SWTOR Upcoming Matchmaking Changes in Patch 5.9.2

Bioware is making some changes to matchmaking in Patch 5.9.2.

Upcoming Matchmaking Changes | 06.04.2018, 03:52 PM

Hey folks,

Matchmaking is another place that we wanted to make some pretty big improvements for Game Update 5.9.2. Below you will find our planned changes:

  • All Warzone and Starfighter queues are now cross-faction
  • The Unranked Warzone queue will now always prioritize Warzones over Arenas. An Arena match will only pop if there are not enough players to populate a full Warzone match at that time.
  • Role Balancing:
    • Matchmaking will never place more than 2 tanks or healers on the same team in a Warzone or 1 tank or healer for an Arena.
    • Matchmaking will always do its best to balance the amount of tanks and healers on each team. If there are 2 healers, each team will receive one if possible, the same is true of tanks.
    • In situations where there are an odd number of tanks / healers, matchmaking will do its best to place the combined number of tanks and healers evenly (example: there are 3 healers and 1 tank, matchmaking will attempt to make the teams 2 healers vs 1 tank 1 healer.)
  • Skill Balancing:
    • Matchmaking will more strongly take player skill into account when making teams.
    • Premade groups queuing for Ranked and Unranked Warzones and GSF will now have their matchmaking skill based on the highest rated member, not the team’s average rating.
    • Galactic Starfighter matchmaking has been improved to better account for player experience along with their currently selected ship loadout.

All of these changes have the goal of making Warzone and Starfighter matches pop more regularly and be more balanced overall. Let us know your thoughts!


Upcoming Matchmaking Changes | 06.04.2018, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by snave View Post
Hey Eric, is this based on Solo / Group ranked rating or are we now getting an unranked rating too?

Actually, since SWTOR launched players have always had a “rating” behind the scenes. I am hesitant to say rating since this isn’t the same thing as your Ranked score, but it’s the easiest way to explain it. This is more of a way that we approximate player skill solely for the purposes of matchmaking. This is also the reason we don’t expose this information, since it is not really a rating (like Elo, etc).

In 5.9.2 we are making optimizations in how we use this information along with things like role, spec, gear, and more to try to create the most balanced teams we can.


Planned Warzone Changes Part 2 | 06.07.2018, 08:09 AM
Hey folks,

Based on all of the feedback we have been reading in this thread, we are going to be walking back some of our proposed Huttball changes along with adding a few new ones. Let’s start with what we are not doing:

  • We will no longer apply Hinder to the ball carrier.
  • Ball carriers will once again move at 67% move speed (down from 80%)

Although we are fine with tanks being the best ball carriers while under the effects of Hinder, we hear your concerns that these changes could cause Huttball to become a stalemate too often. We are also sensitive over your feeling that certain Classes would be too limited and unable to defend themselves while carrying the Huttball, since many defensive capabilities are tied to movement abilities for several Classes.

On the other hand, we plan to keep the proposed attacker point changes. We feel that players who properly position themselves to receive a Huttball pass should be rewarded. We also plan to keep the change that prevents stunned targets from catching the Huttball, as it allows characters that lack a knockback ability to have a viable and reliable way to intercept passes. It also has an additional benefit of giving players another reason to use their stun abilities on characters other than the ball carrier. Ultimately, it should mean that you get stunned a little less often while carrying the Huttball.

The hinder change was aimed at addressing specific issues with Huttball, and since we are reverting it, we’ll be tackling those issues with some new proposed changes.

New Huttball (and Queshball) Changes

  • The Hutt will become bored of a single ball carrier and kill them after 45 seconds (down from 2 minutes)
  • To win before time expires, the winning team will need to score 10 times (up from 6 times)
  • The match will now last for a maximum of 10 minutes (down from 13 minutes)

The first change is intended to encourage passing the Huttball and increase tension when attempting to turtle for a win in a close match. The latter two changes will adjust how we approach this Warzone. If you see Huttball as a sport within SWTOR, we want to have the Warzone play out more as “who can score the most points within a 10 minute match” as opposed to “race to 6 points to win.” This will also ensure that all Huttball matches are 12 minutes or less (if you count pre-match). We hope that these changes along with our updates in matchmaking will lead to a lot closer and more compelling Huttball matches.

