SWTOR Cartel Market Update – August 13

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – August 13

New Items

No Longer on Sale

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  • Gay

  • Thundertrain

    The K-13 FS assault cannon may be one of the ugliest, most absurdly over-sized weapon designs in this game (and that’s saying something) and they are charging 4k CC’s for it? Wow. Just…wow. Another good decision in a long line of good decisions.

  • Fortissimus

    Ya Baby! Thank you Bioware for delivering our weekly new content!!!! This is amazing!

    • Jep Fareborn

      Don’t you mean daily now?

      • abaddonsmummy

        Yes, weirdly they seem to have got in to that habit of daily sales.
        Hey maybe it works for them, especially the 24hr sales.
        Little effort, and brings them some much need cash.
        BUT the BIG question is?
        What are they actually working on now?
        5.9.2 has dropped, buggy as hell and glitches galore, but apart from that what is their plan next?
        More importantly, why don’t us players have a scooby doo what their up to?
        Remember if they’re locked in to regular content that they stated, then they have to be working on the next update now.
        What is it?

        • Fubarz

          Are they not looking at their market now? It seems most players in the game are RPers and or prefer solo content with conquest, then pvp finally pve content. IMO I’m wondering how many players have gone on to the new WoW expac

          • 平賀才人

            Who cares every expac in every game is the same shit. People “move” to that game blaming previous game for not having content updates. After a day or two for them playing everything worth playing on said new expac they start crying again for no new content on the game they moved to. And after replaying shit during a week or two they run back to previous game after cursing both games for not having new content till any of them releasing new content so they can curse again the other one and start saying game is dying again and again as if they really feel a game is gonna die just because a bunch of pussies dont want to play.

            • Fubarz

              Is it not Human nature when bored move on to the new and better till it gets boring. Then start to feel nostalgic for old since they miss it? As far as BFA goes Sylvannas is the new Queen of the Sith while Anduin is the poster child for the Jedi So star wars WoW style…….LOL!!!

  • Fubarz
    • Markus

      Was this meant to give me goosebumps? Because it did.

  • Markus

    It is time for the SWTOR….to end.. *ominous music*

    • Disqus this

      swtor has been in that downward spiral for a long time due to biowares bad management. The only thing keeping it a float being the Star Wars fans. swtor is not around because it’s a great or even good game. It’s just that it’s the only SW game worth player right now.

      I fear that, that too is passing due to biowares constant screw ups, consistent bugs, so little new content

  • bowdu06

    It’s the one I use on my commando. There are a few single-barrel options that are also less absurd than most.

    • Thundertrain

      Thanks, Bot. Now I feel like I’ve truly made it…quoted by a bot.

  • Rikor

    Meanwhile, WoW’s new expansion is hella fun

    • Shawn Hargrave

      the devs need time to examine the wow expansion to see how to rip it off and make a crappy watered down tor expansion next year

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