SWTOR Cartel Market Update – June 25

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – June 25

New Items

New Discounts

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  • Draxx

    Yaaaay, our weekly new content!

  • Alekero

    wow such content. Much stuff

  • Jonathan Parker


  • Guest

    Huzzah! swtor is the only mmo that gives “weekly content”!!!111

  • Jep Fareborn

    The game is so glitched and buggy that they (the devs) can’t even display Cartel Market items properly. Sad.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    (Oh why not….)

    Hey is this our weekly content?


    (Poster is drmike since the bots like scraping my content and folks here for some reason the bot is the actual poster.)

  • Wayshuba

    10 Articles on Page on Dulfy…. 6 of them Cartel Market updates.

    Keep the “Paper Doll” dress up content coming!!!

  • Fred Garvin

    All the other MMOs have it wrong. They keep delivering content: [kon-tent] noun

    1. Usually contents.
    something that is contained.
    the subjects or topics covered in a book or document.
    the chapters or other formal divisions of a book or document
    2, something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts
    3. significance or profundity; meaning:

    EA/BW figured out that what the masses actually want is to be content: [kuh n-tent] adjective

    1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
    2. agreeing; assenting.
    3. willing.

    Silly other companies confusing what word people are saying but EA/BW is just to sharp to be fooled!


  • LucasFaun


  • Fubarz
    • abaddonsmummy

      Actually really good.

    • Drool Bear

      Well done.

  • Adam Haynes

    This is awesome! Hopefully next week for Independence Day we get yet another pack of fireworks… and maybe a 9th astromech droid pet that no one will use. Hell, maybe we’ll even get another double cxp event. Based on the last one if they promise us a week of 2cxp we can count on 5 days.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Hey guys. Since nothing is really happening in TOR, see what you think of this. Being true, this might be the best news Star Wars fans have had in a while. Drop your thoughts below.

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      Made it 9 seconds in and I think I deserve a beer for getting that far.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        You do. I never made it to pressing play.

    • Kubrickian

      Yes 2:25 She’s 100000% right Dave Filoni should have Kathleen’s job.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      that solo movie cost 500 mill to make and lost 400 mill in china it only made 10 mil lol target is already trying to pre sell dvds of it lolz. The solo movie i could care less about that last jedi is what did it for me and they go and give that shit director his own trilogy? star wars is dead to me. The other issue is there milking this cow to hard trying to sell milenium falcon toys for 350 bucks and at-at toys for 400 and lightsabers for 130 lolz smh why would anyone pay that you can go buy an xbox or ps4 for that pretty sad

      • Maybe the fans are sick of seeing stupid fucking social justice dog shit? Hey Kathleen… not every single character needs to be a woman or black or Chinese. They added Laura Dern with purple hair just so another woman could be the tragic hero even though they had a ship filled with computers and robots. Admiral Ackbar died with just barely a mention though because he’s a male character. FUCK YOU AND YOUR STUPID FUCKING SOCIAL JUSTICE FEMINIST ASSHOLE AGENDA.

      • Yeah Last Jedi was…(looking back at it now)…A fucking headache. When they announced Solo as a movie, I was like, why? Nobody gives a damn about how one particular smuggler came to be…Chewbacca would have been better, or Yoda, or Count Dooku’s turn from the light side…hell, Even Grievous before he became a half droid monstrosity but Solo? It was stupid from the start. There’s a million damn smugglers in Star Wars and we like most of them but to get their own movie is a bit much. The whole concept I just can’t fathom. All the history and great eras in the Star War timeline and you choose Han Solo:

        Could have done a movie about the Jedi that survived the purge. We get Solo.
        The Yuuzhan Vong conflict. We got Solo.
        Stand out villians like Admiral Thrawn or Palpatine: Day One. Nope, just Solo.
        I hear rumors of a Boba Fett movie (which is another one of my favorite characters) but I’m scared they would fuck it up…Like Solo.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          How bout darth maul movie?

          • Yes indeed, but I feel that the clone wars and Star Wars Rebels did an excellent job with Maul.

  • Gross! I would rather spend 10 minutes talking to that stupid POS cunt Andryah than spend real money on 6 year old pixels.

    • Andryah

      I really am a stupid POS cunt.

      • Who


      • Dce

        Are you Swtorista, btw just curious?

    • Rehayn

      You really have some issues to sort out if you get that frustrated about anyone with an opinion, let alone opinions based on elements within a form of entertainment that is entirely optional.

      • Nahhhh… Just Andryah. She’s a fucking POS cunt and everyone hates her.

  • Jep Fareborn

    This game is so glitchy and buggy that they can’t even display items in the Cartel Market properly!