Let us know your thoughts on these changes!


  • AbnerDoon

    I am surprised they got Brett back from Anthem to work some GSF changes in. That and dev posts on a Monday? I may need a drink to recover from the shock.

    • Fubarz


  • j’oe


  • Jonathan Parker

    I still get absolutely stomped in Huttball, no matter what. Everything else, I actually win occasionally.

    • Tom

      I still can’t manage to play that thing properly… I’m starting to think that I’m just not smart enough.

      • Marrks

        so you all 4 people never played a real life sport? because hutball is pretty much that, team work. Grab the ball, move, pass it, place yourself in a fine place to advance without getting rekt, receive the ball, move, pass it, etc.

        • Tom

          I don’t really think that it compares itself with a real sport (if anything, it’s like paintball). Answering your question I play football (soccer for you, maybe) every week. I’m a left back or even a left forward if there’s no one else in the team. I’m even a decent goalkeeper… And all of that I know or understand won’t change the sad fact that I suck at huttball.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Don’t you worry. I’m a musician. Nothing compares when you talk about a group effort… And I too sucked at huttball! looooooool!

    • Monmoners

      I just hit whomever tried to hit my team’s dribbler. Or hit enemy team/s dribbler… while praying the ball doesn’t get transferred to me.

    • Vanguard

      Truer words have never been said

  • SimonP

    I like this.

  • Smugglersan
  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Well, it’s great that they are finally doing things that have been suggested for years already by various people, myself included. I’d say these ideas about role balancing in particular have been discussed various times on the forums that can be really beneficial.

    They are good changes therefore in my view but I wish these changes would’ve come 3-4 years ago when it could’ve served to keep the PvP community healthy instead of just trying to keep it from dying out, which is pretty much where it is now.

    And even though I don’t play anymore I really hope these changes don’t come too late, but I have to wonder. The only thing they need to do still in unranked is take out the option to enter as a group. Then we can say goodbye to premades dominating what should be the more casual queue.

    You know if they really fix some core issues like this across the game, it might just become a game worth playing again. There’s a lot of PvE stuff that needs to be fixed as well though.

    • John Kosto

      Removing the option to queue as a group will remove a factor that is much more important than the perfect balance. Fun. If you are a PvP’er, you can always do ranked. I am pretty good in PvP but definitely not great. So I like to queue with 1-2 friends for unranked once in a while, and I think that’s how it should be.

      Besides, you can only queue with a group of 4 at most, so your team still has another 4 that are not in your group.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Fun for who?

        It’s not about the perfect balance. It’s about making the unranked queue fun for casual and new players so that they might actually stick around.

        Premade groups are not a benefit to the overall community but a bane. Now, I agree it doesn’t have to be that way but I think the ship has sailed for that. The reality is that SWTOR primarily attracts more casual players these days and as long as existing pvp’ers go out of their way to make it not fun for casual an new players, the pvp community will never recover to a decent size that can actually sustain itself.

        I mean why did you think BW actually put the rarest mats for the new augments in PvP only pretty much? To get more people into the PvP queues and the only reason to put non-PvPers in the queues is because the PvP community is apparently not sustainable by itself.

        Now I agree that if BW had made changes years sooner it wouldn’t have come to this. I certainly blame them for not supporting the PvP community for a long time. But the PvP’ers themselves haven’t helped either and guilds like Take a S**t come to mind that really just made unranked warzones so imbalanced that people just gave up and let them win hoping not to run into them again. But then with so few players you often do run into them more often on the same night. So in the end people don’t want to do PvP anymore.

        That may not be you but the problem is that sort of stuff is out there, including ranting and shouting against people for not being pro’s. The game should’ve had a couple more queues from the start but they weren’t there and here are the consequences.

        I get that you want to be able to queue with a couple of friends and be on the same team. But is it really worth losing more and more players in PvP? From my point of view that’s where it’s at now.

