SWTOR Bioware Teases New Features and Surprises for 2019

In the new mid-summer update from Bioware studio, a little blurb was dedicated to SWTOR, announcing 2019 as the most exciting year yet for SWTOR.

The Mid-Summer Update from Bioware can be found here, the relevant paragraph is below.

In the meantime, our Star Wars: The Old Republic team is hard at work on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises that I think makes it the game’s most exciting year yet. And yes – we hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…

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How about a $2 reduction in subscription pricing since they don’t put out jack sheeeiiit on a regular constant basis…?

They should reduce it to 5€ With the So called Mmo Development been going in past couple’ish years & still going till 2019 or maybe further. Ridonkeylous Big IP “Mmo” Treatment by Ex big Rpg’ing Company :/ That pic above & “mid summer update lolz” gave shilly willy creepies x)

Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about current so called SW Big IP Mmo Development :/

#WeNeedSWG2 #WeNeedRealKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #EatDirtKevin #EatDirtCharlesBoyd #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews

They need to just do away with the sub entirely. Swtor just isn’t a good enough game to charge a sub fee.

So far: More shitty pets and mails about how: “We appreciate that you play Star Wars the Old Republic, blablabla”. I wonder what and when they’ll do beyond that, but my expectations are at the bottom, wish i was wrong but i belive when i see it.

Dunno, SoR was pretty awesome and so was KOTFE in the first 5 hours or so…until they added monthly chapters which were soo dull..

Yes it is. They cant take picture with only SWTOR team left. Diehard supporting community would outrage if they would know the truth.

Zero pride means that they don’t even care that they will once again be ridiculed for statements such as the above. We have had so far “no more than 1 year without operations” to be followed immediately after with 3 years without operations, we have had “better than cross server” which god knows what it meant, and we have had “the best expansion so far” for the crap that was KOTFE and KOTET. So yeah, this time I wonder what crap they will come up with.

more pvp “features”, one operation with the MANDATORY giant droid as final boss, a few refurbished armors

Having just “upgraded” to new technology mobile phones (my old Nokia just died on me, I cannot get it repaired) I just started playing GoE. And I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It’s very cool, and I now have something to do to kill the time. It’s very handy when I’m on the road playing, because there’s a lot of dead time. A LOT. Lots of kilometres to cover, lots of waiting in between soundchecks and dinner, and then the concert proper. And after all that, there’s the hotel. And the hope you don’t get stuck bunking up with someone that snores.

The life of a musician is hardly just sex, drugs and R’n’R. If any.

So yeah, it’s a nice mobile game. Don’t intend to spend a single dime on it though. And it’s a pity the guys at BW just don’t seem to know what to do with TOR.

As we have many times discussed here. A real shame.

“..on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises…”

That has to be the most empty verbal masturbation promise from bioware so far. They nearly lost in in every stream when they talked about the command system before it entered the game. From my point of view thats a really, really low standard and they thought THAT was amazing. I dont feel “teased” at all.

2019? 😀 is already after half of 2018 that should have been filled with great new things and what have we seen so far? almost nothing. They did not succeed in reaching almost anything in 2018, and they are already planning great things for the next year. Really…:D Words, words and again just words. We want action, not empty declarations, of which there is nothing at all at the end:/

Rest in peace expansions like Hutt cartel..

What a load of shit.

Oh and “loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect”? No. Nobody wants BW to do another Mass Effect game after the fuck-up that was Andromeda. I wonder if the guy who wrote this felt embarrassed putting those words to paper.

Mate, you’ve gotta do your reading. Andromeda wasn’t handled by the same Bioware that handled the original trilogy, it was given to a new studio in montreal that completely screwed themselves and the game with some incredibly dumb choices and hires. That studio is now mercifully closed and if another entry in the series were to be made it’d go back to the team responsible for the originals.

I don’t care about their internal matters; Bioware ruined Mass Effect, just like they ruined swtor and like they will, most likely, ruin the next Dragon Age. Assuming they’re even still going by that point. Anthem doesn’t exactly look exciting.

The stage has been set for Mass Effect. The story isn’t going to suddenly do a u-turn from what we got in Andromeda, even if the team that works on the next game is brilliant.

