GW2 Bubble Tea Promotion Starting Sept 1

GW2 is running a bubble tea promotion with Kung Fu Tea starting on Sept 1 for a free outfit and a heroic edition of the game.

In celebration of the sixth anniversary of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2, one of the best-selling MMORPGs of all time, the developer is partnering with national bubble tea retailer, Kung Fu Tea, on a month-long in-store and online promotion during September. Throughout the month, customers will have the chance to try the Elder Dragon Dreamy Delight (a delicious Guild Wars twist on Kung Fu Tea’s Cocoa Cream Wow) as well as unlock Guild Wars 2 in-game content and claim amazing daily prizes via the Kung Fu Tea app.”

To get the outfit and the heroic edition (unique set of armor, an 18-slot inventory box, and 10 experience boosters), you will need to download the Kung Fu Tea app and link your social media account with it starting on Sept 1 (do not link it before Sept 1).

Source: Massively.


You’ll get to unlock Guild Wars 2 in-game content (Downloadable Content, DLC) just by downloading the Kung Fu Tea app and connecting your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account.

Guild wars 2 dragon shirt.jpg

DLC prizes include a dragon-themed character outfit (see left image) and Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition. The Heroic Edition is an exclusive expansion upon the Guild Wars 2 game, offering a unique set of armor, an 18-slot inventory box, and 10 experience boosters to jump-start players’ adventures in the world of Tyria.

  3. CLICK “FREE Guild Wars 2 Rewards!”





For in-app issues please direct your messages to

For game support,
Please contact our Guild Wars 2 Support Team by filing a ticket through the “Submit a Request” tab at


  • kazerniel

    “national bubble tea retailer” = is this available only in the US?

    • Might be restricted to USA, Canada, Australia and Vietnam, we will see

      • Mr Wuhoo

        and the bubble tea is from Taiwan….. and Taiwanese/Chinese cant get that outfit….. lol

        • Lockheart

          Not that hard to set up a fake american facebook/ social media account if you are that desperate for the items.

      • Narottam Zakheim

        D: that would seriously suck!!!

  • Suan

    What kind of outfit is given? We get to pick something from the list of gemstore outfits or is it something new?

    • Something new I think

    • Ginto

      I remember when the heroic edition of the game came out first time the armor was a choice of three: Primeval Heavy Armor Skin, Krytan Medium Armor Skin, and Profane Light Armor Skin. Hoping the outfit will be something new

      • Nope @dulfy:disqus it’s exactly what @disqus_ubXwFLq7K2:disqus said its just the Legacy armor box, thats whats included in the heroic edition

        • Ares Zax

          Suan and Dulfy are talking about the outfit though, not the Heroic edition contents.

  • Biscuit

    At least we’re getting stuff via the app, the closest actual shop to me is two states away in all directions. :/

    • kazerniel

      And it might not even be available on my continent D: (Europe)

  • centurione

    At least we’re getting stuff via the app, the closest actual shop to me is two states away in all directions. :/

  • Alot

    When they say unique set of armor, I hope they just talking about an outfit – or this will be awkward.

    • GemShop user

      if you mean the unique set of armor, thats includet in the heroic edition, no. Its a full set of armor, but it’s not like it’s new armor,since the heroic edition is out for like 5 years now. also you can get the sets für 600 gems, i think.

  • Vadim Karpov

    So I need a smartphone, I need active internet connection on it, I need to install an alien soft, I need to register there, I need to pick a payment method and maybe something else actions just to get anniversary “gifts”? Amazing.

    • Talara

      This isn’t for our actual Anniversary gifts. This is just a promotion from an outside retailer to celebrate GW2’s 6th year.

  • The One Copper Bard

    I don’t have a phone nor do I have any shops like this in my area.

    I’ll respectfully decline this offer.

  • How many is too many

    Damn, does that mean f2p players can get heroic upgrade for free?!? Time to load up

  • Asda

    Who the hell puts chocolate in tea? WTF is this
    the tea leaves of my ancestors are weeping in shame

    • Mr Wuhoo

      Chinese (Taiwan)?