        • Sorrai

          You may not see the rationale behind grouping with friends for PVP, but when you ask “fun for who?” and argue the answers you are given you have to accept that your solo queue play preference is not shared by everyone in the community. Not all premades are a bane to the community. Not all premades are ultra hardcore and insanely skilled. The problem is that those premades who are crush the competition indiscriminately and kill other people’s enthusiasm to continue queueing, but that is a specific gripe that doesn’t apply to all premades. I would much rather queue as a group with friends, not because I am looking to squash the opposition but because it is more enjoyable playing with people I like regardless of skill level. Also, the best thing anyone can do to support PVP or any other aspect of the game is to *keep playing*.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            Your theory is nice but you seem to dance about the simple fact that the PvP community is not healthy enough to offer all it needs to.

            I know not all premades are the same but it’s those premades that are remembered and are symbolic for it. The only way to stop that from happening is to offer a queue where you can’t group so that casuals have their place.

            The problem that I am highlighting is exactly that. Casuals and newbs don’t have a place to just enjoy PvP without abuse and without certain premades wrecking the warzone.

            It baffles me that you completely ignore the point that the PvP community is not healthy and you say that people need to keep playing but what it really needs is for more people to START and keep playing.

            Clearly the current PvP community is very small. Why do you think they are doing cross faction now? Why they put rare materials in PvP that PvE’ers need? Exactly because the current PvP community is too small.

            I mean, am I the only one that noticed that BW in other comments are talking about bringing queue times down to 12 minutes? That’s still very long and that’s their goal. That’s what they hope to achieve.

            My view is that you are making the same mistake BW has been making for years and that’s trying to hold on to what you have currently even though it’s not enough anymore. This game but especially PvP needs new blood and by holding on to the same set up you won’t get new blood.

            So yeah keep playing by all means but if it’s more of the same it won’t do PvP any good at all because BW is taking measures because “keep playing” is failing clearly.

            • Sorrai

              There are many reasons why the PvP community is what it is. Ruthless and overpowered premades obviously are no help but neither is EA for sucking away resources for the Devs to crank out significant content to hold current player’s interest and also attract new and returning players. Just as importantly, and maybe even most importantly, is the notorious toxicity that is so prevalent in the PvP community. While there are plenty of great people who PvP, it’s those insufferable toxic players that ruin the experience for everyone else.

              I understand your gripe. Believe me. I may understand your gripe even better than you do, considering every single thing you are talking about applies tenfold to those like me who prefer playing GSF over ground PVP. If you think the PVP community is struggling, you should have seen what it was like for fans of GSF before the server merge. Until Keith came along to help turn things around our struggling community got absolutely NOTHING from the Devs for THREE AND A HALF YEARS.

              Both PVP and GSF have similar problems when it comes to premades and the disparity in skill level between new players and veteran players. The very nature of PvP means it is never going to be a welcoming place for newbies and casuals. That’s what PVE is for. PvP caters to more serious players. It is an acquired skill that takes a long time to master. That generally means that only a small percentage of players are going to be attracted to it.

              When I fly GSF I almost always queue solo because I prefer the challenge and the autonomy. HOWEVER, I will happily group with friends or my girlfriend and I like having the option to do so. Grouping is also a great way to help somebody new who is still trying to learn the basics. I get your grievance with premades who unbalance the matches, but it’s not enough for me to say that grouping in PvP should be rid of all together.

              My suggestion that you keep playing was directly in response to what you wrote: “And even though I don’t play anymore I really hope these changes don’t come too late, but I have to wonder.”

              If you have decided not to play anymore, why does this still matter to you? The Devs are finally making some changes that many PvPers have been wanting to see for a long time. Nerfing premades is not among those changes, so chances are it is not going away any time soon. You should probably start queuing up for PvP once again to see if these new changes improve your experience. It seems like the best way to help out the community is to continue being a part of that community. Otherwise, make your peace and just move on to something else that you find more satisfying to play.

        • John Kosto

          The unranked queue can be fun for casual and new players if they are not so prissy to think that they can start winning their first match without even trying. If you can’t accept that you are going to lose a lot, and sometimes very hard, then you can’t do PvP, it’s as simple as that.

          I started doing PvP a few years ago, and I wasn’t good, no surprise there. And then after I played again and again, I got to a much better level.

          I am sorry, but removing the option to queue as a group of a maximum of 4 makes no sense at all. I would rather have the risk of playing against a really good premade group (which would only still make up 50% of the group) a few times and lose bad, if it means that I can still PvP with my friends whenever I want.

