GW2 Gemstore Update–Cathedral Glider and Dragon Crown

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Shattered Cathedral Glider for x gem and the Enchanted Crown Package for x gems.


Shattered Cathedral Glider – 400 gems



Enchanted Crown Package – 500 gems

The package includes the Enchanted Dragon Crown, Dragon Horns and Dragon’s Eye Circlet. Only the Crowns are animated.

Enchanted Dragon Crown



Dragon Horns



Dragon’s Eye Circlet




Minis Sale – 50% OFF

  • Mini Arrowhead – 200 gems
  • Mini Demmi Beetlstone – 200 gems
  • Mini Garm – 175 gems
  • Mini Jungle Lord Faren – 175 gems
  • Mini Maraca Choya Pinata – 200 gems
  • Mini Moose – 175 gems
  • Mini Orange Kitten – 200 gems
  • Mini Outlaw Puppy – 200 gems
  • Mini Pact Airship – 175 gems
  • Mini Rock – 175 gems
  • Mini Scruffy – 250 gems
  • Mini Squire Aurene – 200 gems
  • Mini White Kitten – 200 gems
  • Mini Wyvern – 175 gems

Our seasonal inventory refresh starts later this week. Pick up your favorite armor pieces before we put them back in storage!

On Sale Starting Today

  • 50% Off All Miniatures In Stock

On Sale This Week

  • 30% Off All Gem Store Finishers

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37 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Cathedral Glider and Dragon Crown”

not sure if you meant to show this and but your gilder video put up some guild info about half way through. Feel free to delete my comment.

Well damn… of all times to be caught without gold to convert into gems. I waited 5 years for proper demon like horns to be released, and anet releases them when I have no money in game… You win this time anet… I’ll hand over 10 bucks…

What about enchanted dragon horns without the circlet, for those of us who want to be dragons but don’t want to be princesses?

Well, if you have a particularly knobby female sylvari sporting crystalline wings and that obscenely expensive crystalline infusion from wintersday, along with invisible slippers, the frozen gloves from the bitter cold, a chaos staff and the t2 sylvari medium pieces then I STILL DON’T WANT MAH FREAKING DRAGON PRINCESS TA SPORT A CIRCLET.

I know. I am bemoaning the fact that while there are horns, circlet and glowing horns with a glowing circlet, there is no glowing horns option.

To all those interested, the particles’ dye channel doesn’t seem to update (as opposed to its preview version) as of now, wait for a fix. I’m currently stuck to Abyss-colored flames…-.-‘

It seems to be limited to asuras for some reason, I’ve seen multiple people mentioning this on reddit.
On humans for example it seems to be working ok.

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