SWTOR Fall Roadmap 2018

Bioware has published the fall roadmap for 2018, detailing Game Update 5.10.


Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Fall Roadmap 2018

Hi everyone-

This Roadmap introduces the next major storyline as well as exciting new gameplay, guild-focused improvements and more coming this Fall in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!


Over the past few months, you had been asking for increased interaction with the development team. So, in our ramp to Game Update 5.9.2 – Galactic Legend, we revitalized our Public Test Server (PTS) process and made significant changes based on your feedback. Your participation was a key part of the update, which includes a new 4v4 Mandalorian Battle Ring Arena and a new Rishi Hideout Stronghold where you can now host your own PvP battles. We’ve been enjoying watching all the creative ways you have been using, and fighting in, your Rishi Hideout Strongholds!

We’ve also just wrapped up PvP Season 9 and Season 10 is underway. Most players have secured their new rewards, including weapons, titles, mount, flair, and more. We’ll wrap up this PvP summer with the new 8v8 Vandin Huttball Warzone coming with Game Update 5.9.3 – Fame and Fortune. We’re targeting mid to late September for this update and is currently live on PTS.


With Game Update 5.10 – Jedi under Siege, the next phase of the SWTOR storyline will kick off with a bang on the ancient Jedi world. Ravaged by a cataclysm centuries in the past, this beloved planet has been part of Old Republic stories since the original Tales of the Jedi comics, and we’re really excited to bring it to life for our players as a new Daily Area with separate Republic and Imperial storylines.

With this ancient world, we will see the return of several fan-favorite characters as well as the introduction of some exciting new characters including a powerful Jedi veteran (not Revan) who will join Republic players on their mission to protect a hidden Jedi base and a deadly commando who will aid Imperial players in their mission to destroy it. Over the coming months, we’ll bring you more details about the planet and offer more insight about the conflict.


It remains our strong belief that having a quality experience every time you play the game is as vital as new gameplay. We started refining many areas last year and have continued adjusting our systems. You’ll notice a variety of enhancements to weapons, armor, PvP warzones, guild systems, decorations, Galactic Starfighter, and more on a continuous basis over the coming years.

With this Roadmap, we are announcing the availability of a Master Mode Gods from the Machine targeted for release with Game Update 5.10. We expect to make it available for testing on PTS in September. For those who love a good challenge, we’ll be offering some of the most difficult Boss fights ever experienced. Players will be rewarded for their efforts, but they should come knowing even the smallest of mistakes can lead to disaster. We are also developing additional Operation content and will discuss our plans in a future roadmap.

This Fall, we’re also adding the next Tier of gear for your characters. Tier 5 gear is different in that you will only be able to craft them from schematics. More information to come on how you can acquire these new schematics!

We’re also focused on substantially improving the overall experience for Guilds too. Starting with Game Update 5.10, we will be releasing a variety of Guild features including heraldry, progression system, management, communication, and other general improvements. Guilds will also be able to challenge other Guilds directly in PvP matches!


Here’s the plan for the remainder of this calendar year:


This update wraps up the Summer of PvP. We’re not locking down an actual release date until you’ve had a chance to give us feedback on the Vandin Huttball Warzone. Available on PTS now!


Our end of year update has new activities, new storyline, and many improvements to SWTOR. Here’s an overview of some of the key highlights included with Game Update 5.10:

  • New Storyline based on the old rivalry between Sith and Jedi
  • Multiplayer gameplay content including a new Daily Area and Master Mode Gods from the Machine Operation
  • Crafted Tier 5 Gear – make your own top tier gear after obtaining rare schematics and new crafting materials
  • Guild Improvements:
    • System Improvements:
      • Progression System – A new progression system that allows active guilds to customize and improve their experience the more they play
      • Heraldry – Personalize your Guild
      • PVP Challenge System – Create custom warzone, arena, and Galactic Starfighter skirmish matches and track your record against other guilds
      • Conquest improvements – supporting the new guild features
    • Management/Communication Improvements:
      • Inspect Tool – Potential members can review guild profile and information
      • Logging – logs and displays a wide variety of guild member activity
      • Member Mail – Easy way to send a message to the whole guild
      • Member Ban by Legacy –Allows removal of members based on their Legacy
      • Increased Rank Cap –The number of guild ranks will be increased
  • Companions Return
    • Doc – Jedi Knights will be able to reunite with the galaxy’s most lovable, charming, roguish, brilliant, skilled, and–above all—a handsome doctor. (Doc actually wrote this intro himself)
    • Nadia – Jedi Consulars will be rejoined by their former Padawan, who has grown into a skilled Jedi Knight in her own right.
    • Jaesa – Sith Warriors will be able to reunite with Jaesa provided they turned her to the dark side in her original storyline. We’re still tracking down light-side Jaesa and we’ll let you know if we can convince her to return!