Yeah, except “the team responsible for the originals” doesn’t exist anymore.
Short after EA bought BioWare, people started quitting. Most of them were still there by the time ME2 came out. In ME3 there were like 70% of them. Shortly after ME3 though – EVERYONE has quit, including both founders of the studio. They were all that sick of EA.
So no, another ME installment will NOT be given to the original team. The original team is gone.

It wasn’t the same team but it wasn’t a good thing that they just pushed it to a new team and basically left them to their own devises. Rather careless for their main IP, wouldn’t you agree? But I do want more Mass Effect, because they have something to rectify.

I do, but one with a good main story, more interesting gameplay and with more quarians and elcors. Andromeda was a 4/10, it had some good stuff in it (some companions, the combat, some areas before they started to get repetitive) but so much was lacking in it.

I have mixed feeling about Fallout 4. It was a pretty good game. Very good actually.

Just not a great Fallout game. As far as the Fallout series is concerned… Yeah, they butchered it pretty badly. Not much RPG’ing going on. You have no real options as to how you want your character to be. I felt disconnected from the story. And all the settlement stuff just seemed to get in the way of the other part of the game.

The story and lack of role playing in it is why I hated it. Compared to FO1/2 and NV it’s so much worse. NV may have been a buggy mess, but it really felt like a Fallout game. FO4 was Skyrim in a post nuclear setting.
Would’ve enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been called Fallout, since there were good things in it,like the combat, the areas and Cait. But it need a ton of skill checks and no unkillable characters ever.

I don’t think everyone has an interest in anthem maybe some people, good to know there are some optimists out there though.

This game looks a lot like BF Heroes which was their F2P cash shop shooter. They eventually shut it down instead of updating it further. It was a good deal of fun while it lasted.

They are just preparing on Anthem hitting the wall.
When this happens SWTOR, Dragon Age and Mass Defect is all that’s left…

I sure hope those surprises are some massive bugfixes. There are bugs back from v1.1 still not fixed.
I’m not even hoping for any new content. We’ll get a few new pets/mounts which will be retextured old ones, with some minor changes to the mesh. Once our outrage reaches its peak, we’ll be given a double xp week, to calm us down. Then we’ll be given another promise for another year.

I’m sure that they mean more gambling boxes where you spend $3,000 on their new Cartel Market Currency reputation BS. Oh BTW… 6 months later they’ll retire the new currency and all the money you spent will be for nothing. Great job fags.

Well, I’m not expecting much but for them to actually go out of their way to mention SWTOR is unusual. We’ll see.

Didn’t they say the same before fallen Knights and broken hopes? I really enjoyed the game, back in the days. Didn’t log since fallen empire or whatever the name was. No regrets, playing destiny2 now.

I mean… I really enjoyed the story of both Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne, and that’s what I’m here for at the end of the day. Good Star Wars stories in the Old Republic, and that’s what we’re getting for the most part. The game itself is, in my opinion, beyond repair, thanks to an abundance of and reliance on microtransactions, barely adequate endgame content, and a general lack of anything to keep players hooked anymore. The story though, I’ll always stick around long enough to see that.

My Trooper has always been my main, and I still love it. Is it the same? No, definitely not, but it really can’t be when you’re dealing with some of the things we’ve encountered over the course of FE and ET. They’d have to do some weird bullshit like making all classes some kind of force sensitive, and that’d be a terrible way to skirt that problem. I’m okay with the Jedi and Sith getting certain things that we don’t, it’s the nature of the universe.

Mate, they literally made every class force-sensitive. Why would the Sith Emperor bother bonding to a regular trooper or bounty hunter? Did we play through the same storyline?

I don’t know, maybe because we’ve shifted the war and the entire galaxy so much, despite not being force sensitive. Wouldn’t you be more than a little interested in someone like that. Random dude from a spec ops squad basically wipes out whole armies and Sith lords and then eats them for breakfast?

Sure, I’d be interested in a game like that… if it was set in the Warhammer 40k universe. IMO Star Wars is a bit more grounded into reality, or at least it used to be.

