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SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 PTS Patch Notes V2

Here are the final set of patch notes for the Patch 5.9.2 currently on PTS.

PTS Final Build and Notes | 07.20.2018, 03:41 PM

Hey folks,

Quick update, we are almost a wrap on PTS! Again, we cannot thank you all enough for the time you have spent testing 5.9.2. Your feedback has been invaluable in getting us to this point. The plan right now is that we will have our final PTS patch either later today or tomorrow. We are going to focus the last stage of testing on:

  • Rishi Stronghold
  • Mandalorian Battle Ring

I am going to close and make new feedback threads for both of those topics to ensure we get feedback from the most recent version of PTS. Note that feedback you give from this round of changes may not be fully captured in the 5.9.2 release, but your feedback can help us plan for beyond that as well!

Here are the notes for the next build:


  • Level 10 relics will no longer Bolster incorrectly.
  • All items that require a Cartel Market Reputation should now properly check that requirement against the players Underworld Exchange Reputation.


  • The announcement text in Voidstar will now properly say it is a training session.
  • Scoreboard colors should now only show one color per team.
  • The text in chat when acquiring a medal now states the correct values.
  • There will no longer be a stationary ship in the intro cinematic for the Voidstar.
  • Giradda the Hutt has decided to take mercy on all those who would partake in Huttball. A “mercy rule” has been added, if a team is in the lead by 6 points the game will end.
  • Voidstar defender spawn shields now have an uptime of 24 seconds and a downtime of 6 seconds (Changed from 30 up and 5 down).
  • Voidstar defending players who are not put on the speeder at the start of the match now have a speeder they can click on instead.
  • Using interactable objects in Ancient Hypergates and Voidstar will now break stealth automatically.


  • Players will no longer randomly die when using traversal abilities in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena.
  • There are now 2 jump pads in the Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena that jump the player from the ground level to the top of the platform in the center.


  • Exiting the camera bot will no longer remove sprint from your character.
  • The camera bot has had its movement speed increased.
  • The camera bot now has a toggle to turn the blue overlay on and off.
  • The camera bot has been upgraded with new functionality, jumping.
  • The camera bot can no longer be pulled into combat with players.
  • Players are untargeted when they take control of a camera bot.
  • A Bolster terminal has been added to the training room.
  • More hooks can be found throughout the Rishi Hideout.
  • A new walkway has been added to connect the beach to the landing platform in the Rishi hideout.
  • Players can now access the awning on the Skydeck.
  • There is some new sand on the beach in the Rishi Cove.
  • Bind points have been added to the Rishi Hideout. Changing your bind point changes where you enter the Stronghold.
  • The resolve bar will now show on the character portrait in the Rishi Hideout.
  • Using the Skydeck elevator will now play a transition cinematic.

Galactic Starfighter

  • The scorecard at the top of the UI will now display as intended.

Thanks everyone.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

37 replies on “SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 PTS Patch Notes V2”

I’m only looking forward to finally getting the Gallantry assault cannon from that reputation that I thought I’d never finish. Actually, there’s probably a few items I want from all of those reputations.

I might actually install SWTOR again just to see how that reputation system will work. Perhaps I will finally be eligible for some sick sets that are worth too much on GTN. Refreshing, might keep me in game for some time.
Until I’ll get bored stiff again after I killed Karagga for 1258125th time.

And knowing most guilds I’ve been with we’ll quit after 3 wipes then wait few days for another attempt. I am not spending money on full month sub, I will use someone’s ref link.

There was no SJW shit in the new films, and frankly, I do not even understand what people mean with this term anymore.

[OP is Fred G]

So much this. The only use I have for that term is to quickly identify people whose opinion I cannot take seriously.

I think he means having an Asian character and black character and and female leaders for no real reason that brought nothing useful plotwise or entertaining to the series.
Which in reality did the opposite of SJW. Because they were all the most incompetent and most useless characters in the series.
Really? The one black dude is a bumbling janitor with good intentions?
really??? And the Asian girl talks a bunch of shit about how important the rebellion is and then almost gets it destroyed an hour later because “have to save cute guy”
Might as well have been named Star Wars: The Zany Adventures of Finn and Rose.

The fact that you think having an Asian character and a black character in a film is without reason, is what’s wrong with the picture. Suddenly if not everyone is a white male, people lose their shit. It is highly entertaining to me. Not once did I think throughout watching the movie anything related to color, race, or gender. Seriously, get your priorities checked.

the problem isnt asian and black people in the film its how they put them in it. Look at the original trilogy you got lando calrissian a swave cool character that made sense. In the new ones its finn a clumsy space janitor/stormtrooper and then you have rose tico the biggest sjw prop ive ever seen in a movie an obiese asian women whos entire character doesnt fit into the story at all it was practically shoe horned in to apease sjw tools you could take rose tico out of the movie and it would be the same movie thats the problem is the characters are to politically correct and shoehorned in to fit there sjw agenda where as lando calrissian had a point and made sense and fit into the story. I blam riahn jonson though they wrote rose tico so fucking badly

There is not such thing as political correctness. I was not bothered at all by Rose Tico, I think she was an indifferent character. I don’t know how you people are such whiny babies when you see anything but a white strong male killing everyone and saving the day. One would say you feel threatened…

Lol you just keep thinking that. I wasnt bothered by rose she was just a pointless character like i said you can take her whole storyline out of the movie and it be the same movie can you say the same about lando calrissan?

