SWTOR EA Play to Give 2018

EA is doing a play to give event from June 1 to June 3.

Celebrate EA Play to Give 2018

From Friday, June 1, 2018, through Sunday, June 3, 2018, anyone who joins the battle in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and completes three group missions will earn the new MB-6 Micro-Defender Droid Mini-Pet and celebrate the EA Play to Give campaign!*

Through EA Play to Give, we’re celebrating the importance of inclusion and play and the positive connections it makes for all the diverse players around the world. Help us celebrate what everyone in our galactic community contributes to our galaxy!

Next weekend, team up with friends new and old in battles across the galaxy to get rewarded:

  • All players who complete three group missions using the Activities Window between June 1 – 3, 2018 will earn the new ‘Play 2 Give: 2018’ in-game achievement, unlocking the MB-6 Micro-Defender Droid Mini-Pet through the Achievement system. Once you’ve earned the achievement, the mini-pet will automatically be added to your character’s list of available pets.
  • Constructed with high-durability alloys and painted a striking blue, the MB-6 Micro-Defender Droid can join your exciting adventures no matter where your galactic travels take you. The MB-6 Micro-Defender is a Legacy-wide reward that can be used across all characters in your Legacy.
  • Get to the Activities Window? by typing Ctrl + G and join multiplayer missions including Flashpoints, Uprisings, Operations, PvP Warzones, and Galactic Starfighter!**
Learn more about these EA Play to Give partners and stay in the conversation on all things Play to Give here.
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  • Snoke

    Sooo… greedy EA needs some positive PR, huh?

  • Keith’s Dad, Just Visiting

    My son knows exactly what players want. A mini droid pet is perfect! Way to go Keith my boy!

    • Éamon McCraith

      Couldn’t have said it better 😉

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    Great, I get to have a new shitty title and droid pet clogging up my inbox for logging in and not completing the requirements, just like last time!

    • Rompe Himself

      And the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that………….

  • Marrks

    “we’re celebrating the importance of inclusion and play and the positive connections…”, so be nice to everyone motherfuckers, don’t make me kick your ass 😛

  • Drool Bear

    So, when I saw the requirements I thought to myself, well I do this all the time already so there really is no challenge in completing the 3 wz’s, fp’s, whatever, yet, I’ve already seen people complaining about requiring to do such simple tasks. What is it with people? Does everyone just complain about anything cause they can? Granted, the prize ain’t nothing to write home about but it’s something.

    • Trrax

      Propably because we get the same reskinned reward since 2012.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Play the game to get droid reskins…want something that feels rewarding? Pay for it. Cartel Market needs your money!

  • abaddonsmummy


    • Rompe Himself

      They don’t make it easy for you to defend their actions do they?? 😛

      • abaddonsmummy

        It’s almost like they don’t love us hardworking fanboi’s anymore ;(

  • Eban

    ‘EA Play to give’ hahahahaha
    A company that’s reputation is to rip off it’s customers, ahh the irony. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22f6a959528acacd98e0c07fc2694426fff8fd262291d0c5dc119ebbd7860293.gif

    • abaddonsmummy

      Even the name makes NO sense lol.
      What am I ‘giving’?
      And to whom?

  • Don Loco

    At least it isn’t Dark Vs Light Part Four?

  • Alekero

    Bwahah… nope

  • Risk

    Actually, it seems EA is giving 1 million to 3 charities. United Nations HeForShe, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, and Ditch the Label. but good job hating on them because you dont want a reskinned pet.

    • Petan

      EA made billions by selling gambling to kids all over the world and by using unethical business practices. And since everyone hates them now, they are trying to wash their name by giving away a tiny fraction of their profit… Good job falling for it.

      • Risk

        I think 1 mil, i assume split between 3 charities is indeed insignificant. I think they would have givin regardless of telling us, for tax purposes. Im surprised that they arent court ordered to give to more charities (gamblers incognito). fact of the matter remains that ppl are saying that reskinned pet isnt a reward for their participation in what I would say isnt even an event.

    • Eban

      Good job defending a company that makes millions in profits yearly from shafting gamers.

      And them giving 1 million to 3 charities is equivalent to me having 100 bucks and giving 1 buck to 3 homeless people and expecting praise.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        More like having a thousand bucks and giving a penny to charity…which is also tax deductible. Still, the charities won’t be upset with getting some extra funds I’m sure.

      • Paulo Gomes

        The burn is real…

      • Oooh the fiyah………….

      • Risk

        fair enough it does look like i am siding with ea here. not the case. just stating for those that are simply complaining about a reskinned pet and not clicking a link to see what is actually going on. this is clearly a tax deductable ploy to try to look better in customers eyes. ofcourse they could have said it better so ppl wouldnt wonder what they are giving for or to whom.

      • TD47

        You still can choose to not give that company money, like any responsible person.

        • Eban

          I don’t give them money.
          I purposely avoid all things EA.
          Very responsible monkey me.

    • Yeah this is like “I’m a get the pet regardless of what I do type of thing.”

