SWTOR Changes to GSF Matchmaking in 5.9.2

With Patch 5.9.2 Bioware made some changes to the matchmaking with Galactic Starfighter.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a…. 12? | 08.15.2018, 09:57 AM

Hey there folks!

I just wanted to pop in here really quickly to add a little clarity to this conversation. With the changes that came in 5.9.2 there were no changes made to the match size logic. Starfighter matches have always attempted to make a 12v12 match first and upon failing to do that they create 8v8 matches. The changes in frequency of 12v12 seem to be caused by the larger pool of players that have come from the cross factional queues.

We are watching the player sentiment on this. If 12v12 matches being more normal is harmful to the game mode than we will take the time to re-evaluate how matches are created.

I hope this help.

The new matchmaker | 08.15.2018, 10:18 AM
Hey there folks – 
I would like to clear up a little confusion about the match making changes found in 5.9.2. Here is the patch note for that:

Galactic Starfighter matchmaking has been improved to better account for player experience along with their currently selected ship loadout.
  • Prior to 5.9.2 the match maker would build a game around the player who had been in the queue the longest. It would then try to add players with a similar loadout score (Loadout score being based around the best ship in a player’s loadout for that match). Players were then sorted by faction or at random for same vs same matches.
  • After 5.9.2 the match maker still attempts to build a match around the player who has been in the queue the longest. It still attempts to build matches with players with a similar score, but that score now takes into account the player’s GSF experience (Based on their number of matches played across their legacy) as well as their loadout score. The match then tries to balance out the teams to be as evenly distributed as possible.

The new system does not have a metric for skill. It does take into account the amount of GSF that player has played as well as how good their loadout is. The matches also now attempt to balance the rosters whereas previously they made no attempt to do so.

We will continue to look at the health of the game and the quality of the matches as we go and make changes as needed. Please continue giving feedback! 


  • Brian Hudson

    lol who still plays galactic star fighter

    • You’d be surprised it has it’s own following and at certain times pops more than PvP

    • GSF4Lyfe

      “12v12 matches being more normal” More people play GSF than ops content, bitch. I don’t think you even read the post.

      • HMH


      • Ethereal Occvltist

        no need to be salty lol

      • Shawn Hargrave

        So 24 people play gsf that sounds about right

    • Tom

      Only for conquest and getting on the nerves of more experienced players.

    • Sorrai

      I do. It’s a great mini game and one of the few activities I enjoy doing in SWTOR that doesn’t lull me to sleep.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        Well that makes sense lol

  • Jonathan Parker

    I’m not gonna lie, I completely forgot GSF existed. I remember hating the controls with a passion (no joystick support, moving the reticle isn’t separate from moving the ship, etc.), and I remember getting absolutely stomped because people just paid to get better ships and more upgrades, and I was really upset about that. Such a wasted opportunity. I had always hoped GSF would blossom into full fledged capital ship engagements between guild flagships.

    • GSF4Lyfe

      That’s what we all hoped it would be in the first place, really, but I don’t think bioware intended it to be that big in the first place. By that, i mean look where the content is now. They shelved the next ship 4 years ago.

    • Ben Gimson

      I came from SWG when I started playing swtor, so when GSF came back it was a joke in comparison. They dropped the ball so badly when it could’ve been a real meaty addition to the game.

      • AragarVarnus

        Sad. But. True.

      • Jonathan Parker

        Oh my goodness, I just got the biggest amazing flashback of all the fun I had in SWG, flying ships around in atmosphere and in space. Holy shit, I want to go back to that. I had an advanced X-wing and a Nova courier, one that I customized for so long to get it how I wanted it. Oh, those were the days. I miss that game so much. If not for SWTOR’s amazing stories, that game would be better in nearly every way.

        • Ben Gimson

          You should look into SWG Legends if you haven’t already. Just need a copy of the game (or at least, the ability to install it, legally or not) and you’re good to go. Fills the void between updates in swtor 😛

          • SWG Legends is awesome, the devs are amazing there. So many cool stuff and the TCG loot stuff was added as quest rewards! Like it should’ve been in the first place.

            • Ben Gimson

              Only a handful of TCG items have been added, unfortunately, which is why I take issue with the devs. They don’t care about player feedback at all.

              But, it’s got a healthy population and most of the original features restored. It’s as close to live as we’re ever going to see.

          • Jonathan Parker

            I was looking into ProjectSWG a while back, not sure what happened to that. I saw a couple projects that were trying to bring back the game in its earlier form, before the CU/NGE stuff, and that’s not what I would want to play. I started playing after those were implemented, never had any problem with them. Unfortunately, I barely have time to play modern games I want to play, let alone old games from the golden age that I dearly miss. Honestly, sitting on the main menu listening to that music would be good enough nostalgia for me.

          • Kubrickian

            Or you could play a real sci-fi game that will have you lost in the minutiae of exploration, survival, and resource gathering like No Man’s Sky.

            • Ben Gimson

              No Man’s Sky is one of those games that has you running around doing stuff for the sake of doing it. It’s like someone took Minecraft and Spore and mashed them together :’)

              It’s always looks like a glorified mobile game to me tbh, rather than a serious game. Kinda thing you’d play on the bus for ten minutes between stops.

              • Jason Thomas

                running around doing stuff for the sake of doing it sounds like ESO.

      • 平賀才人

        Am I the only one who tried SWG and got bored after a couple hours of gameplay and uninstalled the shit?

        • Shawn Hargrave

          Yes you are

      • Shawn Hargrave

        Yeah jtl in swg was the shit gsf is a horrible joke in comparison. Everything in tor is a fucking que and instanced smh

        • Ben Gimson

          The on-rails stuff is more fun than GSF :’)

  • Guest

    Who the hell is “Bret”? Did Musco get canned?

  • dzip.sys

    12v12 = you have always 8 gunships shooting at you, Not fun.

    • John Doe

      wishful thinking

  • LOL I played GSF for like 9 minutes the day it came out and totally forgot it was there. Gay.

  • Adam Haynes

    “Double XP Event from 8/7 through 8/19”, does EA actually understand what the word “through” means?!!? It’s the night of 8/16 and we have 48 hours left of double xp. It will be “through” the 18th. Last time they shorted us 3 days and this time they’re shorting us one. EA is the master of over promise and under deliver. At least they’re consistent… in disappointing us.

  • niceee

    “Double XP Event from 8/7 through 8/19”, does EA actually understand what the word “through” means?!!? It’s the night of 8/16 and we have 48 hours left of double xp. It will be “through” the 18th. Last time they shorted us 3 days and this time they’re shorting us one. EA is the master of over promise and under deliver

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Copied right above the real poster’s comment…smh…

      [Hail Lord Ji’inx]

      • Adam Haynes

        I should copy it from him now. We could just keep it going.

  • Burritos

    Any news about new content ? 4-5 months ago i canceled my sub, and since then no new content. PS: 2,3 new FPs doesnt count.

    • Petan

      No. And there has only been 1 FP added in the last 5 months (it was the same patch, that ruined conquest).

  • COC Gems

    Yes you are

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Copying a response without the original comment? We need context. What a dumb bot…

      [Hail Lord Ji’inx]

  • Jason Thomas

    GSF is still a thing ?????

  • What is “GSF”? Is something that I need to get an ointment for?

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