GW2 Gemstore–Zephyrite Helms, Hair Colors & Storm Dagger

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Zephyrite Aspect Helms, new hair/accessory colors and the Storm Dagger from BLC chests.

Zephyrite Aspect Helm Pack – 500 gems


Sun Aspect Eye


Wind Aspect Eye


Lightning Aspect Eye


New Hair & Accessory Colors

These new hair colors and accessory colors are found exclusively in the Total Makeover or Self-Styling Hair kits.


Storm Dagger

This Storm Dagger skin is an uncommon drop from Black Lion Chests



Upcoming Items

Picture taken from that_shaman’s datamining post.

Desert Racer Mount Skin


  • Squatch

    All those helms looked pretty interesting and versatile up until that fugly Harry Potter scar..

  • Ares Zax

    Question about the Storm Dagger. Do enemies killed with it suffer the “shocked” death animation? (Similar to how enemies killed with, say, the Fiery Dragon Sword skin have the “on fire” death animation.)

  • cminnett

    What chestpiece is that character displaying the new helms wearing?

    • Qnrad


  • commentor

    Having a thing floating and glowing in front of your forehead just doesn’t make any sense, even in a fantasy world. Of course, having said that, it’s a nice addition if your goal is to turn your toon into a Christmas tree.

    • kazerniel

      The elementalist starter headgears have been doing that since the start D:

      • ShingYau Lau

        Since the start of GW1, like 10+ years ago.

    • Mike Kelly

      These look like they came from a paracetamol commercial.

    • Arkhanam

      Those are actually a reference to GW1 Elementalists’s vabbian headgears !

    • Squatch

      It’s like those space suits helmets in Sci-Fi shows and movies that shine LEDs right into the eyes of the wearer (e.g. the scientists in Stranger Things). As if shining a light directed into your face will help you see in the dark…

  • Krystal S. S.

    I don’t really like the new weapons skins in the chest but I did want the Storm Dagger. I ended up getting lucky on my first opening. Now if I could only get lucky enough to get a perm contract.

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    This is related to skins added with this update (the “upgraded” catcher skins) so I’ll ask here.
    Where do you get favor of the bazaar and pavilion? Just from the map events on each of the maps? Or do you get some of these from achievements as well?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Chai Shang Ging

    Wind Aspect Eye and storm dagger would suit my elementalist well but i can only afford the former :-/

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