SWTOR New Cartel Market Armor and Items from Patch 5.9.2 PTS

Here are the new armor and items from Patch 5.9.2. on the PTS.


Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set – Platinum



Resort Swimwear (Female Only) – Gold


Noble Councillor’s Armor Set – Gold



Resilient Warden’s Armor Set – Gold



Distinguished Warden’s Armor Set – Gold




Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade – Platinum



Dark Side Hssiss – Platinum



Dark Side Channeling Weapon Tuning – Gold

VFX not added yet on PTS

Flair: Sign of the Dark Lord – Gold

Pale Gold Color Crystal – Silver


  • Deshik


  • Wow those look great!

  • Deshik

    I can complete my dante from devil may cry cosplay with that dark sword

  • Tony

    Holy Crap! This is a massive turnaround on pack quality! Want that saber and four of those armors are really badass! Been a month since I logged in. May have to do so in order to take a shot at some of these things.

  • AbnerDoon

    I must be doing it wrong. I’ve never gotten that dressed up to go swimming.

    Hopefully we get some male version down the road. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c9f6b812a43a81554e3394577db3be00d9d564932fe452aabbff645af9d1728d.jpg

    • Jep Fareborn


  • Ben Gimson

    These are actually pretty good sets. Hoping there’s no catch when they’re released…

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set” and “Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade” come from the “Dark Lord Bundle.”

      • Ben Gimson

        Ah, that’ll be the catch then. What do we reckon? 7K CC? 8? XD

        • Darth Ji’inx


          • Teddybomber87

            I would dream to have that Outfit

        • Rob

          Probably 3k CCs or close to it.

          • Ben Gimson

            For a well-designed gold armour set and a platinum weapon? You’re optimistic XD

        • thatHARVguy

          They’re platinum items, so stupid expensive. :-/

  • KevinSaku

    I’ll admit theses are good looking stuff but looking back at last time there was new items Bioware tool weeks before selling the items directly on the CM so I would only buy the packs if there were at least 1 new garantied item otherwise I’ll keep my money for something else especially if EA is about to shut down Bioware

    • Mikey Moo

      lol they aren’t about to shut down BioWare, whether SWTOR survives long-term after the BioWare Austin team completes their work being sourced out to Anthem is another thing.

      • Rob

        Anthem looks like garbage.

        • Blood Fang

          That’s because Anthem is a hot,steaming pile of garbage

      • Rompe Himself

        I think by this time next year, we should have an indication on how well Anthem has done (assuming it is still on track for its release date early 2019), and whether Bioware lives or dies by Papa EA’s unforgiving hand. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6d0d642051989fb08333eaf50c00e62130b87ca43aea7e9408d4d3694b0e70b5.jpg

        • Mikey Moo

          If Anthem fails, they still won’t shut down BioWare. Their single player rpg’s are still very commercially successful, even Mass Effect Andromeda sold around 9 million copies, and Dragon Age Inquisition sold millions, too. If Anthem flops they would at most just restrict BioWare to their current franchises. Anthem is not appealing to me either, but this whole “biowares ganna dieeeeeeeeeeee” thing is boring now, with no realistic chance of happening anytime soon.

          • Larrdath

            They don’t really need to keep Bioware around as a studio to develop another DA or ME, they’ll just move the guys in another EA studio and close Bioware if they see fit.
            It wouldn’t be the first time. Visceral is the last example I think but there’s a lot of others.

            • Mikey Moo

              Yeah they could do that, but they won’t because it would make no sense to do because that also has costs associated with it, so since BioWare is a recognizable brand, and people think of specific kinds of games when they think of BioWare, I think they will just use BioWare for those kinds of games. I also hate EA, idk anyone who actually LIKES them, and sure if one day ME and DA games are no longer selling, and BioWare isn’t successful with anything else, then one day perhaps they will do that and hand them off to another studio within EA, but there really isn’t any reason why they would do that anytime soon, or in the foreseeable future. People have been saying this for as long as I can remember since they joined EA and it hasn’t happened yet. Money talks, if BioWare is profitable more often than not, it will be fine.

