SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.9.2 V3

SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 5.9.2 V3.


Not much new stuff here but they did add the collection icons for these armor sets. You can see the ingame preview of these armor sets here



New Previews

K-13 FS Heavy Cannon – Platinum

Czerka T-18 Tactical Throne – Gold

Dark Side Channeling Weapon Tuning – Gold

Pet: Remote Training Probe – Silver

Pet: Wetlands Fi’lin – Silver

  • OW EN F

    Is that an NPC deco pack with a hutt character? Finally!

    • AbnerDoon

      I am hoping that as well. The last 3 npc bundles have been great. I hope they continue this trend.

    • Sarigar

      Certainly looks that way. Having some NPC decos in action poses is nice, too.

    • VKing

      I hope so, I hated how they always focused on Force-sensitive-like stuff.

  • Ben Gimson

    Some awesome stuff here 😀

  • burstdragon323

    Warden Armors were cool, too bad they probably wont be below 350k.

    • Ben Gimson

      Why would they be?

  • Michael Wynn

    Those armor sets are looking awesome

  • Snarf

    Callous Conqueror reminds me of Destro from GI-Joe.

    • Darth Gnaw

      I was thinking Dr Doom.
      Just needs a green dye.

  • PPPoE

    The decorations… we are finally there. Pumpkins to Halloween and Santa Claus hat in december incomming.


    • Because when you get a beach stronghold, you should absolutely not have beach party stuff to go with it, am I right?

      Also, we had pumpkins for quite a while, with the TRK-R Treatment Chamber

  • Deshik

    so is distinguished warden a progressive armor set or why did it have atleast 3 different forms earlier?

    • Teddybomber87

      First pics where on the Pts not ready

  • Kubrickian

    Beach Party? Coolers? Umbrellas? SWTOR has yet again jumped the shark.

    • OW EN F

      Now I want a shark deco…

    • Because people never relax in galaxy far far away, am I right?

      When you are getting Stronghold with a beach, why not have stuff for a beach party?

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        You can forget the beach party. They’ll have too few decorations to really make a good theme out of it and make sure you never can get enough of them…so just like every other decoration theme basically. You can make a small party with just enough stuff for 10 people where everybody has one of 2 towels and everybody gets the same exact parasol. And a small fire instead of a bonfire. I feel festive already…

        Oh and the guys don’t get to swim either I guess. Or at least have swim wear, nobody can actually swim in this game of course.

        • sick of the moan

          If you had actually put any effort into accumulating decos you’d be fine. I am not a CC ‘whale’ but I bought stuff consistently from the advent of SHs, crafted a lot, and have everything I want now. So stop being such a fucking repetitive whiner

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            Stop talking out of your rear end. I have a lot of decorations bought and crafted but I kept running into issues already years ago. Maybe your standards are just a lot lower but the truth is that a lot of decorations are hard to get a hold of especially older ones and in enough amount.

            So try not to act like because it’s enough for you, it must be enough for everybody else. My point stands that whether it’s Rakata or Voss stuff or plants and trees or now the beach stuff, there just isn’t enough variation to make a Stronghold themed properly and most decorations come from the CM and many are hard to get in high enough numbers.

            So how about you don’t reply to my comments if you hate them so much. Cause all you did was give me the opportunity to post again and whine some more. Strongholds and decorations have been mishandled from the start. And I’ve seen no reason to change my mind on that.

  • VKing

    I hate it admit it but new armor sets look kinda nice, although let’s prepare for edgy RP snowflakes wearing Callous Conqueror’s Armor combined with Ajunta Pall’s mask or Resilient Warden’s one. Of course dyed black/gray. Attack of the Clones MMO edition.

  • Jacob

    Some awesome stuff here 😀

  • Matt Potter (Enemyoffun)

    Now I gotta buy more decorations -_-

    • Jep Fareborn

      Sad to know that that bucket and cooler of suds will prolly be going for 30+ million on GTN…

  • Jake Hossin

    Too bad the jedi and sith classes are so dull and eabioware keeps taking skills away so bads can play and spam the same 5 skills over and over.

    • VKing

      Which skills did they take away?

