GW2 Design a Weapon Contest Collections Guide

GW2 Design a Weapon Contest Collections guide. This is a set of three short collections that will unlock three exotic weapons.


A couple months back Arenanet had a community Design a Weapon Contest. Top 3 choices were made into weapons and can now be earned ingame via three short and simple collections.


Getting Started

1. Go to Lion’s Arch and you will immediately receive a mail.


2. Make the Ectoplasm-Infused Vision Crystal by putting the following 4 items in the Mystic Forge.

  • 3x Vials of Blood
  • 6x Sapphire Orbs
  • 15x Glob of Ectoplasm
  • 2x Lesser Vision Crystal (2x Bloodstone Brick, 2x Dragonite Ingot, 2x Empyreal Star, 1x Augur’s Stone)
    • Tailor/Armorsmith/Leatherwork 500 recipe


3. Double click to consume the Vision Crystal you just made and it will unlock three new collections.

Healing Heir (Sword)

All parts of the collection are in Dry Top. Completing this collection will reward you with Scion’s Claw exotic sword. This collection must be done in sequence.


Scattered Self

Look out over a fallen people. Find Nayeli near the Vista for Crash Site 1 POI


Updraft of a Dream

Rendezvous with a rabble-rousing rock. Find Nayeli near Sparring Rock POI


Duty’s Shards

Deep underground, a light shines bright as the Sun. Cavern of Shining Lights right by Ley Line Hub Hero Challenge


Low Spirit

Look where the waters mend, high above the oasis.Right beside the Hero Challenge in Uplands Oasis.


A Soul Resewn

Far to the southwest, high in the sky, there is a place to see both Zephyrite past and future. SW on a cliff by Challenger’s Cliff.


Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Sword Blade

Go back to Crash Site 1 Vista to finish the collection. You will need to carry an Oiled Orichalcum Sword Blade (Craft or buy from TP) in your inventory and then talk to Nayeli.

Guide to Greater Understanding (Greatsword)

All parts of the collection are in Fields of Ruin. This collection rewards you with Eclipse exotic greatsword. Special thanks to Meika Arimashi for the info. This collection must be done in sequence.


A Shade’s Blindspot

Go where the mightiest of the walled city rest. Go to Defender’s Field POI by the Stronghold of Ebonhawke and talk to Xeniph


Memory Lane

At the top of an abandoned mine, discover precarious pillars of steel. Find Xeniph in the Abandoned Mine JP.


Blame Game

Seek out shattered storms, a twisted tree and roots deep in stone. Find Xeniph in Thunderbreak Hills


A Balanced View

A waterfall streams forth with a stone ceiling overhead. Xeniph is inside Highden Caves


Ghost Growth

Find the southernmost point, where one is closest to the sands beyond. Talk to Xeniph in Wildlin Narrows


Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Blade

Go back to Xeniph by Defender’s Field POI by the Stronghold of Ebonhawke and carry an Oiled Orichalcum Greatsword Blade in your inventory (craft or buy on TP).

Legend Builder (Torch)

This collection takes place in Dredgehaunt Cliffs and it will reward you with Favor of the Colossus exotic torch. This collection must be done in sequence.


Warming Up

Find a warmth at a hearth close to Hoelbrak. Talk to Bakkin by Graupel Kohn.



Seek a great cat carved in stone. Find Bakkin by Leopard Snarl Shrine POI.


Start to Stop

Deep in the mountain, steel scores deep into stone. Near Rat’s Run. Go into the Dredge tunnel and then drop through the hole/staircase leading down.


Larger than Legend

The dredge seek riches to the southeast. Right by the Dwarven Relic Hero Challenge to the southeast end of the map.


A Breath of Life

Search high in the sky, atop a mountain of timber. Inside the jumping puzzle by Tribulation Rift in the SW corner of the map.