              • KevinSaku

                Don’t forget that EA thinks that SWTOR is a waste of money it’s not for nothing they reduced the amount of servers and EA wants nothing more than shutting down Bioware why do you think Anthem is releasing on the same day as Days Gone and Crackdown 3? So that Anthem fails and that gives them a reason to shut down Bioware and SWTOR after the success of God of War they suddenly doing single player star wars games announce it to E3 but still not any footage it just looks like they just lost faith in multiplayer game do they just want to focus on single player and since SWTOR is a multiplayer game no surprise they just want more to shutting it down

          • lolipop

            On one hand you are right, bioware are now second greedy company next to EA… they learn “from the best” so they are still useful at some extend. So yep, it seems pap EA won’t close them, because they are still making money. By they way did i mention how much i hate EA and not only EA for how they treat games nowadays? Like they are treating games like services rather than pure games. On the other hand however, Bioware are next on their chopping block… so it’s only a matter of time until they ride those sheeps to their deaths, mark my words. And when this happens i hope people will be pissed enough to finally give one big middle finger to their ugly greedy face.

  • Jep Fareborn

    FUQ packs! Just sell this shit as DIRECT SALE!

    • KevinSaku

      My thought exactly

      • Hamlina

        they will be direct sale, as the last 3 new sets (of items) have been

    • Harston

      *Honorary Facepalm*

  • Mikey Moo

    They look really nice for once, but I’m not buying packs for this game ever again so I will save my accumulated cartel coins for direct sale.

  • Ry

    Everything is Gold/Platinum? What happened to the Silver and Bronze items….

    • blackpyros

      They are too cheap, BW needs more money for Anthem.

  • has-been

    Impressed. Shame I have nothing left to do in the game 🙁 That small issue aside, good to see some nice knee high boots finally (Distinguished Warden, female) but confused why they appear different on the male toon. Noble Councillor’s upper body will be great as a coat. Callous Conqueror – again – wish it had turned up years ago. It’s compellingly good.

  • Puff

    The black areas for the swimwear look to be bare skin – so many of the pieces on their own will be nice – top, belt, pants. The footwear looks to be elaborate gold sandals. The collective look thought is a bit puzzling 😉

    • thatHARVguy

      Now that you pointed it out, I see the lack of texture glitch.

  • Teddybomber87

    Interesting is that the Distinguished Warden’s changed complete the appearance with the gender.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s probably unfinished for females on PTS.

      • Teddybomber87

        Maybe yes

  • Jep Fareborn

    If any hetero man finds that female swimwear as ‘attractive’ then you might as well be a Closet Warrior.

    • Ben Gimson

      Wearing skimpy outfits =/= attractive. Nothing wrong with a bit of class.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Very true, but calling this swimwear is taking the piss really.

        • Ben Gimson

          Aye, but the name is such a non-issue. I’m surprised how many complaints I’ve seen so far over something so irrelevant. I’ve got outfits I’ve used for years that I can’t remember the names of.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            Well I agree with that in a general sense only, but when people see the name swimwear it sets expectations that are simply not met. They could’ve given it many names with out falsely suggesting what it actually is.

            So in this case I don’t think it’s a non-issue because the name includes the function of the outfit. You wouldn’t take a skin tight outfight and call it Heavy Trooper Armor either. In this particular case I see it along these lines.

            • Ben Gimson

              It’s hardly a false suggestion. Once upon a time, swimwear was more like this new set than what it is in the real world today. I’m sure in some parts of the world swimwear is still less revealing like it used to be in the west. It’s a bit of an oddity to be sure, but it’s not completely crazy to give it the name they’ve chosen.

              I mean, would this really look out of place on one of those holidaymaker NPCs at Solida Hesk’s resort on Makeb?

              • EyesOfGehenna .

                Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’ve seen swimwear from 100 years ago and though it covered more than this outfit, this doesn’t look in any way like swimwear to me…especially those, erm, swimming boots. If they hadn’t put swimwear in the name, nobody would’ve guessed it, I bet. But if you do think it resembles swimwear then we’ll just have a different opinion on that. And that’s perfectly cool.