  • Kubrickian
    • Fubarz

      Just do not go and spend any of your money on SW anything it will die faster. Disney/EA is all profit (as any company is). You do not have to say a word about their agenda, story line, how it was made. By not spending your money on it will say it all. No profit, no product. Trolls can not feed if there is nothing.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Five news items for SWTOR in June. Four of which are CM sales. Must be summer.

    • Rompe Himself

      Nah, just another month at SWTOR. Look at the news on Dulfy’s GW2 section. Plenty there going on, and last time I checked, it is summer there too. 😛

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Hehe, it’s just something that comes back on the swtor forums every year: “the population is fine, there’s just nobody here because it’s summer!”

  • Disqus this

    Such a terrible path this game has went down. The cartel market gets an update every time we turn around but then bioware puts back in the credit sink casino event for the summer and can’t be bothered to update it’s rewards after a year.

  • I’m upset because I’ve invested a bunch of time and cash into this game…They are slowly making progress that doesn’t make any damn sense. I don’t know where the hell the game is going anymore.

    • Rompe Himself

      If it is any consolation, BW Austin also have no fucking clue what direction this game is going anymore either. They haven’t since 4.0. At this point, BW Austin are just throwing shit at the fan, and seeing what sticks to the wall and going with that, regardless if it makes sense or not.

      • That’s definitely what the fuck it seems like. So much damn potential is wasted.

  • Androyah

    I’m surprised Andryah hasn’t come along and defended Bioware on these shitty “updates”….oh wait, Andryah defends Bioware on everything.

    I encourage all of you to do a web search on “Andryah SWTOR”, look at the results.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      No need. I’ve butted heads with Andryah many times on the forums there. Supposedly she worked for BioWare, but I don’t know for sure if that’s true. All I know is that she’s one of the people who’s on my blocked list. Only people who are unreasonable make it on that list. Confirmation bias is a sure way to make it there. At the same time, it’s a game forum, so you can’t take much of anything seriously there.

      In the end most people can’t distinguish between disagreeing with someone’s opinion or disagreeing with HOW they reached their opinion. I was more about the last but always got accused of the first. What can you do? Andryah’s one of these people that did that. I wouldn’t say she was always unreasonable because some stuff she says made sense, but too much of it was just being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

      But hey, when I decide on whether to play a game or not, only my own opinion counts and for me the game was ruined with Galactic Command. Now the game is so easy for gearing it doesn’t feel rewarding to get stat gear and almost any other reward in game you have to buy separately via the CM lol. How sad is that?

    • WhoCares

      Why should I? Why do you care about other people? Does it make the world a better place? I don’t get it why you can’t just let other people have their own opinion. You can also say that John Smedley is bashing everything Bioware does in the comments… but at the end of the day… who cares…

    • Andryah is a stupid POS cunt. Her and her shitty Kaliyo queer band/music BS that shes does. Fuck her.

    • guest

      So I hear Androyah that you are Swtorista,, that explains why you never get banned or smoked us you were playing us all along shame on you shame shame. But they that is ok Swtorrista,cough Androyah. I mean up to you but i just will call “Androyah is SWTORISTA”

  • Guest

    You ever had a moment where you’re peeing, and you see a fly on the wall, so you pee on it, and it flies around, so you follow it to see if you can drown it?

  • Adam Haynes

    This week in GTA Online: Double XP and $$ in a variety of missions, raids and races and in game sales on numerous weapons, vehicles and buildings. Also $300,000 in game money for logging in this week to celebrate the new massive DLC coming out in July!
    This week in SWTOR: buy old stuff with CC’s

    Guess what I’m playing until SWTOR decides to make an effort to do something for their customers.

    • Lolz @ GTA

      Oh yeah, because lame ass boring GTA is better, mmmhhmmm

      • Adam Haynes

        So very believable coming from the troll who created a username “lolz@GTA” specifically for the comment and who’s probably never played the game. The funny thing is that aside from the fact that GTA is actually infinitely better than TOR, I just happened to use it as an example of good product maintenance vs bad product maintenance. I could have literally used any of 100+ games to make the same point (which clearly went straight over your head). I still play TOR and so I care that EA continually shits the bed when it comes to customer satisfaction. When they have something worth committing my time to I will be there… unfortunately that only happens once every few months lately and generally only comes in the form of a CXP boost. Conversely GTA has some form of XP boost, sale, new content or DLC on a weekly basis. EA should pay attention to Rockstar Games and learn how it’s done.
        I’m sure you’ll reply with another brainless retort defending TOR’s honor like a good fanboi but everything I’ve said is spot on so you’ll just be talking to yourself… probably a regular occurrence for you. Cya!

  • Paulo Gomes

    And because “Fringe” is one of my all-time favourite sci-fi series I take this opportunity to congratulate JJ Abrams, one of its co-authors, on his birthday. And waddayaknow? It’s a strong female led series… Guess I wasn’t a sexist pig back then…

    Happy birthday JJ.



