Festival of the Four Winds GW2

GW2 Master Aspect Gatherer Achievement Guide

A guide to gathering all 10 Master Sky Crystals for the Master Aspect Gatherer achievement in 2018 version of the Festival.

Master Aspect Gatherer achievement requires you to gather 10 Master Sky Crystals and reward you with 10 AP for completion.




  • Master Crystal 1 – 0:00
  • Master Crystal 2 – 1:11
  • Master Crystal 3 – 1:40
  • Master Crystal 4 – 2:07
  • Master Crystal 5 – 2:42
  • Master Crystal 6 – 3:18
  • Master Crystal 7 – 4:04
  • Master Crystal 8 – 4:31
  • Master Crystal 9 – 4:50
  • Master Crystal 10 – 5:35



Master Sky Crystal 1

This one is on top of the water wheel before the Wind Aspect platforms. Use springer to get up.


Master Sky Crystal 2

I personally reached this by using springer to reach the house on top of #1 and then just glided across to the crystal


Master Sky Crystal 3

Use glider and updraft to reach this third one


Master Sky Crystal 4

This crystal is a bit below Air Aspect platforms, use griffon from Sky Docks waypoint to reach it easily


Master Sky Crystal 5

From Sky Dock waypoint, use griffon or glider to reach this crystal. I find it is easiest to use the glider to glide to the updraft near it as you have finer control with the glider.


Master Sky Crystal 6

Use springer to get up to the rock


Master Sky Crystal 7

On top of some stacked houses


Master Sky Crystal 8

Near the windmill fan high up on some rocks, reachable with springer or just griffon across from #7.


Master Sky Crystal 9

This crystal is above #1, to get to there, griffon from Griffon Master (#8)


Master Sky Crystal 10

You can get to here from #9


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4 replies on “GW2 Master Aspect Gatherer Achievement Guide”

Yeah I’m at a loss for the last normal crystal. Have all the other tricky ones. Have looked in all kinds of nooks and crannies and found a couple fliers doing so but not the last elusive crystal.

I’ve just got #8 by catching the updraft nearby with a glider, landing as high on the scaffolding as I could, then using a single aspect jump.

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