Imbued Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head

Return to Bakkin by Graupel Kohn with an Oiled Orichalcum Torch Head (craft or buy on TP) in your inventory. Talk to him again to finish the collection.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

51 replies on “GW2 Design a Weapon Contest Collections Guide”

Are you supposed to make one of those crystals and use it at each location to see the ghosts? I went to Ghost Growth and didn’t see any ghosts, but it looked like other people might have been showing up, doing things, and leaving? I created the crystal and opened the 3 collections. Feel like I’m missing something.

it’s almost like there’s some content for veteran players that isn’t hand-fed to new people.
I cannot imagine why a game would want that.
I mean, aren’t you supposed to get end-tier rewards right after character creation?

man.. I just don’t get why we have to put in effort into the game for our rewards

i voted for the 1h sword myself but damn..looking back those concepts were nothing different than choosing between hillary and trump…they’re all shitty choices lol

atleast to be fair it’s better than what the concept artists have been able to deliver and thats the reason why i don’t play this game other than when new stories arrive. LOVE the story. its one of my top 3 with ffxiv 1st place, bns 2nd and gw2 3rd. funny enough the moment gw2 screws up with their story im gone for good because thats its only holding power on me haha

These look… poorly rendered. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept! Warframe and AQWorlds have huge amounts of these and I pay a lot of money to support community creations. The entries themselves look great, props to the original artists. Just wish the textures and normalmaps looked as good as those of recent gemstore skins. Come on Anet you can do better than this.

It’s free so fault on us to expect much effort being put in. Let just be happy and lucky it doesn’t look much worse. But I agree that one handed sword looks like cra—- , it’s like those Asuran swords if looking from afar.

They look much better in-game. They have reflective surfaces and detailed textures, but the still images don’t do them justice. Eclipse is my favourite, and in-game the phases of the moon glow, making especially nice to look at at night.

Eclipse actually looks quite wonderful in-game. Unfortunately the other two don’t look any better than the pictures here. Definitely something missing on the sword and the textures on the torch look pretty flat as well.

Regardless of whether you like these skins or not, but this showcase is a hammer slap in the face of the weapon designers folks employed by Anet. How can you call yourself artists and get paid by the company if your works are laughably inferior than those designed by fans. And I haven’t yet mentioned all the butt cap and floating shiny parts.

It’s called, outsourcing for free work. Don’t have to pay any employees for designing things in your game, just for constructing it, more than half of the work going into items is all the preliminary rough drafts, which eats up a crap ton of time.

And as for the quality of these fan designed items? Doesn’t make me think the designers’ work at Anet is laughably inferior, but that’s up to each individual’s opinion. I’m not much of a fan of them, maybe except for the torch, but it still doesn’t make me want to run out and get it. The swords look like they should be in another game, not GW2

You completely missed his point. Anet has hired, paid professionals to whose literal job is to come up with such designs. And they’re shit in comparison to random fans. We all know these design a weapon contests are just free outsourcing, that’s not the argument. The argument is that the ones currently employed really need to step up their game.

That’s a bit unfair, both to the designers and the fans. Creating designs for a couple of weapons once is not equivalent to steadily providing content for a game. Especially if these are just a few chosen examples. If you pick top 20 out of 900, which considering the rules had to have been done by at least 300 different people, it isn’t surprising that you find some nice designs. Besides, you don’t know the three winners personally. They could be professional or long time hobby artists, in which case they could easily have skill equalling the designers at Anet, but more time and fewer designs to work on.

