GW2 Gemstore Update–Cathedral Glider and Dragon Crown

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Shattered Cathedral Glider for x gem and the Enchanted Crown Package for x gems.

Shattered Cathedral Glider – 400 gems


Enchanted Crown Package – 500 gems

The package includes the Enchanted Dragon Crown, Dragon Horns and Dragon’s Eye Circlet. Only the Crowns are animated.

Enchanted Dragon Crown



Dragon Horns



Dragon’s Eye Circlet




Minis Sale – 50% OFF

  • Mini Arrowhead – 200 gems
  • Mini Demmi Beetlstone – 200 gems
  • Mini Garm – 175 gems
  • Mini Jungle Lord Faren – 175 gems
  • Mini Maraca Choya Pinata – 200 gems
  • Mini Moose – 175 gems
  • Mini Orange Kitten – 200 gems
  • Mini Outlaw Puppy – 200 gems
  • Mini Pact Airship – 175 gems
  • Mini Rock – 175 gems
  • Mini Scruffy – 250 gems
  • Mini Squire Aurene – 200 gems
  • Mini White Kitten – 200 gems
  • Mini Wyvern – 175 gems

Our seasonal inventory refresh starts later this week. Pick up your favorite armor pieces before we put them back in storage!

On Sale Starting Today

  • 50% Off All Miniatures In Stock

On Sale This Week

  • 30% Off All Gem Store Finishers
  • Taiwan Wolf

    Yay, my favorite type of horns.

    • Mr. Principal

      Neko ears forever..! 😀

      • Taiwan Wolf

        I’d need wolf ears but everyone hates doggos

  • BobbyOrr

    not sure if you meant to show this and but your gilder video put up some guild info about half way through. Feel free to delete my comment.

    • Black Steve

      what a sick kent XD

  • Leo Piirto

    The crown’s glow dye channel is bugged on my asura elementalist. It doesn’t matter what dye I apply, the glow will stay red. The circlet’s eye does change color however, as does the dye channel’s box. :/

    • syn Pie

      I have to say omg your asura is cute!!! 😀

      • Leo Piirto

        Hahhah! Thanks! <3

    • Cyber Tube Man

      Same issue here, also Light Asura.

      • Leo Piirto

        The devs are aware of the bug and they are working on it. ^^

  • Lucifer Succube
    • John Kucing

      Arf… C’est d’un kitsch ! 😀

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      Cool! 😉

  • Tsar CUBE

    Well damn… of all times to be caught without gold to convert into gems. I waited 5 years for proper demon like horns to be released, and anet releases them when I have no money in game… You win this time anet… I’ll hand over 10 bucks…

  • Cripto LT

    More and more horns, luciferian times 4 sure…

    • Mr. Principal

      Yup.. the end is nigh..

    • disqus_YGMwhKwlHS

      Oh shut up. It’s for the dragon festival you nunce

    • juicegod

      yea ikr. I was thinking the same thing

  • yasmirr

    Hahhah! Thanks! <3

  • Yeayy now we can make a hybrid human charr

    • Alot

      Or better yet a hybrid charr-charr hybrid charr. More the charr, all the time!

    • shortorder

      don’t forget to toss thoughtless potion on top of it

  • nopenopeopnopeop

    they had listed that the perm gathering tools were on sale but they never were..

  • Alot

    What about enchanted dragon horns without the circlet, for those of us who want to be dragons but don’t want to be princesses?

    • Mr. Principal

      Why not try being a dragon princess.. it might be fun..!

      • Tsar CUBE

        I think Mr Principle is onto something here! Try it before you make a verdict!! 😀

      • Alot

        Well, if you have a particularly knobby female sylvari sporting crystalline wings and that obscenely expensive crystalline infusion from wintersday, along with invisible slippers, the frozen gloves from the bitter cold, a chaos staff and the t2 sylvari medium pieces then I STILL DON’T WANT MAH FREAKING DRAGON PRINCESS TA SPORT A CIRCLET.

        • Mr. Principal

          For a moment I thought you are describing an Xmas tree..! :p

          • Jose Mimbrari

            Looool. Fuck sparkles :D. He is crying coz so little sparkles. Sleep sweet princess.

    • monkeyslap

      All 3 versions are available for all armor classes.

      • Alot

        I know. I am bemoaning the fact that while there are horns, circlet and glowing horns with a glowing circlet, there is no glowing horns option.

  • Cyber Tube Man

    To all those interested, the particles’ dye channel doesn’t seem to update (as opposed to its preview version) as of now, wait for a fix. I’m currently stuck to Abyss-colored flames…-.-‘

    • Darkye Rhiadra

      It seems to be limited to asuras for some reason, I’ve seen multiple people mentioning this on reddit.
      On humans for example it seems to be working ok.

  • Ayndrew Art

    horn stolen from Bless ONline

    • I was thinking about the ones in Path of Exile XD

  • kayleen

    can you still get the Enchanted Crown Package with dragen horns

  • kayleen

    Enchanted Crown Package can you still get the dragon horns?

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