SWTOR Vandin Huttball PvP Map Preview

SWTOR Vandin Huttball PvP Map Preview. This map will be released with Patch 5.9.3 in late September.Vandin is a new Huttball PvP map that will be added with Patch 5.9.3. It has similar mechanics but it is bigger than the original and Quesh Huttball map that we have now.

Much like the Huttball maps we have now, there is a central Hutball spawn with acid pools that slows you down and air vents that will launch you in random directions.

On either side of the map are platforms leading to the endzone where you can score your huttball. There are at least three paths you can take to reach the endzone.

Along the platforms are various traps to contend with. Unlike the existing Huttball maps, there are now three types of traps

  • Fire – Very fast and high damage, most lethal
  • Poison gas – You can run over these but they leave behind a nasty DoT that will kill you without quick heals
  • Electricity – They don’t do much damage but will stun you for a few seconds.

What is interesting also with this map is that it features an “edge” on the two non goal post ends where you can get health packs/pvp boosters but can also fall off and die. Luckily everyone will have access to a grapple special ability on a 30s cooldown that will pull you back up if you fall off.

  • Robert Rene Dibello

    At least they are kinda doing something with one of planets that they added and brushed aside after kotfe/et… :/

  • Returning Player

    Who are the people who keep wanting a new Huttball map?

    • PVW

      People I don’t agree with. My guardian often bounces around like a pinball when he’s carrying and I often wonder what it has to do with Star Wars or fun.

    • Ben Gimson

      Better than arenas tbh.

  • Fubarz

    Summer of PvP is now the fall also

  • Jonathan Parker

    I really don’t care about PvP in this game at all, but the map looks cool I guess.

  • Ben Gimson

    Yeah, but have they fixed guardian/juggernaut leap yet? No, so when you leap up a level to get to their goal line and hit an invisible wall mid-jump, dropping you into what’s usually a worse position than you were in before you jumped, Huttball quickly loses a lot of a its charm.

    • Jongo Phett

      this applies to phantom stride/holotraverse as well….

      • Ben Gimson

        Pretty much all quick-movement abilities are broken. I think it’s ‘mad dash’, on Juggernauts, that quite often does the animation, but just loops you back two or three times so you end up moving nowhere.

        Lost an objective more than once because of that shit.

  • Nicole48

    really?? more pvp maps?? how about the pve players? what exactly do we get, apart from the middle finger?

    • Timothy Pack

      lol you got a new raid, and a few new fps a few months ago. PvPers needed some lovin’. Plus it’s easier for the 5 man crew left behind to make pvp content.

      • John Kosto

        What new raid? You mean the one that took 2 years to release, after 2 more years of not getting anything? Are you for real? Some people….

      • Nicole48

        Correction: Umbara wasn’t a FP, but an uprising. You don’t need to know any tactics to do it, just go berserk .

        Copero was ok, except for the Inrokini battle cry.

        The Nathema one … LOL. Insane IA treating everyone like sh*t, sounds familiar? It should, cause is basically the same idea as in Directive 7.

    • Alex Veis-Horn

      Cause such individuals SWTOR is where it is. PvE criers were louder than any. You know that many players are universal and play all modes? Or do you know that PvP had much fewer updates than PvE? Last ‘map’ wasn’t a new mode or else – just new skin for the arena. If the swtor community were more pressure and stand all together for equal updates tempo the game could avoid many problems that it had cause devs listen of. forum ‘it’s all amazing, don’t listen to them, we just need only this or this’.

      • John Kosto

        There has never been an instance in time when PvE players have cried even remotely close to as much as PvPers. In fact, I have concluded that whining is by default a prerequisite, so that you can actually play PvP.

        • Alex Veis-Horn

          Yes, They did. And I play all modes either in SWTOR or other MMORPG. So more blah-blah without even readin your opponent.

      • Nicole48

        Powertech & Mercenary were nerfed several times because of PvP, so how can you say there was nothing for PvP-ers? But that’s not the point. No one asked for a PvP stronghold & new map, there is barely anyone registering for the existing PvP maps.

        • Alex Veis-Horn

          Oh gosh, really? Balance is so huge content drop ofc. Such statements look really ridiculous.

          • Nicole48

            Balance? You call the destruction of a class “balance” ? And no, it wasn’t a huge content drop, it was actually an atempt to create an artificial conflict between PvP-ers & PvE-ers. And it succeded. We hate out guts and thats the main reason why PvP is doomed. Think about it.

            • Alex Veis-Horn

              It calls balance updates whatever you like it or not. You don’t know simple termins but yet talking about it. Many games have Balance problems and many MMORPG dont have split balance for PvE and PvP.