      • hating the hos

        Have to agree. I hate all the trashy fem toons on fleet. Looks nasty af and 100% dudes or obese women living the fantasy. Any woman who rocks in the real world doesn’t need to slut it up in a game.

    • Mikey Moo

      I don’t think they look like swimwear, I probably wouldn’t have called it that, but the outfit itself isn’t unattractive.

    • Qeqew

      Irving switched over to Anthem awhile ago, that’s how we got Keith in charge

    • dedi

      No one has said it’s attractive, only that pieces of it can be used elsewhere. Only idiots equip full sets without tinkering.

  • gua543

    Coming at the low, low price of 20 million credits per set at a GTN marketplace near you.

    • Jonathan Parker

      The economy in this game is broken. It’s only good to those people who sit on the GTN all day playing stock market, or those who grind heroics day in and day out.

      • hanno

        You have no idea how much cheaper things are now compared to how they were pre-merge

        • Leah

          but i have an idea how much cheaper things were before bioware allowed several vendor resale bugs to persist for weeks before patching them.. and didn’t remove all the duped credits out of the economy. in addition to heroci gold reward changes. we had prices go up almost 10 times in a space of couple of months and they NEVER went back down. I remember where you could afford to buy on GTN most account unlocks as preferred player.

          • teddy

            I made 85 mill running stealth toons trough copero/nathema SM and selling decos. Ten mins a run. no outlay beyond some tedium. About 10 decos for both fps. But better than heroics which I never do. friend may 1bill selling new augments. so … there’s easy money out there to be made. I mean we can’t moan over the past or I’d still be unhappy my loaf of bread doesn’t cost 50 cents anymore. RIP 1980s

            • Leah

              they point is.. things are NOT cheaper now than they were premerge. they are still pretty darn expensive all things concidered. sometimes… i wonder if keeping that exploit in long enough to completely and irreversably mess up swtor market was intentional move by bioware. given that it ended up being step one in making preffered completely unviable way to play in contrast to how it used to be, not idea but still doable.

              and before anyone says anything about “paying you cheapskate” variety of people went preferred for variety of details, and making preffered accounts nonviable for anything, but rudimentary solo play? was at least half the reason so many raiding guilds died. at the time, while the drought between raids was getting larger… it wasn’t THAT large yet. but… they allowed for absolutely insane rate of inflation so that preferred players couldn’t afford to buy ops passes anymore… and then they removed them all together, along with changes to gearing… and practically overnight several of the guilds i personaly was in? became ghost towns. but.. it all started with that temple chair exploit. and a few other exploits of very similar nature. and you know… a side of heroics.

              selling decos involves selling them to OTHER players. it doesn’t create credits, it only shifts it between players. but have you ever wondered… WHY is there so much credits to be shifted? doing dailies and weeklies? creates credits without much of a credit sink to remove them out of economy. and it just exacerbates already messed up situation that was created all those years ago.. with incredible, rapid influx of credits into economy.. that was never removed.

              aka… SWTOR economy is a big. giant. BROKEN. mess.

      • rebuiltHK47

        You just described every MMO out there.

  • John Kosto

    Eh, a couple of nice armors and a lot of boring crap, as always.

    That platinum armor is pretty ugly.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Love how they add platinum items in every other category now, like it’ll be a good thing. No, they’re just adding more items that will remain out of reach for the vast majority of the remaining, dwindling players. The mount is really nice for a dark side character, I’d really like that for my Assassin, but there’s no way I’ll ever get it, so there’s no point in adding something like that. People like me just ignore it, because we’re not spending money on that, and we’re not going to be able to buy it on the market.

  • LucasFaun

    i like the sword two armor sets and the black mount. pretty good. but give us some new species or something instead.

    • Travelering_swordsman

      what about those panthers? u kill during the gree event no one put them up for as beast companions. the Asharl Panthers….

