SWTOR Rishi Stronghold Tour and New Decorations in 5.9.2

SWTOR Rishi Stronghold Tour and New Decorations in patch 5.9.2.

Rishi Hideout Stronghold

This new stronghold is a massive stronghold with over 2000 hooks and 11 rooms. It features PvP arenas that players can play either deathmatch or Huttball. Check out all the details here on the Tor-decorating website or watch the video below for a visual tour. Purchase price and unlock costs are not yet finalized but supposed to be slightly higher than Yavin IV stronghold (~13 mil or 11k CC for full unlock).


  • Initial Area (Hideout) – 0:00
  • Room 1: Cove – 4:54
  • Room 2: Hillside Room – 8:45
  • Room 3: Sun Room – 9:59
  • Room 4: Patrol Cruiser – 11:46
  • Room 5: Bridge – 12:42
  • Room 6: Captain’s Quarters – 13:53
  • Room 7: Port Quarters – 14:25
  • Room 8: Starboard Quarters – 15:00
  • Room 9: Training Room – 15:28
  • Room 10: Reactor – 16:25
  • Room 11: Skydeck – 17:33

New Decorations

These new decorations can be bought from the new Martial Decoration Droid in the Decoration & Stronghold section of the fleet. Some of the decorations can be bought with Universal Prefab MK1-3 but most require Mk-4 which is crafted by a new schematic learned from your crew skill trainers that uses a combination of Grade 9 and 10 materials.


Decoration List

Gallery view: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/vendor/martial-decoration-droid/

Dromund Kaas Boulder 1x Universal Prefab MK-1
Tree: Fallen Alderaan Log 1x Universal Prefab MK-2
Tree: Fallen Dromund Kaas Log 1x Universal Prefab MK-2
Voss Boulder 1x Universal Prefab MK-2
Settlement Barrier 1x Universal Prefab MK-2
Gormak Barricade 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Military Barricade 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Rebellion Barricade 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Reinforced Barrier 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Reinforced Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Republic Barricade 1x Universal Prefab MK-3
Desert Settlement Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Fortified Barrier 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Imperial Barricade 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Imperial Scaffold 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Imperial Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Kaas City Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Makeshift Scaffold 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Republic Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Security Fence 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Sith Statue Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Starship Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Stone Wall 1x Universal Prefab MK-4
Fabrication Droid (Martial) 2x Universal Prefab MK-4
Large Training Arena 6x Universal Prefab MK-4
  • Johnny Wright

    Are there screenshots for the new decorations? :O

  • Fubarz

    Interesting you can even have your own hut ball matches. lol

  • Ry

    Can you do Free For All PvP in that area? Would love to have a last man standing style deathmatch.

    • Yeah I believe so

    • mpsaunders .

      that’s something I’ve often wanted. I’m naff at pvp and not being a dead weight to my team would be so much more fun! It’d be a bit like jedi outcast.

  • Teddybomber87

    Does anyone has the same problem to start the Pts Server?
    I tried to log in and my complete resolution gets ugly. And the the loadingscreen doesn’t load.
    My mouse trigger doesn’t even get into the game. And wen i try the normal game everything is as usual.

    • Ben Gimson

      You have to copy over the ui files to the PTS folder. I can’t remember the exact process but the solution was posted on the official forums if you still want/need to get onto the PTS.

      • Teddybomber87

        Thanks, don’t know why but it worked with a different solution.
        Changed the screen and it worked. Even after i returned to my first screen.

  • JCharms

    What an ugly SH… Nothing like I was thinking a Rishi plot was going to be.

    • Rompe Himself

      To be fair to the retards at BW Austin, the stronghold does match what the rest of Rishi looks like. If you want a nice looking SH, it would have to be on a nicer planet, given how “primitive” in parts, Rishi is. Give credit where credit is due, the beach is a nice addition. But still, overall, very underwhelming. Their last good SH is still Yavin unfortunately.

      If I was still playing, I would probably turn my Nar Shadaa SH Speeder show room over to this Rishi SH, simply for the bigger rooms. Other then that, meh.

      • JCharms

        While it does look like the main township of Rishi, theres so many other parts of the planet that look so nice. I was thinking more along the line of across the water, when in the town, theres housing scattered along the cliff face, or something in the jungle, I dont know… I was hoping for anything other than this shitty looking place. 😛

        • The One Copper Bard

          Got any shitty looking characters that want the Rishi stronghold? The RP would be phenomenal especially for the PvP aspect 😛

      • Marrks

        seriously man when they said the new SH will be in a tropical planet my first thought was on rakata prime, then copero, never rishi

      • Ben Gimson

        Rishi is, to my eyes, what I’d imagine a Jurassic Park game on the PS1 might look like :’)

    • Mikey Moo

      if they ever do a nice tropical stronghold I guess they could always do Copero or whatever that Chiss planet was lol

  • The One Copper Bard

    Well, its different.

  • d*ü

    I don’t get it, why aren’t these two Strongholds?
    1 Rishi Stronghold and 1 Carrier Ship Stronghold.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      If I look at it from the positive side then I’d say it’s a great Stronghold for RP’ers. If I look at it from the negative side then I’d say that all BW can do is repeat content and use existing areas to copy to a Stronghold and make it cool by making it huge, cause bigger is better and you can charge more for it.

      Pick whichever you prefer.

