SWTOR Win Trading in Season 9 And Beyond

Bioware has some adjustments for PvP Win Trading in Season 9 and Beyond.

Win Traders in Season 9 and Beyond | 08.07.2018, 07:15 AM

Hey folks,

Congrats to everyone who participated in Ranked PVP Season 9! It was a hard fought Season and we look forward to seeing you around the fleet with your weapons, mounts, and flairs. One thing that unfortunately comes up during and after a Season is about players who cheat, and in particular, win trade. These are players who manipulate Ranked matchmaking to play with and against specific players in an effort coordinate winning and losing, allowing them to boost a specific characters ratings. This behavior is against our Terms of Service and is something that players have to endure and we have to combat every season. With Season 9 gone and 10 in process, we wanted to provide a status update on win trading in The Old Republic.

Starting with the end of Season 9, we now have a zero-tolerance policy on win trading.

This action has already happened with players who were caught win trading during S9. For these players, including their first offense:

  • Suspension time, up to seven days.
  • Every character on their account will have their Group and Solo rating set to one.
  • Depending on severity further action can occur, such as zeroing out Ranked Currency or permanent account closure.

In addition to the above bullets we are going to be making some systemic changes to assist in curbing this behavior. In a future game update any character that uses a character transfer will have its Ranked rating reset. We have also continued to make improvements behind the scenes in how we use analytics to track down and action win traders.

I do want to take this time to say thank you to the vast majority of you who continue to play legitimately. Also, to all of you who continue to report cheaters to myself, Keith, and customer support. Please keep letting us know as you spot bad behavior in PvP. Together we can keep Ranked PvP a place where players can compete in a fair environment.

Thanks everyone.


By Dulfy

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21 replies on “SWTOR Win Trading in Season 9 And Beyond”

Uh huh. So they did nothing until now. We all knew it. And this is also just BS, they won’t do anything in the future. Bioware is pathetic.

I remember the last several times the cracked down on win trading. Not suprised it still exists. Kinda suprised their still bothering to posture as if they care…

Bioware not competent enough to find cheaters. I was banned for”Win-trading in PvP”, but I never did it. I didn’t even know about it until today. They will not be able to find real cheaters and will ban those who play legally. And the real cheaters will go unpunished

You maybe didnt realize you were involved. the GM of the guild i was in was win trading and me and several other people were grouping with him unknowingly for some time because he was communicating with his win trading friends via a different channel.

I never see GM of my guild. So I got punished for another person? Then it will be repeated again and again… and I’ll be punished again for someone who I don’t know and never seen….Great!!!

well, no “never seeing someone” is not the same thing.
I mean we were actually GROUPING with our GM in his arena battles. We thought we were just a kickass arena team and winning all the time, but he was win trading under the table while we were in his group. so our whole group was technically in the wrong. does that make sense? Im just saying, if the people you were playing with were doing it, you can be marked an accomplice because you were in the winning group.

That’s still bullshit, imho. If i don’t know he’s doing it, i am in good faith, so i am not violating the ToS and therefore shouldn’t be punished.

Well, the problem is, nobody can know for sure that you’re not lying.
Bioware know for a fact that you were involved in it, but they can never be sure that you weren’t aware of it

Exactly. And in legal proceedings, if you cannot demonstrate FOR SURE that the other party is guilty, he will not be condemned. It is bullshit that they apply sanctions without being certain of the guilt of the people.

This is real bullshit. This way can be banned anyone. If you don’t like
someone or someone play better than you or someone who just walked away
from the keyboard in the toilet. Just report on this person and say
“that man is a wind-trader” and it will be banned and reset rating.
Bloody brilliant Bioware!!

You do realize they probably look at statistics too, right? If you played a hundred matches against one person and he lost every single one of them, it looks a bit fishy.

Well… perhaps if the cheaters purchased more cartel coins… they would not have been banned…”it’s all about cartel, all about cartel, not gameplay”

To begin with, the penalties on perpetrators (aka win-traders) are not even harsh to deter them from committing offences against game’s Terms of Service. After serving their suspension of a week (1st offense), a month (2nd offense) while they were cheating elsewhere in other MMORPGs, these offenders will just return back and repeat their rituals again to get their thrills. Permanent ban may not even resolve the cheating culture. These offenders are so rich that they can afford multiple accounts and keep challenging against regulations. Same as in real life.

…. Shows how ignorant the crew is. Do they realize there were probably about 30 or less people who played rank the whole season? You couldn’t pay a mil gold a pop for someone queueing, and you’d maybe get one session every other week to play ranked. I never saw win trading and even if it was going down, who cares? Fix the broken state the game is and stop worrying about your ego or whatever it is they have going on lmao.

Anyone who accuses someone without any proof is a retarded cry baby who can’t handle the defeat, not to mention that those retards will later cry that no one want to do ranked with them lolol. I want to say something to you. Hey, maybe if you weren’t a jerky retarded cry baby there could be more people doing that, and bioware devs are no different. If there’s only a slightest itibity tiny thing they will suspect your account for “win trading” or “cheating” but we’re talking about win trading here mostly and will focus only on that… You know, i think there should be better tools for handle such things, instead of suspecting every account even when people didn’t do that… that’s just plain stupid acting and probably the worst thing they can do. How about give a players some tools and mechanics that will punish that person with some things for a few days maybe? I won’t say anything specific, just saying that blocking access to suspected account with little proof (we’re talking about person who didn’t do win trading) is retarded too…

My understanding is the game developers are extracting metadata and using the statistics for concrete evidence against the perpetrators (aka win-traders). Reports from gamers are not reliable as there is a tendency of fabricated evidence. Hence nobody needs to worry if 1000 random people on any server have reported against him/her for win-trading, unless he/she has actually done so for his/her match activity is being recorded.

I got banned for no fucking reason and I grinded for like 100k tokens. A wait for my silver 85k and what do I see? An email from BioWare robot saying that I’m stripped of all rewards. All my cries for help and response were answered by a robot as well. I have no words left to comprehend how I feel. 1 year of PvPing for nothing. And no response from actual people, only standard robotic email responses like “we appreciate your request” etc. I left this shithole for good and I don’t regret it.

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