GW2 Gemstore–Timekeeper Outfit/Glider, Mordremoth Dyes and More

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Timekeeper Outfit, Timekeeper Glider, Mordremoth Dyes and Onyx Lion/Gold Lion weapons.

Timekeeper Outfit – 700 CC

Dye Pattern















Timekeeper Glider – 500 C


Onxy Lion and Gold Lion Weapon Skins

These weapons are only available as part of Gemstore packages like Immortal weapons.

Onyx Lion Weapons

Onyx Lion Axe Onyx Lion Dagger Onyx Lion Focus Onyx Lion Greatsword
gw2-onyx-lion-axe gw2-onyx-lion-dagger gw2-onyx-lion-focus gw2-onyx-lion-greatsword
Onyx Lion Hammer Onyx Lion Longbow Onyx Lion Mace Onyx Lion Pistol
gw2-onyx-lion-hammer gw2-onyx-lion-longbow gw2-onyx-lion-mace gw2-onyx-lion-pistol
Onyx Lion Rifle Onyx Lion Scepter Onyx Lion Short Bow Onyx Lion Shield
gw2-onyx-lion-rifle gw2-onyx-lion-scepter gw2-onyx-lion-short-bow gw2-onyx-lion-shield
Onyx Lion Staff Onyx Lion Sword Onyx Lion Torch Onyx Lion Warhorn
gw2-onyx-lion-staff gw2-onyx-lion-sword gw2-onyx-lion-torch gw2-onyx-lion-warhorn

Gold Lion Weapons

Gold Lion Axe Gold Lion Dagger Gold Lion Focus Gold Lion Greatsword
gw2-gold-lion-axe gw2-gold-lion-dagger gw2-gold-lion-focus gw2-gold-lion-greatsword
Gold Lion Hammer Gold Lion Longbow Gold Lion Mace Gold Lion Pistol
gw2-gold-lion-hammer gw2-gold-lion-longbow gw2-gold-lion-mace gw2-gold-lion-pistol
Gold Lion Rifle Gold Lion Scepter Gold Lion Short Bow Gold Lion Shield
gw2-gold-lion-rifle gw2-gold-lion-scepter gw2-gold-lion-short-bow gw2-gold-lion-shield
Gold Lion Staff Gold Lion Sword Gold Lion Torch Gold Lion Warhorn
gw2-gold-lion-staff gw2-gold-lion-swird gw2-gold-lion-torch gw2-gold-lion-warhorn

Mordremoth Dyes

125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems



On Sale Today—Living World Season 2 and 3 Complete Packs
Starting today, the Living World Season 2 Complete Pack is 50% off, and the Living World Season 3 Complete Pack is 25% off.

Returning this Week

  • Royal Terrace Pass
  • Captain’s Airship Pass
  • Noble’s Folly Pass
  • Lava Lounge Pass
  • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey
  • Path of Fire Preparation Pack
  • Elonian Introductory Package
  • Path of Fire Survival Package
  • minion_condi_necro

    This black lion set looks pretty nice!

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Lion Focus is the perfect lunchbox

  • Zone

    Is the Abyssal Forest dye like an Abyssal Sea or like a Shadow Green? (For those who are unsure what I am asking, I not talking about shade but like the dye’s characteristics. Abyssal Sea, on some textures, is nearly reflect-less and is a more saturated black than Shadow Abyss)

  • Miss Lana

    The outfits are looking worse and worse. Pity they can’t come up with any good-looking gear nowadays and have to make the community do it for them.

    • That’s a pretty ignorant statement. Well done.

    • Nao Fate

      It’s only the helmet that looks weird. Everything else looks pretty decent.

  • Oh. I thought the onyx hammer was “a fist doing a thumbs down” on each side and what a good idea it was, but that was just my sleepy imagination it doesn’t do that >.>

    • Jalen Dmello


    • ShingYau Lau

      thanks, now i cant unseen it. lol

  • Shaggy

    Finally, one step closer to my life-long dream of playing as N-Trophy!

  • Aina Sofia

    outfit remind me of Loki of Asgard from MCU

  • Alot

    Dat onyx lunch box thou :/

  • Narottam Zakheim

    the glider skin is very nice 🙂

  • Halvora

    Oooooh. New green dyes! Let’s see if I can grab me that Nightmare dye….

  • JiM

    How do we get these Skins again? Only Black Lion Chests?

    • Answerer

      There’s 1 in the Timekeeper package
      So, atm you can only get 1 Onyx skin, and for a price of 2000 gems no less

      I’d gladly pay for these skins, but this is ludicrous and ridiculous

  • yo Ta

    I like this Outfit. very very beautiful 😀

  • Maciej Smoczyński

    To be honest, this costume is better than the legendary armor

  • Jose Vicente Pinzon

    when will this be available? Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey

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