SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.9.2 V2

SWTOR Upcoming cartel market items from Patch 5.9.2 V2.

For the previous 5.9.2 update along with previews of some armors, see this post


Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade – Platinum

K-13 FS Heavy Cannon


Dark Side Hssiss – Platinum 



Dark Side Channeling Weapon Tuning – Gold

Flair: Sign of the Dark Lord – Gold

Pet: Wetlands Fi’Lin

Pet: Remote Training Probe

  • elciupkabra

    Content plx

  • elciupkabra

    Where is content ffs

    • Alec Fortescue

      few pvp maps and matchmaking coming with that patch.

      • Disqus this

        I didn’t bother with the PTS this but I thought they said two maps.

        Are either just another reskin of an old PVP map with some minor terrain change like they did last time? That was a pretty “F”ed up move from bioware as they presented it as new.

      • John Kosto

        New pvp maps? I don’t think so. PvP area in a Stronghold doesn’t really count.

        • Ben Gimson

          There’s a new arena map being added.

  • Fubarz

    More cool crap I can use to run around playing Huttball in the new SH…….Not!!

    • Fred Garvin
    • VKing

      Yes, keep them moneys flowing. Be an useful SWTOR player!
      If you spend 100$ this month you will get amazing astromech droid pet!

      • Yea yea , can you atleast back to TESO ? thx

        • VKing

          Oh, yeah. That reminds me of new expansion!

    • pig benis

      I appreciate your support in Anthem’s future development.

      • so why you comming here ? go on Anthem forum or smth ….. (*laug*) – SWTOR even now is best RP game at this moment and had less bug then TESO 😀

        • Xard

          SWTOR isn’t suited for RP at all, you twat. Simply because most basic emotes are exclusive to subs only. And don’t call that RP, as you propably don’t even know what PBF is. Also:
          the best*
          Learn the language if you want to argue, you polish twat. 😀

          • poor troll which one dont have idea what to write. I know you and ppl like you – its sad to have you in this same nationality rly. Troll tell me why you comparing MMO to simple RPG? you really idiot. Didnt event had a profile..

            • Trappie

              I will tell you. Because it’s all about RP and not RPG. PBF is not RPG, it’s RPF. It’s pretty much the same as SWTOR’s RP as it all goes by words in general.

              But whatever. XDDD

              • Words in general ? nice RPing…. there are emotes , you can do some missions , create npc , check locations etc eh what are you comapring ? There are dedicated decorations , strongholds flagship. Comapre game to forum whatever…

              • Trappie

                I suppose you don’t even know how K dices work or you never heard of Neuroshima, this is where I will leave you in your ignorance. Also yes, RP is usually done in words on paper, unless it’s LARP. SWTOR van be the gamę you use as RP medium but it is not suited for RP in general. Same way you can drive a mediocre car on the mountain road but it is not suited for it. 🙂

              • yea I played in board game called D&D so many years ago. But its forum about SWTOR so why you comparing this 2 things (game to paper game) ? I talking about video game not papers….

          • learn the language oh …. another kid which one had rly hard life because of rape by men. Worst trolling ever – calling polish twat and being polish aswell. How its called ? Ah dosent matter 🙂

            • Xard

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              • Draxx

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              • Draxx

                You won. I had a stroke trying to comprehend what you are saying.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Shameless money grab – – they can’t put this stuff in the actual game to EARN. Is this what gaming has been reduced to? Character outfit perks and character housing perks? “Second Life II…”
    Really I want this game to die so bad and the entire notion of Gaming Loot Boxes and pay to Video Game Gamble in general.

  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]

    EA/BW is confused by your requests for “content”:

    1. something that is contained
    2. something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts
    3. significance or profundity; meaning

    …and assumes you want to remain “content”:

    [kuh n-tent]
    1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
    2. the state or feeling of being contented; satisfaction; contentment

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      CM = Content Market right? Pay for overpriced stuff and be content the life support of the servers remains plugged in another month.

    • Fred who?

      Hmmm, let’s examine this further.

      1. Complete twat

      Yep that’s pretty much it.

      • Alec Fortescue

        Would have been funny if it was correct. Making a harmless joke hardly makes one a twat.

        • VKing

          I am glad someone realizes this 🙂

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        Nice to see you have no disagreements about the “content”! Have a great weekend 😀

    • Shawn Hargrave


  • Ben Gimson

    Odd that the Dark Lord flair doesn’t really resemble the Sith aesthetic in any way :/

    • Alec Fortescue

      yes 🙁

    • Darth Gnaw

      the purple should have been red.

      • Ben Gimson


    • Thundertrain

      It does resemble the Valkorian aesthetic, though. Good thing we’re getting away from all that Zakuul nonsense, right?!

      • Ben Gimson

        I don’t know, has a kind of ‘poison’ vibe to it. Not sure what they were aiming for I don’t see any aesthetic from the SW universe when I look at it.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          It reminds me of the Dark Temple on DK (excluding the lava part ofthe ring).

