SWTOR Ranked PvP Season and Reward Changes

Bioware is making some changes to Ranked PvP to make them shorter in season.

Proposed Ranked Season Timing and Reward Changes | 07.02.2018, 10:12 AM

Hey folks,

Starting with Season 10 we are considering some changes to the frequency of Ranked PvP Seasons and how we structure rewards. Let’s talk about what our goals are for these changes and what we intend to change. 

We have a few specific things we want to address:

  • Seasons are going longer than we would like.
    • Although this gives us a lot of time to put together awesome rewards, it does mean you have to go many months within one season.
  • Having a new Currency to collect every Season can be clunky and adds extra complexity to earning and spending currency.
  • We have heard a continual desire to bring back prior Season rewards in a fair but accessible way.

The Proposed Changes

  • Seasons will now run 3-6 months – Our goal is to be around 3 months, but timing will be determined by Game Updates.
  • Due to shorter Seasons we would adjust our Seasonal rewards
    • Seasonal bracket rewards would be reduced overall. Ex: Each Tier might receive a Stronghold Deco, Title, and Flair
    • All Seasons will now use the same type of currency
    • We would implement a permanent Ranked Rewards Vendor which we would periodically add new items to, such as mounts, armor sets, weapon sets, etc.
    • Starting at the end of Season 10 we would add Season 1’s rewards to the vendor for purchase. These items would be priced at a premium. This would mean they are available for purchase but they will be quite pricey to be fair to those who earned them at the time of the Season completing.
    • As we complete future Seasons we will continue to add prior Season rewards. Ex: We add S2 rewards as we complete S11.

These changes will keep some exclusive rewards per season tied to your rank, while allowing us to continue releasing “bigger” rewards on roughly the same cadence we did previously. This will also allow us over time to build an extensive list of goods on the vendor which keeps a greater incentive for players to continue participating throughout the Season.

TLDR – Shorter Seasons, less tiered rewards with greater rewards on a permanent vendor, start rolling old seasonal rewards on the vendor for purchase at a premium.

Let us know your thoughts!


  • John’e

    Yellow text on light gray background is unreadable without highlighting, may want to reformat

  • Vanguard

    Like John’e said, might wanna change that font color for the yellow text if possible, hard to read.

  • Drool Bear

    Yellow bad.

  • Adam Haynes

    I was annoyed that I couldn’t read the text until I remembered that I was reading a ranked PVP update on SWTOR. Possibly the only thing I care less about than the weekly list of shit we can buy with cartel coins. Nothing to see here as usual… guess I’ll try back next week.

    • Risqu’e

      Its the new content! – just drag your mouse and highlight it like a decoder pen!

  • Oops, forgot to fix the yellow text

  • gua543

    I can hear the shriek of the ranked elitists from here. “How dare they return MY rewards, I worked so hard for them, mimimimi!”

    • Steve3PO

      It’s true though…

      • gua543

        Consider the following:

        a) Your rank depends just as much on your skill as the skill of your teammates, which means that some got carried to their rewards without having the actual skills

        b) Wintrading. It’s always been a problem in this game and it really can’t be stopped unless you have a way of directly observing the matches. Maybe Bio are simply incompetent in this regard, I can’t know.

        Furthermore, it says they’re gonna cost a lot. The mentality that other people shouldn’t have access to stuff in a videogame just because they weren’t there or they didn’t put in the effort at the time is quite arrogant. They aren’t handing it for free, and they aren’t going to handle it to everyone. Anyone that can have access to it is going to have played ranked for a while.

        • AbnerDoon

          That and either way you shake it with the crafting farmers, afk’ers or upcoming fubar of cross faction. This ain’t your old ranked pvp anymore.

  • Steve3PO


    • VKing

      To make ranked quality higher but make less people play it? Newsflash: since ranked rewards are mats so needed for crafting, nothing will change apart from people using less accuracy gear. Baddies will grind expertise gear to play ranked but nothing will change, it won’t increase their skill.

    • Patrick Bateman

      Serious question here. Why?

  • Shawn Hargrave

    lol at tor pvp smh

  • But the main problem with “Ranked” PvP is that “Ranked” PvP sucks donkey dick. It’s 8 gaylords shooting at each other in a little circle jerk for 7 minutes at a time. That and Andryah is a piece of shit cuntbag.

    • Cloudy

      Liking your own comment, I like your style

  • swtorfail

    I have the PvP rewards from Season 1…i’m never doing ranked again this is a slap in the face. GG bioware.

    • gua543

      I’m assuming that since 5% of the participants in S1 qualified for the rancor (about 1200 players out of about 23700 total participants), the prize for it will be pretty high. Anybody that stuck through this season deserves it IMO.

    • HMH

      Sorry man but at this point all available resources need to be used as content for the few players left playing, they arent making anything new at this point, just be glad they chose to continue to use them as rewards for playing the game rather than selling the m outright on the CM.

  • Sith Rule

    Swtor has return to bug city of 2.7 ruin the game by forcing people to group who give a rat really about pvp its all about America cheaters these days

  • Sith Rule

    can only wish they kill off the old storyline/ companions.

  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]

    “Although this gives us a lot of time to put together awesome rewards, it does mean you have to go many months within one season.”

    Lies. You don’t put together awesome rewards and the seasons drag on because you are disorganized, unprofessional, and understaffed.

    “Having a new Currency to collect every Season can be clunky and adds extra complexity to earning and spending currency.”

    Lies. It adds complexity only to you because it makes you have to do something instead of playing slap-ass around the office.

  • Marcus Hernandez

    So should compete in season 12 so I can get the season 3 lightsabers? *sigh* but I hate ranked

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