Festival of the Four Winds GW2

GW2 Aspect Gatherer Achievement Guide

A guide to gathering all 52 Sky Crystals for the Aspect Gatherer achievement in 2018 version of the Festival.

Aspect Gatherer achievement requires you to gather 52 Sky Crystals and reward you with 10 AP for completion.


Timestamp can be found in the video description/comments




Sky Crystal #1


Sky Crystal #2


Sky Crystal #3


Sky Crystal #4


Sky Crystal #5


Sky Crystal #6


Sky Crystal #7


Sky Crystal #8


Sky Crystal #9


Sky Crystal #10


Sky Crystal #11


Sky Crystal #12


Sky Crystal #13


Sky Crystal #14


Sky Crystal #15


Sky Crystal #16


Sky Crystal #17


Sky Crystal #18


Sky Crystal #19


Sky Crystal #20


Sky Crystal #21


Sky Crystal #22


Sky Crystal #23


Sky Crystal #24


Sky Crystal #25


Sky Crystal #26

On top of the water wheel


Sky Crystal #27


Sky Crystal #28


Sky Crystal #29

A bit tricky with the springer, jump from left


Sky Crystal #30

May need to jump on top with springer and then charge across with raptor


Sky Crystal #31


Sky Crystal #32


Sky Crystal #33


Sky Crystal #34

Glide to it from #33


Sky Crystal #35

Glide to it from one of the higher houses


Sky Crystal #36


Sky Crystal #37


Sky Crystal #38


Sky Crystal #39


Sky Crystal #40


Sky Crystal #41


Sky Crystal #42


Sky Crystal #43


Sky Crystal #44


Sky Crystal #45


Sky Crystal #46


Sky Crystal #47


Sky Crystal #48


Sky Crystal #49


Sky Crystal #50


Sky Crystal #51


Sky Crystal #52

Griffon from Sky Dock Waypoint and then drop down from the top.



Special thanks to Rubik for locating some of the sky crystals.

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41 replies on “GW2 Aspect Gatherer Achievement Guide”

This sucks so bad, already got 51 of the 52 and i dont know which one is missing, anet really need to put their shit together and add numbered lists to every achievements like these…

I’m in the same boat. I found 51 of them on my own, but after several rounds through the map I still haven’t found 52 and no way of knowing which of the 52 it is.

I thought, what the heck, let’s go see if 29 is the one I missed as well. And I’ll be damned, it was! 😀

When I came up on the spot, I thought I had already got it, but it turned out it was #30 I had, which is a little ahead of #29. I’m really glad I didn’t have to revisit all the sites again to find the one I was missing!

I got 29 without guide, saw the name while looking from somewhere else in that area, I have 51/52, and my remaining is not 29

Same for me! I was sitting at 51/52 with no clue which one I was missing. Turns out it was this one because it’s way harder to see than all the others. 😛

I haven’t yet started this achievement, but I sure as hell will get #29 out of the way at the beginning based on everyone’s unanimous experience.

Oh thank god. Knew someone in the comments would come with the save. Just saved me from having to go through this entire list one by one.

Holy heck thank you I never would have found that and reeeeally didn’t want to go through the guide one by one.

I apologize, I’m not sure where the individual mount vendors are located. The griffon one may be up by the airship?

yes. you can glide in from the other side . use the thermal and glide to the left. hop up the ledge , glide down around the bend, you’ll be gliding in from the opposite side.

If they put a mount rental vendor in the map, probably not. It’s a great advertisement for the expansion.

Well, to reply to my own question… So far, I’ve managed to participate in the kill-the-fire-effigy-with-water-balloons event. Also, I’ve collected about 16 sky crystals just using Zephyrite Crystals with no mount. Another guy on my map claimed he’s snagged 24 of those with no mount. I’ve managed to collect about 3 posters of that Quaggan guy.

Interesting enough so far.

Back when this festival was first time we need to get sky crystal with only 3 elements, and ppl did it somehow

I got all master crystals and so far 51 crystals and 10 fliers with no mount (ok I have a raptor unlocked, but I don’t think I used it at all for this). A glider, some updrafts and the blue aspect jump crystals do the trick.

I did the sky crystal achievement back in the day without mounts. Its doable but unlike mounts you don’t have unlimited charges. 10 charges and you have to try again from the beginning. In this patch everything is doable without mounts its just that its less convenient as you got to rent and use the three elements

to answer that, this is the exact same collection as 3-4 years ago when we didn’t have any gliders or mounts, so yea, while they did ADD things for mounts, the old things are very non-mount friendly. Besides, you can rent mounts from trainers

Yeah this is the problem I’m having! I found 48 on my own, and was going to use this to finish, and it’s like…uhhh… 🙁

Ok how tf to get to #29 without mounts? :/

Edit: ok got it, go to the sky crystal in the nearby patch of ferns, and approach from that direction with aspect jumps

#29 is actually some really cheap BS. The idea is that you’re actually supposed to be able to stand on those “hanging tarps” that are connected to the ledge the crystal is on, and therefore, able to use wind jump to get up onto them and walk over to the crystal. The problem with this comes from bad game design: *This is the only area in the entire zone where those tarps have standable collision; every other instance of these tarps in Labyrinthine Cliffs has no collisions/you can pass right through them*. This is a problem for the simple reason that it conditions the player into thinking that they can’t use other instances of this object they see around them for platforming purposes. There’s also no graphical differences on these specific tarps that could’ve indicated that they have collision/can be stood on.

I wouldn’t feel so cheated by this… if it wasn’t for the fact that this achievement is *required for the Meta Achievement*. I’m starting to wonder if ANet really is unironically making scavenger hunt achievements with Dulfy/etc. in mind nowadays… (to clarify, I don’t have a problem with well-hidden collectibles; my problem is with cheap misdirectional BS)

It’s annoying me that on the whole map it’s impossible to tell which tarps you can stand on and which you can’t until you try it. There’s zero visual difference between them. (Example: You can stand on the diagonal tarps of the semicircle of canvas roofs next to Sky Docks WP. Jump off and you can glide through the huge tarp affixed to the rock next to it.)

I went to each and every location with a friend, and none were interactable, but yet there’s still one left for me to get.

In the achievement listing in GW2 I was missing number 49 and could not find which one it was. It turns out to be number 29 in this list.
It seems to be one that more people have problems with!

That is the only one where I noticed which number in the achievement correcponds with which number here.
If anyone knows more, perhaps they could post the equivalency list here in the comments?

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