    • Narottam Zakheim

      its called a mocha mate 😛

    • Kate O-o

      It was actually pretty good! But they are so disorganized some stores (like the one closer to me) aren’t even getting it until next week. And the app is trash.

  • Leah

    huh.. none next to me, but apparently there is one 2 blocks away from my parents. and me planning to visit them in couple of weeks no less. must be fate 😛

  • Marios Morgum Nikolopoulos

    i don’t see any rewards…anyone knows how we get them?

    • Talara

      You have to link up on or after September 1st. You probably linked up too early.

      • Kate O-o

        I linked up on Sept 1st and still no rewards… some people say just keep trying and it might appear.

  • Lacy

    So anybody got some reward?

  • Jazz

    Wow… just login the app then it deleted the message for the code now i cant redeem it. nice… buggy App and slow processing

    • Alex Manukhin

      Indeed. I was lucky to redeem both codes before closing the app.

      • Lacy

        in app where u get the codes?

        • Alex Manukhin

          Yes. After redeeming promo you get inapp message with codes to redeem in gamewebsite.

        • Jazz

          Make sure to printscreen the codes they will delete it if you leave the inbox or app

        • Kate O-o

          social rewards

  • Milton Colmenares

    I can’t even link my social media

  • Suan

    This app is a fucking disaster I just want to punch something.

    • Suan

      If anyone has like fucking multiple phones and has extra code to give I’ll highly appreciate that.
      Only for the outfit, I don’t give a fuck about heroic edition that I have before the launch of this damn game.

      • Suan

        Apologies to all people that don’t like ugly words, it’s just that this outfit is one of the few things I wanted for years and thought I’ll never have.
        Apparently this app works but it is super buggy and crashes a lot. Some people say that too many are trying to get the codes now so I’ll try tomorrow I guess. Also no twitter option for me [and a lot of EU folks] only insta and FB [which FB crashes almost every time]

  • Chriss Brötchen

    Yeah for me too please i contacted the support but i get only a standard auto mail.

  • Carl Charest

    nice, i get asked to connect FB or Insta and it crashes. the popup never comes back.

  • Marios Morgum Nikolopoulos

    rewards are for US only?

    • Answerer

      A few people, living in the right states, near the right. Cities, even.

      • Lockheart

        you don’t have to purchase anything from these guys, seems most of the rewards if not all of them are tied to just downloading the app and linking your social media.

    • daily rewards are only for US, codes are for everyone

  • Raizel

    WTF! Why only US?! That’s bot fair!

    • Lockheart

      if you are that desperate, its not that hard to set up a US social media account.

  • Ragna

    They are having problems with the GW2 promotion, ill try tomorrow.

  • Mikey Moo

    “Sorry. Something went wrong.” 950 million times when I try to connect social media.

  • matt

    Where is the social reward section? I dont see anything like that in the app

    • Kate O-o

      menu top left, it’s towards the bottom. It’ll probably be empty, though.

  • Miss

    App is broken atm. Will not connect to social media.

  • El Sitrik

    would be nice if the t-shirt will be in birthday gift

  • N

    i was finally able to connect my facebook but it says no rewards available. terrible app

    • kayz

      yep, linked my social media to htis app, but still says no rewards available. coming from anet, nothing surprising.

  • Lance K
  • Lockheart

    This will go down as the single worst event promo they’ve ever done.

    • Tsar CUBE

      Yeeeaap… this is still broken with no end in sight. It could have been so great though.

      • Kate O-o

        I can’t get the social reward from the app (no rewards at this time)… and I just went to one of their full cafes and they didn’t even have the coco wow let alone calling it the elder dragon. It’s pretty disappointing.

  • Jorge Marchante Carrasco

    y los españoles? pfffffffffffffffff

  • So, this Dragon T-shirt was a exclusive item to those who participated in the ArenaNet signing when the game first launched or attended conventions such as PAX. I have one. A little disappointed. But that isn’t why I am upset with this. What I am upset with is the Dragon T-shirt Outfit we got for going to PAX or doing the signing thing at launch was an Endless Tonic, not an outfit. If this version you get from the Tea App is an actual outfit, then that is going to be upsetting.

