SWTOR 5.9.2 Cartel Market and Collections Update

SWTOR 5.9.2 Cartel Market and Collections Update.

Cartel Market


Callous Conqueror’s Armor Set – 2600 CC


Resilient Warden’s Armor Set – 1440 CC



Ancient Sith Lord’s Warblade – 3800 CC



Scar Removal Droid – 380 CC

Remote Training Probe – 240 CC



Sith Lord’s Artifacts Decoration Bundle – 2000 CC

Gallery view: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/bundles/sith-lords-artifacts-decoration-bundle/



Noble Councillor’s Armor Set


Distinguished Warrior’s Armor Set



Dark Side Hssiss


Czerka T-18 Tactical Throne



K-13 FS Heavy Cannon



Advanced Pale Gold Color Crystal


Wetlands Fi’lin


Flair: Sign of the Dark Lord


Dark Side Channeling Weapon Tuning


  • Darth Twinge

    Hmm. Some nice designs this time around. I especially like the sith deco pack.
    Too bad I havent been motivated to log in post Nathema Conspiracy, though.
    I guess I’ll check back in “2019” and see if theres any merit to it being the “best year ever”

    • Jonathan Parker

      I doubt it, especially since they’re continuing the march towards the complete takeover of the entire game by microtransactions. People were so hung up on loot boxes that they don’t see they’re still ripping us off, just with specific items instead of gambling.

    • Tony

      this stuff is a waste..they should take all the time and money spent on pvp and cartel market nonsense (which is really only just encouraging us to buy more cartel coins and make them money) and provide CONTENT!!! what a depressing disappointment…this game used to be an amazing thing to look forward to every month

      • Darth Twinge

        Yep. This game has become like a bad boyfriend/girlfriend.
        BW is all: “Stick around baby, I can change… just give me $15”
        So I give BW $15…
        But nothing ever changes.
        So recently, I’ve been having an affair with a different game :O
        I wish things were different.
        I would much rather be with SWTOR. But it isnt healthy.
        If BW really loved us, it would change.
        But deep down I know its probably too much to ask.

  • Nice designs on the armor and beast mount….

  • Tutumba

    Resilient Warden’s looks interesting, but it’s no doubt ruined by the big butt bug which plagues all the other sets of the same design. In other words, it’s unusable. A pity.

  • Kyp Tennyson

    New design of all the new stuff is great. Now if only they could give us a major graphics update like WoW has down.

    • burstdragon323

      Not even remotely feasible, as the engine was outsourced.

    • Reaper

      forget graphic updates we need a DX11/12/Vulkan engine update

    • Little Flame

      It runs on the same engine as ESO, so technically speaking they could make it look akin to that. With the downside of Swtor’s art style dying because of it

  • John Kosto

    The new Cartel Market system makes wanna vomit.

    • Reaper

      Ugh, do it over there by Musco desk lol

  • Sabretooth
    • Reaper

      1999 screen shot, good god man take in game screen not off camera cell phone pics! It’s 2018 SMH

      • Sabretooth

        The quality of the picture isn’t important

    • Darth Twinge

      This always happens with my “Thana Vesh chest piece”, only it happened in the front, so the dangly loin cloth armor part of it, would clip through to the back from time-to-time, flashing my groin to the entire galaxy.

      • Sabretooth

        they really do need better coding

  • Jay Asher

    Distinguished Warrior mask doesn’t dye, it stays gray. SUPER LAME. That was supposed to be the cu de gras for my sith ninja and it doesn’t dye…

    • Reaper

      lol 😛

  • Tutumba

    Just previewed Callous Conqueror’s set on my body type 2 male Jedi Knight. What can I say… His ass permanently clips through the coat. His crotch area permanently clips through the red strip of cloth. When he has his lightsaber out, boots clip through the lower part of the coat as well. All of this is extremely concerning. It seems Bioware doesn’t even have a QA team anymore.

    • Sabretooth

      that is just in the preview-but as i said ”the robes are very unstable” you can see my pics

    • Preview never had cloth physics active.

  • Luna Draken

    What happened to the other outfit, the swimsuit white and gold?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I’m assuming that it’s being saved for the release of the beach-themed decorations that were datamined recently.

      • Luna Draken

        Oh!! i miss that post, well thanks for the info <3!!

  • LucasFaun

    nobody have mentioned the insane prices yet?

    • gua543

      It’s not a surprise at this point tbh. They are basically releasing these items for the CM whales.

  • abaddonsmummy

    This looks like the best armours, weapons and mounts I’ve seen in a long time, well thought out and very cool.
    Now Bioware will you please swap the CM team with the content team so they can work their magic over there.
    Cause it’s not working with the current set-up.

  • Baboo45

    Shouldn’t “Flair: Sign of the Dark Lord” be on direct sell in CM as the rest of the flairs for 1000CC ?

  • Dave

    Is the Distinguished Warriors armor not available yet? Seems like it would be considering its in collections but cant find it on GTN.

  • Dashysul

    The Noble Councillor’s set is nowhere to be seen yet. Checked on 3 servers, none has seen it drop.

    • simurgh559

      It came out yesterday.

  • Miori Elien

    What is the girl version of

    Distinguished Warrioron the screenshot? i can’t find such armor anywhere.

    Also can we obtain Distinguished Warrior mask in 2020? Full set is sold without mask

    • gua543

      I believe the female version without the shoulder pads was just from the PTS, on the live servers the set has the same look for both males and females.

      As for the headgear – it’s part of the Resilient Warden set.

      • Miori Elien

        Thank you for clarifying it! Awesome help!

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