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GW2 Sixth Anniversary Birthday Gifts

GW2 is releasing the six anniversary birthday gifts for characters who have been created back in the headstart.

The birthday mail contains the following

  • 1x Experience Scroll (boost to level 60)
  • 2x Birthday Boosters
  • 5x Teleport to Friend
  • 1x Triumphant Dye Kit
  • 1x Birthday Card (5000 karma)
  • 2x Black Lion Statuettes
  • 1x Devoted Anniversary Achievement Box

Triumphant Dye Kit

The Triumphant Dye Kit contains Jormag Dye, Zhaitan Dye, Awakened Dye, Primordus Dye, Elonian Landscape Dye, and a bunch of Zephyrite Color Swatches. You will be able to pick the exact dye you want (account bound) including the very coveted Permafrost dye from Jormag Dye Kit.

Devoted Anniversary Achievement Box

This once per account box contains the following

  • 1x Anniversary Armor Pack (pick one of the three armor weights)
  • 1x Anniversary Backpack Pack (same as last 2 years)
  • 2x Anniversary Weapon Pack (same Luminous weapons as last year)
  • 1x Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock

Anniversary Armor Pack

  • Light – [&Ci8gAAA=][&CjAgAAA=][&CkUgAAA=][&ClogAAA=][&ClsgAAA=][&ClwgAAA=]
  • Medium – [&CjkgAAA=][&Ck4gAAA=][&ClkgAAA=][&CmAgAAA=][&CmIgAAA=][&CmYgAAA=]
  • Heavy – [&CjcgAAA=][&Cj4gAAA=][&CkcgAAA=][&CkggAAA=][&CmMgAAA=][&CmsgAAA=]

The heavy version comes with two helmets, one with open visor and another with closed visor

By Dulfy

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61 replies on “GW2 Sixth Anniversary Birthday Gifts”

The “very” in “very coveted” is redundant. “Coveted” already means “extremely sought after”. Do you have someone proofread these? This certainly isn’t the first time bad wording or spelling has made it through.

It means “Yearn to Possess”, and you can add adjectives to anything, so i don’t see the point in you being a stickler for definition.

Did you ever think that Dulfy might not be a native English speaker? Or do you know every little detail about the foreign language(s) you speak? In which case, good for you, but it’s unnecessary to be able to get around in a foreign language and an unrealistic standard to hold people to. You understood the message, and that’s what communication is about.

I don’t think it is redundant, though it should probably be highly coveted rather than very coveted. Anyway, we are all counting on you for kindly proofreading all Dulfy’s articles from now on. Thanks a lot!

2190. The game ignores the extra day from leap year, which means your char’s birthday will move backwards one day every 4 years.

It’s not just how long you’ve played. You also have to have created a character and not deleted it, to get the gifts. I bought the game 2 weeks after launch, but deleted my 1st toon. Next oldest is over a year younger, so I won’t get these until next year. Don’t delete toons if you can help it. :/

I stop playing the game since the first expansion and I only really log in for the birthdays which I still get for my oldest characters.

I would rather have the Dragon Emblem outfit that people were getting at the irl event over these outfits.

Oh well, at least they gave us the permafrost dye.

wiki says that primordus dye kit is wrong and you will get the Elonian Beast Dye kit in its place.
Is it true?

Yes, if you choose prinordus you’ll get Elonian Beast. Primodus was in last year’s gift so Elonian Beast is probably the intended dye kit for this birthday.

Permafrost is available, as it is from the Jormag set. It is the Primordus set that is in question. Love the site, Dulfy!

It is true, the Primordus Dye Kit is actually the Elonan Beasts one, it’s mislabelled. I got the Sand Shark dye from it. The Jormag one is the Jormag one.

So the Luminous armor are individual skins! 😀 Anyone doing any awesome mixing and matching with it yet? I love those heavy boots!

i mean yeah it was prominently one that was anticipated for last years set and especily for me was the last missing one at the time

Just curious, do you know if the anniversary armor pack is one per character or one per account like the Luminous weapon packs?

Does anyone know, what exactly you unlock? Really only one of the three or you get skin items for one but still unlock all three?

one per account per year. next year , just like the weapon, youll have the chance of another of the armors and so on. so in 3 years youll have all 3

The light and medium armor look okay with the upper half but the legs and feet look a bit off. I do like the heavy armor but it just doesn’t look amazing tbh

Dulfy, it might be worth noting that the Primordus Dye Kit in the Triumphant Dye Kit is actually the Elonan Beasts Dye Kit, it contains some of the newest dyes like the awesome Sand Shark blue! I don’t know whether it’s a bug or incorrectly labelled, but I just got the Sand Shark dye from the Primordus kit. It had all the others too.

I really love the male heavy, but I can’t stand that stupid skirt they put on the female heavy. They should’ve just made it the same leggings.

I actually really like the side skirt on the female heavy. I like the concept of introducing variation so we can mix and match our own desired armor. As far as I know, the side skirt is new (outside of the rigid vigil medium legs). I think this leg armor will be fun to try to pair with some other pieces 🙂

Surprised they locked 3 entire armor sets behind a 6 year wall when the lack of meaningful map rewards is the largest remaining complaint in game. I mean, I’m not aware of any way of rushing a 6 year lock-out period.

Seeing how seriously they seem to take their founders though, I wonder what next year will bring. I guess glider or mount skins.

The issue with fancy articulated or even legendary rewards is they still want their founders to play and pay. Giving them something too substantial would ruin motivation and or purchases.

Saying this, the game owes founders nothing but to say thank you. They (including myself) got what we paid for and it is them offering this entertaining service.

Hmm, true, but a little gift isn’t so bad. I’m sure we founders probably got one or two of the Anet team a new house out of the exchange… Upper management stockholders, not the poor souls further down, but hey. lol

The Triumphant dye is it one per character or one per account? I have 5 characters turning 6 at the same time.

One per character. The backpack, weapon and armor skins come from an achievement reward, so those are once per account.

Armour looks really bland and boring. Only great new thing is the heavy helm. Would be great to see some skimpy short skirts in armour for a change rather than this boring crap. (Looks decent on male though for some reason).

I deleted my pre-release character ):
It would of been nice to get 1 account reward ):
My oldest character is 2003/2222 days (25/09/18 atm)

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