      • Jake Hossin’s Gay Dad

        none, jake is just a salty NOOB

    • lolipop

      Most MMO’s are more innovative nowadays, and if bEAware weren’t praising WoW and instead be a different but more importantly “own” game… we wouldn’t get this crappy old shit system with “cookie cutter talents etc” where i can hit the keyboard with my head and still get same results. That thing is sad to the point that makes me angry and frustrated, because if they really think and do things well, this game could be so awsome that even my imagination can’t comprehend it.

  • DamnDead

    Finally some really cool jedish sithish looking armor

  • Cloudz

    Armor sets I actually like for Sith, but Courting gifts not working correctly is still a known bug since 4.0. Yes, I’m still complaining about it.

  • Gabrielle

    Because people never relax in galaxy far far away, am I right?When you are getting Stronghold with a beach, why not have stuff for a beach party?

  • Bounty_Hunter_Random

    I am actually curious as to how much in-game content they could add to the game if they din’t focus so much on cartel market content.

    • Fubarz

      About the same, since Anthem is the first concern of EA BW right now. If Anthem was not maybe you see a lot more. But your guess is as good as mine.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      The game would shut down without the CM running on full power so I’d say the answer to your question is zero.

  • No No

    that better be a hutt deco

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It is. 🙂

      “Hutt Crime Boss”

      • Atleast I will get real Hutt in SH 🙂 not statue 🙂

        • Darth Ji’inx

          I wonder if it will be possible to place it on the “Hutt Lounger”…

  • Dan Santos

    What the hell did happen? Devs are designing really cool looking stuff? Is this a joke?

  • LucasFaun

    i see they finally fired the shoulderpads guy from art department. good shit.

  • Deshik

    resilient warden come to papa

  • Jonathan Parker

    Nice weapon tuning for my Assassin, not much else.

    • its this same tunning like from Dark Sider packs ? (event long time ago) ?

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Nope, new tuning.

      • Jonathan Parker

        Nope! In fact, I’ve been after those two tunings since the event (why they weren’t included as rewards for the top level of the event is beyond me, wasted so much time doing that), but it actually looks like this one might be better anyway.

  • Sabretooth

    Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set + sword has my interest

    • Thundertrain

      Both will be available for direct sale. The sword will be platinum, so plan on dropping 5200 CC’s for it.

      • Sabretooth

        i’m working on getting the 11400 coins for 100-got some other plans

  • Milky Fresh

    How sad this game has become.
    People drooling over direct sales!

    Give money to a fooking charity instead dipsh*ts!

  • Hailey Martin

    so is distinguished warden a progressive armor set or why did it have atleast 3 different forms earlier?

  • vincent

    What the hell did happen? Devs are designing really cool looking stuff? Is this a joke?

  • stella

    I am actually curious as to how much in-game content they could add to the game if they din’t focus so much on cartel market content.

    • Acrimon

      Not much actually…. this is how they have been turning a profit the last few years. But I think they ought to take it back a bit. Too many packs IMO.

    • Fred

      Actually the same because there are different people working on those things. I mean a writer cannot design armor, right?

      • HMH

        No, but an armor/deco/pet/vehicle designer could design armor/deco/pets/vehicles to be earned in the game instead of for the cash shop.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          Except if they didn’t sell it via the Cartel Market the game would die and so the actual new in-game content would be effectively zero.

          • HMH

            Regardless of the games current financial situation (or your perception of it’s situation,) the tired argument that the cartel market team couldn’t possibly create actual content is completely false and been thrown around by swtor development apologists for years.

            • EyesOfGehenna .

              Well then perhaps you should read better because I didn’t say that they couldn’t possibly create actual content. I’m just saying that if the game dies, nobody’s going to be making any content anymore. And since the CM is instrumental for the game to keep going, it seems pointless to pull people off the life support and do something else.

              And if you think I’m defending BioWare then you’re even further off. I mean that’s just hilarious if you think that, considering how critical I am of them.

              • HMH

                Dude… stop…

              • EyesOfGehenna .

                Stop what? You can stop yourself and it ends there. I mean of course in theory the CM designer can design also for the game itself, I never said the contrary. However, the “tired argument” that you refer to wasn’t about the CM guy(s) making cosmetics but actual content like raids, quests, etc. and I’m pretty sure that’s not the same job.