Sure, you got space monks with swords made of literal energy that are fighting space baddies throwing lightning around and choking people with their minds. But apart from that (and you know, the hyperspace travel, blasters and aliens) most of the things in Star Wars are, how should I say, believable? I’m not sure if I’m expressing myself clearly, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

Actually you’re entirely wrong, see bounty hunter aka mandalorian if you play honorably aka to torian’s liking, the mandalorians have this term called “Alor” meaning leader of clan, so in that way you can still become a king or emperor, and agent, there is a moff so a person who commands fleets on the word of the emperor, but with the tact of your own strength and mind…A trooper you can become chancellor if you try at politics no doubt fighting for country/galaxy will ensure some votes.
Smuggler can become a king of enterprise with risha as your queen, or you can also become a alor as a smuggler and become mandalorian and start you own clan with akaavi…
At this point, I’ve proven that jedi have…What to be a grandmaster? Subject of still the council? Or a sith? A false emperor whilst a female leader sits on the throne of the actual empire…
The force is nothing at all.

Well this statement implies swtor would actually have this…Canon logic to exist, sadly all we have is to be a force sensitive mandalorian bounty hunter or trooper or smuggler or agent…This is what Bioware needs to fix in story.

This. Thats really all I am here for. End of the day, the stories told by bioware in swtor surpass even Battlefront2(inferno version).

Its the only reason I am in an mmo at all lol.

yeah like 5.0 The Command System.
and with the words in the stream”its awesome”
its awesome
-how many People stops playing
-how many bugs in game
-people must pay for it
-one new Raid in 3 Years
-how many people on the fleet

Shut down the Servers and concentrate on a SWTOR 2 to make all better

Shut down the servers and bring SWTOR 2 up. When they shut this game down SWTOR is dead and gone they will not bring it back. Fortnite has made Epic Games a company worth 8 billion. Do you not think the investors of EA/BW will push to get into what they see as the new cash crop of gaming?……SWTOR is not that.

I guess they’ll likely try to implement those systems into SWTOR rather than change the engine… or make SWTOR2 with better everything (KOTOR Online + SWG2). Well, good luck with that. If that’s the case and that’s why they called “the most exciting year yet” then i’d really wish they’d close this game already. I’d want something innovative rather than “chasing dat money” lololol but with that shitty overlord bEAware won’t let them do anything new and fresh.

I really do not know much about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. But I say that they would use that platform. Since it appears to already to be open world PvP battleground with being able to play a Luke, Leia, Vader characters so on already.

“open world”? SWGOH is a little screen sized stage that you cant explore, with 5 of your characters on one side and 5 ai characters on the other side, and it’s turn based. Even pvp is not true pvp as there is not another person controlling it. the ai just uses another players team on their behalf.
I love it but it is an addictive, over priced, phone game and nothing more.
And if you hate the rng loot boxes in swtor, the ones in swgoh are a much larger waste of money as they are p2w boxes that dont make enough of an impact for the $20-$100 you drop at a time for them.

Ah yes, more of those…If it ain’t 4k with the promise of “You’ll need to buy our 400dollar system or a 2000dollar PC so you can pay more thousands for our pay to win game! Yay you are having so much fun now!”
Dude stfu, not everything has got to be new gen with ultra graphics or remastered in the least and design gtfo…

u have just no understand what i talking about.
Or u read anything about graphics in my topic?
I talk abut Raids and Mechanics.
The Game Engine is just worst.
And the Bugs r AWESOME.
So have fun and pay for this.
So long Cowboy


Just some vague ranting about the game. Nothing concrete.

These guys are ridiculous. While other companies share what they are going to produce with their community, these guys still operate on the premisse of keeping everything secret, because “they are excited, but can’t talk about it”…

Well, I’m not. Bored, actually. Same old, same old.

“Game’s most exciting year yet”??? I guess these guys weren’t around when Oricon came out then…

Yeah. This is so vague it’s worthless. Hell they haven’t done much this entire year and last year was no great shakes either. SWTOR was my go to game for years but this is just so bloody depressing.

I’m more excited for BfA and I’m lukewarm to the new WoW exp pack so that’s pretty disappointing. Used to play SWTOR so much when the level cap was 50 and 55 that I was running 21 HMs a week to get my weeklies done on my 7 55s (2 tanks, 2 healers, 3 DPS) and now it’s not even on my HDD anymore. =/

50/55 was THE shit. I remember those days, the guilds I used to run with. The friends I made in the game. Man, what a good time for TOR.

I remember putting up a group to do the Shroud Heroic. That one was epic. 4 dps, one Sorcerer re-specced into healer. We made it by the skin of our teeth, and I delivered the killing blow with, like, 1 or 2% health left. 2 guys dead, the other one was pretty much like me. We enjoyed playing that so much we all became friends in game, and went on to do several things together.

