SWTOR Developer Livestream Tomorrow For End of Year Content

Bioware will be hosting a developer livestream tomorrow at 2:30 pm Eastern to go over future content.

As usual, there will be a livestream summary and coverage tomorrow on the site if you can’t the watch the livestream yourself.

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  • Gratua Cuun

    Tune in next time when SWTOR get’s no fame – but EA still gets a fortune

  • Eric Musco

    Eric Musco here,

    Please join us for a bit of PDA where we, the devs, stroke one another and pat ourselves on the back for the excellent job we have been doing these past few years.

    We have been hard at work in 2018 and provided exceptional content updates. Population and servers are booming and we all hail our lord and saviour Kephess … I mean Keith for being such an exemplary role model.

    Since he took over, we have a new policy in the team where we all have to spend triple the amount of time we did last quarter with our fathers. This is legally binding and enforceable even if our father is out of town!

    We would like to continue to praise Keith for the guidance and support to meet our targets. Since he took over, we have never missed a deadline or failed to delivery any content.

    I hope I managed to get your attention for tomorrow’s stream without spoiling too much. We want you to know that you, the players, matter for us and we are listening.

    Eric Musco

  • Fubarz

    End of the year is that 2019 with events on CM for SW9 movie or 2020 when the God Emp returns for new fashion……If you mean 2018 what will that be CM/PvP new items…..of course you me new PvE content with CM

  • End of the year when its early September….what a joke

  • Petan

    Only BioWare is capable of doing a “What’s coming this year” stream in September. Sorry, I meant tomorrow.

  • Disqus this

    Oh man. I can’t wait for this announcement that isn’t the fall roadmap. We;re going to get a ton of bioware back-patting and garbage talk of how well they have done and how hard they have been working (making sure to not say that hard work has been on Anthem and not SWTOR).

    Like the majority of all their announcements that are not roadmaps. This will be a lot of self-congratulations with vague bits of fairly useless information on future content but mainly an announcement to tune in later for the REAL announcement.

    An announcement of an announcement that is to come later when they plan to really tell you something meaty. (maybe).

    • Revan

      “We can’t announce anything yet but you’re going to love what’s coming!” That’s what we’ve been hearing for the last 2 years.

    • Mikey Moo

      Lol that definitely seems like all they ever do when they have these live-streams. The last one like this only lasted for a few minutes. -_-

    • Thundertrain

      There will be things…and stuff…and things! We swear! We can’t tell you what any of the things or stuff are, because we haven’t actually thought about any of them, let alone made anything, so we’ll just give you a *wink wink* and say it’s gonna be awesome! Top secret for now, but awesome! Trust us!

      Also, visit the Cartel Market, where “almost” everything is for sale RIGHT NOW!

  • Jep Fareborn

    I wish the twitch stream chat room will be kept boycottingly vacant – but fanbois will be fanbois… :/

  • #NotMyStarWars

    My prediction – SWTOR Developer Livestream For End of Year Content… in a nutshell:

    “We’re going to fuck over all of you pathetic Star Wars fans with the same SJW bullshit Disney used to completely destroy the whole fucking Star Wars franchise… The upshot? You all get to pay us to do it. So shut the fuck up and give us your fucking money already so we can shut down the servers.”

    Brought to you courtesy of EA/Bioware.

    • Jonathan Parker

      Most likely, but at least Bioware seems to be less blatant and insulting about it. SWTOR still has good stories, after all this time, and it’s nothing like the rest of the shit Disney has dropped.

    • Mikey Moo

      Well aren’t you a rather bitter, angry person.This is literally a prime example of the type of negative and unfortunate behavior that’s been being written about from the Star Wars fandom making Star Wars fans seem like terrible, miserable people. Some of you take it way too seriously, and by the “SJW” comment I suppose Star Wars casting not being almost entirely white, or the female protagonists not being damsels in distress bothers you? Honestly, I am glad Disney has gone this route, and if this is enough to ruin Star Wars for you, then by all means stop watching the movies or playing the games because you’re right, it’s not your Star Wars, the franchise has moved on with the times. One less toxic individual to make the rest of us look like assholes.

      • Tom

        I can bet that his complaint is not about how casting asians, black or latin people and giving the main role to women is bad for a movie, but how movie makers very often go lazy about making good stories, just because they are think that putting one of each kind is enough to make everybody enjoy something messy and shallow.
        And, for many people, that is just what has happened with Star Wars. As for me, I don’t expect too much from someone else efforts to entertain, and that helps a lot.

