SWTOR Cartel Market Update – July 9

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – July 9

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  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Links aren’t working. It seems like the link is to this page and just the tor fashion link added behind it which you didn’t do on the previous CM update.

  • Adam Haynes

    Hurray! What’s new this week that we can look forward to in the game? Bonuses for flash points? Special sales on equipment from vendors? Extra credits for doing wz’s? Oh right, we can buy old shit with cartel coins. Thanks Eric!

    • Rance

      I know the feel bro, each time I come here for goods news I’m deeply dissapointed.

  • Terentatek

    I’ve gathered Revan Reborn set a few years ago. I spent a lot of money and time doing this. But now some guys can just buy it directly from CM…

    • Rompe Himself

      A few years ago, this game wasn’t in the dire straits it is in now. Back when the Revan Reborn outfit came out with SOR, the content was plentiful, the quality far better then it is at the moment, and the population was huming along. Then 4.0 “Keeping up with the Valkorians” happened and, well, now BW Austin are desperate to get as much money from the remaining whales swimming in the Cartel Seas as they can before Papa EA calls time on this embarrassing display of ineptitude and laziness by BW Austin.

      I am not surprised the Revan outfit is on the market. What I am surprised about is that BW Austin STILL hasn’t pulled the trigger on putting a variant of the Wings of the Architect on the market to date.

      To help ease your pain over reborn set being sold directly, here, have this here picture of Time Traveling Keanu Reeves!! πŸ˜€


    • Disqus this

      As swtor gets worse and worse given the ineptitude of bioware. You can rest assured that anything and everything will eventually find it’s way to bioware’s cash shop. It might have a slightly changed color or something else just as minor but this game is all about the cash shop above even content.

      Just look at the more recent content bioware added in from last year. The casino event. A year old and couldn’t get a single update as they rolled it out as summer content. Guess whats been updated multiple times in a matter of weeks? The cash shop.

      As swtor goes more and more downhill. Expect more focus to fall on the cash shop and the items that are added to be more and more rare.

  • VKing

    I can hear RPers’ screams of joy but also I hear players’ screams of agony. Sadface.
    Revan Reborn is lit though. I understand some of you might be angry because you spent CCs on hypercrates to get this set or spent hundreds of milions credits on separate parts of the set but still, it was totally predictable they will start selling those huge sets again but this time as direct sale. I think the same was with Xoxaan set and few others.
    Perhaps they are making more money from direct sales rather than hypercrates (still remember that 50+$ lightsaber? yes, people were buying it like crazies…).

    • John Kosto

      Dude no one cares as much as you think. There are like 100 players left lol

      • VKing

        Yeah, I guess you are right.

        • surlygentleman

          hmmm… Logged in yesterday pretty sure there were more than one hundred people on. have you thought about turning on the counter in the upper right hand corner that you know actually shows how many people are logged in?

  • surlygentleman

    It is so funny how every upload everyone says this game is dying. Not like that is said about all games. Oh well you people are an endless source of entertainment please continue

    • Rompe Himself

      Yeah you’re right. SWTOR is so healthy and going great guns, I struggle to log in on the full servers (when I can manage to pick one, sooooooooo many servers to choose from), and the content is so plentiful, I cannot complete it in one lifetime, especially when SWTOR keeps pumping it out so fast, so hard and it is of exceptional quality.

      Whoops, I better stop, otherwise I’ll break the bullshit meter!! πŸ˜€


  • Surlygentleman

    love it when people say the game is dead. literally the troll tag line since day one. Oh well, technically they are right the game will end someday. So i guess the trolls are right… anyway you guys/girls are an endless source of entertainment; please continue.

    • VKing

      I believe you play since 4.0 or around that.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      The game started with 200 servers and now there are 5, two of which are decently populated. Technically the game isn’t dead until the servers all close. So you won’t hear me say that the game is dead. However, I do not think it’s an exaggeration to say that the game’s on life support.

      BioWare are doing what the can though to keep the life support on. They’ve sent PvE’ers to warzones to save the ranked queues (enticing them with mats), they’ve made new servers on new hardware that’s cheaper to maintain (sacrificing the pacific players due to increased ping) and now we get cross faction queues to keep the unranked queues alive (something they definitely were against doing in the past). Also direct sales in the CM which started last year, also facilitates more sales overall as its thrown the economy in game for a bit but more people spend cash in the CM. This is important because then you’re no longer dependent on the whales but have a wider spread of spending.