To compare what’s been going on these later years to THAT time in the game is insulting. At least to me.

Man, the Shroud heroic is still my favorite thing in this game. The original version though, not the scaled down “update”. It was so much fun to go there and beat our heads against the puzzles the 1st time. No reading walktrhroughs or anything. I think it took us the whole evening and then some but it was so worth it. And ofc after that I spent so many time just helping whoever needed a team for it, just because I enjoyed it so much.

Oh, I remember the Shroud kicking some serious ass back then! At level, with non BiS geared toons it was eventful, let’s put it that way.

And getting to the Shroud was not easy. The puzzles, the mobs. Everything was great. Still one of my favourite, non-Ops material in the game, if not THE favourite.

This particular run I mentioned was with my Deception Assassin, so it must have been the 3rd or 4th run I did. And it was the original, yes.

BioWare at its finest.

So they gonna revive Swtor and add more teams on the game good to hear wich means way more continent ;0

They aren’t increasing the development team staff pool size for SWTOR.
What they mean, is their newer staff who they have hired (replacing older staff) have been working on some new concepts and ideas for SWTOR. The majority of the development team for SWTOR have moved on, as most experienced staff do, they move to the next new game. Newly acquired inexperienced staff are allocated to older games to try and revitalize them and they get training and work experience along the way.

It’s tragic…But hey, maybe the newer staff will have ideas on the story and make mandalorians a focus or turn jadus into emperor, or maybe they’ll just turn swtor into dcuo…
“Such as the way of things.”

[OP is Fred G]

This is when a game that was actually worth a damn makes an announcement about what’s coming in 2019 because they have a solid plan and have a lot of content they are excited to tell the players about.

But SWTOR isn’t a game that’s worth a damn so they only tease “new features.”

“new features” : more nerfs and more bashing of Powertech, jack squat for PVE players, more ugly af armor in the cartel market, one “new” astromech sub reward, more idiotic interviews with that moron musco. u expecting anything else?

lol at this point they should at least give us a class changer token so we can go from powertech to mercenary, sense they’re so keen on putting weights on our backs and utterly shaming any of our potential for pvp and pve…Currently PT is sort of good for pvp, mainly rail shot it hits like a truck but the survival of literally all the classes besides powertech and vanguard can just stand still and watch us spam rail shot and they’ll be recuperating like Deadpool whilst wearing lower tier gear and PTs will just be there looking like fools.

My bet is they are working on SOME content, they will maybe do a half assed job on it. If Anthem fails BW will go down, so they will just scrap the half assed job for 6.0 and save money. If it doesn’t fail, then they wil continue the work for 6.0 and release that.

That’s why they aren’t giving any information yet, they are waiting for anthem.

By new “content”, I would assume you mean the Cartel Market? It’s the first thought that came to mind when I read it.

i don’t what people is waiting about anthem, that game will last 3 months, after that nobody will even remember it, like For Honor or Andromeda

Bioware has different dev teams working on different projects.
It’s not all dedicated to Anthem, but it is a priority right now so most resources have been allocated there. That doesn’t mean though that if Anthem fails they’ll fire their staff and not help work on other projects. It also doesn’t mean that if Anthem succeeds that they’ll allocate that staff to older projects like SWTOR.

This is a typical misconception with people who don’t understand how large game development studios work. It is more likely Bioware has another game in the pipeline after Anthem, and their most experienced will start pre-development planning for that. Most of the time what happens, is the more experienced staff will work on new games, whereas the newer staff will be allocated to older games like SWTOR for training purposes. This can be a double-edged sword as inexperience may lead to slower development, however new ideas, concepts and a younger/energetic minds can lead to revitalizing old concepts and games.

‘Large game development studios’ – better check your sources there buddy, bioware has been in decline for years, they got the customer service dude in charge of development and the community manager helping with coding, I’d be surprised if they have more than 40 on payroll.

You are correct, but at best scenario for the newbie devs they’ll direct towards swtor will instead make swtor a money whore like DCUO if anthem fails…Content will be a dream of drunkard high on crack, but ugly costumes and glowing auras and body parts will become a spam in the cartel market and gtn, and the hard work of inflation and ridiculous credit price tags patch would’ve been all for not and the star wars community will further turn into a cesspit of greedy stuck up scum, and complaints and then you’ll behold the banning of accounts and everything that happened in dcuo will occur for swtor…

Hey! Here’s an idea – maybe something for 2018? No? Just cash shop shit and some maps?

