GW2 Long Live the Lich Update Fixes Postponed Until Tomorrow

Arenanet has unable to solve the disconnect issues plaguing the second story instance and will post an update tomorrow.

This afternoon’s build corrected several bugs and issues, but we want you to know that we’re aware that not all issues were fully corrected with the build, including one blocking player progress in “Forearmed is Forewarned.” We will continue to work on the remaining issues and will post an update tomorrow morning to let you know the status of those efforts.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience. Please know that we understand the impact this is having and we are doing what we can to resolve this quickly and get everyone into the episode. We’re looking forward as much as you are to this being resolved and everyone being able to play.


  • Ares Zax

    I have to say that this isn’t a good look for ANet. They delayed the release of this chapter by almost a month and it STILL comes out with an even bigger game-breaking bug than in the previous release? (Not to mention that the Rollerbeetle article also contained the announcement of a dev’s departure from the company. Seems like troubled times at the company. I wonder how deep the issues go.)

    • PJ

      omg chill lol, it’s a videogame

      • Ares Zax

        True, but it’s also like watching a favourite restaurant you’ve been eating at for years slowly decline in terms of quality and customer service. Do you want them to get better so that you can continue to keep patronizing them, or do you prefer to just stand back and watch them eventually close down? 😛

        • Have you completely played the entire Story Instance? Maybe the reason why the dev left was because of other opportunities, or more money someplace else. Eventually the company will need to move on from GW2. Everything begins and ends.

        • Alot

          Agree with the decline, though I’d say quality is very high but service is too slow and getting slower. The reason these releases happen on Tuesday is so that they can fix all bugs before the weekend. If you want a polished product wait for Thursday to play though it. An annoying wait but nothing compared to the months they took to get the thing out -.-

    • Sty

      Anet never had (or put) enough resources to do extensive testing on releases, so it is not really that surprising and not even new.

      To be fair, if the devs can be reactive enough on such post-release issues, it is much more reasonable for the company to release the content and fix the bugs afterwards, than testing forever and missing something anyway (because you can’t test everything in such big games and something will break anyway).

    • M. R. R.

      agree with Ares, theres something wrong in the air, delayed chapter, and come with lot of bugs.

  • anon

    I used to buy gems once a month from this game. Ever since PoF, things don’t seem worth doing anymore. Sure we get new maps and all, but their achievements are a big pain in the ass to do nowadays….. so much time-gating or reliance on events and other players…. maybe it’s just me.

    Thanks to these issues today, I’m glad to not have bought gems for 6 months now.

    • Kalavier

      It’s an MMO. Shockingly enough, we gotta work together with others to finish things.

      • Tsk

        Tons of people like to play solo because they hate PUGs. So don’t even start with this Batshit.

        • Don36669

          Playing solo is a personal choice. Choices have consequences. And the consequence of this personal choice is that some achievements are difficult (if not impossible) to complete solo. It’s a MMORPG. Cooperation with other players is a given in such games. I’m all for playing solo whenever you want, but some things just can’t be done that way because of the nature of the game. And that is how it should be in a MMORPG.

  • I’m in the instance, it’s just only stop guiding me on where to go in order to progress…

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