GW2 Desert Racer Mount Adoption License Preview

GW2 Desert Racer Mount Adoption License Preview. These will be released next week with the gemstore update.

You can preview it yourself here with the chat code that_shaman provided: [&AgFaWAEAAA==]











Roller Beetle



  • Kalcheus

    Uh oh, that Storm Chaser is going to be tempting

  • minion_condi_necro

    This is actually a really solid set to gamble in. Almost all of these look really nice and add a new feel to the mounts, unlike the slew of ugly dye channel variants in previous mount packs.

  • Emil33

    Pretty solid set. Nice to see the variations of Petey 🙂 I like that Scarab skin.

  • BlackPrinny .

    NuOOOO only one Primeval SKIN? I want a Primeval Raptor, Griffon (and Skimmer) to complete my set….

    • Squatch

      They seem to be releasing these Primeval mount skins one by one… so your set may very well be completed around the corner.

      • BlackPrinny .

        HnnnnnnnnNNNNGH! Patience is a virtue….but….

  • Jasmine Lock

    I really like that Northern Feather Wing.

    • Adam Zsoldos

      I know, right? It’s like an actual animal with actual wings that consist of actual feathers.

  • Krystal S. S.

    A pretty good selection, I’m going for Mirror and LadyBird.

  • Korey Garabed

    aww the ladybug skins acrually cute X3

    • Tito Rodrigo

      ya if only anyone used the mount it might be worth it.

      • Qwom

        I see a shit ton of people use it. I dunno where you’ve been lol

  • Cundrie

    ow, i bought Istan licencense. should have read better. is there a way to exchange them?

    • Neo_Genesis

      Contact support, they should fix it up for you.

  • S. Stadler

    I love the Saint Bernard and wonder how many actual dog breeds they’re going to do. Giant Shih Tzu….

  • turkeyspit

    Why did they have to go and ruin the Mastiff with the stone sigils? The Mirror Masked Jackal mount doesn’t have them, nor did the Shrine Guardian skin. What was wrong with us just riding around on a big floofy Saint Bernard? And no keg of brandy under it’s collar? Double disappointed.

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