  • HMH

    That Huttball court would have been great back in the 2.0 days.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    One of the worst things in previous SH’s was the terrible hook placement. I see that BioWare has learned nothing on that subject. So many places where there are no hooks Wherever you see these narrow ones alongside walls and buildings… it just makes no frikking sense. It’s huge and BioWare did most of the work and you can put a few things here and there basically. They really don’t get it.

    I suppose the positives are that it can be used better by RP guilds cause there’s a lot of places in it and the pvp thing, which again has way too few hooks in that area to really make a fun pvp map.

    Seriously, I don’t get why BioWare doesn’t understand hook placement.

    • AbnerDoon

      I’m glad Dulfy did a full showing above what the devs did. All the open hallways with a single small hook. Or cluster of them that can become a medium bummed me out as well.

      My main thought is this could be a good guild spot for celebrations and pvp contests. It looks like for the average player you could just unlock the beach area for 6 million and change.

      I have a slim hope a fun area can be made out of this. It took me a while but I managed to make Manaan halfway decent at one point.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Kinda sad though that after all that work you can make it “halfway decent” only. Decorating was something I was really into but it had to give up because of too many hook placement issues and exorbitant monetization of the activity in general.

  • Ben Gimson

    I really hope the PvP aspect can be switched on/off as needed.

    • Éamon McCraith

      from the video it looks like the “Arena” type is a layout you can choose or not choose in applicable areas. Other than that what’s the issue? Do you have tons of people in your SH who wish to attack you all the time?

      • Ben Gimson

        I’m part of the RP community, so I’d prefer not to be forced into toggling PvP on during events because of bad game design. Most guilds leave their SH’s open for public events and it’s basically a guarantee that griefers would turn up to try and spoil it for people just because they can.

        • Zeromancer

          Omg, now I really wish they hadn’t added a status toggle to the SH… xD xD

          • Ben Gimson

            I take it you get off on harassing people anonymously over the internet then?

            • Zeromancer

              Oh not just online… I revel in harassing others everywhere at any time! It’s delightful. 😀

              • Ben Gimson

                Sure, sure :’)

  • branky

    Failed attempt on combining guildship and stronghold into 1, the rishi theme vanishes in the process. Kinda like the new pvp feature and practice area’s. Good to see the have put some work into this, pitty to see they havent learned much from previous layouts. all in all i think this is promising and i am actualy looking forward to it. That has been a while, me being excited about something swtoresque 🙂

  • Marrks

    noob question: if I buy the SH in pts, will I have it unlocked on my regular server when it goes live?

    • VKing


    • The One Copper Bard

      Like almost every other game/MMO, the PTS is separate from the live servers so whatever you accumulate on PTS won’t carry over to live. Some might do this however SWTOR isn’t one of those MMO’s that has such a feature. Maybe special titles or other rewards via your account but in-game items for your character will not.

    • Drool Bear

      No, what happens on the PTS stays on the PTS.

  • Quest


  • Raekor

    The hardest thing they did…. nothing, simple as that they took a chunk of Rishi slapped some hooks on it and called it a stronghold. This looks like some intern’s turn at trolling players if nothing else. This game should be close to going belly up, no? Sad state of affairs

    • Rompe Himself

      You are talking about BW Austin who like to talk up what a raging success KOTFE/KOTET was. Of course this SH was the harest thing they ever did. They do tend to talk themselves up and deliberately play hot potato with facts.

      • Bounty_Hunter_Random

        Here’s a thought for Bioware and the team behind SWTOR, there are several planets already in game, and each planet has a couple of zones that you could interact with, do the missions and level up before moving on, now its entire planets and we only use a very very tiny portion of those planets. Why not add other zones on those planets for end game level content?

        I can only hope to see the next expansion has to offer, rather hopeful.

  • I’m sure that POS C-U-N-T Andryah will say this is amazing new content

    • abaddonsmummy

      Is it just me or is this bandwagon getting a bit old now?

      • Paulo Gomes

        Yep. Giving significance to someone I was almost completely oblivious to. Which is what she/he wants anyways.

      • Rompe Himself

        Hate to point the finger of blame at you and everyone else on this forum, Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut It is all your faults, because you all bitched and insulted him for his simple one liner “GAY” comment post on most articles. So now John has a new schtick and it is all about Andryah. *shrug* https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/02516a2b65913c9a08193895b417d5cc63510406db4524c7cfcdd6fa5fb74a33.gif

  • Jason York

    Looks good to me. I think it will encourage guilds to have events that include PVP now. Plus if it has a huttball arena built in, people may practice and learn how to pass!
    I think this is awesome and it looks HUGE!

  • mpsaunders .

    wow, this is massive, would take a lifetime to fill. Bit surprised. Bit disappointed at the room texture choices, bit too industrial looking rather than Rishi-like rooms but that skydeck and beach look awesome. And the waves/wind is an improvement on manaan’s silence.

    • Disqus this

      They made it uncommonly big because thats about the only new content you will be getting for a while other than a new PVP map.

      Enjoy being an interior designer.

  • Robert Rene Dibello

    Was hoping for the resort style of the city around the cantina on Rishi… woulda been lil cooler than just getting Ravagers as a SH… oh well… :/

  • 平賀才人

    They so fucking did Rishi stronghold the exact way I suggested it!! A Pirate hideout with the customizable carrier. *HYPES!!* OMFG: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=852592
    Finally something I will burn all my cash at lol.

  • Need2Crash

    I have not play in 3 month mostly cause I have not had access to my computer or the interent now, but i down now and I can’t bring my self to stay logged in longer then 5 minutes, tell bioware to send my text message when when 6.0 hits, and hopefull something interesting happens

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