SWTOR Cartel Market Update – July 30

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – July 30

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  • burstdragon323

    I bought the Interceptor back when it first came out, when it was cool. Now its worthless since the devs removed the cool factor from it.

    • Pimpsicle

      cool story, bro

    • Dazedandconfused

      Totally agree… The original version was the first mount I ever unlocked for all characters because of the awesome diesel tank sounding engine and the creaky rusty cockpit hatch flair. It was beautifully anti-ethos to the other sparkling squeaky clean speeders.
      Then with now warning or patch notes they genercized the engine and gave the hatch a bubbly bounce when it opened.
      I call full conspiracy on this one because I can’t even find a original vid anymore to link!… Russia… If you’re listening… 🤔🙄

      (also, speaking of squeaky clean… Where do sages find so many rocks to throw on space stations/ships)


  • Fubarz
    • AbnerDoon

      You know what’s awesome about this? On Twitter they put up Rishi concept art to get people excited. Looks nothing like the slice of the slums we actually get and people are gushing how pretty it is.

      I feel bad for those that are going to get in there and have a wtf moment.


  • Fubarz

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/257a6f8f8fbe2d743729e1c2ed0adb90f05c98081dc65cab5966ee08f1f22304.png Devs hard at work for you. The new Vaylin armor/look only 6000 cc direct sale for this Life Day holiday season on the Cartel Market.

  • lolipop



    Originally Posted by Manjaca

    Its 12 a.m. in Germany

    SWTOR: 215 Viewers on Twitch

    WOW: 58112 Viewers on Twitch

    This reflects on the Population on our 5 Servers.

    This are the consequences of:

    3 Years no new Content

    3 Years of no new explorable Planet

    KOTFE/KOTET (Fail) Story

    Galactic Command (aka Thrill of the Hunt)

    Problems with the new Conquest System

    Many other smaller Problems……….

    We discussed the Population Problems

    We discussed the dead Forums Threads Compared to 3+ Years back

    And yet i watched Twitch

    I have Tears in my Eyes what EA and BW done to this Wonderfull Game called SWTOR

    And please dont tell me we have Summer!

    Response Quote by MandFlurry

    Never Ever, compare Swtor to that junk called WoW. I hate that
    stupid damned game, that has absolutely Nothing to do with this game. If
    you like/ love Wow so much, then why are you not playing that other
    game, no one is making you play this game.

    My response to MandFlurry

    1: This “snowflake” and “white knight” certainly has no F&*#$^% idea what he’s talking about.
    2: Yep i’d say why he hates WoW, because SWTOR looks pretty much like WoW just with ripped features, instead kotor online or swg2… It’s “sad”, “fu*%&” reality, there’s nothing more to it, really.

    3: My mind can’t comprehend such statements: (bully voice) “If ya dunt like it dunt play it”. Do i seriously need to explain how and why his “logic” is flawed? Despite that statement of his has no logic in it at all.

    4: Look at point 1

    • Otaris

      what a seriously pointless debate I had a look at that link the values prove nothing as I for one do not go on twitch, I also do not stream, just because twitch says that’s the amount playing/streaming compared to the thousands of other people that just play the game for what ever reason…that whole debate gave me a good laugh tho

      • John Kosto

        You must be very smart. As if someone said that there are only 215 players of SWTOR and all of them have to be on Twitch.

        What that shows, is that WOW has most probably 200 times more followers, players, and interest around it. It generates a lot more hype, a lot more money, and it has a huge amount of players, while SWTOR is pretty much a cemetery these days.

        Man, only 215 on Twitch for SWTOR is really pathetic, I am not sure why you don’t understand this.

        • Otaris

          Man i’m not trying to be smart about it, You just completely disregarded what i said, not everyone is on twitch I myself am not and I play swtor daily, WoW is obviously more popular you don’t need statistics for that its just common knowledge.

          • Fred Garvin

            [OP is Fred G]

            It doesn’t matter if you or I aren’t on Twitch, the numbers show a general consensus that there is a disparity (which is far more convincing then someone’s “common knowledge.”)

            Along the same lines, you may never go on YouTube but box office for a new movie is able to be very accurate predicted solely on how many views the trailer gets on YouTube.

          • John Kosto

            I didn’t disregard what you said, I just wanted to clarify that NOONE said SWTOR doesn’t have any other players apart from those that stream. It does. But having only 215 players on Twitch for a game of this magnitude, is really pathetic. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if SWTOR is currently at a minimum when it comes to population and subscribers.

            • Paulo Gomes

              All this is very nice. And I don’t think you’re far from the truth.

              But really: are we forgetting that the folks at BW took away server status? Using the “argument” that they didn’t represent the actual numbers of people playing?


              Number one: they didn’t represent the actual number of people playing the game since the start? Then why were they available?

