• Jep Fareborn

    That turtle was listing for like 80+ mill on GTN. Gotta laugh at the fools who spent that much for it. And that Tulok Horde saber (and all those ‘specialty’ lightsabers – besides Stronghold Defender) do not interest me. If your toon is not equipped with the Attuned Pummeler – the almighty ‘Excalibur’ weapon of SWTOR – WAYSP?

    • Guest

      The abilities on Attuned Pummeler dont do anything beyond fighting Arcann though. And they arent even necessary to do that, which is what was really stupid about it.

      • Jep Fareborn

        The whole thing is – they wrote an epic chapter with the major ‘Leaders’ of the Force (Satele / Marr) and how they needed to shape ‘The Force’ into something new and fresh to defeat the Zakuulan ways and methods of The Force…or something to that effect – pretty epic if you ask me if they need to do a special seance and ‘chant’ it to the tune of a new type of lightsaber / blaster / etc. attuned to this ‘new’ Force…

        • Guest

          Well, with that in mind, rather than give it to us as a new weapon shell in the chapter, they should have let you place an existing one on the forge to give it those properties. Then everything would have been covered. Hindsight 20/20 i guess.

          • abaddonsmummy

            Hell yes, good call, an actual reward for completing the whole of the chapters that gave you a boost in Pve or Ops.
            Would have made it worth doing.
            Opportunity missed. :/

    • John Kosto

      It was?! 80 mil for a freaking pet? Wow people are just plain stupid.

      • Darth Gnaw

        Yeah i saw that. And I bet it goes up for $2 worth of direct sale coins within the year lol

        • Darth Ji’inx

          It already is…

          • Darth Gnaw

            Indeed. The pic wasnt coming up yet when i posted XD

  • AbnerDoon

    I do want that patron bundle but I think that will have to wait until next month. If the SH comes out in July that is.

  • The Dude

    5400 cartel coins, for ONE fucking in-game item…?! That’s $40 for ONE fucking item… What in the fucking fuck?!

    I want it, but are you fucking kidding me right now?

    • CrumpetTrumpet

      Hey, at least it’s not the defiant or unstable sabers for 7500 cartel coins. That totally makes the pixel-wide glowstick worth it!

    • Fubarz

      It’s all in prospective of if you think it is worth it or not…. $40.00 going to a bar watching the game for beer and food, taking your kid to see Solo, having a few friends over for a BBQ… Or for that 1 in game item you think will look good on a toon you spend hours playing over months or years.

    • Rob

      Why are you complaining? 5400 CCs. If you dont wanna spend 40 bucks then wait for it on the GTN. Either way you’re not gonna get it cheap. Are you a sub or one of those people who bitch about stuff when they won’t even fork over 15 bucks for sub?

      • The Dude

        You completely missed the point and have nothing but ad hominem… Sorry, but you’re the very definition of a bad troll.

        Yes, I’m a sub, I’ve been a sub since Day 1. Not that it’s any of your business either. What I do with MY money isn’t your concern here honey. It’s EA being EA and me calling them out on their greedy BS… In case you hadn’t noticed, they’ve been voted the most hated company, on the planet, a few times over, for exactly this kind of BS. So, I’m sorry you can’t comprehend that, but that’s on you, not me. Whether I’m a sub or not has no bearing on them being greedy AF, their near non-existent Customer Service, their 3-6 billion dollar loses on this game alone, their loot box fiasco, the hundreds of thousands of people that signed petitions to Disney revoke the EA agreement, and dozens more I won’t go into, BUT PLEASE TELL ME IT’S NOT OKAY TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, because you have issues and a complete lack of understanding of what’s going on… Thanks, bye!

        • Vanguard

          Yeah, you call EA out on their bullshit on a fansite they likely don’t even look at! Good on you man!

          • The Dude

            I don’t care if they do or don’t see it… And they won’t care either way… They lost billions because of their greed, yet remain greedy AF… Do you not see where this is going or do I need to get crayons and draw you a picture?

        • Fubarz

          Honestly 3-6 billion dollar loose on this game alone…Hate to tell you if that was true this game would have been shut down along time ago. Business operate on profit not loss. SWJ issues aside. Just ask the current president of Luas film how much longer she will have that job do to the flop that Solo is. And possible end of profits for future Star Wars movies. Disney is a business about to see a cash cow go bye bye and they are not happy.

          • The Dude

            Sorry I didn’t clarify, this game alone, I meant Battlefront, over the loot boxes… Businesses can’t operate on losses, that’s just a fact of reality. 3 BILLION in stock value isn’t something to just brush off, no matter how much money you have… Not to mention the other billions lost from other issues… Has fuck all to do with being a ‘SJW’, has to do with acknowledging reality and reacting to it..


