GW2 Gemstore Update–Desert Racer Mount Licenses

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Desert Racer Mount licenses.

Desert Racer Mount Licenses

  • Desert Racer Mount Adopt License (random, no overlap) – 400 gems each, 5 for 1800 gems or 15 for 5100 gems
  • Desert Racer Mount Select License (you pick) – 1200 gems each


  • Ntouka Snakescale – 0:00
  • Starscale – 0:58
  • Kourna Jackrabbit – 2:08
  • Painted Mesa – 3:15
  • Arid Hammerhead – 4:20
  • Iceberg – 5:38
  • Dune Mastiff – 7:11
  • Mirror Masked – 8:36
  • Colossal Ladybird – 10:02
  • Funerary Scarab – 11:17
  • Primeval – 12:37
  • Trailblazer – 14:10
  • Northern Feather Wing – 15:55
  • Storm Chaser – 17:14
  • Tufted Night Eye – 18:50


Ntouka Snakescale





Kourna Jackrabbit


Painted Mesa



Arid Hammerhead





Dune Mastiff


Mirror Masked – Leaves behind mesmer butterflies and has special dash animation



Colossal Ladybird


Funerary Scarab







Northern Feather Wing


Storm Chaser


Tufted Night Eye


Returning Items

Returning Today

  • Consortium Harvesting Sickle—25% Off
  • Frost Wasp Logging Tool—25% Off

Returning This Week

  • Black Lion Garden Plot Deed
  • Black Lion Hunters Contract
  • Electromagnetic Ascender-Descender Glider Combo
  • Shattered Bloodstone Ascender Combo
  • Z.DRAG0N

    Northern Feather Wing looks really nice i feel like this should have been the mounts base look. the base look has too much of an owl face.

    • Valentin Gareth

      Yeah. I also believe the Kournan Jackrabbit would have been a nice fit for the default springer. Well, I am getting that one now.

  • Wait FORIT

    Got the doggo skin on first try.

  • Jasmine Lock

    Storm Chaser on my first try. GOTTEM.

  • kazerniel

    When will they start to rotate back the previous sets? I got a raptor only recently and it would be nice to get some natural-looking skins for it.

  • BlackPrinny .

    3 Primeval Skins…..still 3 to go…..*sniff*

  • OldScrotum

    Garden plot back? Can I buy a third one now, I wonder?….

  • Yx

    Dyeable saddle? OMG! :O

  • kazerniel

    Omg just saw the starry raptor ingame, it’s like a f***ing disco ball 🤢 Mount skin toggle pls, ANet.

    • Madeleine Leroy

      Yeah, let’s disable people’s hard work in a game where end-game = fashion … People like you should drink more vinegar and play single-player games only, you doughnut.

      • kazerniel

        Hard work? You can buy just it for cash, no ingame effort needed. Anyway blocked, i don’t need insults on my feed.

        • Narottam Zakheim

          well buying it for cash means making money in rl…. thats hard work too mate

  • Krystal S. S.

    I ended up saving a bit since I sold one of my legendaries to craft another with enough left to buy some contracts, I really wanted the cosmic griffon to come back but I bought the Raptor one instead, with a bit more to buy 2 extra mount licenses. RNG gave me Tufted Night Eye and Kourna Jackrabbit.

  • ElephantLeg

    Yeah. I also believe the Kournan Jackrabbit would have been a nice fit for the default springer. Well, I am getting that one now.

  • DD

    So we can give up on having a guide for newer bosses of Queen’s Gauntlet? 🙁

  • Christian

    3 Primeval Skins…..still 3 to go…..*sniff*

  • Karagianis

    Always found it funny that one of the griffon’s sound effects seems to be it impersonating a star trek Tricorder! First sound the first griffon makes in this video, is the Tricorder. LOL

  • Isakichan


  • Darren Miller

    Mtx mtx mtx mtx. Yawn.

  • TJ

    Desert Racer Mount Select License, so any of the lock skin should unlock with this? also is it for all 5 of the mounts, or you have to pick the mount?

    • Aria of the FENG

      select license: you unlock a (1) mount skin of your choice between the 15 of this pack.

      • TJ

        is it for 1 mount though, or all 5?

        • Pink Popstar Ahri

          One skin, for only one mount.

          • TJ

            Good to know then, might not be worth it at this time, no matter how cool they are.

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