GW2 Gemstore –Awakened Dye Kit and Jeweled Scarab Package

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Awakened Dye Kit and the Jeweled Scarab package from BLC chests.

Awakened Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems


Jeweled Scarab Package – Uncommon BLC Drop

  • Backpack and Glider, the glider has two dye slots


  • Sotos

    Meanwhile BL goods are all working while storyline is completely bugged. GG anet on delivering perfect patches omg…

    • I thought that was the norm? XD

      • Sotos

        xD indeed it is

        • narg

          since 2012

          • Don36669

            So are dramaqueens, it seems.

  • Karagianis

    Sixty per cent of the Empire’s tea is grown on one world – Urn, principal planet of the Didcot system.

  • OMG I want that black dye…

  • natasha

    I thought that was the norm? XD

  • SnowMan

    xD indeed it is

  • Squibb

    I thought that was the norm? XD

  • Joao

    I thought that was the norm? XD

  • xD indeed it is

  • KJ

    Those wings folding back in are quite cool.

  • kazerniel

    that scarab is both cute and disturbing xd

  • slayer929

    OMG I want that black dye…

  • Arylide4910

    100 Awakened Dye Kits, and I didn’t get Scarcophagus lmao ….

  • Sonja Nachtbringer

    Hoo, Vabian Bronze looks good. Gonna have to get that.

  • Vel Es

    got Jeweled Scarab Package i dont like it

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