SWTOR Introducing the New Rishi Stronghold

Bioware has published a blog article detailing the new Rishi Stronghold.

In Game Update 5.9.2 “Galactic Legend”, we will be introducing the newest Galactic Stronghold to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, The Rishi Hideout. This Rishi Stronghold has a lot of unique and innovative features, like being able to host your own PvP battles, that aren’t present in any other Stronghold! This blog will help you learn everything you need to know about how to get into your own beach front paradise and all of the great features that come along with it.

The first thing you will need to do is head to the “Stronghold and Crew Skills” section of your nearest faction Fleet. There you will find a terminal where you can purchase your very own Rishi Hideout Stronghold. From there, simply open your Stronghold user interface and travel to your new beachfront property.

Players vs Player Battles on Rishi

One of the biggest innovations of the Rishi Hideout Stronghold is the ability to have your own self-controlled PvP battles with friends! This can happen in two specific areas of the Stronghold, and they each work differently. Let’s dive into each one.

The Rishi Cove

Right as you enter the Cove, you will see the first PvP area right down the ramp in front of you. Any player who enters that area will be flagged to be hostile towards each other. If you want to setup teams of any kind, simply group with the players you would like the have on each team.

All around the area, both inside and out, you will find terminals which you can activate to lower gates, trapping players in to battle to the death. The owner of the Stronghold and any player who has a key can use the terminals. At the top of the PvP area is an observation deck where spectators can watch the mayhem below.

On that observation deck you will also find two terminals. The Bolsterizer, which will apply the Bolster to anyone who interacts with it, and the Remote Observation Droid Control Console, which will allow a player to take control of an RVD (Remote Viewing Droid) to watch the PvP combat up close. One new thing you may notice is that next to your Stronghold in the user interface is an options button. You will find a new option to completely turn off PvP inside your Stronghold, this is an option that is unique to Rishi.

The Sky Deck

On the Sky Deck you will find a massive open PvP area which is meant primarily for large groups of players. There are some special things about this area, first of which is a new hook type, Arena. This hook type allows you to place a single very large decoration which will fill the entire Sky Deck PvP area.

On the north side of the Sky Deck you will find a control panel flanked by a Rotworm and Frogdog terminal. Using these three terminals you will have the ability to play fully functional Team Deathmatch or Huttball matches! Here is how you do it:

  • Have members of each team start by grouping up. This will determine who is hostile to each other.
  • Next, have each group pick a team, Rotworm or Frogdog. Each member of a group should ensure they select the same team as this will determine which respawn area you go to.
  • Double check that everyone is in the proper groups and have chosen a team.
  • Head to the control terminal and select either Team Deathmatch or Huttball.
  • This will begin a countdown timer! Once the timer hits 0 all players will be pushed to their respective spawn points and the gates around the Sky Deck will close.
  • Go berserk!
  • If you want to end the match early, just head up to the terminal and hit “End Scenario”.

As you can see, this new Stronghold has a ton of new things for everyone to explore, and this is just scratching the surface. From changing bind points to the all-new training room, this 12-room Stronghold is the largest one to date with many more secrets to explore. We’ll see you on the beach!

-The SWTOR team

  • Naq

    Having your own personal pvp area is the most interesting thing I think they have done since back when there was enough players to actually use it.

    • Fred Garvin
    • Rompe Himself

      Considering how laggy SH’s get if they are filled up with a ton of decorations and you have quite a few people in your stronghold, I wonder whether this new SH will shit itself when it comes to PVP, much like Ilum used to back in the day.

      • AbnerDoon

        It would not surprise me if it does get lag like the open world pvp. There was never a huge group of players testing it outside the two times they set aside.

        The real test will come Tuesday when more than a handful of Rishi instances suddenly exist.

    • IronSalamander8

      Ouch! But accurate too.

  • John Kosto

    4 years late

  • Blood Fang

    Wow..they are lazy aren’t they?…from the looks of it..they took the vast majority of the Ravagers OPS and condensed it into this stronghold…truly lazy

    • Rompe Himself

      This isn’t new for BW Austin. They did a trial run with the train flashpoint, turning that into a stronghold, to gauge player reaction on whether they could get away with recycling even more then usual, to come up with a new and lazy way to make new strongholds. Obviously, those left playing the game decided recycling is better then no content, so here we are, the Ravager Op dissected to become the latest stronghold, with probably more rooms to unlock then any other SH when released, which means more cartel coins for BW Austin to swim in and hold off the death stare of Papa EA. 😛

      BW Austin has no shame anymore.


      • Kubrickian

        Most of the player base getting excited about dress up barbie pirate castle probably didn’t step foot in the ravagers fp so this will all seem fresh and new to them.