    • Sean

      Adding new species, unless it’s nothing more than a human with different facial features, would involve having to go over all of the existing character modelwork to resolve clipping issues. Look at how long it took them to give us Togrutans, for example, and we _still_ have the complaints about the purposeless gender-based lekku differences that aren’t reflected in the NPC models. Nautolans would be even worse, and any species that had a noticeably different physiology would require a complete set of new models for wearable gear. For example, if they added the Utapaun, they either go the “headgear not visible route”, which is silly, because their only structural difference is a vertically elongated head, or redo all of the headgear models just for Utapaun characters. And they’ve already said that they have no intention of adding any playable race that doesn’t speak Basic, which throws out Wookiees, Trandoshans, Gamorreans, and a host of others. And races like the Bothans or Weequay don’t have the interest that would get the playerbase off the devs’ backs if they added them.

      • LucasFaun

        and for ppl tp stop making excuses for devs. whould be neat.

      • gua543

        Honestly, adding new species should be at the bottom of the list of Bioware to do. They’re just different skins for player characters.

  • Harston

    It’s funny – People think they’re saving more money than before by buying the things they want directly from the Cartel market. That might be the case for whales – But for everyone else, RIP having the nice, new shiney stuff.

    • guest

      At least the money goes to bioware now instead of the gold sellers.

      • Kubrickian

        Money they use to develop Anthem. I hope Ben Irving gives a special thanks to SWTOR Cartel Market Whales when Anthem is released.

  • Blake Evans

    Hey Should out to whoever is designing the last few set! They are super creative and look awesome. The last few armor sets over the last few…well years have been pretty bland and don’t have that star wars feel

  • EA go go

    When EA release it ? to SWTOR ? 10 ? 17 July ?

    • KevinSaku

      It’s Bioware and they are releasing the patch on July 31st though that doesn’t mean that the items will be for sell at this date

  • Dengar

    First they got rid of bronze items, because their unlock prices are to low to empty your CC wallet. Now they barely make any silver items…

    • Exactly, this is so pathetic and a slap to us Consumers that have been playing and supporting the Game since launch. If they are that desperate for cash just release the Game on PlayStation 4/Xbox One and earn some extra revenue from them.

      Also don’t wanna hear excuses of th Game not being able to run on those Consoles when Final Fantasy XIV is more demanding hardware wise and running at 1080p 30-45FPS on PS4. Either way, get extra Players in and stop milking us Founders.

    • Ryan Hupp

      Agreed, some of those armors look like they belong in the Bronze category.

  • EA

    Anyone know when PTS is online ? I want to log in to check items etc , patch when will release ?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s been up since July 6 for subscribers.

      • EA

        thanks – how about this patch ? any date?

        • Darth Ji’inx

          July 31

  • Farlas816

    I assume the black parts of the swimwear are going to be player skintone at the actual release. Still though, kind of a lame set, going to be super popular for the shorts though

  • Rou’ku

    Oh good… I always felt SWTOR was missing Deadric armor.

  • dinodoc

    I kinda want the Warblade.

  • You know that Andryah is soaking her big fat granny panties at the thought of more gambling boxes.

  • Matt Potter (Enemyoffun)

    That Distinguished Warden top was almost worth it until I saw the butt flap. I wish they’d stop putting those on armor.

  • This Ancient Blade is not shining on red like on pic ? bug ? or what?

    • Sabretooth

      likely a bug-but this version does look interesting as well

    • Sabretooth

      i wanna say it would look perfect with the marka ragnos armor set….but that bug with the crown……drives me crazy!

  • Rook Davidson

    What’s with the low resolution on these images?

  • Chris Nail

    There’s already a Distinguished Warden armor set, running about 5 mil in the GTN. It doesn’t look anything like that. Is the posted name wrong or did they duplicate names?

  • Sabretooth

    Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set and the
    Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade are the only interesting things

  • Nicole48

    Resort Swimwear (Female Only) – Gold is a sort of what, burkini? Why would anyone wear such an ugly “armor” as a smiwsuit?? Geez..

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