    • Matrim

      I personally prefer Lost, but Fringe was quite nice as well

      • Sorrai

        Lost. Ugh. Such a wonderful show in the beginning and such a shame that its story integrity disintegrated at the very end. That show owed its viewers a solid explanation and instead it gave us a nebulous ending that completely dodged everything fans had been waiting 6 seasons to finally learn: what was the island? What were all those bizarre things on the island (smoke monsters? Giant, 3-toed statues? Polar bears?!)? How did all these seemingly random, mysterious things connect?

        Toward the end that show started to fatigue and succumb to the problems
        all TV shows face when stretched too thin for too long. By the time season 6 started, I was pretty fed up seeing Kate running away for the 10th time, or any other characters for that matter, splintering off again and forcing viewers into another meandering sub plot when all I wanted was to finally get a payoff for the larger, more interesting mysteries that still needed unraveling.

        I strongly
        suspect the writers began inventing more and more random things without any real rhyme or reason other than buying more time before having to reckon with the massive, convoluted story hole they had created for themselves. In the end, they failed. Instead, they gave us “emotional closure”. What a bummer.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          Season 1 was great. When it became clear they weren’t expecting a season two themselves it became all too apparent. Still kind annoyed that the number sequence didn’t end up meaning anything cool. That was such a big deal in season 1.

        • Matrim

          Well for me personally they did answer everything and in mostly satisfactory way. And actually the examples you gave – they did answer those. Some of the answers may have been ambigious but I think that was exactly what could be expected from a show such as this. It wasnt a discovery channel documentary, not everything was gonna have word-by-word explanation. Some of the things were left to the viewers themselves to decide whether it is A or B, and the scenes/dialogues/etc could support both points. I think that is way better as it worked within the show’s structure – in its core it was a mystery.
          As for the ending, I mean come on, ofc they will go for emotional ending, that is like the first rule for showrunning( in the case you know when your show ends and not get cancelled half way).

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Fringe is awesome. I also very much enjoyed the series Alias before that…also a female lead incidentally

      • Paulo Gomes

        Gender is not the problem. Quality is.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          Indeed, though it’s become apparent that gender is an issue for many others out there.

          • Paulo Gomes

            I’d be a hypocrite if I said I didn’t like “The Force Awakens”. Yes, it was fan service of the highest degree. But I liked the aesthetics of it. It was a “call home”, if I can put it that way. No more completely CGI made sets. Beautifully shot movie. And it posed some interesting questions along the way.

            And I didn’t have a problem with Rey either. In fact, I thought they were right on the money with having a female centre character.

            What I did have a problem with was how they treated the character. Where are the motivations? What is she like? Why is she good? Why does she help the Rebellion? Oh sorry: the “Resistance”.

            In fact, I think the cast for “The Force Awakens” was of the highest quality. Every single one of them. I loved Finn. There was SO MUCH they could have done there. A Stormtrooper with a conscience. Something new to the original trilogies, if you forget the fact that Kyle Katarn was exactly that. But that was Expanded Universe stuff.

            And then… “The Last Jedi” happened. I won’t go into that, too much has been said already.

            But I don’t have a problem with females, blacks, orientals or anything in those terms.

            I just want good quality work from these people. The creatives. Because you can have the best actor/actress in the world. If you don’t give him/her a quality script…

    • Rompe Himself

      Thank fuck he toned down his hard on for lens flares. We have his wife to thank for that too.

  • Only Humon after all

    Shocking news “ANDRYAH IS SWTORISTA” Breaking news “ANDRYAH IS SWTORISTA”

  • Darth Gnaw
  • Fred Garvin
    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Are those available in the CM? Perhaps they should start selling hypercrates of Kleenex.

      • Fred Garvin

        They can be yours for only 1,800 Cartel coins! That’s 20% off, of course.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          Of course…gotta love those permanent discounts.

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/2RUBgW0uFn8 Gearing up, but for got to mention the CC instant 70 and all tier 1 gear.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Ahh yes, good point. Also if you’re into PvP, get that boost. There is no more PvP before 70 anyway from what I understand.

      • gua543

        You’re simply wrong, on both accounts.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          No, I’m not. You’re wrong. (I hope this reply matches your standard)

          • VKing

            no u

            • EyesOfGehenna .

              Nah, you’re even more wrong than the other guy.

          • gua543

            What is there to explain? There is PvP below 70 and there is no boost to be gained from the char token with it’s 230 gear, as the bolster raises everything below 240 rating to 240.

  • Fubarz
  • Fubarz
  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/JztD47RUjZM Jar Jar new theory

  • Fubarz
    • Rompe Himself

      I would think gamers never really STOPPED being angry with Papa EA to be honest. Just when gamers may be getting over, past or forgetting what sin Papa EA bestowed on us all, they kindly rekindle that flame and repeat the cycle of anger.

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