SWTOR Rishi Stronghold Secret Achievements Guide

SWTOR Rishi Stronghold Secret Achievements guide. There are two secret achievements that rewards two legacy titles.

Not So Speedy

This achievement rewards the Horrible Person legacy title, which is a pretty unique title.


You will need access to Lokin companion, so make sure you do this on a character with that companion acquired already.

1. Go to Odessen Base, Alliance Camp Headquarters

Grab the meat right next to Dr.Lokin


2. Interact with the Rak-Caddy nearby once you have the meat

This will lock Scritchy inside the cage.


3. Go to Rishi Stronghold

You will find the caged Scritchy waiting for you once you arrive in the Stronghold, release it and then exit the Stronghold


4. Return to Rishi Stronghold and find Speedy’s Bones

No more Speedy but you get a cooler creature and a new legacy title.



This achievement rewards the Persistent legacy title and is quite easy to do with a bit of jumping.


You start your parkour (easier with a thin mount) at the circled location on the map and follow the arrows to reach the area north of the little lake (the water in the lake kills you if you step in it). Follow the video if you have trouble reaching it.


There is a cross to click at end of the parkour. You will need to do this easy parkour twice for the achievement


  • P.Sherman

    “No more Speedy but you get a cooler creature and a new legacy title.”

    Is there a picture of this “cooler creature?” Surely you can’t mean Scritchy.

    • Rejavarti

      Yep, Scritchy

      • Ran Sherman

        he’s not cooler than speedy. it’s a tortoise (not a turtle) who’s called “speedy” i mean, come on…

  • Cecil Fabian

    ok, we have the sh as a guild sh, trying to do this “not so speedy”. Ive got lokin. There is no crate by Aygo???

  • HMH

    You get a achievement for riding the speeders 25 times.

    • Bail

      Nice troll 😛

      • HMH

        Nice save!

    • Grim Reaper

      I got it simply after taking the speeder on the Skydeck.

      • HMH

        You didn’t think everything would work perfectly did you? This is new content in Swtor there’s bound to be bugs.

  • Hamlina

    I only had to do parkour once to get – Inconspicuous

    • Tom Hush

      True… i did it once too 😉

      • HMH

        I had to do it 3 times, I think its random and you have to do it til a box appears rather than an explosive insta-death.

  • Zoidberg

    Do you have to do this in a stronghold that you own or can you do it in any public listed one? I am only asking because obviously I am a cheap scrub.

    • HMH

      I dont think Scritchys cage shows up on Odessan until you personally own it.

    • Frigi

      I got Inconspicuous on someone else’s stronghold. Can’t say about the other.

  • Vicious
    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      That’s a future Cartel Market unlock for 8,400 CC.

  • Jab_55

    Just did it. Thanks

  • jakes

    I got it simply after taking the speeder on the Skydeck.

  • Vincent van der Laan

    87 mil for guild unlock lol

  • yellow-power ftw

    its call it CROBATICS, lol ”parkour” and crap, some stupid people invent words to get some attention pffff

    • Kaolin Cash

      All words are invented.

      “Parkour” comes from the french “parcours du combattant”, essentially meaning “obstacle course” and has been in use for about a century, and was developed into a discipline in the 1980s.

      Incidentally, parkour is not a form of acrobatics, as the word “acro” specifically refers to heights, the word literally means “high walking”. They’re separate, though they overlap in many ways. You can incorporate acrobatics into parkour, for example.

  • Guest

    Is the other skritchy achievement a prerequisite?
    Otherwise, wont newer people get screwed out of doing the one where you throw meat at him each day if they just put the meat in the cage unknowingly?

  • Willyrka

    Does anyone else have a problem with there being no rak-caddy? Please help. I have Lokin, I have the SH…. I can grab the meat, but I can’t find the caddy. :/

  • Cheetor

    So once Speedy dies… does he not come back the next day? Or is there a way to reset our instance, much like an operation to bring the trash mobs back? ha

    • Ben Gimson

      Doesn’t look like it. We’re stuck with an incredibly out of place baby Rakghoul :’)

  • Fun fact: some people at Bioshit got paid to make these 2 stupid achievements, instead of actually working on new playable content…..

    • abaddonsmummy

      Funner fact, the achievements are the ONLY interesting thing about this patch.
      And it took 5 mins to do.

  • lolipop


    Maybe they finally do something about their shitty engine… but that’s sadly wishful thinking only

    • lolipop

      Because let’s face it. If they won’t do this then they will not go anywhere further, period… so i hope and prey they will upgrage the engine and make new mechanics, and possibly combat revamp too… really want that, but for now it’s just wishful words… heh

      • Bogdan Paunescu

        Dude, they haven’t gone anywhere for 6 years. You can’t just swap out an engine with a new one. Not even improving it is a feasible solution at this point. They don’t have the budget to add proper content, no way they have the resources to fix/improve the engine.