As you’ve read over the past few months, particularly on the forums, we really do want to discuss game changes with you. We are listening and take your comments very seriously. For example, the addition of the apartment-style Overlook in the Rishi Stronghold was directly an outcome of your PTS input! We will be communicating many of the improvements planned for this Fall and will have an open dialog about what to expect. Without spoiling the storyline, we plan to make gameplay features and changes available on the PTS, so we can make adjustments prior to the launch of Game Update 5.10.

We’d also love meeting you in person, so join us at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago next April 2019. Stay tuned for more details on our Chicago Cantina event!


As we roll into the new year, we have a ton of exciting adventures planned for you and your friends. We’re not ready to discuss the details yet, but you can be sure the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is going to explode into full-scale war that will draw your character into battle on new planets, where they’ll fight alongside (and against!) many new and returning fan-favorite characters!

Thanks everyone for your continued participation with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™!

Lead Game Producer
Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

  • TBAMAN1234

    we need 2 new raids to make me and tons of other ppl to come back plain in simple

    • AbnerDoon

      It took them more then a year for one raid with minimal focus on other content. It says they are working on ops but I hope they have other content coming at the same time. Only focusing on a single aspect of the game at a time is not doing them any favors.

      • Nikki Fran

        Well all the focus HAS been on another EA game that people think is gonna be the next big thing by EA

    • Mortainous

      We need 2 new ways of getting access to this game say consoles. Widens your players base as well as grants increased revenue and leads to crazier ideas. But we Xbox One users as well as PS4 users would love to feel the force flow through us just as we boldly go where no one has gone before.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        I wouldn’t mind being able to play this on my Xbox One but at the same time I’m not sure how with the amount of skills and such that the game has.

        I mean how would you translate 20-60 skill slots to a console controller?

      • MAXLD

        Not even in dreams. The game barely works decently on PC (especially in operations) and I’m not even counting the bugs they take ages to fix or the ones they introduce in every patch. Overall the game is not even “engine upgradable” on PC, much less shifting it to consoles. It was born on a premature crappy engine that plagued it since launch and that’s just one of his faults.
        They see WoW still going strong, and they magically think it can do the same, with minimal staff, the same ridiculous monthly fee, and most of the regular subs & raiders being long gone. It’s just silly. The only reason they keep the game afloat is because they still make some cash with the Cartel Market and Star Wars is somehow popular again (w/ Disney + new movies and stuff).

        I love SWTOR and the many years & hours I invested/wasted in it in the past, but the game is doomed/stalled by his ancient aborted engine and ridiculous business model for subs. It stopped worth paying the high monthly fee price years ago, and it’s not going to recover. With every major expansion some come back to see what’s new, guilds get some false hopes up, but all that just tanks a week or two later. People just don’t stick around anymore for the game. It’s just not worth it.

  • Tim

    So Ossus will be the new planet, right?

    • Darth Hardy


    • Nicole48

      where the fuck is ossus?

  • Nicole48

    Why Nadia and not Zenith? Why is he always pushed back?

    • AbnerDoon

      Well if they keep up with the quality of the last few returns it doesn’t really matter. You’re better off making your own canon for why they’ve been missing.

      You: OMG! Where have you been?
      Favorite companion: Around
      You: What were you doing all this time?
      Favorite companion: Stuff…
      You: Did you miss me, do you still care for what we had?
      Favorite companion: Man you’re needy…
      You: I still care for you
      Favorite companion: Fine I’ll come back just STFU!

      • Risqu’e

        Or my personal favorite:

        Companion: I have been looking everywhere for you.
        You: Really? How did you not know where i was? I’ve gotten pretty famous…
        Companion: Yeah, things have changed. I’ve changed too.
        You: I guess I’ll have to kill you then.
        Companion: *Dies*

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Still better than not having the companion but yeah after all that time, you’d expect something better than that…

        • AbnerDoon

          It does make me sad that companions like Tanno, Skadge, Rusk, Broonmark and Xalek received a better quality of return.