          I don’t think premades are the primary reason why players don’t PvP. The main reason is that people are lazy to practice, that they can’t accept defeat, and that they pay too much attention to what others say.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            You are talking from the perspective of what PvP should be as you see it. I am talking from the point of view of what I think is realistically possible given the current population in SWTOR.

            You have to see that SWTOR is not going to bring a lot of people in and so for PvP queues to be reasonable and PvP being a viable activity in the game more people need to do PvP.

            What you want is possible in a healthy population. This is not the case in SWTOR. That’s why BW is taking the measures they are taking. They want to get more people involved.

            Perhaps the reality is that your precious PvP circumstance is simply not viable in SWTOR anymore unless you have more “prissy” people participating.

            It is as simple as that.

            From my point of view you speak in wishful thinking where I prefer to look at the realities. If more people agreed with you there would be a stronger pvp community and BW wouldn’t have to “force” PvE’ers into ranked for mats.

            Listen, I don’t claim to know the truth. It’s just how I interpret the situation. If these changes revive the queues for more than a month or two then hey, great. I just don’t believe that any positive effect of these changes will have a lasting effect anymore. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be wrong. I just find my views the more likely scenario considering the state of the game and the current player base.

  • Except a fully geared team can still queue against a group of random morons. GAY. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT I just wanna play with my friends, right? It’s an MMO after all, right? I just wanna play with my friends… against a a bunch of random people. FUCK OFF GAYLORDS.

    • R315r4z0r

      The bunch of random people have the option to queue as a team as well. Just because they don’t take the opportunity to do so, doesn’t make you and your premade responsible.

      • Jalen Dmello

        Which means they don’t queue and there are less ppl in queue thereby increasing the queue times. Don’t know about you but your friends are not gonna be there 24 hrs or whenever you want them to be there to have a slog.

    • Don Loco

      Sorry cupcake but this game would be FAR more fabulous if it were being run by gaylords. You keep popping in and out of the closet so much, you’re gonna strain something if you are not careful. Just come all the way out, you’ll feel so much better for it.

  • Tutumba

    This change is damaging for the general feel of Warzones since at their core they are supposed to be Empire vs Republic. However, I guess with the current state of the game Bioware can no longer take that aspect into consideration if they want to ensure this game’s survival.

  • Disqus this

    What “F”ing magic wand is bioware waving to pull this off?

    “Matchmaking will more strongly take player skill into account when making teams.”

    • Eban

      Yip, I call bullshit on this too.
      How the fuq can they measure skill.
      Especially in PVP where alot of ranked pvpers have cheated their way to the top. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a906a4cd0a69ae20a13ee0423db9a7e04edd242ed7839b8b9d05a876baa1c0f5.gif

      • gua543

        Number of wins versus number of loses will be my best guess. Maybe they have things that watch damage done, kills done, healing done, etc. I mean, it’s just numbers so it’s really not that hard to store them in a database, as long as you have the hardware for it.

        • Eban

          Pvper’s have been taking the piss out of the ranked system for years.
          Organizing with other guilds to queue together and throw matches.
          People will have great numbers from fixed matches, doesn’t mean their skillful players.
          Remember back before this GC gearing system happened, some of the best geared PVPer’s were absolutely shite in 8v8 matches (and also total pricks).

          Also how times has a skillful player been put into a team full of noobs or AFK players or unbalanced versus an average team that’s well balanced which means they lose (or in most cases rage quit).
          Measuring skill in PVP in most games is hard but then there’s the incompetent Devs at Bioware trying to measure the farce that’s always been SWTOR PVP.
          There’s no way it’s going to work well.

          • gua543

            There’s really no other way to rank players based on skill, whatever one understands by that because you can be great at guarding a node but not able to 1v1 anyone, unless you start recording how they play.

            • Eban

              Yip, I agree, you can’t really measure it in PVP and you most certainly can’t measure it if you’re a Bioware Dev cause I guarantee whichever method is the worst to go by that’s the one they’re using.