        • Shawn Hargrave


    • Danny Seth

      I wish they would of been lazy and release Vaylin’s Palace of the Eternal Dragon from Zakuul… a lot of people wanted it, but they didn’t.

      • Jep Fareborn

        I just want Vaylin’s bedroom set so I can have my way with my female companions in it. ;p Also the Kitchen food buffet tables! My toons and comps gotta be fed and eat!

    • Harston

      ‘Lazy’ would be doing jackshit, mate.

    • Matthew Langley

      I don’t understand how this is a bad thing. Why wouldn’t you want them to give players housing based on in-game areas and content. That’s how housing typically works in MMOs outside of the ones that support building blocks (though often the area you can build on is based on some sort of in game area.

  • Fubarz

    You tube has PTS vids of this place if you like to see it. If you try to place them here it gets removed.

  • Fubarz

    https://youtu.be/TLAlmx1IbNk Just to make this interesting I guess 😛

    • Reaper


  • I wonder what the price tag is this thing is, and the fact that you have to unlock 12 rooms….

    • Darth Nox

      Roughly 15 million

    • Little Flame

      According to Tor decorating, a fully unlocked private copy costs 15.5M, which was before they made the hidden cave another unlock. So I’d say 16, maybe 17M.

      Closest equivalent to this is Yavin, at 13M private. Yavin’s Guild version is at around 42M so expect the guild version of this to be around 45-47M for a full unlock

      Bright side though, despite being able to house “just” 70 (or 75) players at full unlock rather than a flagship’s 150, it still has a total of 1500 decoration slots to use. More than double that of a fully unlocked flagship

      • Thanks for the update.

      • That’s pretty damn impressive. I may have to jack shit from my other strongholds to pimp this one out though

  • ed

    I still want the ship as a seperate Stronghold…

  • Jep Fareborn

    My main question is will it finally be possible or plausible to set up PvP matches with just using only UNARMED Legacy Attacks in a ‘boxing ring’ style match?

    • Fubarz

      Try it you control the type of PvP in your SH

  • This looks really cool except that everything in SWTOR is tied to their cash shop. This would be cool if the game was totally free to play but some of us spent over $100 for the game plus another $20 for each xpac and then $15/month for seven years. But OK, buy more Cartel Coins. It’s a shame that disgusting pigs like Andryah think this is OK. No wonder this game is a barren wasteland.

    • AJ

      Why are you still interested in it then?

      • Fubarz

        Sometimes the ones the complain the most about others. Are the ones who try to hide that they are the same as those they complain about

        • Darth Ji’inx

          It’s been awhile since he last came out of the closet…

      • Shut up fag. This isn’t the SWTOR forums where the fag moderators are going to save you.

        • Darth Ji’inx

          So that’s why you’re so interested; you’re one of the moderators…

          • Nicole48

            SWTOR forums has only one “voluntary” moderator, Owen Brooks, an arsehole ratting everything to certain female players from Holland and unfairly punishing people for sh*t reasons that do not actually violate the ToS .

        • Fred Garvin
        • AJ

          I note with a degree of amusement that you haven’t answered my question.

          • Hey fag boy. I’m not on trial and this isn’t a court room. I don’t answer to you. If I have an opinion on the game I’ll say whatever the fuck I want.

          • Ksilem

            Well,i’m not that guy,but I’ll try to answer you why I want to play it.
            Because i like it – the concept,the class storylines,Star Wars Universe.I like the idea of strongholds and i actually think that gameplay itself,while now being boring shit,had and still has a potential.
            I want to play SWTOR,but how can i do it when i see that developers are lost their mind over greed and their only concern now is how to milk as much money as possible.
            You may say that every developers goal is to make money – that’s true,yes,but there is a way to do it without choking the game – look at TESO if you want an example.It has same in-game shop,it has same strongholds,it even has lootboxes too.On top of that,they still selling expansions – but for a reason their community is thriving,their game playerbase incresing everyday and people are happy.That reason is that developers listen to community,they don’t try to bully their players into buying their shit – they found a way to make money while still being adequate.And Elder Scrolls fanbase are much less big then Star Wars one – SWTOR could have easily been top 2 MMO in the market if only Bioware would’nt be that bad.
            I’m interested because this game IS a barren wasteland now and it pains me to see it in that state.It could’ve been much,much more.Sorry for my english.

        • Marrks

          look out! we have a badass here

        • gog

          Why are you calling AJ a cigarette? As far as insults go, that one is sort of weird….

  • Jason York

    Awesome, I love this and the ability to design our own PVP areas will be a great way to get more activities out of guilds! My guild is already working on scenarios and objectives to use with this new stronghold!

  • pig benis


    ayyy how can Battle for Azeroth compete with Galactic Legend 5.9.2

  • lolipop

    • You know somewhere Andryah is creaming in her big fat panties just thinking of all this gambling.

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