      All things that I believe to be good things to keep the game alive. The new SH which supports PvP and RP’ers (due to its size) is also something that works to strengthen guild activities as guild activities are more vital than ever.

      So no the game isn’t dead, but 5.0 ticked off way too many players and it was noticeable on the servers within a month maybe two after release. The impact was so bad that contrary to their normal ways, they came out with sudden livestreams, promises and patches and they were throwing the rudder around going for group content. Of course making group content after you chase a lot of the remaining raiders out of the game, is sort of pointless as we saw. People weren’t coming back for one boss every few months and so they changed direction again. Server merges were done and GC was changed more and more. It’s a mess but it needed changes at least.

      So really, the EU servers are Darth Malgus and two language servers they’re probably required to run for those countries but a lot of the French and Germans moved to Darth Malgus. And the US servers probably could be combined as one as it is from what I here. But really, this game is running on two servers, but even if you count all 5. It’s a shadow of what it was and it’s not dead till they all shut down, but I definitely believe it’s on life support and people will need to keep spending solidly in the CM to keep the wheels turning.

      I do hope that you’re not suggesting that the game is doing well and has a healthy population. Cause that would be the other extreme of saying it’s dead and then I’d have to say the other guys are closer to the truth. It’s hanging in there and barely, but the CM is doing its magic. It’s as good as it gets now, but not quite dead yet.

    • lol (Gets Popcorn)

    • John Kosto

      The game has died since 2 years ago

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Technically it’s still alive as there are still servers up. I’d say the more correct way of putting it is that the game is on life-support, sponsored by the Cartel Market.

        • John Kosto

          I don’t really care about technicalities though. It’s as good as dead.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            Well your loss. Technicalities do matter, but in the end I think we do agree that when people are saying the SWTOR is doing great that they’re being delusional.

            • John Kosto

              How is it my loss? I literally lose nothing.

              • EyesOfGehenna .

                Well, if you do not experience the loss, then I shall be happy for you.

    • Smarter Gentleman

      It’s all right. You can stand on your sinking ship of delusion. It entertains me as well. Have fun drowning, imbecile.

    • Fubarz
    • John Doe

      What game ? nobody even trolls the media about this game in terms of news or revenue. The game is just dragging along like a corpse like APB:Reloaded at this point.

    • Rompe Himself

      And I love it when people like you, living in denial about the state of the game, has the audacity to critique or insult those of us who see it for what it is, simply because you cannot handle facts.

      Take your delusion goggles off and take a good look around at the state of SWTOR and compare it to any MMO out there. Is SWTOR dead? Of course not, but it sure as hell isn’t healthy or in a good place. There are B2P games like GW2 pumping out more content then this sub based game. What the hell does that tell you? Go have a visit at Dulfy’s GW2 page (Here, I’ll even make it easy for you: http://dulfy.net/category/gw2/) and take a look at all those articles there. Do you notice how in between all the gem store updates, there are guides on new content, regular patch notes and more? Now take a look at SWTOR. Where are the guides? Well there needs to be new content to make guides for, and well, there is nothing new and hasn’t been for some time. Most of the articles for SWTOR relate to the Cartel Market, or showcasing upcoming stuff for…….you guessed it, the cartel market.

      Want something funnier? SWTOR can’t confirm an expansion or not (my money is expansions are truly dead for SWTOR), but STO has managed to release an expansion, and it is safe to say that their population would be smaller then SWTOR (probably not by much to be fair).

      And that is just me comparing SWTOR against GW2. When you compare it to WOW/ESO/FF, it becomes even more embarrassing against SWTOR.

      So tell me again how healthy and great this game is going. Because watching people like you live in delusion also provides me an endless source of entertainment,. πŸ˜€

      • Surlygentleman

        love it when people say the game is dead. literally the troll tag line since day one. Oh well, technically they are right the game will end someday. So i guess the trolls are right… anyway you guys/girls are an endless source of entertainment; please continue.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Are we still debating this? Is there a point to this kind of discussion?

      Is ANYBODY out there happy with the content that is being produced in this game? I mean, seriously. Forget the Forum Wars for a moment. Forget which side of the fence you are on. Are you telling me anyone, someone out there is happy with the content being delivered in this game?

      Sure, I could compare other games to this one.

      I won’t. I don’t have the patience anymore. Google is your friend. Do some research, see how other games put stuff out. How much stuff. And how much better stuff. More quantity, more quality.