            • Fubarz

              Well was not sure if you were talking about business reality or adding SJW also.

        • Eban

          You make a justified complaint about the most hated gaming company in the world (EA) and still fan boys find a way to defend them.

          Ahhh Classic SWTOR fan boys, there really is nothing you won’t defend is there.
          I mean can any one at all complain about anything in SWTOR without being met with resistance?
          And I mean that as an honest question, Can anyone say anything negative about SWTOR and have unified support?

        • Rob

          Aww mad cos you’re poor? Get the fuck over it.

          • Jay Asher

            You pimpin any outfits that cost over 500mil on a good day on the GTN? maybe shouldn’t be talking shit about people being poor in a screwed up economy.

            • Rob

              There’s poor and then there’s poor choices, as in impatience or overpaying. Wasn’t this about REAL money?

              • Jay Asher

                Poor choices what? I got all the costumes when they came out on gtn from farming and used monthly cc to unlock Only money I ever spent in this game outside of of sub was exterminators set when i first started. So yeah it’s about real money.

                And again none poor choices, all smart choices. Knowing that sets only contain 1 item of worth on them, looking at each piece and knowing once people started seeing them the prices would go sky high would I farm or pay for that 500mil in a SINGLE costume now? fuck no. But that’s the reality of the game atm.

    • abaddonsmummy

      You see I have a couple of different views on this.
      Firstly I agree, it’s a crazy high price.
      However, I think lots of things in life are crazy high prices so I chose not to buy them.
      In this situation people who disagree need to vote with their wallets and not buy it, however other people, who are gear orientated, will spend the money if they want it badly, just like in ‘real life’
      I personally wouldn’t spend that money on a saber, but equally I wouldn’t flinch at spending the same amount of money by going to the movies or buying a load of pizzas for the kids and me, or going to a football match (Scottish not American), all things that leave me with nothing after I spent the money, just like a digital saber.
      In typical EA greed and lack of foresight, all that will happen is less people will buy the item due to the high price, and it will cost them sales and revenue.
      One thing in it’s favour though is at least its not the gambling packs, with this it’s WYSIWYG. You’re not having to spend 3 times $40.00 on hypercrates to get a mere sniff of a chance at getting the item to drop, which is exactly what was happening in the past.

    • Disqus this

      It’s actually closer to $55 than $40. About $10 per 1000 coins. Which of course makes it even worse.

  • Rick_Rollins

    those SWTOR whales gotta cover Anthem’s dev costs. Please purchase Tupac’s lightsaber for all your toons before we pull the plug on the server near you.l

  • Sarigar

    All of the Underworld Patrons have animations, but some don’t show it in the previews:

    Rodian Female – Cabbage Patch/hand wave, various moves
    Aqualish Male – Male Bop
    Togruta Female – Style Dance (all three, varies)
    Weequay Male – Headbob
    Devaronian Male – Arms Crossed
    Human Female – Swing Dance (with spotlight)
    Bartender Female – No dance, but she moves, gestures, and points

    • Drool Bear

      That’s awesome. I had no idea. Thanks for posting that info.

  • Barloc

    Normally I’d defend Bioware and SWTOR, but 5,400 CC for just a lightsaber? Great way to keep players engaged and tackle inflation on the GTN, Eric.

    • WStevens1701

      It’s also bugged. I grabbed one because I was in love with the design of it, and to have it in my collection (Cue Grievous), but when k activated it and heard the bland, standard go-to lightsaber sound, I was pissed. Then as i began to use it with my Juggernaut, Vengeful Slam was not showing any graphics. I’d hit the floor, then NPC’s just sorta fell over. Oh well, lesson learned…next time, look at the YouTube video of a weapon before purchasing.

    • Disqus this

      Didn’t you hear? Apparently there are crazy enough people out there willing to spend nearly $55.00 on one single digital item. Not a whole game mind you that would cost $60 but $55 for one item in a game.

      • Kubrickian

        One day they’ll have a name for the video game equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Marrks

    only people who’d get that saber are those with some extra stacked CC’s, like myself when I was sub, I have a shit ton of cc’s stacked because I never really needed them.

    • The Dude

      *waves Jedi hand* You want to give me one then. . .

  • LucasFaun

    silly price is silly

  • Luke Farmer

    I love the saber but two issues:

    1- The price seems awfully high for what it is
    2- If they would make it so you can wear weapons like you can wear different outfits I can still use my legacy gear and use an awesome saber like this.

  • Burritos

    GREAT.I WOULD buy it (the sword). Even after 5 months since i cancel my sub. That’s the way to bring old player back in game…. with reskined cosmetic items. I dont need new chapters, operations… who does actually?

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