Fuck yeah… way to justify that sub there, EA 😛

“..on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises…”That has to be the most empty verbal masturbation promise from bioware so far. They nearly lost in in every stream when they talked about the command system before it entered the game. From my point of view thats a really, really low standard and they thought THAT was amazing

new Feature, you can now upload pictures from the game directly to the web site via in game options menu.. lmao

New feature: Get rid of the 15.00 a month to play the game. Realize that the majority of content the devs regularly provide for are cosmetics and vanity housing-decor. The last time I bought a 60 day pass the only thing that happened in that cycle was getting Mako back. Do what the other games do and charge for expansions and let people buy housing with real money. There are whales in the game that would eagerly buy a house on every planet..

Paid expansions are the way to go. Ever since we started getting free ‘expansions’ the quality has been absolutely shocking.

That’s a good point.
Maybe that would drive them to actually produce decent and long lasting content.

Better yet, make it a cartel unlock called scenes! So that even if the DLCs are only purchasable via real life cash, I can still get it from the gtn with credits or waiting a few months for some monthly 100s to reach the ultimate cost.

Friendly reminder that Bioware is still owned by EA. You can, and will be dissapointed regardless of what they announce.

They said that the year KotET and Galactic Command came out was going to be the most exciting year yet and the said that 2018 was going to be very exciting. Frankly SWTOR has been lack-luster since SoR dropped. T
They have an odd since of exciting in my opinion.

“We promised amazing stuff for this year, and didn’t deliver. But be exited for the next year, it will be amazing!”


2019? 😀 is already after half of 2018 that should have been filled with great new things and what have we seen so far? almost nothing. They did not succeed in reaching almost anything in 2018, and they are already planning great things for the next year. Really…:D Words, words and again just words

Amazing Plans: 1) three more tiers of command crates and three more tiers of gear to grind for so you can do the same ops you’re doing now! 2) more companions return with all new 1 minute cut scenes! 3) A BRAND NEW EVENT!!! The one you’ve been waiting for! TRIPLE XP and COMMAND XP Week!!!! 4) A new cartel market interface!!!!! We think the player base has asked for it, and we aim to please!!! 5) in April 2019 we will mess up and heroics will accidentally payout 100x credits and 100x CXP! And we won’t fix it for a while!!!

i’d only add to point 2) that now they available through Cartel Market to unlock them! #SuchAccomplishment #wow #dodgedog xD

To bad they werent hard at work before lol. It took them over a year to just do a single op im surprised they gonna have an xpac next year maybe theyll piece meal that to smh.

unless its a update to the engine to get it off this DX9 crap, to atlest DX11 and 64 bit client so as the performance dont suck cause realizes solely on power of the cpu while the gpu does almost nothing or is waiting for data cause the game engine is stalling things I dont think i care anymore, I have not played in 5 months really, I log on to see what happen that about it these days

It is highly unlikely that BioWaste/BioCrap/BioGarbage/BioFail…you get the point will swap the engine. Also, updating it is pointless at this moment, they would have to copy/paste the entire game code to a newer version of the engine and knowing BioDisappointment there’s bound to be bugs, and lots of them. It would require significant investment and that’s something EA doesn’t like to hear, these bastards prefer building castles on sand. Bitches forgot that in order to gain something you have to lose something, money in this case. Tbh, this HeroEngine crap reminds me of Odyssey engine (and its predecessors). BioRetards were milking it up until 2005 with Jade Empire despite the fact that it was ancient even by 2003 standards. The biggest problem that HeroEngine’s graphics department has is ginormous consumption of CPU and RAM resources on HUD elements. Very easy to notice that problem on low-end PCs with 4-8Gbs of RAM. It will either freeze the game for 2-5 seconds or it’ll drop the framerate to 5-10. BioWhores are bad at decision making. They perfectly knew nobody was using that shitty engine and they went with it anyway. Even The Elder Scrolls Online used it while it was in BETA but then either swapped or updated it as the game hit digital shelves. Plus I’m sure you’re aware of that meme comic in which we see that there’s only one machine responsible for maintaining the game servers and its performance and and a fuckton of hardware responsible for maintaining cartel market. Worst of all, all the NPC/PC physics lie entirely on our computer’s shoulders instead of BioWare processing all that shit with their server hardware. And that’s why we see fps drops from 60s and 100s to 15s and 30s when we’re surrounded by a large number of players (OPS, PVP, Open World PVP). Like you, I also don’t give a damn about this game anymore, occasionally I’ll read patch notes and shit like that here on, if there’s something interesting that’s been added to the game then I’ll log on to check it out, but mostly I read patch notes, laugh, and verbally curse BioCrap if they managed to add/fix something that had to be added/fixed a year or two before that. I also like to hang out on this site as I figured this back in 2014, since it has the biggest SALT army of SW fans/players. And it just so happens that I agree with everything these guys have to say about SWTOR, mainly ’cause I came to same conclusions in a matter of weeks when SWTOR first launched. I mean when SWTOR doesn’t annoy you with its bugs and the servers are stable enough that you don’t have server lag over 1000ms then it’s playable, you might even enjoy the game while it lasts. But this is like rolling a dice. It comes down to luck.