    The original T-Shirt was a town clothing item before the introduction of the new Wardrobe system. When the new system hit, they turned all our t-shirts into endless tonics and there was no way to store them (at least not till they add the endless tonic section of the Novelties section of the hero panel)

    • Reftarn Ketaros

      If you do still have the endless tonic you can change it to an outfit:
      From the wiki: “Clothing tonics used to be Town clothing, until that feature was removed with the April 15, 2014 Update. Some town clothing items were replaced with armor skins, others were changed into the tonics in the table below. All clothing tonics are endless and not consumed upon use. Since December 12, 2017 all clothing tonics can be traded for outfits at Black Lion Trader (Merchant) in Lion’s Arch.”
      The guy is in the middle-ish area below the crafting area where there are a bunch of Black Lion Trading Post people

      • Well this is definitely news to me. This bit of info must’ve slipped under my nose somehow. Thank you.

  • AoC

    Yeah man, really love these.

    • PassingBy

      As far as I’m aware, Heroic is given out just for connecting social media to the app and is open internationally (lots of people in EU saying they got it to work). It’s the sweepstakes for the Deluxe version and the chain’s various crap that is US only.

  • Ayndrew Art

    what a racism app, only for us users ….

    • Mr. Principal

      It has nothing to do with racism.. the company only has branches in 4 countries..

    • Alot

      I stopped playing wow over a promotion which was unavailable in my country. Racist is not the term you looking for though.

  • KazarSanaga

    I found out that I have one of these not too far away from my place. Problem was, they didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.

    Not a very good impression, honestly.

    • Razyiel

      Ofc the local stores don’t have a clue – that is not surprising.
      It’s an Headcuarter desicion for an digital collaboration which excludes the stores from what I see so they don’t need to be informed about it. Quite common sadly.

      • Tony Schoepe

        Kind of hard to try an “Elder Dragon Creamy Delight” if the store has no clue what that is….

    • Ivory Serpent

      “Elder Dragon Creamy Delight” is also known as “COCOA CREAM WOW”. You can find it on their menu in the “What’s new” section. The local stores may know it by this name.

  • Alex

    Out of curiosity, for those who have been able to successfully been able to link their social accounts and claim the rewards, were you using iOS or Android?

    • Ragna

      I got it on Android

  • p w

    30 mins in and crash, stop, rinse & repeat. Still not done, uninstalled.

    NOT WORTH THE TIME it takes to not claim this.

  • Hall

    I have a feeling this requires Location Permissions to work. I’ve downloaded it, and blocked its permissions and it says “No rewards available”

    • dMb

      im in miami fl and it does the same, think the app’s server have just taken a massive shit, cant even link social media accounts.

    • Tsar CUBE

      It makes no difference, I allowed mine and still didn’t work.

  • OldScrotum

    Balls to this. Been trying several time each day since it started, still can’t log on. This is a complete cake-and-arse party, and I’m saddened (by not surprised) that ANet have got involved.

    Perhaps being in europe, rather than NA, has something to do with it – but then again Guildies have managed to log in from elsewhere in Yoorup, so more likely it just doesn’t like me.

    Really, really REALLY annoying…

  • narg

    kung fu tea wrote at their facebook, that they are working on fix for app, what i know, GW2 key is NOT restricted to usa, and probably tshirt too, BUT some ppl report on reddit, that they get their accounts permabanned for exploiting the game after they use key for heroic acc or tshirt, I think lots of ppl use huge ammount of fake facebook accounts and try claim game key, which lead to “like” ddos the apps servers, so arenanet disable all keys from kung fu tea (or part of them outside of usa) , so i will not risk my main for this shit, i recomend wait for some arenanet statement about this

