GW2 Gemstore–Tremor Armadillo Beetle Skin & Upcoming Items

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Tremor Armadillo Beetle skin for 2000 gems and some upcoming items from that_shaman.

New & Returning Items

Tremor Armadillo Beetle Skin – 2000 gems


Returning Items

  • Raven’s Spirit Glider – 500 gems
  • Dread Quiver Backpack – 350 gems
  • Mercenary Backpack – 400 gems
  • Winged Headpiece – 400 gems
  • Crimson Lion Dye Kit, Blue Shift Dye Kit, and Zhaitan Dye Kit—26% Off

Upcoming Items

Item codes/images taken from that_shaman’s thread

Storm Gloves – [&AgEsWAEAAA==]


Desert King Backpack and Glider Combo


  • Ares Zax

    I fully expect to see blue-dyed hedgehogs rolling around the game any second now. 😛

  • KJ

    I think these skins are great, really good work by the artists, but I still don’t understand the price tag of 2000 gems for 1 skin. That’s like a $25 hedgehog. I think the mount packs are such a better value at 4 great skins for 1600.

    • Madeleine Leroy

      Nothing weird here. Other games ask the same amount of money without a chance to buy stuff with in-game currency. I really don’t understand the continuously crystorm about this subject. The mount is $25 OR about 500 IN-GAME GOLD! Crybaby…

      • Lexotyc

        “Other games ask the same…” is as invalid as an argument can get. The “crystorm” you refer to is not as babylike as you say it is. Consider for a moment that an expac costs 30 bucks, do you consider a mount skin to be worth a sixth less than an entire expac? Where the last one gave us mounts, story, bigger maps than ever and more? I know Anet needs to make money of this and i know im going to buy this skin for the sake of me wanting it, but also wanting to support and thank Anet for their support and free content overal. I know what you mean by your argument and I agree people shpuld realize that this is completely optional and that Anet gives alot to us for free. But saying it is justified because “others asl the same” is illogical and a false argument. 🙂

      • KJ

        Not sure I deserve the crybaby flair for my innocuous opinion, but clearly people love to escalate things on the internet..

        What I said was not unreasonable. By reducing the price, they could still get a good return by selling high volume. I personally weigh every purchase I make, I want a good value for the cost. For me, this is too expensive, not worth the $25. The mount packs, however I did buy, they were much more versatile for their price and complimented more of my characters.

        But especially because this is the first beetle skin, I am sure it will sell a decent amount regardless of my opinion. Sorry for my ‘crystorm’, you can put your umbrella away now.

    • Jasmine Lock

      lol people are still crying over the price.

      • KJ

        Nope, I am glad she was let go. Tears of joy if anything.

  • knu

    armadillo is not a hedgehog u guys

    • The One Copper Bard

      In this game universe we got some pretty odd looking critters. Sure some may represent our real life stuff but who says that they have to do stuff within the box? Its different and being different is what draws people in.

      • knu

        It’s adorable for sure, especially compared to the armadillos already in-game.

  • Kalcheus

    I may need to get those gloves

  • Jin Santos

    But… this is a Pandolin… not Armadillo D:
    Good skin also i love <3

    • minion_condi_necro

      OMG I was thinking the same thing XD

    • Not many people know what a Pangolin is so they went for Armadillo instead.

  • minion_condi_necro

    Rammus skin when? 😀

  • Sotos

    cute, but i prefer a pack instead of 2k gems for a single skin.
    Storm gloves and DK combo seems nice .

  • Enzovic

    Why Armadillo? The next logical skin is a Hedgehog.

    • Mr. Principal

      I was expecting a fish tank.. or shiny disco ball..!

      • Zone

        Quaggan Exercise wheel mount skin XD

        …or yeah, fish tank with a quaggan in it (like the leg shield)!

        • Mr. Principal

          Or a huge rotating fire ball which changes to Ice ball or even to sand if you change maps depending on the location.. Ele’s will like it..!

      • Razyiel

        Actually…i would totally instabuy a freaking disco ball xDD

  • Korey Garabed

    Now THAT’S a cool mount skin

  • Zaire Kelly

    armadillo was an obvious choice and probablly was a contender for beetle in the first place.

    • Shaggy

      normally id agree with you but its based on an old gw1 minigame

  • Karagianis

    That is not even an armadillo, armadillo armour isn’t like that. It’s a frikking PANGOLIN!

    • KJ

      It’s also possibly a walking artichoke.

    • Carlos Oliveira

      The beetle is also not a beetle, it’s based on either a millipede or an isopod, so nice to see they’re keeping with the theme.

      • Vael Victus

        It’s actually a rollerbeetle, so.

    • Alot

      Plus Pangolin roller has such an epic vibe to it.

  • Tsar CUBE

    Man… those new gloves look like they will push my chaos gloves skin out of circulation for all my characters, time to farm gold again!! >.<

    • Chadd Hunter

      Check the preview first. I just looked at them in game and they don’t look nearly as impressive as that image. Could be the current dye I have on tho.

      • Alot

        Do they have that bizarre solid line sticking out of them like the chaos gloves do?

  • Raizel

    Not too bad of a skin but 2000 gems for it? No thanks.

  • ronaldgoldstein

    does armageddonrillo come with leprosy special aura? For 2000gems it better!

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