U stfu small brain 50 y/o pos. The game is dead because of people like u who like eating what ever is on the floor

Hood Toggle?
Speech bubbles?
Voss or Nautolan playable species?
Legacy storage kiosks added to Fleet or Odessen?
Updated events like gray secant, bounty hunter week on new planets, new outbreak planets?
Then who F’N cares!?!

One way to make SWTOR great again – FIRE that gross incompetent Eric Musco. The guy is an idjet and managed to make half of my guild quit playing with that ” Xenith” thing. I get it, you don’t like Jedi Consular class, but others do.

Already yarning since 5.10 Jedi Under seige release fell to sleep as soon as I came across the first screen slow, choppy, locking, up slow as all stuff unable to fight world boss cause it constantly in a loop of self repair, then saying what the hell were Swtor developer thing in bring Darth Malgus back,
The daily and group contents is what I thought it be struggle find anyone to group up with meaning conquest stuff not getting completed and taking far to long to complete its holding me back boring the days lights out of me.
this game is dead in its current form of development as all the faulty contents have resurface that was removed when they did away with the old grouping style.
I even cancelled my subscription and will not be recommending it to anyone that how ticked off its made me.

5.10 is great. Don’t listen to all the salt, they can go play some other games. I am having fun.

I am enjoying it and I have no problems finding people to play with so I don’t think its dead. Only the crybabies left and I am fine with that.

A lot of the complaints of swtor, are mainly on the quality and the ones who get besides the idiotic idea that 4k VR reality is a must for a game to exist, there are the complaints of the content that swtor comes out with, at most they have a dozen on their staff that actually provide anything in swtor, mainly my guess because they’re so busy with anthem, another high end pc and rich bastard’s spoiled brat’s PS4/Xbox1 library game…I can agree that swtor needs more content as I cannot upgrade to newer gen and probably won’t till the end of my days, that being said swtor is a place I find very fun, a game I can stay loyal to especially because of it’s fair dealings of subscription and easy bypasses other mmos would keep strict, example: DCUO, a game owned by daybreak and a game of toxic greedy scum who believe in nothing but money for their dead dead non-creative game…
Swtor has a unique way of storytelling, or just a story to tell generally, one of star wars.
I hope bioware works on the failure of writing that is the kotet, and kotfe, and also brings some more light shed on what happens to the mandalorians, will they get a new mandalore for one? I would like this to happen…Does jadus become a dynasty of emperors? Will mandos fight for the republic? Will my bounty hunter and smuggler finally return to roots and be what they’re supposed to be a hunter or a smuggler? Instead of a sith emperor?

All i wanted is to stack Shield/Absorb in PVP. Why did they force defense in PVP when it’s almost worthless. Made me quick for good until it’s back. Individual customization is important! No more cookie cutter bland tasteless experiments by people who don’t actually play the game, let alone love it like back in 2.0 era. Until then they won’t get a dime out of me! I donated a lot to this game prior to the devs killing the game with unthoughtful half-baked updates that the players mostly let due to it. But the loser dev team doubled down on their poor decision and 75% of loyal players from the beginning are now gone. (been 2 years since playing and before the experimental half thought out update that killed creativity and uniqueness in SWTOR and i’d be blown alway if the dev team could summon up the intelligence to bring back what made this once fun game special and awesome again.)

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