    • Don Loco

      One million out of how many billions this company has raked in? And you want us to give them a break. Right. Sorry but the whole “Take pity on the poor billionares” stuff still stinks.

    • Adam Haynes

      So they give a small percentage of the money they siphon off dedicated customers who they do nothing for. Wow, they’re heroes.

    • Ben Gimson

      Pity they aren’t giving to proper charities. And 1 million? From a multi-billion dollar company? Generous…

    • Georgeta A. Gaspar

      screw heforshe, since when does ea support feminazi and sjw??

  • Alexandre

    Oooh the fiyah………….

  • GAY

  • TheCulprit

    I LOVE the diversity around the world. That’s why I travel. It’s the diversity in my neighborhood that I’m not to happy with.

    • hulkette

      It s why force left you long ago you racist scum

      • CrumpetTrumpet

        “Asshole neighbor” is not a race.

      • TheCulprit

        If I wanted to live in Mexico I would have moved there. Instead they brought Mexico to me.

        Somehow I’m a bad person for not enjoying that?

        Where can I go to not live in Mexico? Keep in mind that I’m not rich enough to live the 99% white ultra liberal neighborhoods. I mean where does a regular person go?

    • dzip.sys

      Mhm. So, you are in the United States, and you are not Native America. I guess you know what you have to do. Leave their land and ask for forgiveness for the crimes of you ancestors.

      • TheCulprit

        So, if I apologize to the Indians, do I get to keep my country?

        The USA was built by settlers from England, Dutch and some Germans, built on empty patches of dirt. Nothing was stolen from anybody,

    • Angry Eussrpeistani

      Diversity is fine as long it’s not forced like it’s forced onto Europe.

      • TheCulprit

        all diversity is forced – when people are free to choose, they choose to live with people who look like themselves.

        Diversity + Proximity = War

        This is truth played out in all human history.

  • Darth Gnaw

    So… its called “play to give” but our playing has no impact on the amount donated?

    • Adam Haynes

      No, no… we PLAY and GIVE them money so we can keep playing and they laugh.

  • Adam Haynes

    Anyone else happen to notice that they double shit the bed this week with the dbl CXP event? It was supposed to be 10 days which they screwed from the get go by starting a day late… then they ended it Wednesday night?!! For it to have been 10 days it should have run Tuesday through the following Thursday. Instead it went from Wednesday through Wednesday. Maybe if they hired devs who could count to 10 we’d get some decently game content.

  • Mister-giggles

    It’s called “play to give” and is supposedly to promote “inclusiveness” and yet they are not inclusive enough to let us players decide which charities should be supported this year… Yeah, right. Very inclusive…

    I would have loved to seen promoted this year:

    – Habitat for Humanity


    – Wounded Warrior Project


    – PTSD Service Dog Program: This Able Veteran


    • 7D-81A

      Isn’t giving money to veterans the job of the country which send them to war?

      • CrumpetTrumpet

        America’s healthcare system for veterans has been shit for years.

        • 7D-81A

          Maybe vote politicians that change that. I don’t see why anyone out of the US wants to support US veterans instead of projects that help poorer countries.

          • Don Loco

            Because it is a shell game at best most time. Most of the people in charge of the VA are not voted into place, they are usually appointed to the spots. Thus Spanky’s horrible choice earlier this year being such a cluster fuck.

          • Harvy Warlock

            Why would you support poor countries? Why do you think they are poor? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d0269f7a96d0496bf7c1bf8a693916233b6e662fedffef60a70ed185a4c780a3.jpg

          • Rompe Himself

            To vote for politicians to change that, you actually NEED politicians who WILL change that. As it is, the current batch of politicians across the world are only interested in two things which go hand in hand with each other:

            1) Themselves
            2) Getting Reelected.

            Why do you think the world is in the state it is when we have politicians lacking any fortitude to actually lead and make a difference.

    • Ann Nonymous

      Since the player base is international it would be very awkward and inappropriate to donate to US veterans or veterans of a specific country.

    • Nogs sgon

      LOL, wounded warrior project…what a garbage “charity”

  • Vincent van der Laan

    Just give away Valkorion armor exlusive pfff

  • Cloudy

    A mini-droid pet

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/mZMLopagYF4 All you need to know about this event 😛

    • EyesOfGehenna .


      You forgot the part where she incites a rebellion and gets herself blown to bits while feeling good about herself when it’s successful. Does this droid mini pet explode as well?

      • Fubarz

        Yes just click on the button with delete. It will just disappear never to be seen again….. Till you create a new toon

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/GBxKv70hKbU Just thought this was funny since EA/BW does it to us

  • Jep Fareborn

    Has BioP!$$ used every color in the re-skin palette yet?