              • gua543

                Eh, I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt because it sounds like they are making proper changes, but the constant appearance of “the matchmaking will do it’s best” is worrying. It’s like they are preparing for the eventual “The changes don’t work” threads with “Hey, we didn’t say it’s going to work 100% of the time”.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Probably by measuring their performance and not how they get to that performance. To me it doesn’t really matter when I get matched to a much superior player regardless of whether it’s because of skill or cheats really. So whatever matches performance with performance works for me.

      Hackers and cheats should still be found out and burnt to a crisp but that’s a separate point. Let them call it skill instead of performance, in the end they do have to give it a more positive spin I suppose.

  • Ben Gimson


  • R315r4z0r

    Wait, so does that mean all Warzones now have cross-faction teams?

    • Drool Bear

      Meaning your team could consists of both Republic and Imperial players. No longer is it us vs. them. Were all one big happy family now.

  • Adam Haynes

    This is all good but they could have simply made premades face other premades and done more to balance warzones than all this combined.

    • R315r4z0r

      No, because premades aren’t always an even number. Sometimes groups of 3 form. And, on top of that, just because a group is a premade doesn’t mean they are good.

      I haven’t done PvP in like a year, but when I do it with people in my guild, we struggle just as much as we do solo.

      • Jalen Dmello

        Yeah, nobody is gonna believe a premade is struggling against random pugs.

        • R315r4z0r


          • Adam Haynes

            As you said you haven’t played in a year, but those of us who do so regularly end up facing the same premades over and over with zero chance of winning or scoring… or basically doing anything aside from dying a lot. These are 8 man teams of 248 geared, headset communicating, clearly jobless people who play the game 16 hours a day and have every facet of it mastered. There are 2 groups of people in wz’s… premades and fodder for the premades. If they want balance they need to put premades against premades period. Anything short is pointless.

            • R315r4z0r

              I’m still not seeing your point.

              People are communicating and working as a team in multiplayer game? Go figure.

              Maybe they should make it so all enemies aren’t allowed to attack you while they are at it?

              Perhaps the focus should be made to encourage more team work instead of punishing the people who do it properly?

              • Adam Haynes

                Punishment?!? I’m suggesting pitting premades against other premades and randoms against other randoms. Clearly you disagree and think it’s awesome for a couple premades to crush casual players who pop in and queue for a wz but you know… since the point of the changes being made is “balance” I’m suggesting balance. Chances this still won’t make sense to you but it’s my 2 cents on the subject.

              • R315r4z0r

                Balance isn’t forcing people to play ‘as intended. ‘ It’s giving the free opportunity for all to compete the same way.

                Just because some people group up in a premade does not discount you from doing the same. YOU are the one who needs to adapt. You aren’t entitled to an easy win just because the enemy team is more coordinated.

                PvP is a team effort. You can’t expect to go in, lone wolf it, and some how emerge on top. Team; coordination; communication.

                As a solo player you do not have the perspective to definitively say that premades are better. That’s just your subjective implication fromyour losing perspective “Well, I’m obviously not bad at this, it must be my team is bad or the enemy is playing unfairly…”

              • Adam Haynes

                Your assumptions are incorrect. I am basing the imbalance on days when I play numerous wz’s and can directly compare one wz where it’s 8 randoms vs 8 randoms who have a balanced fight with the next wz where a premade dominates from the onset and does so every time you face them. I’m not complaining, I’m saying that with cross factioning there is now more opportunity to pit groups vs groups and randoms vs randoms. I’ve played in premades before doing ranked and honestly a harder challenge is more fun than a blow out, so what I’m suggesting isn’t just for the randoms, it’s for the premades too… they should want to face off against a like enemy. Like you said: “balance isn’t forcing ppl to play as intended, it’s giving all the opportunity to compete in the same way.” One group wearing headsets that plays as a team 40 hours a week is not competing in the same way as some dude being thrown together with randoms and typed ops chat as the only means of communication. This is like the starting lineup of the Ohio Buckeyes Football team showing up on a field where 11 dudes were just going to play some flag football and pitting the 2 groups against eachother. That would not be balanced.
                I’m not sure if you will get any of this or not but I can’t think of any way to break it down further for you so that’s all I got!

              • R315r4z0r

                You’re missing my point. A premade has nothing that you don’t already have yourself. If the enemy is well coordinated to the point where you can’t overcome them, then it falls to you to change gears to figure out a way to do it. That’s what competition is. You can’t just throttle the better playing team ‘just cause.’