                It’s actually rather disingenuous of you to act like they’re the same. I’ve said for many years that one of the problems in SWTOR is that playing the game is not rewarded enough and you have to buy your rewards, at least cosmetically, from the CM. I see that as a problem and I would want them to make more design that you can earn in game rather than having to buy separately.

                And I just prefer to look at it from a practical point of view rather than theoretical. Because as much as the CM guy can design stuff that’s not for the CM but for the game, that’s just not going to happen.

                And I think that considering how the game is doing with just 5 servers left of which only two are decently populated and a near-dead forum on the official site and looking at how content is at a trickle, it’s reasonable to assume that the game isn’t doing that well and they do need the CM sales to keep the doors open.

                Well, I guess I didn’t stop. Maybe you should try not responding, that might work.

              • HMH

                If you want to continue to sound completely ignorant of the subject you are speaking of I guess it’s your prerogative . You don’t seem to have any inside knowledge of how these companies work so I don’t understand why you keep making these statements about who can do what as if you know something.

                Go to graphics school then get back to me, or just browse the catalog from one, as it seems you have literally no clue what these people do, you don’t seem to understand what skills are used for what at a game company. This is where I earned my degree- https://usa.sae.edu/campuses/emeryville/

                Btw, we’re talking about a company that promoted the head of CS to Lead Producer, did you think those two jobs have a lot of cross-over?

              • EyesOfGehenna .

                Well, if anyone’s being ignorant it’s you. Of course when a guy is make skins that are to be sold on the CM, he simply cannot make another one for in the game at the same time. He will have to split his time between the two and I’m sure their staffing is at a minimum so I do not expect the CM guy to be having a lot of off time because he needs his time to push out new stuff every month.

                So as long as the CM is full force, even though he in theory can do this also, they simply do not use him that way cause it seems they need him to make CM stuff to sell on the CM.

                What you fail to acknowledge is that you cannot use a resource twice at the same time. If he’s doing one thing, he cannot do another. This was my original point and you just act like that doesn’t make any sense. And yet, it’s such a simple thing that when a company uses resources you use them where they are best used and this CM guy clearly is best used making CM stuff and not free stuff in the game as it were. The fact that you cannot fathom this simple thing is frankly baffling.

                You either are incapable of understanding that you cannot spend a resource twice or you’re just not interested in accepting it because it doesn’t fit your bias.

                But my whole point from the start was that since you cannot use a resource twice and the game needs revenue, it’s not a practical choice to use the CM guy for anything else but CM stuff.

                If that’s still too hard to grasp, well, then I feel really sorry for you. I already agreed with you that he could design stuff for in game purposes.

                Your degree should at least mean that you are capable to understand that you cannot spend a resource twice. It’s really not a hard concept.

              • HMH


              • Le Batteur

                Talking a whole lot.. Saying very little.

  • Cecil Fabian

    Is there an actual release date for this particular patch?

    • Thundertrain

      July 31st, assuming they haven’t announced a delay / change.

      • Drool Bear

        They just announced a delay. For once it’s worth the wait. New date is August 7th.

  • Jay Asher

    wow the costume pieces are actually decent. I want the sith war sword

    • Sabretooth

      well too bad-it’s mine! lol

  • Donald

    that better be a hutt deco

  • K-Serb

    They really need to go classic with the decorations and do a straight Imperial/Republic and Sith/Jedi packs ffs

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Looks like “Sith Lord’s Artifacts Decoration Bundle” (above) was the color/thematic inspiration for “Flair: Sign of the Dark Lord.”

  • Julia Culpepper

    Okay, major confusion here. Lookin’ at the weapon tuning and seeing the blade being used…. is that a new shoto or am I an idiot.

  • The armor sets look good….still wondering how that warblade’s going to animate, because you know it will damn near $50.00 lol

    STOP. ADDING. COLOR SWAPPED PETS. No one cares about them. At least have them animate or interact with the player, uses certain emotes, SOMETHING.

    And that mount is 1000% TRASH.

  • ghostbeetle

    armored swimwear?

  • EV Emmons

    I need that Hutt. And the beach stuff!

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