GW2 Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns Expansions 50% OFF Until June 27

Both GW2 Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns expansions are 50% off until June 27.
If you have previously purchased them for 30% off during the previous sale a few days ago you can try to contact support and get the difference back.

Your ticket to Living World Season 4 is on sale just in time for the next episode! Upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ or a Guild Wars 2 expansion collection and start your journey into the Crystal Desert—and beyond.

50% off Sale—Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire*

  • Valid for standard and deluxe editions of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire
  • Valid for standard and deluxe editions of the Guild Wars 2 expansion collection
  • On sale from today until Wednesday, June 27

If you use the links here to purchase the GW2 expansions, you can support the site without any additional costs to you. Thank you!

  • FoxIkill

    where are the links tho?

    • The links are in the article – under upgrade your account or on sale

  • Jaystar

    Sorry, but I’m not seeing any links.

    • Try now, I made it more obvious

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Apparently uBlock hides the links for some reason.

  • Sindariel

    The links are invisible, if you use an adblocker. I could see them, after disableing uBlock.

  • Tsar CUBE

    Two of my friends bought it less then 24 hours before the sale started, would they be eligible for a refund? D:

    • David

      Usually Anet’s pretty nice about this. Have them make a ticket immediately however if you wish to increase your odds!

  • kazerniel

    I bought it via your link as thanks for your immense help over the years 🙂

  • Reftarn Ketaros

    If you’re using an adblocker (or at least AdBlockPlus) the underlined link “links here” does not appear in the final sentance.

  • AbnerDoon

    Once I turned Adblock off the links showed up and worked for me. Catching up on two expansions for $25 seemed to good a deal to pass up.

  • Q

    Does buying PoF include the base game or is that needed separately to make this purchase?

    • AbnerDoon

      I’m pretty sure the base game is free now. The only thing you won’t get is the HoT expansion.

      • Answerer

        To add to that, you can no longer buy the base game seperately (from their store)
        the base game is now considered free, as they sell only PoF or HoT

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