• Sozinho

    The helmet looks weird in the mandalorian armor… Need to see it in game.

  • Disqus this

    Looks like bioware is up to their old tricks again. Sale image vs in game when it comes to the helm.

    Doesn’t appear that the helm actually has that targeting holo on the eye in the game version.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It DOES have the targeting holo. You actually have to draw your weapon to activate it.

      • Lucy Cooper

        But naturally if you only use it in preview it doesn’t work v’-‘v

        I mean, Atrius’ armour shows some kind of cover on the right arm (at least on the female BT1 bodies) but it doesnt show outside of that. Same with one of the skirts, it shows to have leg covering like the other two of the same model but its the only one with just a skirt and nothing over the legs v’-‘v . I think it was Noble Attendant

  • Guests

    This was last weeks…

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Actually, it was Monday’s sale.

  • Jep Fareborn

    SWTOR and its devs should be on EXTREME notice due to “Solo” movie’s critical box office failure. If moviegoer fans of Star Wars can stage a successful boycott, what’s not to say about informed video game geeks who do not like the direction that SWTOR is taking?

    • Rompe Himself

      Not sure if you are aware, but that happened after “Keeping up with Valkorians” was released way back in 4.0 (KOTFE). The sub numbers plummeted off a cliff, and since KOTET, hasn’t recovered to this day. I It is why the servers were all merged down to just 5, and now the status of said servers is kept secret.

      • Luxxie

        SWTOR lost 60% of playerbase in one month after 5.0 was released and people are still leaving the game. You won’t find any good raiders anymore, only solo content dweebs or SM shittier spammers.

        • Rompe Himself

          ^^ This x 9000

          • Drunky McDrunkViking

            I’m confused why you guys are even here.

            • Viking DrunkyVikingMc

              Keep on being confused. No one is going to explain it to you chump.

              • Drunky McDrunkViking

                HAHAHAHAHA “CHUMP” Good insult, fuckface. I am hurt beyond repair.

            • abaddonsmummy

              Many people like Rompe come here and express their dissatisfaction at the game and the way it is going because they loved the franchise and hope one day it will get to a stage when they can return and enjoy it.
              Luxxie on the other hand is here to abuse the players that still play it. :/
              Big difference friend 🙂

        • Fallen

          Ok raiders left the game. Yet there are still guilds that run the HM /Nim (what ever they call it now) ops. Then you call players that might just enjoy Solo/SM content names But they are still playing a game they like how they want. You chose to move cool. Games like WoW have new raids every few months and Xpac every 2 years or less. People play the games they like how they want to have fun. So why call them names because they play different from you?

          • Luxxie

            Because you are the reason this game is dying. You are contributing to the game that that barely has any new content except for Space Barbie Cartel Market 🙂

            • Fallen

              No the game is dyeing because EA/BW put out an expac that people paid for. Chose to treat them like crap when the expac was buggy as hell went on winter vacation and took a month to fix it. After that everything they put out was free (other then subbing) so they did what they want. Since by then hard core raiders moved on to what they thought was bigger and better. Now what is left is the casual player. EA/BW messed this game up period!! Those that stay want to play a Star Wars MMO. Since it’s the only one. When this game shut’s down. Do you think there be another to replace it any time soon if ever? Disney EA are now destroying Star Wars as a whole. I tried Wild Star when EA/BW messed up Revan expac did not like it went to WoW. But I still like to play SWTOR as a casual. So EA/BW is the reason all the games problems, not me as you put it. Since I do the 40 plus hour thing called work I will spend my money and free time playing what I like. Just as you can play what you want with your money. But I’m not calling other player’s names because they do not play games the way I do and think they should.

              • Luxxie

                Because this game is made for profit and you should know it as someone who works. Therefore by paying to play SWTOR you show EA that’s exactly what you want from the game. People spending more money on Cartel Market and not boycotting lack of content are the problem. You give them money for screwing you over. Congrats!

              • Fubarz

                Do you still play the game?

              • Luxxie

                Yes and no, why?

              • Fubarz

                Playing any EA game gives them more profit and power to do what they want Still feeding the monster called EA whether it’s Tor or EA Sports

              • abaddonsmummy

                If he/she is enjoying the game how is he/she being screwed over?
                I’ve got problems with the game, just like I did with other MMO’s I’ve played, but I’m still overall enjoying it, so I stay.
                If people felt screwed over, they would leave.
                And plenty have over the years, with some of the horrible expansions it’s had.
                As did players when WOD came out in WOW, that’s when I left.
                But players are still playing the game and enjoying it that don’t feel screwed over.
                For £9 a month – the cost of a slap up feed at KFC, I can go on whenever I want and play with my guild and have a great laugh.
                If you chose not to play for reasons you think are important that’s cool, go and enjoy something else, come back here and poke fun at the content you don’t like, many do, but to call players who play abusive names shows a lack of maturity i’m afraid.
                Also if your under the illusion that if we all leave they’ll make a bigger and better Star Wars MMO then you’re mistaken.
                Publishers will run a mile if this goes down.
                So to destroy something just because you don’t like it at the expense of others is sad imho.

