GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 3 Release Delayed

Arenanet is delaying the release of LW S4EP3 to make some adjustments.
A message from Mike Zadorojny:

Hi everyone,

The Living World Team currently is hard at work preparing Episode 3 of Living World Season 4. We’re excited about how it’s shaping up, but wanted to give you a heads up that the release date will be a little outside our normal release cadence.

Our key focus while creating the Living World experience is the quality bar we’ve set for ourselves for each episode. With the amount of gameplay and breadth of content in Living World, we noticed that we had an opportunity to make some adjustments to how we approach developing each episode that will help us hit our quality standards more consistently. This logistical change has had some short-term “cost” in time, but will provide benefits to all Living World episodes moving forward.

We’ll be announcing Episode 3 as the date gets closer, and everyone on the team is looking forward to playing this new content with you!


  • Shaggy

    i dont mind waiting a bit more to get a bit more.

    glad to see they arent restricting themselves with deadlines.

  • Ardenwolfe

    No worries. A polished and finished product is still better than an unfinished and buggy one.

    • Gerald Tarrant

      Indeed. Microsoft taught us completely the opposite for decades, so it’s nice that ANet didn’t borrow a page from them, and just release it “as is” to beat some B.S. time table. The story line is enjoyable, and the game is great fun, so I am content to wait as well.

    • Holger

      Too bad Anet has never delivered such a thing.

  • Suan

    I kinda feel that the delays on LW episodes even if it’s a week or two on each one still gives ANet extra month or two to polish the next expansion and that’s what they are doing these delays mostly. The last 2 episodes were quite nice and it looks like extra time pays off for LW too so I don’t really mind the delays as of late to be honest.

    • aimasira

      maybe its because of the E3 expo, they may delay it to announce it there.

    • Alot

      Given GW2’s track record, I feel that anyone who has an issue with prolonged or sloppy release time tables would have left ages ago. I”m hoping for 3 improvements to the inventory system next expansion, one improvement to lfg/maps and 3 improvements to the daily grinds system. That aside there is no subscription, so I’ll just be chilling in warframe until more content is released to play through.

    • Ares Zax

      I just hope they take the time to properly polish this time around. They delayed Ep2 for a week and it STILL came out with several frustrating bugs. If it means delaying Ep3 by a month, so be it.

      Not to mention that I still can’t shake the feeling like ANet rushed out LS4 early and they’ve been trying to play catch up ever since.

  • Raizel

    It sounds like a deja-vu of previous LS episode… -.-‘

    • Alot

      Brings back some memories ^^

  • Ayndrew Art

    whos that kind of dump to invest more money into dead pvp game

    • I found a troll

      Poor grammar – check –
      Totally off topic of post – check –
      Complaints without any backing – check –

      Congrats! You are the ultimate troll! Now please get off our community site.

    • Scratch

      Google translate has failed you, dullard.

  • Tsar CUBE

    I can wait I guess. At least new content is being released and the game is no longer in the perpetual content drought like back in the day.

  • Kite

    A delayed game will eventually be good!
    A rushed game will be bad forever!

    • anethatesgw2

      What a bunch of batshit

  • Joshua Green

    A delayed game will eventually be good!A rushed game will be bad forever!

    • LOL

      “A good worker is a live worker. Free to live – and work! A bad worker is a dead worker; and vice versa. Don’t be a bad worker; bad workers are slaves, and dead. Payday for good workers has been postponed indefinitely. Payday for bad workers is cancelled!”

  • Karagianis

    Really, they’re delayed again? I appreciate them not rushing something in unfinished, but if this is going to happen every time maybe they should try adjusting the schedule to something more achiveable?

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah. If they’re having trouble hitting their 3 month cadence, then why not just move it to 4 months? Allows them more time for production and polish, and maybe the more relaxed pace means that devs have more time to work on fun additional content now and again, like new stuff for SAB, Halloween and Wintersday. I can’t be the only one who wants to see a resolution to Lord Vanquish, MKT/Bloody Prince, and some meaningful Wintersday updates other than just grinding for expensive skins.

      • Karagianis

        Oh absolutely! Unless they’re intentionally making a half life 3 joke, they should do something NEW with SAB. It was a fun concept but the lack of new material’s really spoiling my enjoyment of it these days.

  • this stuff can happen, but it seems to happen rather often.. needless to say i will play the next episode no matter how long it takes, as i’m quite invested in the game at this point. but i got to say, specifically for the people that joined on the morning of this seasons living world, they might be feeling slighted

  • Villainous

    I was mislead by the title of Season 4 episode 3. I’m glad I haven’t been away as long as I thought.

  • AoC

    Interesting. Wonder if they’re going to push it now with the influx of new players coming.

    • KJ

      Has there been an influx of new players in gw2? Is this related to a lackluster Bless Online launch?

  • ReploidX9

    I bet you it’s due to…A bug in the system…
    (I’m not sorry)

  • Anethatesgw2

    “quality bar” LMAO

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