      • Ben Gimson

        “or the female protagonists not being damsels in distress bothers you”

        There’s ‘not being damsels in distress’, then there’s being a Mary Sue who earns nothing and never develops. Rey isn’t a character she’s a feminist statement- and that’s backed up by all this ‘Force is female’ BS that’s polluting the franchise at the moment. Don’t even get me started on the non-character, token-asian that is Rose…

        Star Wars has ‘moved on with the times’, you’re right, but the quality took a nose dive off a cliff when it did. That’s why a lot of the fans are pissed off, disgruntled or simply giving up on the franchise.

        • Nicole48

          Don’t forget about the other Mary Sue feminist af statement, Ahsoka Tano.. god i hate that bitch !

          • Ben Gimson

            She at least has develops as a character. Rey just… doesn’t. She’s literally there to be a female character who never fails, because some people seem to think that’s what ‘female empowerment’ is :/

            • Nicole48

              I’m a female and i do not believe in “female empowerment”. Some might call that internalized mysoginy, but it is not. An example: i like when a man opens the door for me and i don’t believe he wants sexual favors in return. I apologize for the off-topic.

              • Ben Gimson

                Aye, the world’s becoming a weird place.

      • Guest

        Identifying lazy, shitty story telling is not racism.
        Its dangerous to the future of entertainment that you and others cant tell the difference.

      • gorbag the great

        Han shot first.

      • DAMAN12345


      • DAMAN12345

        first of all fan boy who cres who is in charge of swtor the reason ppl are mad and talking crap cause its the dam truth swtor dsnt care they haven’t added a real x pax in years im not talking about a op that took 1 boss at a time and took a dam year they only dam thing they add is cartel crap and companions and it snot toxic to say the truth bra

        • Mikey Moo

          I wasn’t really responding to the portion of what he said about the game, I agree with what most people seem to think about the state of the game, they don’t add much real content, they haven’t in ages and it all seems poorly managed, and all they care about is selling things on the cartel market, etc. I also don’t play SW:TOR anymore because of it, I just keep up with what’s “new” with it, I make no excuses for the way they handle the game. What I said was in response to his weirdly aggressive disdain for the choices made for the franchise by Disney. The reason for my response is that you can actually go onto SW:TOR, or other Star Wars communities and it will take you all of 2 seconds to find people making the complaints he made, and then they back up their reasoning for it with what I said in my comment 9 times out of 10 so he seems to be “just another one” when it comes to that.

          Also, the way you type makes you sound like an idiot, FYI.

      • Fubarz

        Give you credit most reaction I have seen in awhile As far as SJW comments go. A lot of people vote with their wallets without making comments on media outlets How much money did TLJ/ Solo (I personally liked Solo) make for Disney ? And Leia / Padme were never damsels in distress ( maybe Anakin was at some points)

    • TAM1234


    • #NotMyStarWars


      I was being neither angry, bitter nor a butt-hurt fan-boy. What I was doing was pointing out the actual impression EA, Bioware and Disney have historically demonstrated through their own actions and decisions.

      I was a Star Wars fan, but slapping the name, “Star Wars” on a product does not make it good… or Star wars. I am also not ignorant of Disney’s complete lack of respect shown towards the Star Wars fan-base.

      There is a very Liberal SJW contempt seething from Disney’s Executives directed against specific demographics believed to be historically associated with Star Wars (To be specific: white and male. Never mind that Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams played serious major roles.)

      This is why Star Wars Episodes 7 and 8 are such a slap in the face to every Star Wars fan. They were written with the intention of being insults. This is also why SWTOR and Battlefront were built to be smash-and-grab money sinks rather than actual tributes to the franchise like KotOR 1 and 2 were…

      No. I have EA’s, Bioware’s and Disney’s attitude toward you and every Star Wars fan out there clearly identified. If you don’t like what I’ve said… its no skin off my nose.

      Time will confirm the truth.

  • Need2Crash

    unless they announce endgame content worth damn that dont take over year to complete and that they are updating the game engine to DX11/12 and it gona have 64bit client, instead this 2 exe client that is the cause of majority of issue, I think I will be uninstalling the game.

    my guild all left for wow in the 3 + months I didnt play the game, and when I did started I found I could only stomach 15 minutes before said why am I still playing this? and logged out

    • Paulo Gomes

      Well, I guess you will be uninstalling then…

  • dcx

    Oh no!

  • Antitor

    The marketing and communication of this game is – and always was – god awful!
    These streams are no exception.
    How did this people get this job?

  • Fubarz

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