              • Luxxie

                Abusive names? Oh dear.
                Also I never said people leaving TOR will contribute to making new SW MMO, so you failed here. As usually.
                I guess I will keep on making fun of fanboys and watch how you get triggered.
                inb4 “you must have sad life” I have an amazing life but you people are like street performers. Reading about EA fails and fanboys struggling to come up with something better than “i like the game” but can’t even reapond to facts is like watching bad clowns performing cheap tricks. Not influencing my life in any significant way but still humoring me. Now, all the way to the balls, EA butt buddies!

              • abaddonsmummy

                I don’t think you were making fun of fanboi’s, I think you were making a fool of yourself.
                Fallen answered your flame brilliantly.
                But If it makes you happy, troll succeeded, you sir win this,

              • Luxxie

                No, he did not answer it at all. 🙂

              • Paulo Gomes

                I was like you, once upon a time. I too antagonised people for them to see the problems I saw.

                But after many, many altercations here on Dulfy, I realised my commenting was, if anything, having the exact opposite effect I was trying to make.

                You see: the best way to change the game is not by name calling and antagonising. It’s by rationally trading ideas.

                And making people understand where we are coming from.

                The really great thing about these games is that people can play them any way they choose. Take KotOR, for instance. It’s a great game. Imo one of the greatest SW games there is. Shit, of of the best games EVER.

                But there’s only one way of playing it. It’s “on rails”. There’s no deviation from the way it’s meant to be played, awesome as it is.

                An MMO is not like that. I chose to raid. I was a veteran raider, in my glory days. I won’t bother you with my curriculum vitae, but I was up there with the best.

                Now, you’re right. There are many people that simply do not do much group content. But it’s not their fault that the people that do group content left!

                When I criticised this game (and boy, did I criticise) I never did so in the intent that people left. I never understood that, coming from the “haters” or the “fanbois”. Why would I want people to leave this game? I loved it.

                What I did want was for the community to have a conscience of where the game was going wrong, enabling us to pressure the devs to course correct.

                I did eventually leave the game. Went to greener pastures. But my opinion remains the same.

                Making whoever is still playing this once great game leave is not the solution.

                Because, in the end, it will only lead to the game’s demise. And as I (funnily enough) commented above, that would serve no one.

      • Frigi

        Yeah.. mostly this right here.

        There are lots of things to be concerned about for anyone hoping that swtor will keep running for a long time yet, but how well Solo is doing is really not one of them. I can only imagine that the people going on about that are trying to troll, get under people’s skins, but there are way too many real concerns. No need to make up more.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Simple: because there’s not enough traction to do that in TOR. Not that I would agree with that anyway.

      There simply aren’t enough people to stage a boycott. Liking or disliking the game.

      Also: very different mediums. Movies and games aren’t the same. You spend a lot more time around a game of this type. A movie you watch once, twice or maybe a little more if you really enjoyed it. If you didn’t, you at least watched it once (one of the reasons TLJ didn’t do worse).

      You spend MANY hours with a game like this. It’s a lot more difficult to tell people that play this not to play it.

      And I wouldn’t agree with that anyway. You see, boycotting a movie is an “after the fact” thing. The movie is already made. Only thing you’re going to do is send a message to the movie company that that is not the direction you want.

      In a game like TOR, and that’s supposing you successfully boycott it, it would mean the end of the game. And no other game of this type is on the horizon.

      And that would serve no one. Not the “haters”. Not the “fanbois”.

      • Mister-giggles

        Actually, it would server the “haters” and the “fanbois” from at least one standpoint…

        If enough companies like EA lose money and go bankrupt, it would put some much needed fear into the hearts of video game developers industry-wide. They would be Forced (pun intended) to stop jerking gamers around and start putting out serious leechware-free video games.

        • Mister-giggles

          Sorry, typo.

          Should read: “it would serve” not “server”.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Yes, but that’s looking at the long run. A long term objective that is… well, subjective lol…

          In the short term, and bearing in mind that a game like this takes roughly 5 years to make, that’s the amount of time it would take for ANYONE to play a Star Wars MMO again.

          Nevermind that there is no reassurance that EA/BW/Any Company would make such a game. If anything, the lack of investment and interest in this one suggests that there would not be one.

          And as I’ve said in other posts: the reports of EA’s death have been widely exaggerated by the media. Furthermore, I don’t think that even if TOR closed its doors it would contribute to EA’s decline.

          All in all I stand by my original point: it would be more detrimental than beneficial for everyone.

    • Kubrickian
      • Kubrickian

        They need to hire a staff of writers that know the lore. Solo should’ve been based off the 1979 first of a trilogy book Han Solo at Stars’ End. Kathleen Kennedy being lazy and declaring 80% of the lore as ‘legends’ thinking her staff will make up cooler stuff is completely wrong. Marvel is doing everything right basing the movies off decades of comics. Disney needs to fire Kathleen and put Dave Filoni in charge.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Staff coming up with cooler stuff???