[OP is Fred G]

lol…I guess you missed the part where Lando was put in specifically because of complaints 40 years ago that there weren’t any minorities in the original Star Wars? The only difference is the internet didn’t exist for everyone to make everything 1,000x more of a big deal than it really is.

And calling Kelly Marie Tran obese is just irrelevant, ridiculous, and ignorant. If she’s obese to you then I suspect you think most women weigh 95 lbs.

The difference is lando was relevant rose tico wasnt. As for kelly marie she was just a movie prop for a political sub plot that went nowhere

in the tfa there wasnt much but tlj was nothing but sjw garbage with captain gender studies and her purple hair and men are stupid shit and rose tico and the socialist crap and free the space donkeys capitalism is bad shit. Rose tico was a sjw prop in general lol

Shawn, I never imagined you as a right wing special snowflake…. I mean if that’s all you managed to get from that movie, you really see what you want to see.

First of all, purple hair is pretty cool. This is Star Wars. You have seen all kinds of weird aliens, hair, looks, piercings, tattoos, skin and hair colors, and this got to you? Wow, so sensitive.

I am not opposed to a movie promoting good messages. Animal abuse is not exactly a cool thing to do. And there was nowhere a part of the movie where they criticized capitalism, sadly. Then it could have been a better movie, since capitalism is crap.

[OP is Fred G]

It baffles me how a lobster man with flipper “hands” that couldn’t possibly do a damn thing with the controls of a ship designed for humans and is wearing what looks like a Star Trek med bay uniform is somehow acceptable as an Admiral but a woman with purple hair and a dress sends everyone into a damn spiral of despair…lol.

Heres the thing when i saw the last jedi i wasnt expecting any political agenda i was seeing a star wars movie. The whole rose tico story line was pointless like i said remove that from the movie its the same movie. Im watching that thinking what is all this pointless political garbage doing on here on a “star wars” movie as for the rest lol seriously? Purple hair is not cool its what the antifa assholes have who my security removes teeth from who chant there communist bs at me when they give me fake papers to buy marijuana for the glocoma they dont have so yeah id say purple hair is a red flag to me lol. Capitalism is crap huh well i sure as hell not going to be making 250k to half a mill a day in russia anywhere else in the world legally under socialism lol.

the problem is the story wasnt pushed fwd in tlj in empire strikes back you find out vader is lukes dad in tlj you have a ton of questions and not 1 answer we still dont know wtf rey is? or why we should care about her at all? They turned luke into a total pussy they totally destroyed luke skywalker as a character. They didnt reveal anything it was a total waste of a film. Even there politcally correct garbage didnt work rose tico was absolutely pointless and hello capt phasma the bobba fett of this trilogy dies stupidly like bobba did lol smh

I have literally never seen Dulfy delete youtube posts.

Also, this video is complete bullshit. We already know the stories of some of the episodes that were never released, because Dave Filoni revealed them last year, and the are not the stories described in the video. But even if they were…. these seem like amazing stories, so yes, of course we will be very excited, contrary to what the video says.

So, this is your new thing? Talking shit about this Andryah person instead of sprouting how gay this game is?

What about class changes? Been hearing rumors that lightning sorcs finally might get a buff. Waited 2 years for it now and Kieth who plays the spec say it needs some attention too. Server merge and 6.0 expansion made me come back but would love to see some change to my main toon. As idc for the meta or the “delete sorc from game” from forums. Thanks in advance

I know they don’t but no matter how you twist and turn it, they are the ones who decides things, with info and support from Eric. M Kieth and such. No need to be snide. Ohh my bad I forgot this is dulfy, just like Reddit, 90% trolls, elitist, tryharder and what not. Why did I even say something here I wounder.

Both of these forums have a bad rep for many reasons. So yeah you are right, I’m a fool for coming here…should have expected your answer.

Woah, talk about overreaction for triggering.

You should have expected to take any answer with abit of salt and sugar at the same time. No need to go on a sarcastic rant about OTHER forums. That makes you a troll.

I overreacted a bit sure but with all your bs you still did not come with any answer to my initial, when or why the class changes were. And to see you got +1 from someone with it simply proves my point here. And you say “no need to be sarcastic” pff, that did not stop you from saying “you poor fool”.

Now I will stop this cause I know w/e I will type here you will just, insted of admtting your error too, will counter with another simular messege, like the insecure, selfish and spolid millenial I’m guessing you are who can’t take any heat yourself without going nuts and type caps.

Not sure what is worse, being 40yo gamer with 7 mmo’s under your belt and play kiddy games, still prefer keep both my feet on the ground cause I’m no elitist snob or to try talk sence with ppl on todays forums. You can have the last word as I’m sure you really want it so go ahead.

“…will counter with another simular messege, like the insecure, selfish
and spolid millenial I’m guessing you are who can’t take any heat
yourself without going nuts and type caps…”
Yeah, being almost serious when pointing out your naivety is me being insecure, selfish or spoiled. *rolls eyes*

“I’m no elitist snob or to try talk sence with ppl on todays forums.”
I dont know your skill in gaming but talking sense isnt one of your skills obviously. After your rants you demonstrate that you are part of the toxic trolls in the gaming community. Good job, troll.

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