              Number two: “IF” (and it’s a big if) they didn’t represent the actual numbers… Was it over or under the actual number of people playing?

              And number three: if they were misleading, why not FIX THEM? Why simply take those measurements away?

              Not that it actually matters. But I think those questions should be answered. Hey, at least people wouldn’t be grasping at straws, trying to figure out how many people (still) play this game…

              • IronSalamander8

                Yeah that was a serious signal. Dropping the population levels from the server status was a clear indication that they don’t want to advertise how low the population is.

        • IronSalamander8

          I don’t use Twitch or watch it either but the population that is on/watches streaming for a game is still an indicator of health and interest. This also applies to the fleet; it’s not a 100% truth of population but is a useful indication of the general population.

          I’d love for SWTOR to recover but I’m not holding my breath and the constant excuses for lack of population and activity in the game on the forums are ludicrous now:

          “It’s summer”
          “It’s the holidays”
          “School is back in”
          “School is out”
          “Game x has an event and people are trying that.”
          “The moon is the in the 7th house”
          “It’s winter”
          “It isn’t the holidays”
          “Someone had a burrito”

          Even some of the more past positive posters are waking up to the poor situation in SWTOR now. It’s most depressing the state of it these days.

      • Eban

        I never watched Twitch streams for any mmo’s I played (most definitely didn’t watch Bioware devs patting themselves on the back for doing a shite job).
        People watch live twitch streams of the devs when new content is incoming soon..(that’s why devs do them, to build hype)
        So those numbers of live viewers show you between SWTOR and WOW which has new incoming content that has any level of hype/interest.
        WOW with its expansion incoming has waaaaaaaay more than SWTOR’s pitiful amount.
        No real surprise there.

        The only thing to take away from this really is why do Bioware bother doing them, nobody is watching.

    • Drivan

      Both the Trolls and the fanboys are gone from all of the fans sites. The official forums is even a ghost town. Most of the “popular threads” on the official forums have origination dates of 2016 and 2017… “Current threads” are still months old.
      The game is done, BW/EA is milking the players that are left for as much money as they can get.

  • Ethereal Occvltist

    As optimistic as I am sometimes, I think after the contract with Disney runs out, BW will pretty much be forced to shut down this once marvelous game. So sad.

  • Drivan

    SWTOR has gotten so bad and so predictable that even the Fan boys and trolls have stopped posting in the various fan site forums at the frequency they typically do…

  • Caleb

    This comment was deleted.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Looks like the bot was too late…

      [Hail Lord Ji’inx]

    • abaddonsmummy

      Well, this is a new bot low.

  • slayer929

    You must be very smart. As if someone said that there are only 215 players of SWTOR and all of them have to be on Twitch.What that shows, is that WOW has most probably 200 times more followers, players, and interest around it. It generates a lot more hype, a lot more money, and it has a huge amount of players, while SWTOR is pretty much a cemetery these days

    • Simarilion

      Especially since with the hype for BfA and its release on the 14th of August will draw more player away from SW:TOR. Blizzard is amazing and Bioware and EA suck ass nowadays.

      • Vadim Karpov

        And GW2 better than both these games combined with TESO.

        • Simarilion

          We had housing once in WoD, but it was the worst expansion ever. I just say RIP Raid Tier on one of the garrison’s gravestone. I played swtor for a while from release to early 2017. The story was good once than the ship began to sank. Even the former director James Ohlen isn’t statisfied with TOR as it is too muc a WoW clone instead of the thing it was supposed to be. Nowadays one could say even WoW has even a better story than Swtor.

        • Fred Garvin
    • Guest

      These bots get stupider everyday.

  • erik

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  • This comment was deleted.

  • gua543

    This comment was postedn’t.

  • Fubarz
    • ConcernedGuest

      *** LOLZ ***
      Still being here from time to time, checking on what such a great game once.
      Command crates … getting useless mounts, useless pets, useless empty shells, a dozend time overs only bracers or belts … what a crap.

      Event or gifts from support : useless reskinned pets.

      You know what, lads & laddies: playing EVE Online since last autumn. Lately a server maintenance & patch deployment took CCP to long and what did they do?

      They … apologized (!) … to the players.

      But not only this, they gave every char on active accounts a 250k skill point boost.
      To those who know, this is only some meager amount of skill points …but it is something everyone can REALLY use, something that is NOT OUTDATED like e.g. gear in an MMO like SWTOR when a new revision is released.

      Sad thing that I left here … sad so many bugs still inside, starting with codex entries not working any more or missing since release, titles that are connected to heroic quests that cant be gained any more because heroics are automatically competed (end dialogue that triggers the title, or a codex entry not working anymore).

      Bugged questlines not doable, not resetable, not removeable and the only reaction from support: this is blablabla droid blablabla unfortunately you have to wait for a patch …

      Well …
      may the force be with you.

  • Kubrickian

    This comment was deleted.

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