          Any of those could have gotten a two minute return and I could have lived with it. Knowing they focused on the important companion returns. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be going on 3 years with all these companions still missing too.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            They still haven’t given any plausible reason for taking as long as they have. Maybe Charles likes to make 5 year plans for his story telling and forgets that nobody wants to wait that long. He should come down to earth and realize that taking something away from players that they love for a number of years was just a stupid af idea. In fact they should’ve realized that directly after launching KotFE at the latest and done something about it.

          • Nicole48

            Zenith was pushed back when they decided to make Veeroa Denz a recruitable companion by destroying the Nar Shaddaa Star Fortress. In the original mission, you had to do that Zenith as your active companion . Sorry to say this, but i would have done the mission with him , since he’s a class comp than with some nobody sith apprentice.

      • Nicole48

        Gotta admit, you are (unfortunatelly) right.

    • Darth Gnaw

      Because hes being saved for some important story line?
      Nah, hes probably just less popular, because not pretty girl character. *shrug*

      • Nicole48

        Let’s hope it’s the first variant ( some important story line)

  • the_big_boss

    Why Nadia and not Zenith? Why is he always pushed back?

  • Alexander Delorean

    When they release 5.10 or just announce date – then gotta resub. Game a fkn desert atm, xept cartel market ofc

    • shhfiftyfive

      yeah, i’m waiting for 5.10 to resub.

      til then i don’t even wanna play preferred.

      the restrictions are not tolerable.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Well, I have to admit this sounds like a good direction for the game. Not saying that this patch would be enough content to bring me back, but if they keep this up, chances are it will. Particularly this sounds interesting: We are also developing additional Operation content and will discuss our plans in a future roadmap. – That sounds good to me.

    It does make me wonder if there’s any truth to this reboot story for SWTOR and the game maybe getting more attention after being handed over to another studio. Well, seeing is believing. So far though, this is going in the right direction.

    • AbnerDoon

      I almost hope that rumor is false. EA doesn’t mess around they usually shut online games down if they deem them no longer worth the effort.

      I would love to see more attention given to this game. But I really wonder if another studio could do anything with the engine? Or if they’d have to do a full reboot from scratch.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Well I fully expect that the few people who still work on SWTOR will be absorbed into that studio. I mean I have no idea whether it’s true at all or not but I would welcome an opportunity for a game overhaul and more content.

        I don’t see a reboot from scratch happening as quickly. That would involve a lot bigger investment and it will tick off a lot of existing players, unless they can bring their stuff with them.

  • Marián Mojžiš

    Finally, Republic vs Empire! Not some weird no one knows ultra mega strong faction:) It wasn´t that bad story, but struggle between reps and imps was the main idea, which brings me to the game and makes me play it for years:) so I say: the right way… it was about time! 😉

    • Jonathan Parker

      I actually quite liked how they brought both factions together to fight a common enemy. Both were on their knees fighting the Eternal Empire, so they had to cooperate long enough to kick Valkorian’s ass back into oblivion. The conflict between the main factions has clearly been back on since Iokath was contested, and now that the Alliance has all but crumbled, it’ll be back to the way things were soon enough. I just hope they use that story well, not just literally go back to the way things were pre-KOTFE.

  • Jonathan Parker

    New story, fantastic. I’m always looking forward to new stories from Bioware and SWTOR. It’s what they do best, I still firmly believe that. PvP improvements? Couldn’t care less, I rarely ever touch PvP. Quality of life improvements? Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. Still waiting on that hood toggle feature, for five years now.

  • Kesley-Yves Neas

    Everything was alright when I was looking at it, though the new Tier 5 stuff being craft only is a big Oof to those that only play the came for Pvp or Pve, bad enough the New Augments are like 10 mill a piece. Hello to armor pieces being 60-70 mill a pop. They should have an option to have it traded for UCs, know some people that would love to get those multiple stacks of UCs out of their Legacy banks..

  • Meelis S

    “As you’ve read over the past few months, particularly on the forums, we
    really do want to discuss game changes with you. We are listening and
    take your comments very seriously.”