      The game isn’t dead. Of course not. But it’s on life support. And the doctors are right now debating with the family turning off the machines, because this patient is not waking up.

  • Kubrickian

    With these outfits virtual cosplay RP’ers (only people still playing swtor) should get out there and make us some Guild Wars style dance videos! https://youtu.be/JVGTcjBlfuc?t=1m52s

  • VKing

    Since people are constantly fighting over which MMO has more content than SWTOR and why SWTOR is better, I decided to come up wth a list that will help us compare stuff. I took it all from my memory, so feel free to update this list. I decided to pick SWTOR for obvious reason and ESO since it’s the last MMO I played.

    SWTOR most recent, big updates – both soon-to-be released and already live:
    – KOTFE/KOTET – one story divided into 2 expansions, new planets/areas that aren’t even open because we are being walked through them (except fo Zakuul urban area)
    – new operation – as always, they failed to deliver it as scheduled time but they finally released it (in episodes, so the illusion of releasing new content periodically was strong)
    – SoR – 2 raids, 2 daily areas (Rishi and Yavin)
    – uprisings
    – flashpoints Crisis on Umbara and Copero
    – incoming new arena

    ESO most recent big updates – both soon-to-be released and already live:
    – Morrowind – new area, new class, new PvP mode, new raid for 12 people
    – Summerset Isles – so far new raid for 12 people, new area, new story, new skill line
    – Homestead – basically strongholds but we got over dozen of them at the launch
    – Horns of the Reach – 2 dungeons/flashpoints, new monster sets,
    – Clockwork City – new storyline, new area, new challenge for 12 players,
    – Dragon Bones – another new story,
    – incoming Wolfhunter – propably new dungeons and stuff.

    I am trying to stay civil. Anyone feel free to put more stuff in comments for simple comparison. Please refrain yourself from things like periodical events (Gree, NS Nighlife, BH week) and stuff that was taken from us and released as “new content” (companions).

    • Paulo Gomes

      You forgot the latest FP, “The Nathema Conspiracy”.

      You also left out Star Fortresses and the Eternal Championship.

      And before you (rightfully) get on my case, I would like to turn your attention to the quality factor. Yes, Star Fortresses were content (more like Star Fortress, because they were all the same).

      But how many people do you know that actually play SFs? Or the Eternal Championship? The people I knew did SFs to get the companions and achievements, and never set foot inside them again. Same for the Eternal Championship.

      Point being: it’s not good quality content. And we have proof of that in game. The old Flashpoints are still being played today. Because they were good quality content. In fact, SF’s and the EC were so ill received by players they often forget they were an addition to the game.

      Like you did.

      I’ve drawn comparisons to other games. Many times. It’s pointless. I am right now an ESO player. I cannot keep up with the pace at which Bethesda delivers content. Granted: I’m now a dad of three, with a wife and a job. I don’t have the luxury of putting in 6 or 8 hours of playing into an MMO. But still. Damn, I just wish people tried out other games, not to just see the difference, but to FEEL the difference too.

      • VKing

        My point was not to humiliate SWTOR or ESO, I only wanted to make a list that will be -somewhat- a comparison between two. Of course it won’t be 100% accurate, as ESO is B2P with optional subscription and SWTOR is basically F2P/trial (as you can basically do only basic flashpoints and stories) with subscription literally being forced onto players.

        And yes, you are completely right – I forgot about SF and EC not on purpose but because barely anyone did those. I think I did like 3 SF and I did one full run of EC and that was it. Come to think of it, SWTOR released some content in last few years but in FEW YEARS. What Bioware struggled to deliver in 3-4 year span, we got from Bethesda in like 2 years and they are still saying much more is yet to come. And I believe them. Just compare Musco’s and ZOS livestreams. It’s like ZOS being Ronaldinho in his glory days playing against some mediocre kid who just escaped his competition in special olympics.

        You just made me think that this list that I wanted to make is pointless. There is no reason to do so, SWTOR’s content is of much worse quality than ESO’s. I’ll get to it at the end of this year, if I won’t forget.

        • Paulo Gomes

          Look: from the point that BioWare came out OFFICIALLY referencing Cartel Market cosmetics as CONTENT…

          That’s enough right there. You wanna draw a comparison? Name me one MMO that references cosmetics as content. Name me ONE.

          Anything else is pointless. They know where the cows are. And how to milk them.

