GW2 Living World S4EP3 Long Live the Lich Arrives June 26

Arenanet is releasing Living World Episode 4 Season 3 Long Live the Lich on June 26 along with a new mount and fractal.

New Legendary Warhorn – Verdarach

New Map – Domain of Kourna

New Fractal – Deepstone

New Mount – Roller Beetle

  • Neltisen

    Roller beetles!

  • OK … I’ll be playing again for this. NEW STORY YAY!!!!! 😀

  • Alastor999

    oh WOW, I didn’t think they’d actually add a new mount! This makes me hopeful over the possibility there might be an underwater mount in the future

    • KJ

      I’m surprised that the skimmers only learned to skim!

      I guess those fins and gills just filter out sand.

  • Tora

    nothing yet about the next path of the legendary ring colection? the precursor has been siting on my bank storage pilling up dust for months now :<

    • Aria of the FENG

      I think next collection will come out with next raid wing

      • Raizel

        And next raid wing should have already come out since it’s already 6 months from last wing!

        • Raizel

          But hey, new Mount, that’s enough for not making me complain and forgive them ^^

  • Ardenwolfe


  • The One Copper Bard

    “They see me rollin, they hatin!”

    Yeah, had to say it 😉

    • KJ

      Trying to catch me praising Joko.

  • Karagianis

    Ok, so now we have a star wars pod racer towed by a beetle as a mount? 😛

    • RobGinNC

      Yes! My first thought too.

  • Gerald Tarrant

    (All together, now, and with GUSTO!)

    “PRAISE JOKO!!!”

  • Tsar CUBE

    OMG they finally put those creepy beetles into the GW2!! And as a mount at that O_O

    I can’t wait lol, I hope they make those creepy giggling like sounds from gw1 <3

  • sp rik

    New mount, so what I can say? Anet surprised me. I hope it will be cheaper to get new mount, instead of griffon.

    • KJ

      I hope it will actually be somewhat hard. Maybe I’m weird, putting myself through labor, but it feels so much more exciting and compelling to earn a mount rather than it being handed to me. Adds longevity to the game, and allows us to revisit old areas and experience them in new ways. I liked how the griffon mount was implemented, and kinda wish the other 4 had more of a quest chain than completing a ‘heart quest’.

      • Tsar CUBE

        The problem with the Griffon was its monetary price. It’s quest line was awesome. I don’t mind the beetle being hard to get and requiring effort. I just don’t want that effort to be gold grind or credit card swiping.

  • Ares Zax

    So Joko went from being scary back to being comedic again. I think I liked scary Joko better, to be honest. 😛

    I had a feeling we’d be revisiting Kourna again. Wonder what the Fortress of Jahai looks like now after all this time.

    New fractal looks intriguing. I wonder if they’ll have a CM for it or whether they’ll just stick to normal like Twilight Oasis.

    I absolutely did not expect a new mount. I wonder what the Roller Beetle’s special mechanic will be… And I REALLY hope that it doesn’t follow the LS3 masteries where basically they were used in just ONE map and had absolutely no other use elsewhere.

    • KJ

      I like scary Joko too, the way he talks when he is imprisoned in the POF story is pretty chilling. And the way he bends the will of Priestess Amala in Twilight Oasis… I found it out of place to see this theatrical, whimsical side of him. I’m a fan of the darker themes in general over ‘supervillain’ types of evil.

    • Narottam Zakheim

      well we got the mount healing skill…. i heard future masteries will add functionality to mounts… who knows tho… only the istan mastery is map specific… so far

      • Ares Zax

        Well, not really. The Istan mastery is basically “You can now collect Volatile Magic”, which presumably applies to all LS4 maps going forward. I just don’t want there to be too many masteries like Oakheart or Siren of Orr (or going back further, Exalted Gathering or Nuhoch Alchemy) that have such specific uses that are of no use anywhere else.

    • Scutilla

      Joko always reminded me of Xykon from Order of the Stick- besides being undead supervillains, they both go between comedic and scary at the drop of a hat.

    • Lilith Geisler

      The fact he can be so casual about war is pretty threatening. Joko’s always been like that. Ever since GW1. He’s arrogant, prideful and powerful. I like the character a lot as a GW1 vet. And Nightfall was my favorite campaign. He’s very much in character. Don’t know what to tell you if you don’t like it. He’s always been like this.