    • Rompe Himself

      I don’t believe they have used Golden Shower yellow yet!! 🙂

  • Shawn Hargrave

    how politically correct of them lol smh

  • Noraakci

    To those complaining about how much EA is donating, how much do you donate every year? It shouldn’t matter how much they are donating, but rather they are willing to donate in the first place. I know many of you will say “oh it’s just a tax write off!” You’re probably correct, but who cares. Charities are getting money and you are getting a free pet. “Well it’s just another reskin!” Go on? It’s a free pet that you don’t even have to work towards getting. Do three things that you do anyway. It’s not like they are asking you to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it. For the comment I frequently see about EA trying to get kids to gamble, why are their parents giving them access to a debit/credit card for? It’s a F2P game for many and I’ve seen many F2P games having cash shops outside of EA. Why not complain about all the companies and game studios that use cash shops to bring in revenue?

    • Paulo Gomes

      Several things wrong with your assessments.

      I don’t give away any money to charity personally. My band, on the other hand, has been very pro-active in the animal cruelty field, and supporting several animal shelters with food and other things like medicine. We often auction material like instruments we stop using, merchandise and all that stuff. And the profits always go to some organisations we support. Not a lot, but it’s something we like to do.

      But I’m also not a company that makes billions in profit, and has shares in the stock market. To compare a single individual to a company like EA is simply not possible.

      It’s not really a tax write off. It’s actually a PR campaign. And judging by the likes of you, a successful one.

      As for the pet… Come on. Another one of these? I stopped playing the game, and I have SEVERAL of them. Even the one you get from the Gree event quest, the one you can only do once per toon.

      I won’t mention the game I’m currently playing, since many of the people I do respect here on Dulfy have made it abundantly clear they are fed up with me mentioning it. But hey: maybe doing something like a mini quest with a different reward would go a long way, at least for the more veteran players.

      And by your comments I’m guessing you don’t have kids. Because let me tell you: in this day and age, trying to police your kids on their Internet activity is a job all of its own.

      You are aware that you don’t really need a credit card to play these games, right? You are aware that even if you successfully control what your kids do in house, in your household’s pc (or pcs), they have cell phones, right? They can play these games on their phones. In fact, it’s one of EA’s biggest revenues: mobile games.

      Presuming you successfully control every one of these variants… You are aware that kids go to each other’s houses, right? That you have ABSOLUTELY no control over what your children’s friends can and cannot do, right? That they can go to a friend’s house, make an account and play the games they want WITHOUT YOU KNOWING, right?

      And yeah, I’m sure everybody here that criticises EA also criticises other companies that do the same. That’s a no-brainer. Since this is a site that focuses on TOR, which is an EA game, it wouldn’t make much sense to criticise other companies here…

      • Rompe Himself

        The sad thing about the pet reskin, is they have a plethora of pets to choose from to reskin BESIDES the Astromech or Micro Defender droids. But for reasons only the fail clowns at BW Austin are privy to, they always just keep offering the same two pets with different colors over and over again.

        And speaking of reskins, is this event just another DVL event v3.0 (play the same old missions/fp’s.pvp etc), but now using charities as an excuse to replay the ages old content, instead of the DVL mechanic??

        P.S. Congrats on the charity work Paulo. 🙂

    • Emprah

      Only cucks give to charity. Real men keep their money.

    • Georgeta A. Gaspar

      id rather burn my money that donate them to that feminazi org heforher! why the hell is EA in bed with them? whats next, support antifa?

    • Jay Asher

      Well when you produce crap to people paying you money the least you can do is act like you care when you show your actual customers you don’t. that’s the point.

  • I always say “GAY” but this is literally the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. Like this is beyond Liberace levels of gay. So fucking stupid. Someone at EA is a massive gaylord.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      How is it homosexual?

      • abaddonsmummy

        I guess what guys get up to in the bedroom has a massive effect on content.
        And there was everyone blaming Bioware all these years, bet they all feel silly now. 😛

    • Fubarz
    • Yeah another droid I don’t care about. Just give me some damn cartel coins.

      • Georgeta A. Gaspar

        Whaaaaat you don’t want another droid?? Blasphemer!!! You shall collect them all! Have all useless rewards!

    • abaddonsmummy

      I think this might help you.

      • Jay Asher

        nope the EA mini pet is still way gayer. I’m pretty sure these dudes are offended by it.

    • Georgeta A. Gaspar

      Musco just got married.. but we have no proof his partner is a woman.

  • Meelis S

    LOL. I just saw this event now. You play game to get recolored droid pet?
    Thats EA for you 😀

  • Emprah

    I did not play for three days due to work. Best days spent not playing. This is just too gay, be free to play!

    Guess this means I’m giving my money to someone else lol. All the ESO shills on this site couldn’t get me to drop my sub, but EA does it just fine on its own.

    Hail Kekistan!

  • Konoha the Wiper

    I hate short events like these, if you can’t play for whatever reason you lose out, Subs should have everything permanently available to obtain

  • Jay Asher

    That’s a reward? pffft. keep the crap.

  • Jay Asher

    Seriously fire the moron who even brought this event up. Slapping us on the forhead with your dick would have been more appropriate…

    • Georgeta A. Gaspar

      You don’t understand.. is about political correctness.. everyone must kiss feminist ass ( HeForShe) and show support for that lying bitch Ashley Judd.

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