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SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 PTS Patch Notes V3

Here is the last round of patch notes for Patch 5.9.2 on the PTS.

PTS Final (Really!) Patch Notes and Info | 07.26.2018, 07:30 PM

Hey folks,

Here we are again, round 2 of final changes . In all seriousness, thank you all for your continued feedback! You should expect that the next PTS build will go live either tomorrow or Saturday.


  • All items that require a Cartel Market Reputation should now properly check that requirement against the players Underworld Exchange Reputation (for real this time).


  • Players can no longer use traversal abilities, such as Force Leap, to approach characters who are flying through the air due to using a jump pad.

Rishi Stronghold

  • Decorations should now properly block line of sight.
  • The secret cave has been transformed into a room that can be unlocked. This new room unlock leads to a 3 bedroom apartment.
  • A new “options” button has been added to the Stronghold UI.
  • A toggle has been added to turn off PvP in the Rishi Stronghold. This can be found under the options menu in your Stronghold UI.
  • When using the spectator droid, you can no longer use the nearby speeder.
  • Players using the spectator droid will no longer be impacted by AoE abilities.
  • The Bolster terminal will now glow blue to show that it is interactable.
  • Only Stronghold visitors who have keys can interact with terminals in the Rishi Stronghold.
  • Addressed some hooks being unusable.
  • Added additional hooks around the Stronghold
  • The new wall/cover decorations now work on a wider variety of hook types.

The one item from our “wish list” which you will notice is still missing is the ability to sort Strongholds. This is something the team still has interest in doing. There is a small chance we can get it in still for 5.9.2, but it is more likely to be in 5.9.3.

This sorting will work alphabetically, by default. However, once you start traveling to your Strongholds, the list will then work similar to character select and will sort in order of most recently visited.

Once PTS is up I will create a new feedback thread for PvP in the Stronghold (LoS and toggle) and one for the new “apartment” area. Thanks everyone, we’ll see you on PTS.


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18 replies on “SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 PTS Patch Notes V3”

Credit where it’s due, they’ve opened up the PTS, listened to feedback and acted on it on pretty much all counts. Can’t fault them for getting it right for a change.

Love that come back, some of us have been playing since beta and have countless hours and money invested. And expect the same kind of loyalty from SWTOR. Not to much to ask.

I just hope they (di$ney and €A) won’t shut it down, hm as long as it’s mod + it’s free (required only copy of the original game) i think it’s fine, i hope……

It sucks when fans have to step in when companies like EA aren’t delivering, this remake looks amazing… hopefully the modders go on to make a AAA Star Wars RPG!

I’m still waiting for Zakuul’s caribbean raggae music jukebox stronghold decoration and kitchen food buffet spread…my toons and NPCs gotta eat and be fed!!

I just logged into swtor after being away for a bit, to play some pvp. What a nightmare did I encounter.
I considder myself experienced at pvp but no more than that, but having played pvp since launch, i realy think its is in the worst place it has been since launch. U cant hide proper gear behind a serious 100+ hour grind and 60 mil creds for augments and expect things to work out. The difference between geared and lets say undergeared has never been this extreme, in spite of failed bolster adjustments. So i realy dont think setting up a practice area in some stronghold is gunna make the difference for future pvp. Maybe bw needs to catchup with the fall behind of the quasi ignorant state they occupy atm and get some smart Asian developpers into the retarded team, thats currently running swtor.
Not racist or racistly intended… Just an observation followed by some sincere advice.
I myself am as white and ignorant as they come 😛

EA/BW are losing Devs. Why would any top Devs even want to work for BW it looks like a sinking ship at the moment. (not going to comment on the other part of your observation )

Instead of complaining about a SH that’s been added as one of the contents for this match perhaps try going to a forum / patch notes that’s about PVP as Bioware have already said they are focusing on PVP related content for these next few content patches.

The main goal for the Rishi SH (Tho optional) is for players to be able to create their own pvp matches / tournaments. To some that’s quite good.

some examples of PvP content / changes coming:

– New PVP maps
– Matchmaking will never place more than 2 tanks or healers on the same team in a Warzone or 1 tank or healer for an Arena.
– Matchmaking will more strongly take player skill into account when making teams.
– End of Season 9
– Shorter PVP games
– Role balancing
– We’re taking an in-depth look at our unranked PvP matchmaking system overall to see what kinds of improvements we can make to better ensure every match is a good one.
– We’ll be focusing attention on exploiters, cheaters, and adjusting how Ranked Warzones complete. This will be an on-going effort, but like all of you, we want Warzones and Arenas to be fair, competitive, and fun.

And more. In terms of gear.. 248 gear is meant to be menacing, thats the point.. something to gain that impacts your performance. 230 Rating + can still square off against higher armour rated players.. comes down to your own performance.. not just the gear. (This might be your kind of issue basically)

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