GW2 Equinox Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Equinox weapon skins gallery. These weapon skins are available for 1 BLC ticket each.

Equinox Axe Skin


Equinox Dagger Skin


Equinox Focus Skin


Equinox Greatsword Skin


Equinox Hammer Skin


Equinox Longbow Skin


Equinox Mace Skin


Equinox Pistol Skin


Equinox Rifle Skin


Equinox Scepter Skin


Equinox Shield Skin


Equinox Short Bow Skin


Equinox Staff Skin


Equinox Sword Skin


Equinox Torch Skin


Equinox Warhorn Skin

gw2-equinox-warhorn-skin gw2-equinox-warhorn-skin-2gw2-equinox-warhorn-skin-3

  • Squatch

    Cool deep warhorn sound! Funny that the thing keeps producing sound even when the character lowers it from her mouth. Must be all that ambient magic swirling around after the Elder Dragon’s deaths… yes that’s it…

  • Answerer

    These are..

    Not half as bad as the sets usually are.

  • AbnerDoon

    I am digging that scepter skin and the torch.

    • Emil33

      Totally got them for my DragonHunter … Greatsword too!

  • Suffie


  • ringswraith

    Do all the skins have a similar animation to the warhorn in the video?

    • Elisabeth Braddock

      If you are referring to the wolf animation and howl, that is a skill/trait.

      • ringswraith

        Er, yes, I realize that. I meant the weapon skin itself, with the animated.. is that a moon? Bit. Thing.

        • Suffie

          you can view them ingame but I believe they all have moons and pretty cool animations.

  • BlackPrinny .

    Finally a set again to waste my tickets on 😛

  • Korey Garabed

    Only the dagger and shield are a MUST have.

  • Ares Zax

    Not a real fan of the colour scheme on these (since they’re so hard to match with most common looks), but I do dig the weapon designs.

  • Donald
    • Ananeos

      No it doesn’t. Equinox weapons have a half celestial half corrupted look, your asuran necro has none of that. There’s no armor skin in the game that matches it.

  • N

    Gear that’s just black and white has never really appealed to me but I will say that the Torch and Axe from this set aren’t terrible

  • Lockheart

    first skin set in ages i’ve actually wanted.

  • Guest

    Damn that torch looks BAD ASS

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