        • lolipop

          if you mean upgrading (changing would be more difficult) the engine then yes, they haven’t gone anywhere. Tweaks in shadows and other tiny things doesn’t count for me. Full overhaul, with new possibilities, mechanics, day/night cycles, chaning weather etc – that’s what i’d call “upgrading”… and this is sad, because EA said that swtor is profitable for them, if that is true then i ask where? I don’t see that they invested in that game like they’d do if they could, in fact it’s quite the contrary. So they are either lying or they are happy that they have some whales stuck in their net while don’t give any F#*%s about this game, but then i’d say – what kind of company is EA, clearly not the best. They are more interested in taking rather than giving. As for upgrading the engine, that’s not impossible, sure it will not be easy to do but i wouldn’t say it’s not feasible now… one way or another they will have to do it someday i think, if they want this game to live longer. Not to mention that every update from now on will be more messy than the previous one. I belive this game can be yet saved, it’s just needs some funding from EA and talented people to make it possible nothing more… but seeing how EA treat swtor and Bioware, i am very doubtful that will happen, and again this is sad really… I wouldn’t rant on it so much if those people in charge would start to really do something about it.

          • popmy@$$

            its “profitable” because they arent spending a lot of money compared to what people spend on cosmetic items.
            I agree that content would prolong longevity, however, I imagine if they made us substantial playable content it wouldnt be as profitable in their minds, since it would be taking money out of that profit.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          they dont have the people smart enough to do this they fired them all after launch. This is EA were talking about to here lol if anything they would downgrade the engine


      It’s probably way too late in the game’s life cycle for that to be feasible.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Had the same problem on Tuesday, then all he servers were shut down about midnight.
      Was on yesterday and it seemed better.

    • lolipop
  • Vincent van der Laan

    87 mil for guild this sh so expensive lol

  • Disaster

    Does anyone have the issue of SCritchy not dying? I mean i did all the steps yday for Not so speedy cheevo, then i went to my Rishi SH Scritchy was there, then i exit to fleet, then went back Scritchy was still alive running arround the beach, then i reloged to anothjer toom, no change. SH not fully unlocked tho, only 2 expansions Staging room and Carrier unlocked .

    • Snarf

      i dont think skritchy is supposed to die. Speedy dies because skritchy eats him.

      • Disaster

        crap…. that make more sense… idk why i kept reading “Find Scritchy bones”……….. xD thanks

  • Hopey69✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Anyone have issues with lag the last two days?

    • Risqu’e

      yes they reposted on the swtor twitter that they realize the update caused it and are working on it.

      • lolipop

        I can’t even see server list… https://i.gifer.com/19CK.gif

      • Hopey69✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Thank you for responding. I played last night and it was fine until I went to my Stronghold. I went to each of mine and it was bad in each of them. Weird. Maybe there will be a .2a that will clear some of the lag.

  • GAY

  • lolipop

    Hey folks,

    The team is still digging into the issues you are seeing and they are making good progress. I should have a more concrete update tomorrow on what the issue is and timing on when we will be able to address it. Thank you all for your continued patience.


    Oh i know what’s causing that “issues” too… that’s not pretty hard thing to find out you know, it’s your shit engine code which was shit since day 1 – i am watching at you Ilum World PvP.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    hidden quest: wipe speedys ass after giving him chipotle. Go to tattooine find a jawa scrap dealer trade for toilet paper bring it back to rishi stronghold. Speedy should be throwing up and have a row of diarhea to follow to find him. Use the toilet paper when you find him. Congratulations title achieved “You are a tool”

  • Disqus this

    Only had to do the jumping puzzle once. Not twice.

  • Bobtoons

    Hey/ trying to get the Horrible Persons title and going on my toons which have Lokin as a comp after doing the rak things, I can’t see the Rak-Caddy – anyone has a suggestion for something I may be missing? Thx!

    • Nefash

      Same problem for me.

      I’ve gotten the achievement for feeding speedy 10 times (on different days). I’ve reset my phases and gone in the next day. No caddy. Grabbed the meat and still no caddy. Not sure what I’m missing.

      • Nefash

        OK I realised the problem. The caddy didn’t become available untill I bought my own rishi stronghold. So this achievement can’t be done in someone else’s stronghold. You have to actually buy the stronghold yourself.

  • Much appreciated. Got everything the first run. For those with alts try it on a main with all the story chapters completed.

  • CT Delta

    You erm… forgot one.

    “Ride Catcher”. Got that one after using every single speeder in the SH once

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