              • Nicole48

                So what if many games do the same mistakes as SWTOR? PvP “balance” should NOT affect PvE.

              • Alex Veis-Horn

                Yes, they do! And you are right: balance should be split! Just this conversation started with qiestion about added PvP/PvE content and support of those modes.

              • Nicole48

                All i want is to be able to complete FPs even if my team mates are complete idiots, you know the feeling, don’t you? Nerfing a powerful class has disastrous side effects when you have to to do other activities than PvP.

              • Alex Veis-Horn

                Most of FPs are too easy and even HMs are not a problem anymore (mostly at least). It’s not even close to the difficulty that we faced at launch and first 2 years.

  • branky

    huttball 2.0 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vincent van der Laan

    how about adding new story and daily planets way more fun pfff

  • Meelis S

    Guys and girls its done. They added new pvp map so now they can fully commit to making more fluff from now on. Keep the eye on new crystals and pets…

  • Monmoth

    How do you do on the PTS do see the new hutball map ? With the GF ?

  • Ry

    Yes… when I came to play a Star Wars MMO game, Huttball is exactly what I had in mind…

  • Isn’t this just the fucking Rishi SH “Huttball course” with fire pits added? Jesus Christ Bioshit are a lazy bunch of dickheads…

    • They realized that no one really comes to other peoples strongholds so they added it in game and didn’t want you to realize it. Stop it.

  • Rosie Scott

    huttball 2.0 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John Kosto

    I am dying, this is a reskin of the Rishi Huttball stage….I mean it’s cool that it’s offered as an option to get it if you queue, but why present it as new content, this is getting beyond beyond ridiculous, since it has already been beyond ridiculous for years.

    • Trickster

      Hmm, Huttball on Rishi? You are from the future or something?

      • Trickster

        Hah, nevermind, you meant the stronghold.. Yep, now that I think about it, t does look very similar.

        • John Kosto

          I don’t think it’s similar, I think it’s the same map. With a different skin.

          • lolipop

            EA domain: Minimal effort -> Maximum profit

            • EyesOfGehenna .

              You really think this game is that profitable anymore? Then again, if you only have like 10 people working on the game it might balance out quite nicely still.

    • Rompe Himself

      Hey it worked for BW Austin and the fanatic drones left playing this game when they copied and pasted the Train flashpoint that became a stronghold, and
      Ravager Op getting dissected to become the latest stronghold. Why not go
      for the hat-trick and try the same cutting corners exercise with a
      “new” pvp map that existed elsewhere……….

    • R315r4z0r

      They have been building their worlds with preset assets since the game launched. I don’t know why you’re suprised about it now…

      I mean, look at all the cave formations across various planets. They have a variation of like 3 or 4 types.

  • This looks so dumb

  • Fred Garvin
    • Paulo Gomes

      Epic. Just epic. Plinkett nails it down. One of the best YouTube comments on TLJ.

      • Fred Garvin

        [OP is Fred G]

        If you havenโ€™t watched his prequel reviews check them out too. Just as good.

        • Paulo Gomes

          I have. Very good stuff.

      • Kubrickian

        Loved all the Plinkett Star Wars reviews. Mauler is not to be missed either

        • Paulo Gomes

          Oh this is another epic one.

          I’ve made peace with this “movie”. I don’t watch it, or anything related to it anymore. I refuse to acknowledge its existence. To me it doesn’t exist. It’s that simple. I could write an essay on how bad this “movie” is. I think I sort of did that when I commented on it here on Dulfy. I really lost it then.

          I just don’t care anymore. There’s enough good Star Wars material out there for me to pick and choose. Until KK is invited to leave Lucasfilms I just don’t give a fuck about Star Wars. Unless it comes from Dave Filoni.

  • JudgmentDay

    how about adding new story and daily planets way more fun pfff

  • Rompe Himself
  • Raoulator

    There has never been an instance in time when PvE players have cried even remotely close to as much as PvPers. In fact, I have concluded that whining is by default a prerequisite, so that you can actually play PvP.

    • Facts. You got like 500 players naggin’ and maybe 50 actual good players LOL

  • lolipop

    • That EAPLAY interview was so cringy. That was so embarrassing to watch.

  • JediTev

    What happened to old PvP arenas??? I’ve come back after being gone for a while, and playing PvP and all I ever get is 4v4.

  • Tummi

    Why huttball, not The Civil War reskin ๐Ÿ™

    • Because there’s only one reskin per year and we already got Yavin 4, either way I take a new pvp map over a new companion/pet reskin any day of the week….

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