First, it’s anything but unfair to fans. Comparing a fans work to designers working for anet and claiming it’s on top is quite generous. This is the company whose art team used to have the legendary Daniel Dociu as head. Second, this is in regards to their track record of releasing content. As I’m sure you may have guessed, this entire discussion is highly opinionated and based on people’s taste in design. You make a good point about designers having to release content in a quicker fashion than someone doing it on their own time constraints. However, the artists who submit these works have their own jobs to contend with, as well as the fact that they are not being paid to create these designs. Arguably, the designers in anet whose literal paid job is to design, would likely have more time. Arguably as well, given that it’s their professional job, they’re likely very well versed in working within time constraints. There are skyrim modders who release incredible work at a faster pace than anet’s design team, so that’s not really an argument I’ll acknowledge. Lastly, you’re under the assumption that only these “top” designs are being argued here. This isn’t really valid because most of the designs submitted were excellent, regardless of which were designated to be the top. There was honestly a surprising lack of duds in the submissions. Back to the track record, it’s not really a mystery whether on dulfy, or reddit, or the gw2 forums, that people find anets outfits and weapon designs to be consistently sub par. Sure, sometimes a set might be nice, but in my experience, and according to many, many forum topics, the majority of content just isn’t great. Like I said, they need to step up their game. Other MMO’s have vastly superior weapon and armour designs than GW2, and fans constantly complain about this all the time when we get our next set of slightly modified retextures, or uninspired cash shop outfit.

Honestly, the only submissions I have seen were the top 20 that Anet showed off, so I can’t judge the amount of duds in the submission. If you know a place where all the 900 submitted designs can be viewed link it please, I would love to see the other designs as well. As for the fans, I say that you are being unfair to them when you say that they cannot be as qualified as the Anet design team just because it is not their job. Also, there is such a thing as creative and mental fatigue. I can tell you from personal experience, that it is much easier to be creative if you spend a lot of time working a simple and mostly physical job than when you constantly have to think and create. Besides, if they have enough time to play GW2 at any serious level, they have more than enough time to design a single weapon over several months.
Personally, I do not like the new designs all that much. While I agree that most of the armour and weapon designs are lacklustre (and not a single good looking shoulder skin), they fit thematically with their origin. The new weapons look too different from everything else, too cartoony and gaudy, in my opinion. As someone who is in the game for story and lore (and skin collecting), I would much prefer that the designs comply with the world, which I think was designed brilliantly in most instances, than that they be awesome looking by themselves. But then again, I also really loved Trahearne, so I guess I represent the unpopular opinions. I may not agree with every decision Anet has made regarding the game, but I do not think that the designers are bad or being “slapped in the face”. This was more of an engaging and encouraging the fanbase exercise than anything else. I mean, they decided that the top 3 will be made into weapons before the start of the contest, so we would have gotten 3 weapons no matter how they looked.

Look, if you’re simply arguing for the sake of argument or being correct, and not really for a coherent discussion, I’m not interested. There is no place where I said they cannot be qualified. The likelihood they are on the same level of the team with dnaiel dociu on them however is practically impossible. A quick look at the page will show you their patreon pages, deviant arts, as well as their portfolios. As far as “fatigue” goes, this goes both ways. I’m not sure what makes you think that these people, who moments ago you argued could have professional jobs themselves, and therefore isn’t “fair” to compare, suddenly do not, and are not subject to the exact same mental and creative fatigue despite their profession is quite frankly ridiculous. This statement by you has pretty much removed me from any further discussion with you on this. Your assumption that the fans have all this free time to create without “Creative” jobs of their own is the only thing unfair being said here. It’s further strange that you also argue that they may indeed have these professional creative jobs and so judging their works are on a certain playing field. Consider sticking to one stance. You’re not really making any sense here. What makes you say they are “serious” level gw2 players. Do you have the metrics on their playtimes? The hilarity of that statement for a casual game you can pick up on and off, like gw2, aside, it makes little sense to me why you assume that only the fans are serious players, while the literal artists who work on the game they love, wouldn’t be. This again contradicts your argument of them possibly being professionals themselves, so clearly they wouldn’t have all this free time. If you actually took the moment to look at the submissions, you’ll note they are professionals in their own merit. However, they have little experience, as per their portfolios, patreons, and deviant arts, which are linked. This basically means one of two things. Either they’re professionals and therefore are subjected to the same workfield related stresses as most graphic artists, but still produced better designs on their own free time, without getting paid to do so. Or, they’re amateurs who do better jobs creating than professionals paid to do so. You can only throw out so many “what if” scenarios before a whole slew of contradictions start to surface and discredit the argument. I don’t really recommend that.