                What can you do? If you’re serious about competing, then form your own premade.

                You just want to play casually? Fine, but don’t expect the enemy team to go easy on you. – I find that premade teams generally tend to do better because they are on a side with better role composition, whereas randoms are generally majority DPS. So, if you’re dead-set on playing solo, you may be better off in a support role.

                The enemy team plays 40 hours a week? How would that change if they filtered them out? Regardless of if they queue solo or group, their experience won’t change…

                I used to think premades made PvP unbalanced but I’ve long since abandoned the idea. Because after playing the game all this time, and playing PvP from various different perspectives, I can tell you, from experience, that this “premades are better” thing is a classic case of “the grass is greener.”

                I’ve had back-to-back WZs, with the same teams vs each other where the only difference is 1 single healer on my team that changed the competition from the enemy steamrolling us completely to an amazingly fun back and forth.

                There are far more variables in PvP than communication. Plus, not all premades use voice chat; many are just PUGs. Many premades just aren’t even very good. While others are just a mishmash of players from different PvP guilds. Regardless of if they are in a premade or not, they will still be able to play off each other as if it where second nature… even if they don’t even know each other!

                My point is that filtering premades will not change the competition in the slightest. It will only lengthen the queue times for everyone and insure that everyone plays less. On top of that, players will just figure out ways to adapt to the adjustments and manage to still play in a way that others will think is “unfair.”

                That’s why Bioware’s attempt at managing team composition is what is going to greatly impact the balance of matches.

              • Adam Haynes

                Cool, clearly voice communication and practice with a team gives them nothing that a random “doesn’t already have for themselves”. I bet all these professional sports teams that drill communication and practice day in and day out will feel like fools once they are made privy to your infinite wisdom here.
                Also clearly pitting premade practiced teams against premade practiced teams would do nothing to achieve balance. Hell, they should just eliminate the level based tiers while they’re at it. According to your logic there’s nothing a level ten player is lacking that a ranked team that’s played together for the last 3 years has.
                Have fun and maybe, you know try playing a WZ one of these days since you said at the start of this that you haven’t played one in a year. Might be cool to actually see what you clearly know everything about.

              • R315r4z0r

                You’re logic examples are showing you’re not understanding me, and you’re using that misunderstanding and putting words in my mouth. I never said communication doesn’t have it’s benefits. I said that there are more variables at play. IE if your team is terrible at PvP or has poor gear, then no amount of communication is gonna help you. Like, you can’t expect a team of middle schoolers to beat a professional baseball team, no matter how well they communicate.

                What I meant when saying “doesn’t already have for themselves” is that there is nothing preventing you from doing the same as a premade. There is no level gap you have to bridge or paywall you need to climb or achievement you have to unlock. You can get together and form your own premade group and do everything that these enemy teams are doing against you whenever you want to.

                However, placing restrictions into the queue DOES prevent players from playing in the same way. Much like level differences between PvP brackets; they are a limitation that you can’t get around without any sort of grind.

                Creating your own premade does not have that limitation.

                Also, PvP hasn’t changed in regards to competition. For as long as it has been around, people have complained about the enemy players. I haven’t played it since about a month or so after the Yavin Civil War reskin came out; I fail to see how it has changed so drastically in that period of time.

                The bottom line is that when on the losing end of a PvP match, you have to reflect on yourself and your team; not nerfing the enemy.

                You might as well just consider using cheats if you’re going down that line of thinking.

              • Adam Haynes

                I quoted you. Putting your own words in your mouth is not putting words in your mouth.
                I’m not going to reflect on myself and come to a conclusion as to why I’m coming up short against seasoned premades wearing headsets. I’m coming up short because I’m a casual player not wearing a headset that likes to play a wz every now and then. I hear the same conplaints from essentially every other player in wz’s against the premades. The initial comments one generally sees any more upon the wz loading is “ahh fuck, not these guys again”. I play the game daily. I play wz’s probably 3-4 times a week anymore despite daily play because they suck now. They have sucked since the server merge when the entire wz game became dominated by premades. In fact I have never heard anyone except the premades themselves disagree until you. You haven’t played since Yavin so you don’t know. I don’t know why someone so detached from something would be so hung up on making a point about it. If you told me that 7/11 slurpees taste like shit I’m gonna take your word for it because I haven’t had one since the late 80’s. It would be absurd for me to chime in and say “ no they don’t, they taste like cola and whatever other flavor happens to be on tap that week”. I don’t know what flavor they have now or if they even still sell slurpees! Dude, Yavin was a long time ago. Much has changed.

