SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 Pushed to Aug 7

Bioware is pushing SWTOR Patch 5.9.2 to Aug 7.

Update 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend Release Moved to August 7 | 07.25.2018, 08:35 PM

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all of the amazing and constructive feedback you’ve shared with us as part of this PTS cycle, the SWTOR dev team has determined some needed improvements to key functionality as well as areas where we want to put a little more time and polish into the Rishi Hideout Stronghold to ensure the update is as awesome as possible. To that end, we are pushing the release date for 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend back one week to August 7, 2018. We will also be releasing one last update to PTS to help test out these high-priority items along with various other bugfixes that have been made; we’re aiming to make that available before this weekend, possibly as soon as tomorrow. 

Let’s walk through those high-priority pieces of feedback and the changes and polish that are resulting from them:

  • The ability to toggle PvP on and off throughout the entire Rishi Hideout Stronghold: This was added directly due to your feedback – it’s a great idea and really useful for many Players. That said, there are a lot of potential complications and edge-cases involved, so we want to be sure the feature gets as much testing as possible before launch.
  • Line-of-sight should operate normally with decorations: There were a few issues identified with decorations where they weren’t respecting line-of-sight limitations consistently, and we agree that resolving this is critical to the functionality of Rishi. We believe we have corrected these issues, but again would like to include the community in trying them out to make sure we’re hitting the mark.
  • New area in the Rishi Hideout – The Overlook: Many passionate Stronghold lovers have requested a more “home-y” space in the Rishi Hideout. I mentioned in a post last week that we would not be able to make that happen for release, but that the dev team really took that feedback to heart. Turns out, they took it so much to heart that the team went way above and beyond to get a new area added in record time so that we could include it in the extra PTS round! So please, load in, check it out, and maybe throw a bit of love the Stronghold team’s way for making it happen 

This is only a short list, of course; if there’s another feature improvement or bug that you don’t see mentioned above, be sure to check out Musco’s upcoming post this week that will include more specific details about what will and won’t be making it into the update.

One of our major goals with this release was to revitalize our PTS process so that we could better include the community in finalizing 5.9.2 at the high level of quality you expect from Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’re very pleased with the participation and highly constructive feedback we’ve received as a result of this process, and we’re really looking forward to repeating the experience for more of our upcoming releases later this year. 

Thank you all so much for your participating, sharing your thoughts, and supporting a great release for SWTOR!

  • John Kosto

    I think there has not been a single patch throughout the last year that was not pushed back. The saddest part is that I don’t even care. It’s not like there’s any new content worthy of mentioning even in all these patches. What an awful management of a once great game.

  • Seph

    Wow. Shocking. I’m shocked.

  • Drool Bear

    For once I’m not ticked off that they are delaying a patch. Why? Because never EVER have they listened to their fan base and made changes/improvements based on what we wanted. For the first time they have taken a ton of feedback and made said changes before release. It’s almost as if an entirely new team has stepped in and taken over. I’m glad they are working with us. Kinda a mind fuck if you really look at it.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Heard about this delay last night while playing, and as I’m pretty piss*d at the awful summer schedule I was set to come on here and say that the’re unprofessionalism was reaching new bounds with yet ANOTHER delayed release.
      Then I read this, and although I’m still piss*d at the dearth of decent content this summer it appears that this has been done after feedback from the PTS.
      IF that is true, and I hope it is, that’s pretty impressive (from Bioware anyway).
      Still piss*d though.

      • Jep Fareborn

        I just hope it’s not a bunch of SJWs playing on PTS and giving the typical SJW feedback.

        • AbnerDoon

          It’s mostly people that don’t want another Manaan SH. With bad hook placement and invisible walls in certain corners. If they release a bad PVP area it will be a sorry state for the only summer release.

          Let’s be honest they were going to delay it anyway this is a better reason than most they give. I mean release in early July or early August it still counts as early to them and that’s a win!

        • Fred Garvin
  • Sabretooth

    i hope they fix capes and such in cut scenes

  • Alec

    What about hood toggle?

    • Stahl is a douche

      I am sure that when we all nuke ourselves and destroy the planet to oblivion, you will be alive some place in a corner asking for hood toggles, Jedi Knight outfits, and buffs to juggs.

