GW2 Desert King Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Desert King weapon skins gallery. These weapon skins are available for 1 BLC ticket each.

Video & Special Effects

  • No special sound for warhorn/rifle/pistol
  • No blue trail for the following weapons: focus, longbow, pistol, rifle, shield, staff, torch, warhorn
  • Axe: 0:00 Dagger: 0:26 Focus: 0:48 Greatsword 1:10 Hammer 1:40 Longbow 2:07 Mace 2:33 Pistol 3:02 Rifle 3:25 Scepter 3:47 Shield 4:12 Short Bow 4:39 Staff 5:04 Sword 5:31 Torch 5:58 Warhorn 6:29

Desert King Axe Skin


Desert King Dagger Skin


Desert King Focus Skin


Desert King Greatsword Skin

gw2-desert-king-greatsword gw2-desert-king-greatsword-2gw2-desert-king-greatsword-3

Desert King Hammer Skin


Desert King Longbow Skin


Desert King Mace Skin


Desert King Pistol Skin


Desert King Rifle Skin


Desert King Scepter Skin


Desert King Shield Skin


Desert King Short Bow Skin


Desert King Staff Skin


Desert King Sword Skin


Desert King Torch Skin


Desert King Warhorn Skin

gw2-desert-king-warhorn gw2-desert-king-warhorn-2gw2-desert-king-warhorn-3

  • Harold Jackson

    fugly has a NEW title holder…..

  • Henry Chavez

    they outdid themselves with that greatsword

  • Crossbow1701

    Well shortbow is sexy, Like the sword skin also, and shield is nice.

  • Vel Es

    ugly as fug who even likes sand

    • sand4life


    • Emil33

      I don’t like sand. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere

  • Alastor999

    Only things I liked were the long and short bows and maybe the sword for being a khopesh, which I’ve wanted since PoF was announced

    • Ares Zax

      I really like the look of the dagger personally. It has a scorpion tail! 😀

  • Bryan Turner

    Are there any effects? That Great Sword just looks too weird for me personally. Is what it is not all Black Lion Skins need to appeal to everyone.

    • Vadim Karpov

      Glowing parts, runes apper in when drawed, also blue trails for some weapons. Oh, there is video added now.

  • Vadim Karpov

    Disgusting weapon set, at least short bow with size of full longbow…

    • mxpie6

      shortbow is hideous as per usual

  • Spikesagitta

    Axe, dagger and sword looks good. The others…not so much.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    I want to wear the focus as an outfit

  • commentor

    that focus looks rather………….uh………..disturbing? I like the eye of sauron staff…

  • Raizel

    I must say the GS is quite unusual, yet not too bad. However fix the damn story dcing bug!!!!

  • Corrderio

    Sword/Staff/Dagger/Pistol are the winners for me

    • Ares Zax

      Add Shield to that list as well for me. 🙂

  • Korey Garabed

    Normally I think over sized weapons are a bit much in this game. But for these BEAUTIES I’ll make an exception.

  • Shaggy

    theres a lot of neat stuff here, and the unique design of the greatsword is especially a treat. looks like theyre listening and learning from what were saying.

  • asdf2

    whats the main difference between daggers and sword?

    the direction it of the blade when holding it.

    …. thats a gigantic dagger.

  • Paco Chung

    I really like how the axe and focus is basically a crook and flail

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