          So far what we have in terms of Expanded Universe is Pablo Hidalgo using it to make up for plot and continuity errors in TLJ. Damage control. That guy has got to go. KK, RJ and PH have to go. The guy in the video is absolutely right.

          I’m waiting for them to come out and say that this movie flopped because of racist, misogynistic white males. I will laugh out so loud when that happens. The first Disney era movie with a white male lead, tanking because of white males. So which one will it be? Are we against female leads? Well, this is not a female lead. We’re against non-white people in Star Wars movies? But this guy is a white guy.

          No. It tanked because of TLJ. It tanked because KK was supposed to uphold the Expanded Universe, as stated in an interview with GL when he sold Star Wars. It tanked because Star Wars is being handled by people that DON’T LOVE Star Wars. It tanked because the fans are rising up and rebelling.

          It didn’t tank because of Memorial Day. That only happens in America. The rest of the world doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day.

          It didn’t tank because of Star Wars fatigue (although there might be some). Marvel are churning out 3 movies a year, and they are almost all a success.

          They need to hire people that LOVE Star Wars. With all the shortcomings of the Prequels, they were done by someone that loved the material.

          At least GL TRIED.

          • Fred Garvin

            [OP is Fred G]

            Got bad news for you. Go check the viewer reviews on RT. Plenty of angry fanbois, and I’m gonna make an educated guess they are nearly all white males, bashing the movie because white man Han Solo isn’t man enough for them. I swear they are all closeted homosexuals who can’t get enough of seeing men do men things the way only a manly man should so they can have fap material in their heads for later. It’s embarrassing.

            • Paulo Gomes

              No, you’re mistaken. That’s not bad news for me. I don’t care about the opinion of the people that went to see “SoLow”. Of course there are racists and homophobics. Stupid, ignorant people will always exist. Nothing we can do about that.

              I don’t even care if the movie is good or not. That’s completely irrelevant for me. If it was relevant, I’d go see it.

              What I care is about the number of people that didn’t even bother to step inside a movie theater to check the movie out. “SoLow” is now officially the biggest flop in Star Wars history, Disney or not.

              What I care about is people like me, who don’t even criticise the movie because they can’t be bothered. People that went right by “SoLow” and stepped inside “Deadpool 2” instead. Yes, we’re living in a world where Deadpool might just take audiences away from Star Wars. Just like TLJ that lost to “Jumanji” in the second week. That’s fucking “Jumanji”. A trilogy movie losing out to fucking “Jumanji”.

              Change is coming. It simply has to. So no, no bad news there for me.

              • Fred Garvin

                [OP is Fred G]

                My point is never underestimate the depths of stupidity some fools will stoop to. Doesn’t matter if the main character is a white guy; they’ll find a reason why it’s still some plot by KK and Disney to ruin their childhood.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Oh of course. You’re absolutely right about that.

                I always smile at the “ruined my childhood” thing. How can these people ever do that? Go back in time and make me NOT like the OT? Like it or not (and I most definitely DON’T) it has no reflection on the material I do like.

                And I have to make a point perfectly clear: I am NOT against Disney. I often criticised George Lucas for pouting and walking away. I liked “Rogue One” AND “The Force Awakens”.

                I went to see the Avengers movie. It was great. No problems there.

                No, my problem is with TLJ. I will NEVER forgive the people that did that. I won’t even call it a proper Star Wars movie. More like a parody.

                Speaking of which: I came across this Youtube video. See if you can spot the coincidences too :

              • Fred Garvin

                [OP is Fred G]

                I have to say that after Avengers: Infinity War, I think Marvel has left Star Wars in it’s rear view mirror in my eyes. I’m glad I went to see the Solo movie (twice, actually) but I have to admit that the only reason I saw it on opening night was to hang out with some friends who don’t get out much due to irl middle-age responsibility.

                Star Wars kind of had it easy when there were only 3 movies. It’s now getting into territory similar to Star Trek or James Bond. When the franchise is extended there are going to be clunkers and even entire eras that might be pretty bad. Unless JJ can pull some kind of miracle in 2019, it may be wise to let things sit for awhile concerning main saga movies. I have to say that although I have no intention of seeing Episode IX (or at least not paying for it), I am still looking forward to the anthology films. I hope they are smaller stories like Solo. Rogue One still had ships flying into trenches trying to blow up the big something-or-other.

        • Yeah I wasn’t “wowed” by it myself, and I’m a pretty huge fan…I just movie hopped and saw Deadpool 2 after this and I felt I got my money back.

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        Any use of butt-hurt fanboy/scared male terminology earns an insta-ignore from me (extra points for the all CAPS clickbait title.) Soylo, Beta, SJW…somewhere there’s a pamphlet these runts use that has a list of tags to be used in nearly every goddamn sentence they type as if they get a monetary kickback.

    • Meelis S

      Saw trailer few days ago not interested to give more money to Disney after EP8 fuckup and SJW crap. I watch Solo movie when its leaked to torrent sites.

      Same for EP9. Disney has ruined already SW saga.

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