GW2 Weekend Boss Blitz Bonanza

Arenanet is hosting a weekend Boss Blitz Bonanza from Aug 10 to Aug 13.


Can you decimate five thousand bosses in one weekend? Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all by yourself!

From Friday, August 10 to Monday, August 13, we’ll keep a close eye on the number of bosses slain by players in Festival of the Four Winds Boss Blitz events. If the kill count reaches five thousand before time runs out, participants will receive Celebration Boosters and Zephyrite Supply Boxes.

Boss Blitz Bonanza

  • From 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Friday, August 10 to 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Monday, August 13
  • At the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach
  • Take down five thousand bosses in Boss Blitz events!
  • If the goal is reached, players who participated in at least one Boss Blitz event will earn rewards.
  • Squatch

    Will do my one boss blitz, and entrust in all of you to get me my rewards when I’m out traveling 😀 I’ll be as much help as Trahearne.

    • Dragonbac

      Lol as you were

    • Cyzt

      Same here Jajajajaj

    • Jalen Dmello

      As usual 🙂

  • Halvora

    Ouch, I can feel my lag rising already…

    • Urosh Uchiha Novakovic


  • Alot

    Nice idea. I guess the rewards are aimed at people who are very new to the game. I mean they just brought out 3 identical sets of gloves which need to be individually unlocked for each of the three armor types (which is a new low) so would it kill them to include a guaranteed glove box instead of 5 gamble boxes with a minuscule chance of rewarding them?

  • Raizel

    Is the 5000-goal shared between EU and NA? or there are two different counters, one for each region?

  • Aerinndis Athyrium

    Anet seems to be posting the percentage of bosses killed on Twitter. So far we have 25%!

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    Hmm. The boosters and bags rewards is silly though. I think they should have done a buff. Reach the goal get +200% MF for 1 week. Or something like that. Something that would be valuable and interesting for everyone, new and old players.
    Oh well. At least it’s something I suppose. The more events and stuff they do the better.

    • Mr. Principal

      Forget about the boosters.. as a reward.. I want a dancing Queen J. with her watchknight bodyguards in my home instance..!

      • Squatch

        How about a Queen Jenna mini instead?

        • Raizel
        • Mr. Principal

          We already have mini Queen J. Please no more of them..!

          • Squatch

            Damn! You found me out! I was hired by Scarlet to flood your inventories with dozens more Mini Queen Jennas and cause mass inventory chaos! Mission abort…

  • AbnerDoon
  • AbnerDoon
  • alexm

    Is the 5000-goal shared between EU and NA? or there are two different counters, one for each region?

  • AbnerDoon

    10k kills has been achieved.

    Extra Rewards: 12 Celebration Boosters / 20 Zephyrite Supply Boxes

  • DylanV

    10k kills has been achieved.Extra Rewards: 12 Celebration Boosters / 20 Zephyrite Supply Boxes

  • Mr. Principal

    Is it even possible to reach 10k+ kills in like ~4-5 days..?

    • Squatch

      Sounds like a challenge!

  • HAN

    Do people who participate after the 5k boss mark gets all the rewards? or just the reward for the next tier?

  • VOjta Šostok

    Well I got 25 Boosters. And I did nothing just daily xD

  • Squatch

    I got 2 emails from the devs.. 50 boosters. Is that normal? I’ll just chalk it up to a lucky mistake!

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