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Looks like “Sith Lord’s Artifacts Decoration Bundle” (Dulfy’s Patch 5.9.2 V3 post) is its color/thematic inspiration.

      • Ben Gimson

        Pity they weren’t inspired by the aesthetics of, well, the Sith :’)

        • Darth Ji’inx

          I would prefer it if it were based on the new Sith armor and blade that were also datamined…

  • cx

    More ugly fantasy game swords…

  • Thundertrain

    That assault cannon looks like it will just be absurdly large. Like “I have a jet engine with a handle and a trigger on it” large. If they’ve worked out a mechanic that makes you walk like a hunchback with a limp when you carry that, I’ll buy one.

    I also LOVE the mount that looks like a pontoon boat with a lawn chair welded in the middle of it. If they’ve worked out a mechanic that makes you hold a Schlitz in one hand while you tuck the other hand into the waistband of your pants, I’ll buy one.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Welcome to the world of Assault Cannons, mate. As a Commando main since day one, I hate almost all of them. They put no thought into the designs except to make them too big, too bulky, and with tons of useless crap strapped to them for no reason. All I want is something smaller and simple, like the heavy repeater “minigun” looking thing from the Clone Wars show.

      • Éamon McCraith

        man there’s a ton of small cannons out there. nobody buys/carries them because there’ just fugly as uck. i love my spewie with the folding-maw style muzzle

        • Jonathan Parker

          Are you serious?! That’s one of the worst! A muzzle that unfolds into three flaps and as many laser sights? No… No.

      • burstdragon323

        The smallest one I’ve used is the resolute guerrilla cannon.

      • Jab
        • Jonathan Parker

          I used that one for a long time, was the best I could find. I’m currently using this one: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/inscrutable-assault-cannon/
          I used to use this one for a long time: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/e-15-rampage-cannon/
          I’d absolutely love to have this one: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/gallantry/
          That’s it, the four good assault cannons I’ve been able to find in the entire game.

          • Sozinho

            Just saw the Gallantry on Satele Shan, 10 millions.

            • Jonathan Parker

              Hold up, it’s for sale?! I thought that thing was exclusive to that goddamn Cartel Pack reputation that’s near impossible to get now.

              • Thundertrain

                They put it up for direct sale in the CM when they had the big “Event” (still find that hilarious) when they put most things up for direct sale and switched to a single “Ultimate” Cartel crate. Might still be in the CM for direct sale; I know a few of the other weapons from that lineup are.

              • Sozinho

                I saw all the weapons, indeed. As Thundertrain wrote, they were on direct sale. Also, they dropped from chance cubes too.

      • CRYPT from CATACOMBZ

        I was never much playing for Republic, but i made a commando mainly because of this cannon https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/gray-helix-autocannon/ . For me the most amazing cannon in a game

        • Jonathan Parker

          I used that one for a long time too, but one without the visual effects of the Gree model. It was practical enough, black (I don’t get all of these other weird colors), and to be perfectly honest, it reminded me a little bit of a big M56 smart gun from Aliens, but with a much bigger barrel.

  • Jonathan Parker

    This is all garbage except for that Hssiss. I’ve been wanting one of those for my Assassin ever since I played KOTOR2 again. Too bad I’ll never get it, because I’m not spending absurd amounts of money on the CM, or absurd amounts of time grinding credits for one on the GTN.

  • AbnerDoon

    The last mount shown looks like some kind of deluxe pool floaty.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Wrong; it’s a Czerka pool floaty. 😉

  • John Kosto

    Another batch of crap 🙂

  • burstdragon323

    If they added the Warblade from the SW story, I would buy CC in a heartbeat.

    • Alec Fortescue

      role play that this is the one. :p

  • Vincent van der Laan

    love the demon lord kinda sword xD

  • LucasFaun

    acctually this is good shit. but if they could only release some cool rodians,trandoshians whutever. for us that doesnt like to kiss pixels.

  • I’m sure Andryah is frothing at the vag at the thought of even more gambling packs.

  • Kaelin

    To be fair I expected more from Sign of the Dark Lord (1st and 2d flairs were far better). Like that demon blade. But the best parts of new pack are Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set I will never get and Resort Swimwear (may be I will be lucky to get that one and for an ok price).

  • So when I will buy this nice things ?

  • It’s about got damned time. I’ve been waiting for this “Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade” AKA Tarre Vizsla’s Darksaber. I’d have to see how it animates before I make any more assumptions…

    • Darth Ji’inx

      This warblade’s a solid blade, not plasma.

  • Poison Ivy

    The new blaster cannon reminds me of the Tractor Cannon on Destiny 2 xD. I’m quite intrigued on what the animations & sound effects would look and sound like.

  • hppy!

    Definetly the coolest of the Meirm mounts!


    Oh, wait…

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