          • Rompe Himself

            Don’t forget how BW Austin declared the last server merge as CONTENT as well. No other MMO out there has ever done that.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Damn… I always forget something. There’s too many blunders to remember them all loooooool…

    • Fubarz

      What to say honestly BW Austin has been not giving anything new since SoR, other then in piece meal. And so far this year (summer being a major time for playing MMO’s) it’s little to nothing but re skin

      • VKing

        I even went so far as to counting Bioware’s content since 2014 and they still delivered less and of worse quality than Bethesda since 2016. Sadface.

        Problem is most people think that revamped Galactic Conquest, buffs and nerfs to disciplines and returned companions count as fresh content.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          I have yet to meet one person, here or in game, where they think that’s new content.

          (OP is drmike)

  • Fubarz
  • Jep Fareborn

    is recruiting! is also a NON-friendly guild which is also recruiting.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Is Surleygentleman in fact and in actuality – BOOMY ? BEHOLD! I give you:

    • Rompe Himself

      Who the hell is this borderline retard living in denial? What did I just watch? Did I just watch a video of a guy impersonating Andryah’s “LEAVE BW AUSTIN ALONE” rants. Or maybe it was Andryah after all, and she has had a sex change now, then made this video?

      So this delusional fool admits that yes, there is a content drought, but still thinks SWTOR is healthy and in a good place, simply saying it is all because of how small BW Austin’s team is? Doesn’t seem to stop BW Austin from demanding full sub fees, while in return, SWTOR is pumping out the lowest amount of content outside of maintenance mode mmo’s. No comment?? Ok, well how about how the population is decimated? Oh but he thinks it still has a good future, despite year after year, the population getting smaller and smaller, server after server being merged? No?? Still SWTOR is going strong? Wow. Oh but now he conveniently dismisses or ignores his own points with how the GOTM Op, a SINGLE, SOLITARY op came out late, while ignoring that it was in fact, a SINGLE, SOLITARY op for a whole year, not multiple, and yet they till struggled to keep their own deadline. Yeah that’s ok it seems. Go figure. This guy’s reasoning is hopeless, kinda like his homeboy Keith.

      If this retard is the sort of person BW Austin picks as an influencer, well, it sure as hell makes sense why the game is where it is at and the direction it went in. This guy right here, is what I have always said – That BW Austin have conditioned the remaining players to accept and celebrate mediocrity.

      For the same point he makes about ignoring those who no longer play SWTOR and what we say and think, simply because we don’t play this game anymore, well my question is, why should we listen to someone clearly ignoring facts, and spinning his own bullshit excuses, just because the facts are facts and he doesn’t like them and clings to empty promises? Is it not better to listen to truth then lies?

      BW Austin and this idiot, basically wants everyone to ignore everything around them, the lack of content, the delays in putting everything out, taking full sub fees while giving very little in return (except constant cartel market updates of course), and trust that SWTOR is going strong and has a plan (That same line was used in 2016 & 2017 and look how that fucking turned out), contrary to evidence otherwise.

      The state of SWTOR is without question, it isn’t dead, but it sure as hell isn’t healthy or in a good place. The content is getting thinner and thinner every year. The time taken to put content out is taking longer and longer. The depth of the actual content is becoming a farce, more and more with every passing content push. Just look at how they are recycling existing maps and content, to turn them into strongholds now.

      Keith being so hopeless makes it easy to prove fools like this guy with his fingers in his ears, wrong, time after time, year after year. People like this guy who rely on faith in Keith’s broken promises, year after year, lie after lie, are the ones who truly need to be ignored and dismissed for the delusional fools they are.

      And finally, notice these fanbois have nothing left to defend SWTOR with except that line about “Why do you talk about SWTOR if you don’t play it hurdy hur”?? If SWTOR is in such a good place, step up and show it. But no, all they have is don’t talk about SWTOR if you don’t play it. Bravo!! What a quality argument.

      Draw your own conclusions indeed. I know what zealots like this guy and Andryah need indeed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b0914e33a5c3a6b87978044220620ce1237cb93a85655400f3b3c73fdda9174.gif

    • Paulo Gomes

      “… and because of KotET, because of KotFE, outside of the storyline being darned good…”

      That was it for me. Didn’t watch any more.

      I don’t normally use expletives, but I think it’s justified in this case:

      FUCK Kot** and all that shit. THAT was the final nail in the coffin. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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