As for lore, without to sound too rude, but… you kidding me? The lore preservation of gw2 has died a long time ago. Have you seen the outfits? The tonics? The bunny ears? The anime hair? It’s just an MMO, and it’s pretty clear they will cater to whatever makes money on the cash shop. I have low expectations of any sort of lore preservation in this game anymore, so the lackluster skins that come out consistently are very disappointing since they have proven again and again they don’t care about limits.

I think engaging and encouraging the fanbase in this scenario is more “free outsourcing” than anything. Pardon me for being a realist. There’s lots of events that could be made that don’t center around the fan having a particular skillset just to participate (art), so let’s call it what it actually is and not skirt around the subject.

Anyway, fun discussion, but I’ll have to agree to disagree with you here. I’m certain a lot of people tired of our mediocre skins will have to.

Fair point, but I still have to disagree on the free outsourcing part. The whole contest seemed like too much effort for just 3 concept art pictures. If they eventually decide to do something with the other designs as well (like making them into black lion sets) we will be able to say it was exploitation of fresh ideas, but until then, I believe it is fair to say that their intentions were, if not good, at least not downright bad.
Honestly, I just wish they would design some actually good looking skins other than legendaries and gemstore items. We have more than enough black lion skins as it is. You don’t even really have to look at other games for better skins. There are quite a few of interesting and unique ones in GW2, you just have to pay 600 gems for each 🙁 Or maybe they could do something for the mount skins. The adoption contracts are not a good method of obtaining them and I had guildies who quit the game outright after they were introduced. But I have to concede that the skins could be a lot better, and so could the lore. Sylvari are my favourite race and I was very disappointed that they did not do more with them in HoT. I mean, there was the possibility that an entirely new pale tree was growing somewhere in the jungle with it’s own group of dreamless sylvari. Opportunity squandered.
Thanks for the discussion

The designs are creative indeed especially ‘Eclipse’ the GS, nice concept of having the cycle as symbol. Imo, it’s the effects that attracts the crowd. It will be just as odinary without the glows and such. Black Lion’s skins will probably have the same crowd if they better shine or glow effects.

I found a lot of the designs from the contest to be really good. I liked most if not all.
Hopefully Anet will do this type of thing again.
Each of these (the 3 added now in game) with some visual effects will look better than current legendaries 😛 (well to me Sunrise / Twillight is still amazing, but the swords and torches… lol).

These are actually really cool, I dig collections that are tied to a mini-story instead of just “find 583 hidden chests/crystals/chairs”. Makes me even more disappointed that they only picked three.

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised that they included little collections for these. Look forward to doing them. 🙂

The NPC is combat locked with invincible golems from the quest (if she gets dammaged her HP won’t regen).

Do the event with escorting NPC who collects crystals and she will instantly fix.

It would be nice if they added some of the other designs.. I remember I liked the dagger & the rifle back then..

They are super easy to get… I thought they’d be a bit more prestigious. But, I’ll still be happy expanding my collections of skins.

I think its a good idea that they release them like this. Promotes the content creators work rather than trying to monetize it and likely profiteer from it.

I was thinking more like upping the cost to make them cost the same amount as the eggnog helmets materials. But I agree, these should not be gem store items at all.

can thay already make a nice scepter for once or what ??
thay already have plenty of nice skins for swords

Is this a one time only collection of a couple of Greatswords and a torch…which I really need. Do you guys think that they will come out with other designs like sword, longbow, pistol, rifle, axe, etc.??? I really hope so

Aargh I’ve been looking for that “Memory Lane” for ages before checking this guide, how is the Abandoned Mine in Ebonhawke, ANet??

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