relatively more coverage than in other MMOs.

Is it weird if I say my favorite part of the outfit is the toeless shoes? I’ve always wanted toeless shoes for my Ele and I was disappointed when the Crystal Savant outfit didn’t have the toeless shoes like the concept art did:

I also love how it looks almost like the Luxon Elite set for female Ele’s back in GW1. Now if only Anet can remake some of the human hairstyles from GW Factions, I can sort of re-create my GW1 Ele… Though I’m still hoping Anet will eventually make an outfit from this other concept art I found:

It was together with the Crystal Savant concept from the artist’s Artstation page, so I guess it was a scrapped version of that outfit? Shame if they never use it, it looks friggin’ awesome.

Saw character in this outfit + zodiac skin texture. How is this possible? Zodiac skin texture going together with zodiac armor as part of outfit.

There’s a couple of infusions that can give you the zodiac-style skin. From memory, the blue and red-purple ones are from fractals 100… blue is tradable (1000+ gold), don’t think the red one is I think players who have it have to earn it. There is also a snow diamond one, probably my favourite, all I remember is it’s hellishly expensive and I don’t own it 😛

Cool outfit. Finally some skin visible on males again 🙂

Made me come out of my 5+ months break to buy it.

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