      Still exploiting ranked and crying that people touch you in bad places?

      You are worse than that Andryah person who kisses BW ass like no on has done before!

      • fgawga

        trust me, there is no one worse than that cunt Andryah.

      • Andryah

        Heh no one is a worse cunt than me !

        • Disqus this

          Sounds like you go at least one thing right.

  • Ben Gimson

    “Turns out, I was lying that we couldn’t do it and we initially just couldn’t be bothered.”
    Some things never change :’)

    Glad to see they’re listening though!

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    Suprised? No.

  • Fubarz

    WoW last patch was bad,their players are not happy….I got an idea let’s say we listen to our players in the PTS . We delay till Aug 7 and show WoW players how we really care about our player base. We drop our patch like it’s a new Expac and get some of those unhappy WoW players want to play SWTOR ….. Now that’s a great idea let’s go with that!! LOL!

    • Rikor

      Lol, that’s pretty funny. One ‘alright’ patch from SWTOR makes up for the years of dry content? >.> Meanwhile, I’ma go have fun fighting the MANY bosses in WoW, instead of the, what? Six or eight bosses in KotET?

    • Gail Loman

      The difference between Bioware/EA and Blizzard. You won’t see Bioware/EA doing hotfixes after a stat squish in World of Warcraft. You won’t see Bioware/EA introducing new content for a pre-patch of an expansion to hit in a few weeks. You won’t see Blizzard pushing more and more in their cash shop on a weekly rate. If Bioware/EA really want to keep and satisfy their player base and compete with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft they need to continually update their content more often instead leaving players on a hiatus every 4-8+ months. More Raids, more Flashpoints, more ways to PvPvE, more story content. Thinking players should be satisfied with the given content that is current in SWOTR is a poor miscalculation on how a MMO works to begin with

      • Shawn Hargrave

        what they dont understand is if someone wants to play wow theyll go play wow not a poorly done watered down version of it with lightsabers

    • Fred Garvin
      • Fubarz

        How so ? LMAO!!!

  • GuestJawa86

    When was that cantina achievement/companion supposed to be released? That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

  • Anyone noticed that Andryah is extra active on the forums right now. She must be taking a break from that garbage music she makes.

  • evan

    I think there has not been a single patch throughout the last year that was not pushed back. The saddest part is that I don’t even care. It’s not like there’s any new content worthy of mentioning even in all these patches. What an awful management of a once great game.

    • abaddonsmummy


  • Disqus this

    Was there anyone that knows this game and bioware not see a push back coming?

    It’s bioware SOP when dealing with swtor.

    Guess whats going to happen next? Like all their patches, it will be so filled with bugs you’ll wonder WTF they were doing all that time anyway. It’s like the players say these days about swtor. Bugs are features and if they weren’t we wouldn’t get many features at all.

  • Jesse

    What about hood toggle?

    • Karrotops

      And dyes in collection?

  • “Great Release of Swtor..” Person who wrote that maybe just entered from Parallel Universe.. One where Swtor not made by Eaware & not taking orders from Evil Half Blind EA Overlords. *Pondering Face* 😛

    The Mmo based on Big IP & it didn’t have shallow so called Mmo development phase in past 2 years. Like happened in our Universe 🙁 Peace. #EatDirtKevin #EatDirtCharlesBoyd

  • I can kinda understand the LOs issue with all the decoration types, as some of that shit just wasn’t programmed to for LOs implementation. But seeing as most of these items are real world in game items, don’t take the lazy approach to them and fix from before you add them “for sale…”

  • Fred Garvin

    [OP is Fred G]

    LMAO…this is the only thing I saw some players looking forward to and they can’t even get it into a delayed patch. And it’s just a list sorting function. Clown shoes.


    • Shawn Hargrave


  • Disqus this

    And now that I think about it. With this patch getting pushed back for something as stupid as a stronghold. You can bet this will also push back any content patch that was to come in the fall. Just like it did at the first of the year.

    Everything got pushed back because of one pushed out patch. swtor doesn’t get enough new playable content as it is and right now it’s in a really bad place new content-wise so knowing this just makes swtor look even worse.

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