  • Suan

    So it finally worked for me, got both keys. Since I had heroic before the game launched I made myself a second account for whatever reason. Super happy to finally have that t-shirt outfit.
    Now few things that might be useful for others to know for how it went for me:
    – Used Iphone
    – Live in EU
    – Had only option to link FB or Insta no Twitter. Created fake FB account and then used it to create fake Insta account and logged in through Insta
    – A lot of times the rewards were invisible, it showed “No available rewards at the moment” someone on gw2 forum said to just leave it be and it might pop up, and that it did for me.
    – Clicked the rewards and nothing happened for like 2 times, in the meantime the rewards disappeared and appeared back and forth few times. Suddenly the reward for the codes just disappeared while I was clicking on it [I click it a few times and nothing happened] only the “US only, drink our tea” thing was left. Checked the messages but there was nothing, gave it a few moments and the message with codes was there, heroic at top and the one for outfit at the very bottom. People say that the message with codes is gone if you close it or stuff so try to get it fast {heroic code use on site, for outfit in game gemstore-redeem code-and there will be extra redeem code for items [the first one is for codes that give gems]} When message with codes showed up and I was in the middle of typing it in the game the phone called, I almost cried 😀 but the message was still there when the call ended.
    It runs for the whole month so hopefully everyon will be able to get it. If you ask me I hate anything that forces you to use your phone for app and stuff, just hate it. I hope that there will be nothing like that anytime soon from ArenaNet.

    • narg

      wait two days if your acount get permabanned, or not

      • Apple Salad

        Probably won’t. The banned accounts are mostly newly mades. Created for illegal or exploitation use etc (imo). There are some going as far as selling those freebies and free accounts on ebay, so yeh. Either way, read somewhere in reddit dev saying its fine to give away the codes(or extras you have) if you’re not using them. A cheap gift for friends and buddies to try out the game :p.

        • narg

          what i read at reddit, arenanet ban accounts at absolutely randomly, without any particular common reason

          • Tsar CUBE

            What you read on reddit was probably a goldseller complaining. Anyone can say anything on the internet these days.

          • RevengencerAlf

            People who get banned for valid reasons tend to go on reddit and complain they got banned “randomly.”

  • narg

    well, yesterday i launch app, try connect instagram, after maybe 10 minit waiting at “conecting” i hit back button, and sudennly I got connected, but no reward, so i wait another few hours of nothing and then i went to sleep.

    today morning, i run app, hit social reward, and, my heart almost stop beating, gw2 rerward was there, BUT then i saw something suspicious, there was “share photo of your elder dragon dreamy drink” with hashtag #GW2xKFT, and when i want uploady my pictures, it say “you must be at this location to claim this reward, please come back later”


    1) app is still buged AF
    2) reward is no more claimable outside of usa (or countries where KFT have their shops)
    3) we are fucked hard anyway and i dont want risk ban for my account :/

    i want try fakegps today, to comfirm, if this is location restricted or not, wil lsee

    • narg

      damn, I must correct myself, this is for GW2 Deluxe reward, which is usa only, so I dont get that heroic or t-shirt reward anymore 🙁

      • OldScrotum

        I can’t even get the damn T-Shirt. Or anything else, come to that…

        Really frustrating. I could have earned several Gold in the time I’ve wasted on this, while playing the game and enjoying myself as well…

  • Garu

    Wth does that app even do, what’s their connection with anet and why do they want my information? Had a quick glance on their site and still unsure of what the point is. I like free stuff but not gonna bother if it posts some hidden advertisement crap for a product I dont even know in my name on facebook….

  • Yevhen Snizhko

    In the game client promotion message is absent, while it was there several hours ago.

  • narg
    • Tsar CUBE

      Thanks for sharing this! At least it looks like it will be fixed soonish so I will finally be able to get my BDSM gea… I mean Profane armour skin!!

      • Petrikillos

        welp, you can start forgetting about it now because KFT changed the promotion to US only (yes, even the codes)

        • Tsar CUBE

          And they can tell you are in US, how exactly? O_o

          I saw that bit on the KFT blog but no statement from Anet yet. Its quite likely Anet will fix this to be global or there will be a pretty big backlash from the community >_>

    • Lance K

      Bots always have to ruin everything

    • Leah

      ah, well that explains why I couldn’t get it to work for me. darn it.

  • Ra.

    Dang it! I guess they paused it. I only have the one where you have to post a pic with the tea at their location.

  • GoldenDragonRider

    My apologies if I have misunderstood it, but is this implying that a free account can be upgraded to Heroic? I am a full fledged player and have no intention of exploiting anything, it I have a Friend who has been on the fence for a while about moving to a real account but I can’t seem to push them over myself.