    Hmm where i have seen this before? Oh right every year for last 5 years. But for some reason players still leaving game for good…

  • No. More. Schematics. Please. My cargo holds cannot take it…

  • Sotos

    “As you’ve read over the past few months, particularly on the forums, we really do want to discuss game changes with you”.

    Too late at least for me..

    • Nicole48

      You get that slut from Alderaan back, isnt that enough? You want communication? You think anyone gives a fuck about what we want? Only the rich bitches from Holland get what they want ( jenny flynn and that dumbass black cunt eshvara)

  • Neg Sani

    Cool guild improvements. Too bad they’re about 3 years too late.

  • Daniel Maxton

    This roadmap is a joke. I mean, we used to tolerate BioFail for their Dragon Ages and Mass Effects simply because the writing was so-so (meaning, not as bad as it could’ve been) or at least it was a good arcade-y time killer before something actually good would come out after that. But with SWTOR we got to see BioFail’s real face, which is, talentless, lazy af, sticking with safe route instead of going all in and creating something amazing for once. The best part is, if you take 2 BioFail fanboys, one representing this sort of single player community and the other representing SWTOR aka fanboy who knows what BioFail truly capable of (or rather, incapable). 99% of the time, single player fanboy will be sucking BioFail’s balls just to stay in good graces with them (even tho that POS will never meet the devs, if only in his/her wet dreams [also, most noticable in countries outside the U.S. where the source of information is not as available or is suppressed or in any other way blocked which prevents those people from getting truth about specific subject/topic), defending even the dumbest shit they’ve made. Even crap like SJW. And on the other side we have completely well educated, wise men/women who see BioHazard-ous Shit for what they are. I guess I just don’t understand this ‘slave’ behavior some people exhibit when talking about something they really like, or think that they like it. It’s like critical thinking, reason, and logic, are not an option for them. Ignorance is bliss-attitude doesn’t work well in 21st century, and will only deteriorate as time goes on.

    • gua543

      Mate, what are you on about? I can’t understand if you want to trash SWTOR, Bioware, SJWs, millennials or the current-day humanity. Pick a topic.

      • David Bejerano

        all of them. if you read carefully. it all sucks.

  • Denzell Miller

    I’ll re sub n play for the story update but that’s it, I’m only rockin with BioWare for the story anyway

  • Noyjitat

    It’s about time for another expansion, hell I want an expansion that I actually have to pay for again. I want some story content that will take a while to finish. Why does the only active starwars mmo not have more stuff being added to it to keep us busy?

  • Nelson Vega

    wHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO KIRA CARSEN??!! Bioware did her dirty like Capcom with Megaman X! I’m a fan of the game, but if you want me to resub, which I, honest to God, do want to resub, then how about this for a PVE roadmap type:

    – A legitimate companion comeback with great stories and MAJOR interaction with them (i.e. the side quests they give and the personal interaction with them)

    – MAKE. MORE. EXPANSIONS!! Honestly, the Umbara quest line up and the way we got to that segment of the story (and quests relative in nature to this) was pretty poop. Give players like me (a PVE story player) a KotEt expansion type chapter system. It worked VERY well! It was nice to play through and the way the companions fitted into the story made it a real, personalized experience.

    – It may be the PVE player in me (granted PVP is fun), but you can only get so far with “New and improved T5 Gear (that are going to cost my life AND my student debt combined, lets be real: inflation in the game is a joke)”. Yeah I’m more into the story, but I’ve even seen other PVP’rs even say the game really is average in both PVE and PVP. I don’t think more Guild Updates and New Gear will change that. But, just my opinion.

    – “Player communication and ‘We are listening and take your comments very seriously'” Bio, my guy, you’ve spoon fed us that ever since we were padawans. I’m still holding on, but many have just said F this because you’re paying more attentions to the “Stronghold Mechanics” and not other matters (like I have listed above, just to name a FEW). I’m honestly begging you: come through, or the fan base will slaughter you alive, and I would really hate to see that when SWTOR has, in my opinion, sooooo much potential.

    Idk if everyone agrees, but its my voice on the matter. You said you’re listening, well, from someone who’s played for years and subbed for a long time, respectfully I tell you: Its your move now. Make it count!

    • Fred Garvin

      [OP is Fred G]

      After the success of Critical Role and the expanding of the Jaina Proudmore character in WoW, EA/BWA saw Laura Bailey’s price tag to return and said, “Nah…Kira can stay away.”

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