GW2 Gemstore – Desert King Backpack/Glider and Storm Gloves

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Desert King Backpack/Glider combo for 700 gems and the Storm Gloves for 500 gems.

New Items

Desert King Backpack/Glider combo – 700 gems

  • Features two separate dyeable trails

Storm Gloves – 500 gems

  • Two dye channels


  • Branded Mounts Pack – 1600 gems (20% OFF) – Same price as before, not sure why they mark it as a sale
  • Jalen Dmello

    That’s the storm gloves o_0 woot. I had a totally different image in my head.

  • Liberatus Blair

    The glider should´ve been the reward for finishing a collection, instead of being a mere addition to the shop

  • Mikey Moo


  • Mr. Principal

    The backpack/glider looks good but it is too big & blocks the head.. Pass..

  • Taiwan Wolf

    next we’ll need dripping moist hands for water element

    • KJ

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • nb


  • nb

    when wvw changes ?!

  • Ardenwolfe


  • Shaggy

    neat stuff, though the backpack is a bit large.

    i like the idea of the gloves, but not enough chest armor looks good with bare hands.

    • Taiwan Wolf

      It’s because of the big shoulder pieces and large longboots that dominate most skins which make bare hands look awkward. One of the reasons I wanted a hide boots toggle but Anet was disgusted by the idea.

  • lithlius

    Stargate anyone?

  • Asda

    We’re getting well past the point that it’s just unconscionable that back items can’t be dyed.

    • KJ

      100% this. As cool as I find some of these backpack / glider combos, the fact that the dyes change upon beginning to glide really limits my enjoyment of these skins.

    • Pink Popstar Ahri

      Sadly there has never been a good reason to do this other then being able to sell items to you multiple times in different colors.

  • kazerniel

    Those storm gloves will be an excellent addition to my spark-themed character 🙂

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