    • narg

      yes, you can upgrade your free acc to heroic + you will get code for that gw2 t-shirt outfit

  • Poisonous Cuddles

    hey ^^ after they unpause is it still available for non usa users?

    • Tsar CUBE

      Probably. Only the Deluxe edition give away was us only.

    • SK

      No, they have updated their terms and conditions and now its only for US citizens both deluxe and the shirt

  • BS

    still paused. Waiting since yesterday morning to recive the codes. Hopfully they do as they sad , with that waiting three days.

  • BS

    Still paused for me. Waiting since yesterday morning to recive the code. Hopfully they do as they sad, and i have to wait only one more day

  • SK

    Great they updated their terms and conditions and now all the promo items are only for US citizens…

    • Narottam Zakheim

      yes… i saw this… fucking bullshit…. i make an account and connected my FB… now I find out i am not eligible for reward because im in UK… and they have access to my personal data….. im pissed…. how can they change the goal post like this? of course no way to get my data back… this is fucking bullshit!!! >:(

    • Tsar CUBE

      Only they had no legal right to update their terms after people gave them their social media data. Chances are, this “update” will get redacted once anet lawyers sucker punch these little shits for changing rules behind their back.

      • SK

        Well The problem is it might be Anet fault as the side that supplies the codes, i just fkin hope they will reverse that after all the rage on forum

  • Zone

    I too am experiencing the connect social accounts issue. I hope that they extend this offer into October — if they do not clear it up by Friday.

  • hyronabane

    Are you fucking kidding me ? My account has just connected and I see it is only for US . This app is the worst thing I have ever seen and heard.and thank you to make me open FB account in 2k18

    • RevengencerAlf

      1. No one “made” you do anything.

      2. It says, in absolutely gigantic bold letters, “SWEEPSTAKES LIMITED TO US RESIDENTS ONLY”

      3. You’ll manage to endure the horrible suffering of having to open a social media account that clearly isn’t so bad if you were willing to do it for digital swag in the first place.

    • BS

      Just delet that FB Account. No one needs that

    • Zuccbot

      My precious data

  • Ravij

    Apparently you now have to buy a drink to get the codes. : Unless I’m missing something; I’m unable to get the “free” DLC anymore unless I buy a drink (which lol we have none near us) and post a photo of it with the hashtag they ask you to use.

    • narg

      no, it was two giveaways, first for deluxe game for buying tea and second for heroic game and tshirt, but now it looks like second giveaway was removed, nobody knows, kung fu tea nor arenanet dont give any official statement

  • Poisonous Cuddles

    @arenanet take example of this. In the Netherlands a bloodbank (Sanquin) took matters in their own hands. If you give blood for the first time (or refer a friend to give blood) you get the bloodmoon Thresh for free. I know its not world wide and Riot Games had nothing to do with it. But still it’s very benificial for the greater cause.

  • VPN is your friend

    This promotion has now resumed. Its for “US residents only” now. BUT all you have to do is use an emulator like BlueStacks and use a US VPN to trick their dumb app into handing codes over even if you live in Antarctica with no phone! Got my codes and everything is working.

    • EPurpl3

      and how did u get it? i see that i have to submit a photo with one of their drinks to receive the code

      • narg

        there is two giveaway, 1 is for buy tea and share picture, second is heroic game + outfit, its only for install app. what you need to do is only second giveaway

      • VPN is your friend

        It popped up next to to the “submit a photo”, to be more specific, above it in the list. It took a few moments (about 10seconds) though, so it wasn’t immediate.

    • narg

      do you think they can somehow find out how do you get your key and banned you ??
      do you fake your gps location too, or it is working without it ??

      • VPN is your friend

        Well my post got deleted cause it seems like posting links to vpn sites and sites where to get the emulator is not allowed or something lol. The short answer is no, you wont get banned as people boast about it on official forums. Just google for BlueStacks, its an emulator of phones. Then google “US Vpn” and just grab some free one, it takes 5min to set up probably less. Make sure you are running the vpn when you link your fake instagram, voila you get your codes. If you are using an actual phone, there are aps that can fake your location.

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