SWTOR End of Summer Cartel Market Sale

Bioware is offering an end of summer Cartel Market sale with a bunch of items on direct sale until Sept 10.

Galactic end of summer sale event!

Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and Take Advantage of the Cartel Market Specials this Week!

To celebrate an amazing Summer, we are offering almost everything ever released in the Cartel Market for direct sale. Take advantage of this galactic event and treat yourself to that special item you’ve been waiting to acquire. What special item have you been waiting to add to your collection? Is it the sleek AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator or the Drakag Mount? Ever thought about wielding Nahut’s Heavy Cannon?

Shop the end of summer sale event now through Monday, September 10, 2018.


  • Infiltrate behind enemy lines in this sleek brand-new scouting craft. Swap configurations between dark side and light side to avoid notice as you gather intel and data on your enemies aboard the AC-5 Broadcast Infiltrator!


  • Ride into battle on your own Vicious Drakag Mount.


  • Show off your firepower in battle with Nahut’s Heavy Cannon.


  • Share the look of Darth Malgus, a ferocious and ambitious Sith Warrior with a terrifying reputation!

Treat yourself or your favorite ally to these special items and more during this special event – but hurry this event ends on September 10th!



  • pig benis

    what a time to be alive

    • Heh yesh.. Yeah indeed. SW Cinema Ruined cause of Disney SW Cinema & Round Head Ruin Johnson & Cunthleen Kennedy. No SW Gaming worthy of trying available for ages. Jedi Academy, Jedi OutCast II & other old goodies that bought ages ago & some later in Steam played through many times on High diff. setting. Though never get bored to Jedi Academy <3 Eaware or some other Devs didn't take SW 1313 to continue it's development from Lucasarts when Half Blind Disney Suits Axed Company 🙁

      Swtor's skeleton Sized Crew used their Precious Development time totally wrong for months as in this summer 🙁 Kinda like every summer even on this year lil bit more behind the Curtain, but nothing Big really 🙁 Wish you nice gaming on any game that is. Kindly: Ex Swtor adventurer since launch to end of 2017. Founder with D.Edition pre order & all that. #EatDirtCharlesBoyd #EatDirtKevin #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #WaitingSubWorthyNews

  • Barloc

    Come on guys, don’t post after this with something pessimistic! Let’s look back at all of the positive stuff that’s happened with SWTOR this summer like…um, all the new content that’s been delivered. You know, the content that was said to be here and we’re just not looking in the right places for. I mean, the Cartel Market is delivering weekly now and the line-up changes every week.

    • Fubarz

      Looking good with that new style, running Hutt ball in Fall PvP.

    • Rance

      The sarcasm is strong with this one.

  • Jonathan Parker

    Great, now everyone can just buy everything and sell it on the exchange for a mid-size fortune instead of a small fortune. Fantastic for us who still don’t want to spend $100 on cosmetic fucking armor and weapons whenever a new “update” comes out.

    • Nicole48

      There was never any unlock discount for Mando armors. The blue-ish set still unlocks for 400 cc even if it is old a fcuk.

  • dead on arrival

    Nah. I’m waiting until collection unlocks are on discount again. That’s what I use my subscriber CC for.

    • Bakgrind

      A lot of the older armors unlocked for me for 60cc each. The newer armors are still pretty expensive at 400cc to unlock.

  • This is so stupid.

  • CrumpetTrumpet

    With the exception of the AC-5 which was already direct sale only, the other three are pennies if I remember right. What an odd business practice to sell the least desirable items.

  • meepo^_^|

    Great, now everyone can just buy everything and sell it on the exchange for a mid-size fortune instead of a small fortune. Fantastic for us who still don’t want to spend $100 on cosmetic fucking armor and weapons whenever a new “update” comes out.

  • “To Celebrate Amazing Summer” Where was that 😮 Sure can say with 110% certainty that wasn’t in Swtor as usual in summer time & now in past 2’ish years all months Included 🙁 Ridic. Funny so many times these writings put up by Swtor’s crew into these CM Sale Posts.. 😀

  • Djangus Roundstone

    Celebrate the end of summer by giving us your MONEY

  • Nicole48

    Amazing Summer?? For whom exactly? “I’m a barbie sith girl, in a barbie new stronghold world. PvP is fantastic, developers brains are made of plastic” . This sums up how i feel about their “amazing” summer.

    • AJ

      Doesn’t quite scan but good effort.

      • Rhyme maybe or something else ? I think it sounds perfect as it is 🙂

        • Amodin

          This is what you are missing out on. This video has more content than SWTOR.

          • Golden days when this beauty Music Art piece came out <3 Ah used to sit on a Terrace with some cold home made beer & group raised Pints into air always when she said "I'm a Barbie Girl life Is Plastic.." 😛 Indeed i agree 110% :/ Take care o/

            Kindly: Pre Ordered D.Deluxe Edition & being Founder & all that. Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Sad cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans for it on Sight. That caused Sub Renewal Axing at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about so called SW Big IP Mmo Development. #WeNeedRealKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #EatDirtCharlesBoyd #WaitingSubWorthyNews #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #BigIPDisaster

  • Nyh

    I like it how people, who usually show up under every post about CM weekly sales saying “omg this looks so good I will defo buy it” (like Nishin and few others) usually don’t bother with commenting on articles like this one because they are confronted with facts and can’t really defend SWTOR.

    • Fubarz

      After a Hot Summer of PvP and PvE (BFA)…… I need this so I look cool at my new bar in my SH waiting for the que in the new fall Huttball WZ…Yep just can’t wait :D…. well time to get back to that Hot Summer of BFA lmao!!!!

    • Frigi

      I guess I don’t really see how they’re related. I’ve not really been known to defend the game or its developers unless people make really dumb remarks in their attempts to come down on it (note that I understand neither the defending nor the need to come down on it), but when I see a pretty thing, I will probably buy it. Sometimes I’ll even comment about it.

      What’s there to defend? They’re putting out a minimum of playable content while trying to make as much money on cosmetics as they can. Either that is sufficient to keep you playing or it’s not.

  • AJ


  • Gail Loman

    Blizzard: Ok so time to release the new raid of Uldir, Mythic Keystones, War Fronts, and tweak a few things here and there today. We will also work on getting the new PvP Season back on track once we fix some issues asap that should not trouble our player base.
    EA: We need to release new items and do limited sales in the Cartel Market that will get more players to come back right? We haven’t really tested our new Warzone but what the hell we feel generous and give something to our player base to keep them busy for the next 2+ years. That’s considered new content right?

  • Ben Gimson

    Own it all. More content please.

  • Sabretooth

    i did buy that Apex Sovereign set to make a badass mandalore set

  • Seph


  • Drool Bear

    I was kinda shocked at the price of some of the decorations that were rare and rather expensive. Now they are worthless since there so cheap on the cartel market. I have been holding onto a Krayt Dragon Skeleton for almost 4 years in hopes to make a killing on selling it one day. Well, I missed that day since you can easily purchase it now from the cartel market for less than 600 cc’s. Other rarities were Fountain of Blood and Fire, Gree Sphere Lamp, and all the jukeboxes . Not anymore. Everyone can get it for cheap. Aw well, it’s just a game.

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