              • R315r4z0r

                Yes, you are putting words in my mouth. If I said “2+2+2=6,” you can quote me saying “2+2” and then say, I’m wrong and the actual answer is 4. You aren’t wrong, you’re just out of context.

                And I’m hung up on it because I know that it will break the game far more than it will fix it.

                I know the exact feeling of “oh not this group again.” Doesn’t mean that I want the powers that be to prevent them from competing just to suit my need for an easy win.

              • Adam Haynes


              • IceBaby7

                hes also not telling you hes one of the jobless playing 16 hours a day……

  • Cloudy

    Step in the right direction, to be honest

  • Shawn Hargrave

    always with the small scale stupid instanced pvp smh

    • Anze G

      The game engine can’t even chug 16 people

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/s0jIcRHLq4I This is just to funny if you decide to listen to it 😀

    • Jep Fareborn

      Fuq’n narrator sounds like a freakin’ muppet. ;p

      • Markus

        That made me laugh out loud. He sure does 😀

    • Markus

      Motive Studios made the single player of Battlefront 2? Maybe skip that in their CV?

    • gua543

      The video could have ended in 30 seconds if the guy was straight to the point.

    • Drivan

      They are giving away a Darth Maul Bust. Isn’t Darth Maul JUST a bust at this point?

  • Sweet

    This looks like the first smart move they did for pvp in like 4 years.
    Too bad the community is nearly dead now and 90% of ranked is queue dodging, queue syncing, backfilling, throwing, you name it.

    • branky

      Sweetest dear, Ranked hasnt realy worked well since the 8versus8 launch. As soon as leaderboards appear in mmo’s for wotever reason things go bad. (cheating, trolling, u named some…) further more i dont think there is a way to get the “old” community back, but making pvp experience better, might help ppl currently playing to stick around for a bit

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Well he’s right that it’s taken BW way too long to do this. I hope it improves matters but I also share his worry that it might be too late to really turn things around. Still, they are good changes so they should do it regardless.

  • Sorrai

    Does anyone know when they plan to release 5.9.2?

    • Eban

      What ever date they tell you, add a week.

      • Drool Bear

        …and then add another week or two to fix all the bugs from the original patch.

        • Don Loco

          …and a few more days because Keith had a second cousin twice removed come over for a visit. Stay tuned…

        • Drivan

          or, you know… 3-6 years…

    • Rahtari73


  • Afaix

    nice changes! unfortunately 3-4 years too late.

    • Kubrickian

      So so so true…..These are things people begged and pleaded for years back. 20 million dollar question is why did they wait. That one fix for GSF stops that little group of leets from switching sides once they feel there are enough noobs to farm. PVP could’ve still had 8 v 8 ranked which was in every better than the 4 v 4 Yolo’s.

  • EA Loves SWTOR

    Hi Everyone, EA (It’s in the GAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!) here. We just wrapped up a mega, uber, successful, biggest crowd in history E3 and we just want everyone to know how much we love SWTOR and the rumors of an expansion. Unfortunately, we had so many games to talk up, we forgot all about SWTOR. Even Bioware themselves feel silly for forgetting to talk up SWTOR. But that Anthem, such a demanding baby I tells ya.

    Anyway we here at EA want you to watch these videos and buy our games when we release them. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you to watch them. Consider it our love for you gamers. 😀

    • Jep Fareborn

      What they didn’t tell you is that if you wanna play the new upcoming SWTOR expansion, you need to sign up and subscribe to their new STEAM clone service.

      • Konoha the Wiper


    • Bobby Swagger

      If you guys love Swtor so much then why is half of the player base in SWTOR gone. It’s a shadow of its former self you know.

  • Bobby Swagger

    Does the Warzone changes apply to solos?

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