      • Ares Zax

        Oh, I’m a GW1 vet too. That’s why I liked Joko’s overall depiction in GW2, because after you meet him in GW1 you’re like “THIS is the Scourge of Vabbi? How did this doofus manage to nearly conquer Elona?” I remain convinced that if my character had decided to go assault the Bone Palace with an army of Junundu after Nightfall was done, all of GW2’s Elonian carnage could have been avoided.

        In GW2 though, we finally get a depiction of Joko being the smart, cunning and ruthless general that COULD have pulled it all off. We also get a good firsthand look at his cruelty and evil in LS4, especially with how he treated Taimi. That’s why this whole “we’re putting on a play!” attitude just strikes me as being so odd, like he’s going back to his GW1 roots (“No no no! Mummified flesh on the left!”).

    • Michał G.

      Joko acts like that in this trailer, because he thinks that his last enemy is dead- the Commander. He was very sure Lonai would kill us, but she didn’t, so we can use this to surprise him. In this trailer we could see how Joko has been acting since he rose his army almost 200 years ago- you know when you’re bored, you try to entertain yourself. And while he thinks he just can take his time with unleashing the plague, he will laugh, and have fun, until he sees that he’s not victorious yet.

    • Tsar CUBE

      I doubt the beetle will be map specific. Not only does it require a significant amount of effort to make animations and functionality for it, but I’m pretty sure anet knows very well how many tables will be flipped in rage if people can’t take their favourite beetle to the RP taverns in in DR.

  • Narottam Zakheim

    im surprised they made another land mount… i wonder what it does that is unique from the others… underwater mount is the only gap in functionality… i wonder how it will synergize with all the mount packs that have been released so far… ill be glad for some new content… been getting a little bored lately… think they need to tighten up the release schedule again… all in all im looking forward to this new release

    • Enzovic

      From what they showed in the video, the Rollerbeetle will be the fastest land mount and uses that momentum to break obstacles.

      • KJ

        We might see some beetle-only break bars on bosses/structures in world events.

    • Tsar CUBE

      There are a ton of gaps in functionality. We don’t have any mounts that can carry multiple people at once yet. We don’t have any siege like mounts. No mounts that can climb vertical walls or ceilings. No mounts that can carry other mounts. There are a lot of game play ideas that can be made to create new and exciting mount niches. The possibilities are near endless really.

    • Christian Sänger

      it moves so fast that you can use it to jump off ramps and you can drift with it.

      it’s supposed to be fun to use, not functional.

  • MdB

    And now, I hope, anew, we will one day end up swallowed down by a junundu, and not just for a ride… Anet, I trust you !

  • Cant lie a new mount is fucking dope, was not expecting that shit.

  • asda

    oh wow a dung beetle, so this is what anet thinks of its customers, we get to ride literal shit

    • M19

      …you must not be a GW1 vet.

    • Raijin

      what is your problem? Your did not get your pudding :P?

    • I found a troll

      There’s probably less dung present in this beetle mount than in the griffon, rabbit, raptor, and maybe even the skimmer.

      None of us were thinking this at all, but because you needed something to make a throwaway troll account to complain about..

    • RKC

      You mean adding nostaglias to the GW1 players?
      Laugh/ shrug all you want, they were awesome in GW1!!

  • Alot

    Legendary weapons are included in trailers now?

    • Raizel

      They always were.

      • Alot

        Apologies. I actually skipped the last trailer in a bid to be surprised by the story content. It looks like this and the last patch advertised the legendaries. Rewatched the 5 trailers before that and none of them featured the uber-grind legendaries as promo-pieces.

  • Dredd

    Does that beetle go so fast it rides on deep water?? (1:10) Love it! #stillwaitingonnewhaircutesforasura

    • Tsar CUBE

      That is probably shallow water.

  • Hunter Eifert

    Sad we can’t use tonics on mounts. It’d be great to transform into a hylek and then ride the beetle through Maguuma.

    • Alot

      Just after pof launched I encountered a buggy warthog mob. It was riding a raptor ^^

  • Korey Garabed

    Does anyone else think that warhorn is WAY to big, even by this games standards?

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